Thursday, March 14, 2019

Mid-March Check In:

Greetings and Warm Welcome Friends!

I have been busier than a toothless woodchuck in a wood chucking contest...

It's spring break....
here in good ol' Bloomington, Indiana and today I have a doctor's appointment, a weigh in, an orthodontics appointment, a lunch out and hopefully a trip to Hobby Lobby :)

I really need to get my nails done too...
(I'm vain and particularly self conscious about my man hands and beautiful nails make them look more feminine.....I always think about the Seinfeld episode of man hands LOL!)
I wanted to drop in and give an update on "what in the world Vonna has been doing"...
March 20th is my deadline for submitting my article for the Summer Punch Needle and Prim Stitcher magazine...I'll talk more about that later....and my Spring Submission. (I mean in another blog post)
So I've created that project that I'm doing for the feature and may I just say:
NEVER been done before! You need to subscribe!

I have two models to stitch and finish for Little House by April 1st (yowza it is close and I'm not near done yet....)

and it is Lent....
I have been working on the kit that I completely failed at last year...
I don't think I shared about it here last year, but I did on my FlossTube channel....I have a kit I purchased about 3 years ago. It is by Vervaco and it is the Face of can see a photo of it HERE

Last year I pulled out my WIP that had very little done on it and started working on him again during Lent, midway through I found I had a fatal error that made half of Jesus's face half of his face was sliding down....I was about halfway make it right I would have had to frog about half of my work....I was frustrated and I just threw it away. Rekitted with DMC (I didn't have enough kit thread left to do the piece so I took what I had left and matched to DMC colors), got a piece of 14 count Aida and put it away until I built up my reserves to try again.

10 days ago....
it was Mardi Gras and I thought: I'm pulling it out and starting again and I am going to make it my 
project...backstory on coffee and craft is: I have been inspired by a friend of mine who started her own "coffee and craft" around Thanksgiving and Christmas time. Almost every day she posts a photo of her coffee mug and craft that she is working on and posts it on Instagram and Facebook. I LOVE watching what she is up to. So I started my own with this piece. 

What do they say about a "habit" that it takes two weeks to form one? Well let me tell you, I am having such a great time doing this every morning that I have formed a habit in 8 days. I can already tell you that I will be doing #coffeeandcraftwithvonna even after Jesus's face is done. I have plans people already percolating!

I thought you all might like to see the evolution of Jesus...
so here it is from Day 1 to Day 8:










It is turning out beautiful! Every day....

So that's where I am folks! If you'd like to follow me on Instagram - I post daily my updates and it's 98% stitching all day, every day. Or you can also follow me on Facebook. I am Vonna Pfeiffer - both places. 

Gotta Run...
But until next can listen to Gary and my latest Podcast on Fiber Talk...
Just follow these Links:

Fiber Talk on the website: HERE
Or on YouTube (FlossTube):HERE

This one we were on a is particularly fun and funny! 

Until Next time...
hugs and love in stitches,
Vonna xxxx

Friday, March 01, 2019

FlossTube #23 - show notes

~ Welcome  to Friday, March 1, 2019 ~

What happened in February at the Pfeiffer Household 
1. Science Olympiad
2. Valentine's Day Cookies (all of my recipes are found on The Sweet Adventures of Sugarbelle HERE
3. Fiber Talk - Link above in my blog tabs
4. Quilt Shop Working HERE ----> Pillow Cases: Ryan's Case For Smiles
5. College kids
6. Katie Top 100 IUPUI Student: HERE
7. Ellie's Doodle for Google
8. Ellie chosen as Youth Artist of the Month in our city, Bloomington, IN


1. Plum Street Samplers - "Valentines Stocking" HERE (scroll down when you get to page) on 25 ct. Vintage Country Mocha 3 strands over 2 threads of linen
Threads used: DMC 310 (for key), the rest you will have to refer to my photo for placement: dark pink: Wild Berries, Light pink: second hand rose, white/light: Antique Lace, greens: English Ivy and Weeping willow

2. La D Da "Spring Hare" on 32 ct. almond linen by Wichelt

3. "For Ewe" by Teresa Kogut available on PDF download in her ETSY shop HERE 
on 28 ct. Midnight by Luminous Fiber Arts Etsy shop HERE

