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Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Caterpillar Cross Stitch....

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I hope this finds you all well and enjoying the spring season!

I haven't been around here much lately, have I? Believe me, if one could take a slice of my life and see what has gone'd understand and be amazed that I'm writing today. 

However, in order to clear my plate and set myself up for a great month of May, today I bring you something sunshiney and filled with awesome! This design that I am featuring is all the things that make my heart sing: lighthearted, fun, gorgeous, vibrant colors...something that I think will make you feel peachy keen and happy just by gazing upon it too! That sounds awesome, right?
Well it is!

May I introduce CATERPILLAR CROSS STITCH ~ "Seas the Day 2019 Stitch-a-long (SAL)"

I was sadly unaware of this company (based in the UK) until this year's 2019 British Craft Awards.
Designer Sally Wilson of Caterpillar Cross Stitch was named "Designer of the Year" and after perusing her website and viewing her happy, vibrant designs I saw why right away. 

The 2019 "Seas the Day" SAL....had started already, but a kit landed on my door and I've been collecting the monthly "parts" to this mystery design and savoring a SAL which I will begin in May, as I have it penciled in to begin May 1st. Let's have a look at the kit, shall we?

It arrived inside a plastic sleeve with a little plastic hanger at the top.
I really liked the hanger feature on the sleeve because I can keep all the kit pieces together and hang it on the side of my stitching cart - so that it doesn't get mixed in with the mayhem residing inside the cart! LOL!
Here is the front side of my "Seas the Day" full kit:

Backside of my "Seas the Day" full kit with all the contained goodies peeking out:

Let's have a look inside at the kit components:

Sweet little enamel needle minder with strong earth magnet for a strong hold on your needle!

A darling thread card filled with all the threads needed to complete "Seas the Day":

I received the 28 ct. Zweigart linen in sand color and a DMC gold plated needle (to be able to jump right in and stitch!). There is also instructions for general preparation to get ready to cross stitch and a brief discussion on how to actually cross stitch. The linen (and I'm assuming aida - if you choose that option) is not bound/serged along the edges. This is, of course, not a deal breaker by any means, but I consider that small point something that would take this absolutely wonderful kit to the next level.  The included instructions does mention in step #1 to prepare the ground cloth and how to do so, which is a very good thing for beginning cross stitchers - however as I mentioned, to have it already prepared would be an awesome detail that would definitely take this already awesome kit to the next level.

Included in the kit was this sweet postcard with how/where to connect with Caterpillar Cross Stitch, which is definitely a nice touch and of course drives you to go look with frequency at all the places to see their designs, both new and old. 

and the backside gives a personal thanks for your order from the designer herself - a very nice personal touch. 

I am receiving the monthly parts of the "Seas the Day" Sal designs....
they come delivered to your e-mail in PDF format (saves shipping costs!) on the 25th of every month. This is a 9 - part series and the monthly pieces to the mystery SAL are smallish and appear to be quick easy finishes to accomplish each month. The charts are clear, in full color, and easily read to reproduce on the ground cloth. I'm excited to get started!

These designs are (as my long time Blog Friends will know) a departure from my usual stitch preferences, but after reconnecting with an old friend on YouTube ~ Brenda of Handwork Maniac (who does absolutely exceptional work! You may view her channel HERE ) ~ is currently stitching the "Seas the Day" design and also stitched the 2018 "Adventure Awaits" design. The "Adventure Awaits" finish that Brenda shared on her channel is absolutely beautiful! Totally delightful for a young child/teen bed room where they can gaze upon the world map and dream. I love the sea and I love the beach so I decided I too would join in on the "Seas the Day" SAL and have a special place in our home that has other beach themed cross stitch hanging on the walls, in which to display my anticipated finish :)
So...on May 1, barring any unforeseen issues that pop up...and with my last 6 weeks, they certainly have been popping at regular frequency... I'll be starting my "Seas the Day" piece. 

So would you all consider joining me and many others in this delightful endeavor? Or if you are interested in looking through the vast backlog of Caterpillar Cross Stitch are all the links to all the are welcome! HA HA!
2019 Stitch-A-Long and Accoutrements: SEAS THE DAY
2018 Stitch-A-Long and Accoutrements: ADVENTURE AWAITS - WORLD MAP

Until next time friends....
when I have more time to show you what I have been doing on my "me" time....
May you stitch in good health, with much frequency and with lots of joy!

Hugs and love in stitches, 
Vonna xxxx