Friday, June 08, 2018

A very jumpin' May and June...

~ Greetings and Warm Welcome to you, my friends ~

I always know when e-mails start popping up in my mailbox with the subject line:
Where ARE you? 
that it has been too long between posts.
Like everyone else on the planet my only excuse is:
time goes way too fast.
I need to clone myself and to be honest if I could, I sure would...I'd make the clone do all my work and I'd sit and stitch and quilt away! LOL!
God gave me a strong back and a firm constitution and as my Grandma used to say: I'll rest when I'm in the grave. So I'll keep plugging away too :)
and giving thanks that I can still work hard and long hours with little complaint 
(although the older I get I feel it faster and longer...ho hum...)

Where have I been? 
Well let's do a little recap of the last few weeks:

So I told you all about Prom and the Prom Dinner that I rolled out for my I'll pick up from there: 

On May 27, 2018....
I made my 5th appearance on Fiber Talk! (Recorded a couple of weeks prior) Gary Parr and Christine Williams are just fabulous people. I know I've said it before, and I'm going to say it again. FIBER TALK IS WHERE IT IS AT! What a service Gary and Christine are doing for the needlework community, really the handwork community, as a whole. They interview/talk about a wide range of topics, interviewing folks doing what they love best in the world. There are of course, real experts in the field, and I've listened to every podcast since they started. I always giggle when I'm on because I'm like the Hillbilly cousin from Southern Indiana, in comparison to most of the guests. 
Maybe a little comic relief amidst all the noble handwork experts. Gary and Christine keep asking me and I'll keep accepting their offers to be on the show because I love them, I honestly do. They are true friends to me and I love them, simple as that. Just like I love all of you! I do!

 And again, I've said it before and I'll say it again: This little thing called the internet and the needlework community has sure enhanced my life. I have friends all over the world, thanks to the internet and my hobby. True friends, that I may never meet in real life, but I can do a video chat with them and see them and make connections that make the world a smaller, better place. 

So are you looking for a little entertainment during your stitching time?
Click on THIS LINK: FIBER TALK (this is their website)
but wait!! they are also on YouTube too!: FIBER TALK ON YOUTUBE
Same content on both places, but on YouTube you get to sort of "watch" a slide show of what they are talking about and it's very nice! I prefer to listen (and watch when appropriate) on YouTube. 
Fiber Talk ROCKS!  You need some in your life :)

Next big thing is: 
Ellie was promoted from Elementary School, completing grade 6, and now moving on to Middle School and Grade 7 and 8. (New building, New School next fall) She's excited! And can I just take a moment and brag on her. I love to read/see/hear about people, no matter what their age, that are doing good things. We hear way too much negative "news"...I want to hear good news, good things and celebrate those that are doing great things in their little part of the world. Here is my daughter's little part of the world:

She was promoted and here was our little party at home with her:
(wording on the cake was by her Daddy who likes to irritate us all with his "totally cool" language, believe me if he could have put "legit" on the end, he would have - but I had to draw the line somewhere)

Ellie Grad 

She was awarded 7 awards...the ones that were most meaningful were:
Summit Year Book Cover Design Artist (year book pictured)
Art Award for top artist at her school throughout her years in Elementary school beginning in Kindergarten.

Ellie year book

President's Education Award:
Ellie and one other student in the 6th grade class was recognized for their outstanding Academic Achievements in the classroom and their superior standing of:  PASS+ ISTEP - which is Indiana's yearly academic Achievement Test on all subject matter each year since 3rd Grade. Pretty Amazing, right?!

Ellie President Award

Another extremely proud moment was when she was awarded the "Exemplary Student Award" by her teacher for her class.

Ellie Exemplary 

Katie was also awarded the Exemplary Student award when she was promoted in 6th grade:

Ellie and Kate Exemplary Girls

Here she is proving it: 

Exempalry Girl 2010

We are God goes the glory.

this past weekend on June 2, this happened:

Ian and Jake 1

Ian and Jake 5

Ian and Jake High 5

Both Ian and Jake....graduated from Bloomington South High School with Academic Honors. 
Jake: 4.2 gpa
Ian: 3.9 gpa

They both are direct admits into....
the Purdue School of Engineering on the Indiana University ~ Purdue University of Indianapolis campus. They will be studying, God willing, Electrical Engineering and following in the footsteps of their Daddy and big sister (who is on the same campus, studying the same, and will be a junior next fall). The boys have College Orientation in July and then we will be buying all the stuff to make their Dorm room (yes, they are rooming together) their home.