4. "Red Rooster Inn" by Little House Needleworks on 40 ct. Vintage Examplar by Lakeside


1. Plum Street Samplers - Animal Stacks - "Cow Pile" 
2. Diamond Painting Cow found on Amazon - just search for "Colorful Cow"

New to Me FlossTubers that I have been watching: 

1. Stitching in Doo Dah HERE
2.) Gables Stitcher HERE
3.) Sammy J Stitches HERE
4.) Once Upon a Stitch HERE
5.) Pumpkin Hollow HERE
6.) Sew Grateful HERE

Thank you for watching!!

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Wanna talk Nashville Needlework Market?

Wanna  talk about the market?! 
We did all hour long in the Wednesday podcast posted today!
Gary Parr is going to Nashville and I direct him on what he should be buying 😂😂😂
Wanna laugh and spend an enjoyable hour with us? 
Then hop on over to: 
and give us a listen! We had a Jolly GOOD time!

We Talk Fiber Website: Midweek Chat for 2-27-19 click: HERE
or you can also find us on YouTube: HERE

It's hump day let's celebrate by talking new designs and belly laughing (or even just a chuckle now and then)!

Hugs and love in stitches, 
Vonna xxxx

Monday, February 25, 2019

Knocking on the door of March....

~ Greetings and Warm Welcome to you, my friends ~

How are you all? I hope well...
I am struggling with a very bad cold. I believe now I can say it is likely bronchitis and a sinus infection. My doctor is very low key in giving prescriptions unless very, very ill (and as a former medical microbiologist, I understand why), so I continue with warm liquids, mucinex, alka-seltzer cold and lots and lots of water and RICOLA. My taste buds have Ricola drops burned into their memory :)

I want to thank you all...
for your very kind words and well wishes for my Blog of the Year Award and also for the kind prayers and words of kindness for my testing. I am now able to completely communicate what I have been and what I am facing. The week before Christmas I was diagnosed (through genetic testing that my doctor wished me to get based on family history of cancer) that I am CHEK2 genetic mutation positive. What this means (simply all boiled down): that I have a greatly increased chance of getting breast and colon cancer in my lifetime. I have been getting mammograms since the age of 35 due to family history. So, I was immediately referred to a genetic counselor and surgeon. I was set up with appointments as soon as I could be worked in for: endoscopy, colonoscopy, diagnostic mammogram and MRI. As you will note the endo and colonoscopy are pretty invasive procedures so the prep and recovery time for them was a few days prior and after the procedures. I am happy to report that all tests were negative. I've had the meeting with the surgeon and counselor and they have put me on a regiment of testing for the rest of my life. So I will: have a diagnostic mammogram every 12 months, a MRI every other year and a colonoscopy every 3 years for the rest of my life. CHEK2 is a relatively new genetic marker on the scene and it is being associated with other cancers and of course every cancer it is being associated with someone in my family has had. So I am assured that with this knowledge I can be proactive in my own healthcare. I am thankful.

lets get on to good stuff - stitching.
Since I last visited you I had been playing around with an idea in my head....
Namely the Plum Street Sampler's Animal Stacks. Are you familiar with those?
I decided I wanted to stitch mine all on one piece of fabric. I am going to do a small "tutorial" about how I determine how to do a "all on one" piece and I will link/post that information as soon as I get it written. 
Here is the result:


I am stitching them as a "string" on 40 ct. Vintage Country Mocha using a complete conversion to Classic Colorworks that I did myself. So in the pole position was: "Cow Pile". Hmmm...wonder what the #2 animal stack will be? You will just have to wait to see!

I also worked this weekend on Red Rooster Inn by Little House Needleworks and here is where I stand on this WIP:


I have 4 evenings left in February...let's hope I can get this knocked out! I really want to meet my goal of finishing this by the end of February. I have more than what one would think left to do. This is on 40 count Vintage Examplar by Lakeside Linens. I have the house fill in, the windows to fill in and the bottom "scroll" that frames it. Fingers crossed that I can get this done!

