Monday, January 07, 2019

Back to the grind....

~ Greetings and Warm Welcome to you, my friends ~
I hope this finds each of you well.....

So it begins....
College kids are back in college....
Ellie just left on the bus....
Husband is at work....
and here I sit here, writing a blog post rather than mosey-ing my backside down to the cave to begin my 11th year of finishing for clients.
I'm a procrastinator...
and I'm that doesn't help things.
I had my flu shot (I always get them, am a believer in them). I drink Bragg's apple cider vinegar every day. I take increased vitamin C all year long. I'm very rarely sick. I'm going to let you in on a secret - I am a horrible sick person. Awful. Whiney. Grumpy. Terrible. On January 1st, I began to feel a little scratch in my throat. I drank lots of water. Then I noticed drainage. Oh no. I began to drink mugs of chicken broth ~ to no avail. I was full blown sick on Wednesday. I feel like a Mac truck has run over me. Stopped. Reversed and backed over me. Stopped. Put it in drive, then ran over me again. I'm hoping he just keeps driving and doesn't think he needs to back up again. I'm taking my meds like a good girl. Setting my watch and letting it buzz me when its time to down some Alkaseltzer Cold and Mucinex tablets.
Plop Plop Fizz Fizz....guzzle, guzzle.
I am a terrible patient.

This cold has sort of put me on "hold" but I found my stamina to put our holiday decorations away for another year and also to decorate for winter and redo my dining/kitchen because Keith decided that we needed to repaint our dining/kitchen area. He got done painting mid-week last week. We let it cure a few days and finally put the final touches on it yesterday. We will do a white subway tile back splash in a few weeks. In the spring we are going to repaint our cabinets. (These are custom cabinets and the man that did them did a fine job on the making of them. He STUNK on the finish of them. Since we've moved in (like BEFORE we moved in) the finish has been flaking off. We even had a very serious discussion with him to redo the doors and I lived without cabinet doors for ONE YEAR (yep, almost had to take him to court to get them back......) but the facing and now the doors again are flaking off. So after 12 years of dealing with them and their dubious quality...we have decided we are just going to sand and paint them ourselves. That will happen in the spring. We did our bathroom cabinets last fall as a "pre-trail" run to see how our paint job would be...and they look better than they have EVER looked. are some shots of our wintery home:

My view in the mornings, while I'm drinking my cup of joe...
Living Room 2019

Winter 2019

Winter Box 2019

My winter/snowman tree....
Snowman Tree 2019

The quilt in the copper tub was made shortly before Christmas by me :) it is a free design that is a reproduction quilt from Kathleen Tracy's Small Quilt Lovers Facebook Group. If you are interested in small quilts, I highly recommend joining Kathleen's Facebook group. She gives free patterns, lots of encouragement and monthly goals. 

Here is our new dining/kitchen area...
Paint color is: American Restoration color by Valspar called: Woodrow Wilson Blush. It looks yellow in some light, but its sort of a light buttermilk creamy butter color, so sometimes creamy white, sometimes very light creamy yellow. I love it. I have this in my entry and in our halls/stairwells. We first used this color 8 years ago and we went with it for the kitchen because it is one of our favorites. Our whole house is done in American Restoration colors. I find it sort of fun to paint in them thinking about the antique homes these colors were found in :)

Dining 2019

Kitchen 2019

In the remake of our kitchen dining area I went "full-on barn" theme. I've always been country, even when country wasn't cool.... (hardy har har!) But I decided to charm it up a little bit more with the "barn doors" on either side of the windows. I really like them. I used to have our Grandmother's rolling pins on either side of the windows hanging, but I put them in my big Uhl crock. I collect red handled 1950's vintage kitchen utensils....actually, I need to be honest, I started collecting them and my good friend Edgar  now collects them for me and sends them to me every so often when he finds things at the sales he and Rico go to in San Francisco and the surrounding area. I find some every now and again, but my collection is in large part thanks to Edgar. I LOVE the kitchen utensils and I even use the very best ones in my own kitchen. Nothing beats a quality vintage kitchen tool! You can even see some in my white granite ware tub there on the hutch...THANK YOU EDGAR!! Everything in the tub was sent to me by Edgar :) Some of my favorite things to collect are of course the rolling pins and my next favorite are the rotary beaters. Why I don't know, but pins and beaters are my favs!
Dining Quilts 2019

