Monday, December 10, 2018

Days of Christmas, part 4.....

~ Greetings and Merry Christmas ~
to all my stitching friends!

Well there went the weekend....
I woke up Friday morning determined to do something for me that day and guess what?! The phone rang and it was the quilt shop owners asking me to work Friday and Saturday. I can't turn them down when they have done so much for me by offering Jacob a job. So....I went to work. Aaaaaaannnnndddd...likely spent more than I made on fabrics.
That's the bad thing about working there. A new line comes in that catches my eye...and - SUNK.
New line that came in that has really just, really made my heart a flutter is: Farmhouse II by Fig Tree & Co. Oh my is so beautiful. Here's a photo of the line palette: 
Bright, happy colors....
What did I buy? A Jelly Roll and 4 yards of cuts so that I could make some things. I'm sure you'll see someday soon, because I am making for Christmas gifts....Lord willing.

So I did get my Prairie Schooler Tree decorated and I wasn't going to share this early, but I decided to here it is:
2018 Prairie Schooler Santa Tree
2018 PS Tree 2018 PS tree side 1 2018 PS Santa tree side 2 2018 Office

I just love it...
how could I not?! I think I've stitched less than half of the ornaments on the tree, the others were all stitched by friends and sent to me as a gift...a very nice lady organized a group of stitchers to stitch a Santa for thanks for "what I do" for the stitching community. I'm not certain what I did to deserve such lovely things done for me, but I do cherish, each and every one and a FULL SANTA tree was realized much sooner than I ever thought possible. It went to half full to: I might need a larger tree full in one year. All of the Santas except for a couple were finished by me. I love them, don't you? 
A true treasure!

found us in Indy celebrating our December birthdays!!!
Jacob already had his celebration with us, but he got to have another with his twin, Ian and their sister who will have her birthday tomorrow: December 11.

My babies....all grown up....sad, but happy too all at the same time.


Well, my friends...
that does it for today's installment of Days of Christmas. I'm burning quiet time before everyone wakes up for the day and I consider o'dark thirty Mama time :)

Until next time, 
Merry Christmas!
Vonna xxxx


  1. Tree is spectacular...and Birthday wishes to all such beautiful children! Enjoy your me time dark-thirty that is one of my favorite times of my day...blessings Vonna.

  2. Your tree looks amazing, how wonderful to be loved so much. x

  3. The tree is wonderful. I don't think it would ever do for me to work somewhere where I liked the goodies being sold, but as you say you can use your paycheck:)
    Lots of birthdays in December, but blessings galore.

  4. Your Prairie Schooler Santa tree is lovely. Any more ornaments and you will need a bigger tree. Happy Birthday to Katie, Ian, and Jacob.

  5. First, happy birthday wishes to Ian and Jake and Katie! Vonna, your PS tree looks fabulous. You are so deserving of each and every one of those Santas that were stitched with love for you. I had to chuckle over your o dark thirty comment about being Mama time. Have a good time!

    Oh, and that fabric line is beautiful! Look forward to seeing what you are going to create with it!

  6. Your tree looks so beautiful! Happy birthday to your kiddies, what a lovely photo of them all :)

  7. Happy Birthdays to Katie, Ian & Jacob. Your home looks beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing. MERRY CHRISTMAS

  8. I love your tree, it is beautiful! I love Fig Tree too. Hugs,

  9. Love your Prairie Schooler Santa tree.

  10. The Santa tree is beautiful! You deserve it! All those tutorials are such a huge help and so easy to understand!! Thank you for them! A very Happy Birthday to all the kiddos!

  11. Your tree is gorgeous and so are your children! Congratulations on both! Love that early morning time, too. In our house we call it "morning in the night" because that's what our son called it when he was little. Have a great week and enjoy that fabric!

  12. great post ! LOVE the tree and your new fabric is wonderful. Don't you tempt me into quilting NOT! I have done a little EPP and I do love it but how much time is there for someone who works full time and does so many other needlework items. Glad you got to celebrate your pretty girls birthday in person. Hope you are enjoying the season - Mel

  13. A beautifully decorated tree Vonna!

  14. My days work like that a lot. I get excited about what I might do and then poof my day is gone. Love that tree. Just beautiful. I'm glad your kiddos were able to get together.

  15. Vonna, did you ever finish stitching "Main Street"? I just ordered the charts. Was looking for a picture of yours finished.

  16. Vonna: You have a beautiful touch for decorating.
    Happy birthday to all the December birthdays.
    Cute photo of them together.

    Merry Christmas


  17. Your Prairie Schooler tree is darling! All of the ornaments represent the love and appreciation we have for all you do for the stitching community. You are truly a blessing. Never forget that you are loved.


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