Monday, May 14, 2018

Monday, Monday....

~ Greetings Friends and Warm Welcome ~
I hope that this finds each of you well and enjoying your slice of the world wherever you are!

The last few weeks....
as every spring time right before the end of school has been very hectic, like I know it is for many of you with families. Katie has returned home from college after a very successful sophomore year. Her grades are all in and she has maintained her gpa and has stayed on the Dean's List for her 4th semester of college. She is studying Electrical Engineering and is the only female in her class. I am so very proud! She returned to work today at Crane NSWC where she works in research. Her Daddy is in another group in the same building also an Electrical Engineer and I heard them talking last night about meeting for lunch. That does my heart good to hear them talk about things that only they understand and to know that Katie will share her lunch with her Daddy.

This weekend was Prom for our boys....
I was hostess for the 4th year in a row for the Prom Dinner.
Here is the table sporting dessert...
homemade yellow cupcakes with homemade buttercream icing.
I made a variety of Chinese dishes for their meal:
Mongolian Beef
Garlic Chicken
General's Chicken
Beef Lo Mein
Crab Rangoon
(and a failed pot of Egg Drop Soup which really turned into brothy scrambled eggs that the cats enjoyed!)


Here is the Prom Party...
Jacob's date fell through so we encouraged him to go stag with his best friend Evan and then of course Ian and his girlfriend Edie
(Edie was a trooper! She spend the evening herding a bunch of boys - there were other stag boys that met them at the Prom)


Jake and Evan


Ian and Edie


I'm sorry but this photo of them reminds me of this classic scene from Napoleon Dynamite (one of my favorite movies of all time)

So that catches you up on the homefront...Now to stitching:

I finished this sweetie on 36 count Weeks Straw linen
 using my own Classic Colorworks Conversion:
Black: Blackbird
Orange (light): Pumpkin Harvest
Orange (dark): Colonial Copper
White: Dulce de Leche
Skin: Sunkissed
Green: Pea Pod
Gold: Ye Olde Gold
Bats: Zach Black
Cauldron/Hair: River Rocks

WTNT_Witches Night Out

you'll see more about how I finish this "Witches Night Out" coming up in the fall.


I also had a Mother's Day Finish last night!!!

I stitched this on 40 ct. cream Zweigart
Classic Colorworks in my own conversion:
Green: Weeping Willow
Red: Bandana
Brown (dark): Roasted Chestnut
Light Tan: Peanut Brittle
Black: Blackbird
Gray: River Rocks
LHN_Blackbird Inn

On Deck Stitching...
starting this beauty tonight, I'd love to have it done by Memorial Day, but that is likely pushing my limits.
WTNT_Summer in Baltimore

In my finishing cave....
I have been busy as a bee finishing for my awesome clients in the last 3 weeks:

CA_CCN Fa La La CA_HSE Bike Santa CA_HSE_Avery Truck CA_LHN Peppermint DB_HOD Oh Say DB_LADDA Briar Rabbit BH_PSS Olga Stocking BM_CCN Main Street BM_LK Tiny Tidings XX JP_Pine Mountain Tooth Fairy JM_SamSarah_Fun Day SC_UMI_Music Wings KR_LHN Main St Station KR_LHN Tree Lot SS_WTNT Tulip Festival SS_BBD Fairy Garden SS_Plum Street Samplers Sampler House 2 SS_WTNT Land of Liberty VB_LK Tingles BellPull KC_CRP Black Jack KC_CRP Thankful Harvest KC_Prim Crow Basket KC_TWP Pride and Glory KC_BBD Cats on Parade KC_BBD In Full Glory KC_LK Be Mine KC_PS Santa Rides KC_SN Freedom KC_TWP_Bee Blessing KC_TT_Bountiful VB_NN Sampler Santa CH_BC Zipper Snowman CH_DWH Kitty Pumpkin CH_Happy Holly Days CH_LaDDa Dust CH_MH christmas hearts CH_PM Believe CH_TK All Hallows Eve CH_TT Winter

Alrighty Folks....
that catches you all up!
Now to get my fanny down to work for this morning!
Have a super duper week ahead, keeping a smile on your face and one in your heart!