This is my little red wagon from my childhood, circa 1970. I thought it was so cute, rusty redness filled with vintage quilts and my hen and rooster. Love it!

Little Red Wagon

Last "house" shot is of my window over the kitchen sink. I found this sweet wordy plaque and I love how it looks above my window 💗

Kitchen Window

I used my Santa cash to buy some fabric, then put them to good use for my January Mystery Quilt Challenge....
again a free pattern over on Kathleen Tracy's Small Quilt Lovers Group on Facebook.
Did I tell you I got a Singer Featherweight? 
Well I did, last summer.
 I love her. 
I call her Fanny. 
Fanny, The Featherweight.


Santa brought me a wool kit....
called: Merry Mittens
by: Rebekah L. Smith
I started them on Christmas Day and got them finished a couple of days later.
Filled them with "snowy" rosemary. 
Love them!

Merry Mittens

Stitching? yep...I'm doing some.....
My New Year's Start ~ which is a stitch-a-long over on Little House and Country Cottage Stitching Group Facebook Page. There were 4 choices 2 Little House Needlework Designs and 2 Country Cottage Designs. Each designer had a winter themed choice and a non-winter themed choice. I love the Inns done by Little House, so I chose Red Rooster. It will look good in my kitchen someday 💗

(stitching this using called for colors - subbing the red for Cherry Cobbler Classic Colorworks because, it's my favorite red - on 40 ct. Vintage Examplar by Lakeside)

LHN Red Rooster Inn jan 7 2019

And this....
Started in the spring of 1997 when I was pregnant with Katie. I am determined to get this finished this year. Math minds will figure out that this is 21 years old. Embarassing. 

Stitched on 28 ct evenweave. Using called for DMC. This is Marilyn Leavitt-Imblum's Told in a Garden "Song of a People". I have a thing about Amish people. Always have. Likely always will. This has a big red barn on it. Quilts! and a big ol' farm house.
What's not to like?
It will look good in my full on barn kitchen/dining area. 
It's on like donkey kong to get this done.
Here is where I was as of last night:
TIAG_Song Jan 7 2019

Have an old Told in a Garden WIP? 
Pull it out. 
Start stitching on it. 
Join me!
Updates on Instagram. Tag it: #tiagoldwip

there you have it! All caught up on the life of The Twisted Stitcher!

prayer intentions? Email me (mailbox photo, left sidebar) and I'll place your intentions in my prayer journal, let's make 2019 the most peaceful journey. Peace, flowing like a river. 

Until next time....
I'll be stitching and finishing and coughing and guzzling chicken broth and alkaseltzer cold....
Love in stitches....
Vonna xxxx


  1. I am so sorry you are sick, rest rest rest! The best medicine.
    Thank you for sharing your home, it is beautiful. You may have inspired me to go pull my wagon upstairs...ok I'll have to carry it cause well wagons don't take stairs well. But that is such a cute display. I have been coveting featherweights, darn you darn are not helping me to ignore that longing, LOL! I may also steal the mitten's idea. Remember mimicking is the best form of flattery ;) or something like that. Anyways, it means I LOVE you and you have terrific style and ideas. Please feel better soon. Sending you lots of rest and happy stitches.