Last weekend I put the finishing stitches in:
"For Ewe" by Teresa Kogut

For Ewe

Stitched on 28 ct. Midnight by Luminous Fiber Arts (ETSY Store HERE)
using Classic Colorworks and DMC
I have (inside my head) a really great finish. I've purchased all the things needed to do it...I just need to put it all together after designing the finish as I want. We will see if it turns out.

On February 14, 2019....
I had a smallish finish that I completed
Plum Street Valentine Stocking

This is a freebie from Plum Street Samplers available HERE
I stitched mine in my own conversion to Classic Colorworks stitching 3 over 2 on 25 ct. Country Vintage Mocha evenweave. I wanted my stocking to be larger...therefore I stitched it on 25 ct. and I also added a cuff in ticking and added Lady Dots Creates rickrack in vanilla and a tiny JABCO heart sprinkles button. 
Why did I want it larger? So that I could add it to my mantle: 
My stockings 2019

and after I stitched and finished and added this wee stocking to my mantle...I began to think about my languishing stocking charts that I have (yes, I have all of them Kathy Barrick released) and then a few days later, LO AND BEHOLD...Kathy posted this on her Facebook Page... a couple of her Nashville 2019 releases:
The Embroideress Stocking

The Mariners Stocking 


Which means....
soon you will be seeing me pull out one that I have here already kitted to make another. Wonder which one it will be? Hmmm...I have them all! Including the mermaid punch needle one. I love these stockings that I already have hanging. They stay up year round and I incorporate them in all my seasonal decorating. Just makes me want to finish more so I have a whole mantle full of these prim-tastic stockings! I LOVE THEM!!

I also...
was called in to work at the Quilt Shop this month (I don't have set days...I just fill in when needed).
And when I work, the owners like us to bring our machines with us and sew when we aren't busy so that patrons can see projects and be inspired. So I took along some of my pillow case kits for donation and made up these while I worked one day:


I had a lady on Instagram let me know that I should focus more on boys pillow cases because girls always have more donated for them. I always do half and half. Whenever I purchase or sew, I make sure to sew equal amounts for both boys and girls (remember I have TWO boys and TWO girls in my family and plus my mind just works in equality). sort of was a bit off putting to me. So I called my local pillow case coordinator and was told that the numbers here are pretty much equal for both genders, and if she sees one gender specific lower than the other she will tell us. So...whatever - I try to do a good deed and share what I have done, not in the hopes that I get a pat on the back: RATHER its to inspire others to share a good deed too ( I can't tell you how many people didn't know about simply sewing a pillow case to donate) ...but like always - there's a critic.

Ellie wanted to share....
some sugar cookies with her teachers and friends for Valentines Day...
so, this happened:





They were a big hit, like always

And this month....
due to all of the illness, procedures, doctor's appointments, etc. I have not finished much but when I did these were completed for my business clients:
CD_HB Witches Pets CD_SSS Fireworks on 4th SK_SS Autumn Bird SK_SS Forest JG_LHN My House HM_LHN Farmhouse Christmas Set RL_PSS Hello Summer CA_HOD Oh Say DB_HOD Grown w Love DB_HOD Ready Set Snow EC_PSS Fall EC_PSS Spring EC_PSS Summer EC_PSS Winter

OK folks....
that does it for me for today!
I'll be back as soon as I can with a written tutorial on how to lay out your design for a "all on one piece" project. 

Until next time...
Hugs and Love in Stitches,
Vonna xxxx

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Humble Gratitude....

Dear Ms Pfeiffer,

I am pleased to announce that you have won ‘Blog of the Year’ at The British Craft Awards 2019 – congratulations! Thank you for all that you do for the crafting community!

Please find attached your winner jpeg that you can display on your blog should you wish to announce your win.

We will be featuring an editorial on the awards in the next issue of The World of Cross Stitching (issue 280, on sale 22 March) and Cross Stitch Crazy (issue 254, on sale 14 March). Please can you send us a short quote that we can use in the future. Perhaps tell us what winning this award means to you, what your plans are for the next year, is there anything you would like to say to our cross stitching audience who voted for you?

Would it be possible to have your quote by the end of this week?

Congratulations once again and thank you for all your hard work!