Fall is going to be hard for me....
and I'm not thinking about it fact in my best Scarlett O'Hara impersonation: 
"I'll think about it later....after all tomorrow is another day!"


that takes us to what has been going on with me....
First up is:
My feature in the Punch Needle and Primitive Stitcher Magazine was released!!
Here is the cover of the magazine:

and here is the project that I featured in the article:

VP_LHN Liberty Belles_Jar Wrap

"Liberty Belles"
by: Little House Needleworks
Stitched on: 30 ct. R&R reproductions Olde Towne Blend
Stitched as charted
Finished as: Jar Wrap
The jar I chalk painted and "grubbed up" myself

It is an honor to be a New Feature in the magazine. So far, I've had really nice feedback about what my article says/shows how to do. So YAY! I was very worried. I only want to please people and I worried for weeks (literally as I submitted back in February).
Wait until you see my submission for the fall issue!!

Are you a subscriber? If not...why not? GET YOURS TODAY! it is a beautiful magazine with nice, card stock thickness paper, glossy pages, beautiful pictures and crammed with lovely stitcheries and punch needle patterns for you to replicate. Go HERE to order your subscription today: SUBSCRIBE TO PNPS

I also finished my very first - START to FINISH quilt.
I designed it, chose all the colors/fabrics, cut it, pieced it, quilted and bound it all myself! 
(...oh and all the mistakes I made myself too!)
I learned LOTS...and here it is:
My First Quilt My First Quilt_close

I've really taken to quilting. In fact, I really like it A LOT. I've already got my next quilts on the go and of course my monthly quilt shop Block of the Month going too....

Speaking of the quilt shop, guess who took a small job on there? 
Yeah, me...I'm working filling in just randomly, on a "as needed" basis. I've worked 5 days so far and I work again a few days in the next couple of weeks. I am enjoying it. It is fun and it gets me out of the house and doing something completely different from anything I already do and the scenery isn't bad either!


I'm working on my cross stitch, but nothing to share really because to be honest...I haven't had any time at all recently....for just ME, that is. I'm also going to be honest, I feel like a Mac Truck has run over me. I'm so tired all of the time....

This week I purchased off of Craigslist a sweet deal! A Koala Studios Quiltmate 2 sewing cabinet for my new quilting sewing machine (Juki TL-2010Q). It was a wonderful deal and after the boys and I went and got it I spend the day cleaning out and re-organizing the cave...It took me all day and my husband had a van load of things we no longer needed and took it to the donation center.
Here's some cave shots:

Newly purchase Koala Studios Sewing Desk
Koala Studios Desk


Cave Side Shot

A few of the cave zones...
Cat Corner, Exercise Zone, Mary Kay inventory zone, cross stitch zone, work table zone, movie picking zone, college carpet storage zone...


Are you tired yet? I am...
but amid all of this...I have also's what's been up in that arena of my life:
(please note designer and name of design at TOP of photos, always)
KB_HOD 12 Days JG_LK Two as One PG_BBD Peace Friend PG_BBD Rosehips and Ivy PG_LHN Poinsettia House PG_LHN Season's Greetings WF_LHN Cardinal Winter WF_LHN Merry Christmas WF_Liberty Sam WF_LK Autumn Smalls WF_LK Feelin' Festive WF_LK Happy Haunting WF_LK Little Merry WF_LK Little Thanksgiving IJ_PS Barnyard Christmas CC_HIH Redbird Sampler ES_SS Steampunk Fish ES_WTNT_Jolly Happy Soul LT_LK Wise Men EC_Needle Notion Sampler Santa EC_WTNT Summer Schoolhouse Lessons AK_LHN Peppermint Twist AK_LHN Pine Tree AK_LHN Winter Forest AK_LK Jolly Man

But as I was going over everything, I forgot one more item:


To whom much is given, much is expected.

SO...that's where I've been folks!

Until next time...
SMILE because it is a simple thing and brings so much joy!
So from me to you with a great big SMILE...
love in stitches, 
Vonna xxxx