Hugs and love in stitches, 
Vonna xxxx


  1. So much beautiful stitching and finishes. I especially love the Fairy Garden by Blackbird Designs, and the Valentine pillow too, you really do always choose such perfect trimmings to match.x

  2. Amazing works, amazing life, amazing kids :-)

  3. You have been very busy! Your finishes both your own and others are amazing. Congratulations to your sons on their prom and Katie on her grades. Waving hi to Miss Ellie too!

  4. Such a fun update. You are such a sweetie to tell your conversions. All of your finishes are top drawer. The prom photos are wonderful. I know your children appreciate all the special things you do for them. Hosting the dinners will always be remembered and cherished. Good news about Katie's grades.

  5. Wonderful finishes. Congratulations to Katie and of course to the boys too as they get ready for college.

  6. I had to laugh out loud at the Napoleon Dynamite comment. We love it too!! So glad your daughter is doing well and having lunch with Dad is very heart warming to Mama. Love all those finishes...amazing as usual. I have to say that you are making me want to purchase Blackbird Inn and I have taken a vow to stitch what I have. The struggle is real!!

  7. Vonna, you must never sleep, ha !! Every day gives us a smile.
    Congratulations to Katie as she finished her second year at college. It's exciting to see her follow in her fathers footsteps and she has a wonderful mom to guide her along this journey too.
    Congratulations to your boys also as they graduate high school and begin their college studies. It's so special that you cooked the prom dinners. I'm sure the food was delicious and a fun time had by all.
    I'm glad you had a little time to stitch for you; your finishes are beautiful.
    And my goodness........the beauties that have emerged from your finishing studio.......they are all gorgeous. We are all so lucky to be blessed by your special talents.
    Have a fun summer.......may each day will be filled with joy !

  8. Oh Vonna, what a super post to read this afternoon! Congratulations to Katie on her continued academic excellence! The prom cupcakes looked divine as I am sure the rest of the menu was. I had to chuckle over your comment of Edie herding the boys at prom. By the way, I loved her footwear. Congratulations to both boys on their upcoming graduation! Your stitch projects are great and I always enjoy seeing what you create through your finishing services. Have a fabulous week!

  9. my comment got sent accidentally as I was saying those tennis shoes on girls must be en vogue right now - I saw a tall girl last weekend wearing them and wondered if it was because she towered over her date or just a fad among the kids. I can't believe all that food you fix - OMGosh! you are also an amazing cook - is there anything you can't do GF??? hope your mothers day was amazing too - Mel

  10. Vonna, your finishes are wonderful. Thank you for posting some tutorial videos. I was just looking at one and it was so helpful. You are inspiring me to finish some of my little pieces.

  11. Wonderful prom photos of strong confident kids. Your finishing as always has me in awe!

  12. Hey My Friend: I do hope you are chillin’ some. Trying to add up your hours in my head. And I don’t see enough hours in a day for you to get done all the stuff you “get done”. But it’s encouraging for me and gives me motivation. That Katie...She’s just like her Mamma with all that energy. I mean Engineering has some classes in that program that I can’t even pronounce let alone do. Thx for the stitching show. I’m proud to say one of mine is among them! And you made something out of nuthin as far as I can tell. Take care (and a breath). I don’t know how you did the dinner on top of everything else. But we all need mysteries to ponder, huh? Keep us guessing Girlfriend. ��

  13. Wonderful stories, beautiful stitching and finishing. Not sure how you get it all done. Glad things are going great for everyone.

  14. So nice to have your chicks back in the nest for awhile!! Love all the finishes, and thank you for sharing your conversions on your personal projects.

  15. You've been busy in the finishing cave, Vonna. Congratulations to Katie on her successful sophomore year!

    Lately, I've been reading and enjoying your early blog posts.

  16. It is great that your family is doing so very well! Good luck on that sampler it will be beautiful! I do love all the amazing finishing that you do!

  17. Beautiful stitching and beautiful finishing as always!!

  18. I’m getting caught up on some great reading this morning. Thank you so much for sharing. I love your work and your loving heart.


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