  2. Oh Vonna, I am praying that your cold/flu is on the way out and you are returning to be healthy and well. I enjoyed the tour of your kitchen/dining room redo. I really like the paint color you chose along with the barn doors by the window. What fabulous treasures you have surrounded you and your family with! I look forward to see your progress on your oldest WIP. But I think you were busy with Katie and then Katie and the boys so no need to be embarrassed. The shirtings you bought with Santa money look great. I hope you have a wonderful week and don't forget to rest.

  3. Boy a lot of people have been sick. So far we've avoided it but I'm sure it will find us sometime. Hope you are better soon. Love your updated room. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Have a great 2019!

  4. Sorry you are under the weather. Feel better soon!!! I enjoy reading about your family, house, and endless projects (where in the world do you get all this energy to be so productive? I'm jealous!). Keep up the great work and looking forward to more great posts from you in 2019.

  5. Your kitchen is so warm, cozy, welcoming, CUTE! Thanks for sharing it with us. There is a lot of "yuck" going around... take care and get well soon.

  6. Vonna dear - Since you are drawn to "old fashioned", a remedy to
    forestall colds was Elderberry syrup.. tasty and effective..Works
    for me says she as she leaves to run errands with the prayer the
    crowds won't harbor cold germs... Have a blessed day and prayers
    you feel better.

  7. So sorry to read you aren't feeling your best, Vonna! I think working with the public brings all sorts of germs your way... I always think it was amazing that I wasn't constantly sick when I worked at the library--just think of all of those germy things I was touching all day :) Love the winter decor in your home and your pretty paint color. It reminds me of the color in our front and upstairs hall. We've had it a while so I'm hoping to change it soon, though.

    Wishing you and your family all the best in this new year--looking forward to being inspired by your lovely creations, as always ♥

  8. Oh Vonna. I pray you feel better soon. I love your wintry decoration and your kitchen is lovely and welcoming - just like you. May God bless you.

  9. I found your blog when Mary Corbett mentioned your finishing skills. I've watched all your tutorials - thank you! Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your blog. You come across as someone I would feel comfortable chatting and stitching with. And you provide me with inspiration to get busy stitching. Hopefully your bug will depart soon and you'll be feeling good again.

  10. Hope your feeling better soon. That cold has been a nasty, lingering one. I love, love, love the paint color!!! We moved into a 20 year old home over the summer and my antiques just don't go well with the current wall color. Will be checking it out for sure. I also have a thing for rolling pins and vintage kitchen kitsch. Our prior house was a Dutch Colonial with central brick chimney stack with double wall ovens in kitchen. I had a long peg rail with 12 of my rolling pins on it. Hubby called it my "home defense arsenal". Haven't unpacked the pins yet but I do have several crocks so will try that idea also. Thanks for the home show. I like what you do.

  11. Hope you are feeling better soon. I came back to work last Wednesday after two weeks off and by the time I got home from work that day I was sick! Just a head cold but I too am a lousy sick person! I whine and complain that I hate being sick! LOL

  12. Vonna: I am so sorry you are not feeling well, I hope the ick goes away soon real soon.
    Lovely home you have, thank-you for sharing with us.


  13. Told in a Garden patterns are among my favorites, although I haven't stitched any lately. I stitched a lot from the "Bookmarks" leaflet, put them in mismatched frames, and then took them all off the wall. I still intend to finish them similarly (probably just a flat finish) and put up some picture frame ledges to display them on. My short hallway on the second floor is Amish themed. Please feel better soon! I don't think many of us are good patients.

  14. Enjoyed your home tour today, Vonna. Thanks for sharing your decorating inspiration's with us and thank you for the FB page for small quilts. I subscribe to your blog but I don't comment so felt it was time to tell you, "Thank You" for everything you share, your stitching and finishing talents, your family and for welcoming us into your home.

  15. Vonna, it is wonderful getting to read such a relaxed sounding chatty post. The kitchen looks great. Thank you for sharing it with us. I hope you're feeling better soon.

  16. I hope you're feeling back to yourself soon. Let the cave wait a few days. You'll recover faster with rest!

    Love seeing your kitchen and dining room refresh! We need to do some of that around here too. There is always something on the list!