Best wishes,

Christina Hughes
Production Editor, The World of Cross Stitching


What a way to wake up this morning as I opened my emails to find this letter awaiting my opening....

This blog, conceived in a time in my life when I was much younger, has been my diary for going on 14 years...

You have watched my family grow...
You have witnessed our successes....
You have seen our failures....
You have prayed and encouraged us....
You have grieved when we have grieved....

To me that is only one thing: LOVE
You love us and I love you....
Thank you for being a part of my life in this most weird and wonderful venue - the Internet.
So many things can be said that speak to the negativity that this weird and wonderful platform brings to the world....but I choose to focus on one thing:
The wonderful.
It has been wonderful for my life.
Truly, it has.
So many connections I have made...
and it is all because of this little slice of the internet that I began pouring my heart out sharing what I loved best in the world....
My stitching....
My creating....
My family....
My life....
and many read, and continue to read all that I love.

Thank you.

Hugs and love in stitches, 
Vonna xxxx

P.S. Last week during my procedures....I was differed on my MRI to Wednesday (tomorrow 2/20). SO of course my appointment with my surgeon and all the other doctors were differed to this week as well pending the results of my MRI. So here's what I can tell you. Every procedure to date has been negative (PRAISE GOD!) I am hopeful that the same will be said for the MRI tomorrow...but prayers are still appreciated. I will have to live with this for the rest of my life and these same procedures will be repeated every 12 months for the rest of my is sort of a blessing and a curse all at the same time. I am choosing to look on the bright side...however I'm not going to lie, sometimes if I think real hard about it, it's sort of like a cloud following me around...but instead I'm trying to think of it as a rainbow following me and rainbows are the promise for a brighter tomorrow  :) 

Monday, February 11, 2019

Monday, Monday....

~ Greetings and Warm Welcome to one and all ~

Quick post just to get information out....
I've had several (many, many) emails and comments about this design I finished:
LHN_Blackbird Inn

Then framed in a frame from Family Tree Frame Co. (Juliet Frame). 
Little House Needleworks_Blackbird Inn_Framed Family Tree

Diane does not "retire" her designs. This one is a very early one - I think like the 5th design she released when she started Little House. I have stitched it twice, once for a gift a long time ago and last year for me
I just framed it January - ya'll know how my 2018 went.

the design is available only through Diane's Company - Classic Colorworks/Little House Needleworks. If you want this design - please just ask your Needlework Shop (online or brick and mortar) that you want it. They can order it through Diane, very easily to get it for you!

Now listen....
Diane DOES NOT sell retail - so she cannot sell it an individual person. In this day and age you can contact an Online Shop very easily via email to have them order for you, if you don't have a Local Needlework shop. Please don't inundate Diane with e-mails. I just wanted you all to know that it is readily available. It is NOT retired like the rumor mill is saying. 

Do you like my colors? 
I converted them and the notes on fabric count, type and my color conversion to Classic Colorworks (my personal favorite threads) May be found in the TABS above under: VONNA'S COLOR CONVERSIONS click on the tab and scroll down until you see Blackbird Inn.

That's it folks...
May I bend your ear...for prayers for me today as I face some testing and also remember me Thursday as I meet to discuss the results of 4 recent testing procedures and my future.

Thank you, 
Vonna xxxx

Friday, February 08, 2019

A Friday in February....

~ Greetings and Warm Welcome to all ~
I hope this finds all of you well 

No updates....
on stitching or quilting for this week. It's been a week of healthcare and tests. I have another date with some healthcare practitioners next rest for the wicked... a day filled with tests and another day filled with discussion and results of what all this stuff has been about. Let's keep our fingers crossed that this will soon be over and everything is fine. 

is Friday, the most fabulous day of the week. Tomorrow I have a funeral luncheon to host so since I'll be on my feet running around all day cooking and cleaning the luncheon, I'm taking today off as a Vonna day!
I love Vonna Day's!

It's only 10:30 a.m. and I've already did my good deed for the day...
I sew pillow cases for Ryan's Case for Smiles. This organization is a non-profit group, where they ask for people to sew pillow cases to fit a standard pillow and donate them to a local chapter in their area. This week JoAnn's had their children's prints and Kona cottons on sale. When I find sales at JoAnn's or Hobby Lobby or at my local Quilt shop, I try to stock up on enough fabric for 10-20 cases.

