Tuesday, November 06, 2018


~ Greetings and Warm Welcome to my friends ~
I'm in the middle of cooking supper for my family and have a few minutes as everything sits and flavors evolve that I thought I'd swing in and share with you all what is going on in my little part of the world.

I'm stitching just a small Halloween piece that seems to be taking forever...
ha...really when you just have a scattered minute here and there to actually stitch for oneself, this is actually really great progress...

"Spirit and Spells"
by Brenda Gervais With Thy Needle and Thread


I'm not "in" to spooky Halloween...in fact I'm not much into Halloween at all for no other reason than I'm just not in to spooky...but I do like to have a few cuties scattered around and I think Brenda does the CUTEST little witches :) they just always make smile.

So a few more stitches to go on this little cutie and I'll be all done. 

What else has been going on?...
Finishing of course, here's what I've accomplished in the last 7 days.

AM_PS Annual Santas NS_HOD Chalk Christmas Ornaments NS_HOD White Christmas NS_Quaker Pumpkin NS_Santa Pillow NS_SD July AW_BB Bride Tree 1 AW_BB Brides Tree 2 AW_BB Brides Tree 3 AW_BB Brides Tree 3 AW_BB Brides Tree 4 AW_BB Brides Tree 5 AW_BB Brides Tree 6 AW_BB Brides Tree Set JL_SB Slater Stocking WH_PS Santa WH_SB Anna Stocking BK_DW Santa and Kitten BK_Up and Away Stocking

What do I have to look forward to in the next few days?
A retreat!!!!!
Yes...you read that right, I am going away for 4 luxurious days to Amish Country in Ohio for a stitching retreat with a lovely needlework shop there. I cannot wait. 
I. Need. A. Break.
both of the mental/spiritual kind and of the work kind.

I can return rested and relaxed and ready to tackle the last of my holiday finishing.

Until next time...
Hugs and Love in stitches, 
Vonna xxxx


  1. Your finishing is alwys so beautiful. I bought a lovely oval frame(antique) and I have considered doing that design for it as well as the Santa design that seems to have the same shape.

  2. I am so glad you are going on the retreat. Your work is beautiful, but stitchers need to stitch:) Enjoy your time away.

  3. You always do such lovely finishes. I am not really a halloween person much either, i tend to go straight from summer stitching to Christmas stitching. x

  4. Lovely stitching ,I am not a Halloween fan but love your stitch and I always love Autumn stitching.
    Beautiful finishes , have a wonderful retreat always nice to get away for a few days .

  5. That's a LOT of finishing!
    Have fun at your retreat, it's lovely to get away from it all sometimes, you come back refreshed and ready to start again :-)

  6. Glad you are finding some time for yourself. I was hoping you would attend the Hoosier retreat. Have fun at the Ohio one though.

  7. Vonna, Your finishing is so very beautiful but every crafter needs a time to herself and regroup. Enjoy your retreat :)

  8. Vonna, I am glad you are getting away for the weekend and attending a retreat. I know you will have a fabulous time. Each one of the pieces you finished for your clients are incredible. That Quaker Pumpkin is sweet; not a fan of Halloween stitching, but do love pumpkins and other fall items. Thinking of you!

  9. Gorgeous finishes... enjoy your retreat!

  10. Have fun on your retreat!

  11. Lots of beautiful finishing! You do need a break, Vonna. Have a wonderful time at the retreat.

  12. My first thought was.... Oh! That witch is so cute!!

  13. great finishes ! enjoy your retreat - nothing better than a fall retreat filled with fun food and friends. Mel

  14. Beautiful stitching and beautiful finishing. Have a great time at your retreat.

  15. beautiful work. Enjoy you time away!

  16. Lovely finishes!! all of them so perfect, your finishes are truly amazing

  17. Oh Vonna, you have been busy! Everything looks gorgeous!! Have a wonderful trip!

  18. Some beautiful stitching there! I hope you have an awesome time at your retreat - stitchers need to stitch!!!

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  20. Vonna, your finishing is so gorgeous - you are so very talented. Thank you so much for sharing with us.


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