Monday, October 29, 2018

Final October Monday...

~ Greetings and Warm Welcome Friends ~
Can I just start this out by saying:
Your kind words and visits left by you ~ when I've been less than "present" this year in the stitching community. Still astounds me. Just another reason why I need to cut back next year. I want to create, always and love, love, love to create for others...but I need to create for me too. Things that stay here, that are mine for the posterity of the generation(s) that follow me. 

Some of my most treasured "things" in my life...
are the ones created by hands that came before me - quilts, doilies, pillowcases, afghans...
I've been sort of stagnant on finishing/stitching/quilting for me and mine.
That needs to change too.
Life is ever evolving, ever changing and I love the cycle of life...
and the evolution of me. I can't speak for others, but I can speak for me: I am ever trying to become (in the words of Oprah) the better version of me. I have a long way to go and I likely will never be the best version because that's the way life is...but I sure do aspire to be better tomorrow than what I am today.

as I've spoken about in the previous post, is one area that I struggle with and have my entire life. I want to do, do, do for everyone else in detriment to my own health. I don't want to disappoint, I don't want to let down and sometimes...its unavoidable and I feel like a failure. 
I've got to set better boundaries...I have my eggs in a row most of the time. If other's don't its not my duty to come behind them and set them up for's not my job.

OK enough with the philosophy...
since last week I actually finished stitching and fully finished a piece for me.

Heart in Hand
"Halloween Night"
Heart in Hand_Halloween Night_nestled

There it is nestled in my "pumpkin patch" on my antique dresser in our foyer...
and here it is in my sterile plain photos I take for finishing to display the actual finishing. I like to take photos on stark white backgrounds for a reason: you can't hide flaws on stark white. 
I can set up a photo with pretties and "stuff" sitting around, beside, under...but all that does is distract the eye so that you can't really see the true finishing details.

Heart in Hand_Halloween Night

This jack rusty jingle is from Factory Craft Direct.
I always have my eyes opened and bought these about 3 years ago. I don't know if they still have them, but that is where I got them. :)
Heart in Hand_Halloween Night Detail

Since the last time I visited I've spent many more hours in the finishing cave....many, many in fact. 
Here's what I've done:

PP_GD Snowball Fight BK_JBW Christmas Tree BK_JBW Peace Dove BK_LHN Peace

I was informed that this one is incorrectly attributed on my Facebook Finishing Business page and it is really entitled Christmas Eve...I just go with what the client's tell me and (I'm sure you can tell) I have zero time to research and cross reference each piece. In fact, I do attributions for those that follow my work so that it can easily be found if you want to stitch it yourself. Some people live to correct others missed it is Christmas Eve by the Danish Handcraft Guild - my sincere apologies.
BK_Swedish Christmas BK_Trust Hope Believe CB_KB The Christmas Witch TM_LHN Needlework ABC

and this one is from Imaginating and is called Redwork Noel designed by Joan Elliott (another correction on my FB page...)
TM_Noel Heart

I have three other finishes that I can't share with the public because I've been asked to hold them until Christmas as they know the recipients watch my blog. So these + 3 more were all accomplished in the last 4 days. Whew!

Until next time when I can swing in quickly again...
stitch happy!
Love in stitches, 
Vonna xxxx

Thursday, October 25, 2018

More and more....

~ Greetings and a very Warm Welcome ~
to you, my friends!

I was just notified that this blog has been nominated and made the short list for The British Craft Awards 2019 Cross Stitch Blog of the Year.
This is truly astonishing to me.

If you would care to vote to help me win for 2019 the link for voting is:

Who would have thought that some little old girl in Southern Indiana USA and her cross stitching would have people that really truly like me and my work? Like I said, astounding. 
From post-partum blues to peri-menopausal woes..hahahahaha!

Since our last update....what have I been doing? WORK-ING.
I thought I had set some boundaries this year...but not good enough ones. 
I thought I'd set my deadline date soon enough that I'd be able to not work myself into a frenzy working 7 days a week 12+ hours each day.
BUT...I didn't do good enough boundary setting.
2019 will mean to me: slow down.

last 2.5 weeks this is what I've done:
DM_ Windswept Santas DM_SC Gift from Santa MS_BA Freedom MS_PS Sew Santa JT_HOD Knee High NW_LHN Music and books NE_CCN Gingerbread NE_Kooler Santa NE_Letter J NE_LHN Farmhouse NE_LHN Joy NE_LHN Tree Lot SR_SB Stocking TL_CCN Christmas Cheer JB_CCN BOH JB_LHN HSH JB_LHN Joy and Peace JB_LHN No Place JB_LK Grateful JB_SB Wisemen JB_LHN Home JB_LHN Proverb JB_LHN Spots EB_CCN O Come EB_LHN Blessed EB_LHN Christmas EB_LHN Frosty Flakes EB_LHN Light of Moon EB_LHN Pep Twist EB_LHN Season Greets EB_LHN Silent Night EB_LK HO HO HO EB_LK Wise Men GS_CCN Christmas Cookies GS_CCN Merry Merry GS_LF Holiday Wish GS_LF Snow Style GS_LK Hug

The bas-relief figure came with the kit and I was asked to attach it to the piece (from the 80's)
GS_Love is Born GS_SC Winter Snow

February Angel is by Raise The Roof Designs...(I was so tired I forgot to put it on the photo)
KS_Feb Angel KS_HOD Hearts Desire KS_LHN Honey Bee KS_LK Think Spring KS_SCS Dorothy KS_Sock Monkey DW_LK Tiny Tidings

Throughout the internet, I see direct copies of my work, or direct copies with credit given to someone else who has copied me....and so a big believer in giving credit where credit is due: the following two finishes my client directed me to finish exactly as a person did and sent me photos of the finish. 

Oh Joy - direct copy from Carol at Stitching Dreams
Thank you Carol for your creativity and perfection in finishing.
DW_Oh Joy

Kringle's Coal - direct copy from Elizabeth at Vintage Bluebird Stitches.
Thank you Elizabeth for your creativity and perfect finishing.
DW_PSS Kringle's Coal DW_BBD Basket of Memories DW_HOD Farm Fresh DW_SN True Love Sampler DW_VS Elf Christmas JK_Imaginating Mittens LT_LHN Winter ABC JS_GP Cherished Teddy

and amidst all of this finishing, 7 days a week 12+ hours per day...I threw up my hands one day, shed some tears and thought I have to do something for myself. SO I sat down and stitched myself and finished: 
Scary Berry 
by Erica Michaels Designs
stitched on 28 ct. Lakeside Heather (retired color- I'm a hoarder)
VP_Erica Michaels_scary berry
It was worth it....
I needed a break, desperately.
Am I close to being finished with my holiday finishing? 
Nope. Not even close.
2019 = the year of Vonna setting taller, wider, deeper boundaries and learning that I AM important too.

Until next time, 
Vonna xxxx