Here are the choices I selected for the Girl's Cases: 

Here's my Boy Cases selections:

When I get home from buying fabric...
I go ahead and cut them to the size needed for a case and make little "kits" for them housing all the materials needed for one pillow case inside a gallon sized ziplock bag. (I've made so many of these I have the sizes for each piece memorized). This way when I have a few minutes on my hands, on any particular day, I can sit down and whip out a case or two and put them in my box where they wait until I have enough to wash (in fragrance free detergent), iron, pack and send to my local chapter coordinator. 


My good deed for today...
to start off "Vonna's Day" was: I made a boy case and a girl case...and here they are:
Ryan's Case for Smile_1

Aren't they darling?! I always love when they are finished and I can look at them and think:
  YEP! This is the cutest one ever! 
(until I make the next one 😂) This time around I got mainly young children time I'll have to get prints more fitting a teenager. (I try to swap back and forth on the prints I get). 

I didn't know about Ryan's Case for Smiles until a good friend of mine shared this on her news feed on Facebook. As soon as I went to the website and read what they do and how I could help and that there was a "local-ish" to me (its in Indianapolis) chapter...I contacted the coordinator for that chapter and discussed if the possibility was open for me to make them and then ship them to her. She agreed and I started sewing. 

Might you be interested in donating some of your time and some of your talent in the form of pillow cases in support of young children and teenagers that are found to be in the middle of something scary and upsetting - a health emergency?

If so....
I want to make sure that I can help you find all of the important information for you to see if your state/country has a chapter. Please go HERE to find YOUR LOCAL CHAPTER information.

HERE is the link for the pillow requirements and a sample pattern.

I don't own a serger, and I like the look of an accent band and French Seams (which makes serging or zigzagging raw edges obsolete) plus I think French Seams and the accent band just makes for a beautiful presentation of the case. To learn how to make a pillow case just like mine shown above follow this video tutorial on The Crafty Gemini: HERE 
It's a simple tutorial and makes beautiful, standard pillow cases, as required for Ryan's Case for Smiles Organization.

Inquiring minds???
One pillow case takes: 
2/3 yard of fabric WOF (width of fabric) for the body - this is the Main Print of the overall case
1/3 yard of fabric WOF (width of fabric) for the case cuff  - in my example it is the solid color on the end of the case
2 inches width of fabric for the accent cuff 

So 1 yard of fabric + an accent band - but you don't even have to do the accent band + a little of your time = a pillow case to bring a smile to an ill child.

To whom much is given....
much is expected.

Until next time...
hugs and love in stitches, 
Vonna xxxx

Friday, February 01, 2019

Flosstube #22 - Show Notes - February 1, 2019


2018 Finishes never show cased on my channel:
1. Erica Michaels "Scary Berry" on 28 ct. Heather Linen from Lakeside (discontinued color - sorry)
2. Heart in Hand "Halloween Night" on 28 ct. Bake and Basted the Vonna way 
3. Heart in Hand "Tom Turkey Sampler" on 32 ct. Vintage Country Mocha
4. Lizzie Kate "A Little Thankful" using kit fabric and colors 
5. With Thy Needle and Thread "Spirit and Spells"
6. Little Stitcher "Cardinal Bird House" in 2018 Just Cross Stitch Ornament Issue
7. The Creative Twist "Farmhouse Christmas Snow Globe Tutorial" available in the Punch Needle and Primitive Stitching Magaine Winter Issue 2018 
***Subscription Information*** CLICK HERE

November 2018 - I attended a fantastic retreat (Camp Stitchalot) at: Berlin Ohio through Cross My Heart LTD Venue is located at The Grand Berlin Hotel see venue HERE

2019 to date:

1. Framed "Blackbird Inn" by Little House Needleworks CONVERSION in TABS above under Vonna's Color Conversions
2. Framed "Spring Delivery" by With Thy Needle and Thread
3. Finished complimentary design from The Scarlett House entitled "LOVE" into a flat mounted cupboard hanger