    Happy New Year to you and your family Vonna!

  17. Add a nice nap to that schedule!! Take care and get well soon!

  18. I hope you are better soon. I too got ill over New Year and am coming out of it now. Your home looks lovely. We have to do a full kitchen repaint his year, including the cupboards, I loathe decorating and just wish I could wave a magic wand to get it done. x

  19. Sounds like the Virus I have just had , hope you feel better very soon.
    Your home looks lovely very cosy .
    Have a good New Year.

  20. Sorry to hear you are sick ! I have the crud too......the cough is horrible and hangs on.
    Happy New Year ! I'm happy you are taking more time for yourself this year with your quilting and stitching.
    Have fun stitching your older WIP. I totally understand the time lapse. I just finished a large project that I started 8+ years ago. It felt wonderful to have a finish and a beauty too.
    You home is always decorated so nice. I love seeing the pictures. The new paint makes the kitchen and dining room pop. Very pretty and so inviting.
    I love seeing your quilting and stitching projects......have fun !
    I hope you feel better soon. Take care !

  21. I hope and pray you feel better quickly my dear. I truly enjoyed seeing your lovely home.

  22. I'm asthmatic so I get a flu shot every year since I was in my 20's. Last year was a rip off and of course I got the flu in March-never ever had the flu before and I hope I never ever get it again. I wanted a refund! I got an upper respiratory just before Christmas. I'm still fighting it. I love those Told in the Garden designs but I don't have any...yet. Love your decorating. I got a 1948 Featherweight a few years ago. I named her Betty Lou after my Aunt that loved her old Singer. I wish she was still here so I could get together and sew with her. I crocheted a Irish Crochet Rose for her spool holder like all the "experienced" owners were putting on theirs and made a cover for her because her case stinks to high heaven like so many do. I joined a Featherweight FB group and bought a buttonhole thing for her and I love it more than the one on my modern machine! I also bought a new pedal because the old Bakelite pedals can overheat or wear out and cause them to slow sluggish. I kept the original but use the new one. I also bought an LED light bulb and love it! I also got a nice set of screwdrivers the FB group owner sells in his shop. He shows you which ones to use where and everyone says to hide them from your hubby or you'll be sorry :) I also got her a new felt for the bottom because that smelled too. What an improvement. Then I watched the guys video's and did some maintenance I thought I could handle. Really nice. I wish I could buy one of those black Sew Steady tables but it will have to wait. The link to that FB Group is

  23. Please survive the flu!! Your posts, Flosstube videos, and needlework finishes are so wonderful and inspiring!

  24. I'm so sorry that you're sick. I have been home from work 2.5 days with a nasty cold, but I think I'm past the hump. Love the paint color that you used and it is a treat to see your decor. I have 2 TIAG pieces in my den. I know I have a wip that was gifted to me by someone who said she'd never finish it. I might have to go hunt it out!

  25. Vonna, hope you are feeling better by this time. I hate those colds that make me grumpy and miserable. Love looking at the pictures of your winter home. Just beautiful.

  26. Love the pics of your winter home. Thank you for sharing. Keith did a great paint job. I hope you feel better soon.

  27. Your winter decor is lovely, Vonna. So nice to have that
    snowman tree to brighten up the dark days. 21 years is not bad for a wip. I finished a Prairie Schooler one last year that had been in the closet for 24 years. It had the same masking tape stuck to the edges, too. Love your quilts, too. Hope you can get rid of that cold soon.

  28. just catching up on blog reading. Love your photos, the winter decorating. the RK Smith mittens are simply awesome! is there anything you cant do??? Lucky bird getting a featherweight. She's a beauty! Hope you get to enjoy more time doing what you love to do and I presume you are better now since I just saw a newer post from you. Do you have a bat phone in your bat cave? just kidding...... happy happy - Mel


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