1.) Teresa Kogut "For Ewe" available from her Etsy Shop: HERE
----stitched on 28 ct. Midnight from Luminous Fiber Arts Etsy Shop: HERE

2.) Beth Twist of Heartstring Samplery "Hope" charity work designs...there are 4 of them available in her Etsy Shop: HERE
----40 ct. Legacy by Picture This Plus using Classic Colorworks Black Coffee

3.) Told in a Garden "Song of a People" (so old I have no idea any specifics other than pattern name and I'm stitching in DMC)

4.) Modern Folk Embroidery: HERE

Wool Applique:
Rebekah L Smith "Merry Mittens" her website: HERE


I'm All Into: 
1. My Versa Fit Bit HERE
2. Lose It! App for my iPad/Smart Phone
3. My Coffee Mug from Things Remembered HERE 
4. Chia Pudding: 1 can unsweet coconut milk 4 oz water, 6T chia seeds, 1T vanilla, 3T Swerve zero carb sweetener. Mix well, adding one tablespoon of the chia at a time and stirring well so that they don't clump, wait at least 1 hour before eating. I like to heat mine up for a few seconds and add a few blueberries. YUMMY!
5. Netflix Documentary to watch: The Magic Pill

Have a great month! I'll be back next month!

Thursday, January 31, 2019

Last day of January 2019...

~ Greetings and Warm Welcome, my friends ~
I hope this finds you all warm and snuggled in where ever you are....
We are a balmy -8 degrees this morning with the hopes of at least rising above the 0 degree mark on the thermometer. Good heavens it is cold! I love winter - I love all seasons - but goodness gracious when it is this cold it is almost mind numbing!

Yesterday our area was essentially "closed down"...
no school, my husband telecommuted from home, Jacob's college was even closed. . . so we all stayed in and did what we wanted to do (except for Daddy who was working - in his jammies - in the office). I got to work on a number of things yesterday - it was too cold to go down in the bat cave (holy smokes - I would have been a block of ice - I do have a small space heater, but it really doesn't do much other than keep the lower half of my body warm. We have a "walk out basement" which means one of the 4 walls is not in the ground...I have windows down there and a door that opens to our back yard - we live in limestone country so a completely in the ground basement is a rarity. Anyway....the concrete walls just literally radiate ice when it is this cold - our basement is "unfinished" meaning no air ducts blow down there. So...brrrrr in the winter. In the summer it stays relatively cool because three sides remain in the ground and the back of the house (where the wall to the back yard is and thus not in the ground) doesn't get sun until late in the evening and never at full force so stays cool in the summer even without air conditioning....heat rises so pleasant in the summer, in the winter...YOWZA! 

Anyway, I digress...back to what I want to share with you....
January 2019 saw me tearing through my "at home" needlework shop and my WIPS (works in progress) and here is what I either started or decided to work on this month: 


My friend Renee and I are hosting a stitch-a-long over on the Facebook group: Little House and Country Cottage Needlework Stitching Group. Our January/February SAL had 4 choices both seasonal and non-season from both designers. I have long wanted to have an entire Little House Needleworks Inns wall, so I chose Red Rooster Inn...

Little House Needleworks ~ "Red Rooster Inn"
stitched on 40 ct Vintage Examplar linen by Lakeside
Using called for Classic Colorworks overdyed cotton threads
*this shall be my focus on the finish for the very short month of February that is nipping at our heels
(why does January seem so long and February seems like here and gone?)
January 2019_LHN Red Rooster

My Oldest WIP saw a little love this month...
Told In a Garden ~ "Song of a People"
this is so old (21 year long WIP) I have no idea the color of the evenweave, but I am stitching it with DMC.
January 2019_TIAG Song of a People

I started this yesterday during the polar ice cap visit...
Teresa Kogut ~ "For Ewe"
I did my own conversion to Classic Colorworks and am using called for DMC
stitched on 28 ct. "Midnight" by Luminous Fiber Arts (owner: Misty Pursel dyes her own fabric line) this is a beautiful navy/blacky mottled fabric. You can find Misty on her own YouTube Channel and also buy her fabric and designs on Etsy at her shop of the same name: Luminous Fiber Arts 
January 2019_TK For Ewe

Last week I found myself falling deeper and deeper into a rabbit hole when I stumbled (literally) across a new to me designer: Modern Folk Embroidery
BEAUTIFUL designs, stunning work are done by the proprietor and designer: Jacob
I joined the 2019 Stitch-a-long there and here is my start:
Modern Folk Embroidery ~ "2019 SAL"
using DMC 115 stitching on 46 ct Heritage Silkweaver
January 2019_MFE 2019 SAL

Beth Twist of Heartstring Samplery is a beautiful person inside and out. She recently did a very heartfelt video, link HERE about a set of 4 designs that she has designed for some charities that she holds close to her heart. Her earnest appeal and striking design had me immediately. I have purchased all 4 and am hoping to do "one word" per day. Here is my start:
Heartstring Samplery ~ "Justice"
stitched on 40 ct. Picture This Plus "Legacy"
using Classic Colorworks Black Coffee
January 2019_HSS Justice

So that, folks, was my works in progress for, are my:

January 2019 Cross Stitch Finishes

Little House Needleworks ~ "Monthly Thread Pack Series"
oldies but goodies...I have the entire series, have had them for years - purchased when they first released and did I stitch them? No. To remedy that I pulled out late spring/early summer pack and got "May" done!
Stitched on 28 ct. Clay Zweigart linen
using called for Classic Colorworks overdye cottons
LHN_2019 Monthy Series Threadpacks

Tanya Brockmeyer of The Scarlett House fame...
gave her loyal fans a beautiful complimentary pattern entitled "Love". 
I stitched it up using my own conversion to all Classic Colorworks - my conversions are available at the TABS above but I can link you HERE 
The Scarlett House_Love_2019 The Scarlett House_Love side

I finished it as a mounted flat door/knob/cuboard/wall hanger - tutorials are available to achieve the look if you are a follower and user of my tutorial blog where all of my many, many tutorials are linked to both WRITTEN and VIDEO tutorials available. 
**a word about my tutorials, tips, conversions, techniques, etc***
I give everything I know away free.
And I do it with a happy heart. I love to share. It brings me joy. 
Some are really great about giving freely, especially if it will help sell their patterns or get their company out in the eye of the public. That's just good business sense, right? Right! And I'm all about having good business sense. However I don't benefit monetarily by anything I share. I just give. I feel strongly that what talent God has given me, I am to share freely. I do that and I ask for nothing in return except my NAME be associated with the item made, done, used, utilized, fill in the blank. Hundreds of hours, literally, have been spent by me making tutorials to share and help others learn to make their stitching shine. I love to do it! I truly do love to help and teach others. I do not like seeing things made (and I can tell when my tips and techniques have been used) and there is no mention crediting the help they received. We all have learned to credit designers - as we should - for their creativity and beauty they have created in a pattern that we have purchased from them to create for ourselves. The same holds (in my mind) that the tutorial or tip we use to make something of beauty in finishing, the author of that help should be credited too. Just a little seed to plant in your mind to be aware. That is one thing I always believe in credit, where credit is due. 


I made a quilt from Jo Morton's ~ "Jo's Little Favorites" book 1
It's a Log Cabin Quilt and I chose all my own colors using Jo's recommendation on tones. 
It's using mostly scraps and I love a good scrappy quilt. 
Here is the top...I have sandwiched or quilted it yet. 
My idea is to use the "Baptist Fan" pattern for quilting.
JM_Jan 2019_Jo's Log Cabin

Lastly and certainly not least....
I am now a regular contributor to Fiber Talk
and I will be chatting Gary up every 3 weeks on Wednesdays! WHOOP!
if you are not a subscriber, I recommend you go on over to YouTube: HERE
Click or Tap on that red SUBSCRIBE button and tap on the BELL so you are alerted when a new show is uploaded (twice a week one on Wednesdays and one on Sundays) and just sit back and listen and stitch. I love Gary and I love how he is bringing attention to the needlearts. Join us!

that's it! Are you happy!? HA HA!

Until Next time...
love and hugs in stitches, 
Vonna xxxx