Tuesday, March 20, 2018

March Musings....

~ Greetings Friends and Warm Welcome to you all ~
Where does the time go?
It seems like Lent just started and here we are almost to Palm Sunday and Holy Week.
It is just shocking to me...
My Granny used to always (I mean never miss...) the soap opera "Days of Our Lives"...
every time I still see the opening credits to that soap and the time glass and the man saying:
"Like sands through the hour glass, so are the Days of Our Lives..."
and remember my Granny and hot summer days and pop sickles and swimming and thinking time was so S-L-O-W...not slow now as a 47 year old woman!

So what have I been up to?....
Did I tell you that in January I made my first quilt? it was a Jelly Roll Quilt Race 2.0 which you can find a tutorial on how to do it right here at MISSOURI STAR QUILT CO

The one I finished in January came home from a friend of mine that does Long Arm Quilting and I want to show it off! If you need Long Arm Services you can find her information on her Facebook Business Page: The Finished Quilt 
Here is the quilting up close...isn't it beautiful!?

Madeira Quilted

and here it is draped over the chair...
it is "Madeira" Moda Line by Blackbird Designs
BBD Quilt

I have a second chair and I wanted it to have a quilt too...so I chose a jelly roll from Kansas Troubles "Thistle Farm" also a Moda Line and made my second quilt and here is close up...
Kansas Troubles Quilt up close 

and here it is draped over my chair...It is currently at my Mother-In-Laws house being hand-quilted :)
Kansas Troubles Quilt 

then since I had so much positive feedback on my first two attempts I thought...
well I'm going to double down and I am currently in the middle of taking a quilt class. This is my first top where I chose the fabrics, colors, cut the pieces, pieced it and all that on my own!
Next class we will add the borders, make our quilt sandwich and learn out quilting and binding. 

And since I took to piecing sort of like a duck to water....I decided to join my Sewing and Quilt Shop's Block of the Month club and tomorrow We will start with our first class! It will be every 3rd Wednesday of the month and at the end of 9 months we will have this quilt. Pretty snazzy, right?! I hope I can do it!
Block of the Month Quilt

Definitely caught the quilting bug 😂

As far as Cross Stitching I have:
Stitched and finished TWO of these ~ one for a friend as a "thank you" gift and the other for an upcoming exchange:
With Thy Needle and Thread ~ "Flag Day in the Potting Shed" 
on 32 ct. flax linen
stitched with Classic Colorworks
VP_Flag Day at Potting Shed 
I made these items and put together a give-away I am donating to an organization's raffle
Fancy Works Retreat Giveaway 

My 22nd Anniversary is upcoming and I stitched and framed this for us:

Heart in Hand ~ "Always You"
stitched on: 28 ct. Picture This Plus "Haunted" linen
with Classic Colorworks conversion that I did on my own
VP_HiH_Always You1 VP_HiH_Always You 2
I am teaching a class on finishing tarts and I stitched this and finished it for the class:

Plum Street Samplers ~ "Merry Friends"
stitched on 35 ct. Straw Weeks Dye Works Linen
using Classic Colorworks 
VP-2018 PSS Merry Friends

And lastly....I had a fatal error in this:


I counted and re-counted and the error in counting I had made was fatal...I would have frogged about 1/2 of what I had stitched. It was heart wrenching to me....but as I thought about it I realized, I am human, I make mistakes and of all pieces I'd want this one to be perfect. SO...I tossed it out and got new fabric, bought new DMC and will re-start soon:


Keeping it real and keeping it real humble ~ that's what it is all about!


I also did some finishing for my business clients and here we go: 
remember designer name and chart name ON the photo (if I know it and/or it was given to me):
KC_LK_Spring Chick KC_SR_Prim Hearts KC_SSS_Humble Gatherings NL_PSS_Olga KB_HOD_12 Days KB_LK Betty Broomstick EB_BBD In Full Glory EB_HOD Stitch EB_LHN He is Risen EB_LHN Sampler Tree CM_iStitch Sew Adorable JL_BBD Garden Club CK_Monochrome Heart JS_MR Chatelaine NS_Friend NS_HOD Chalk Ornie NS_Sled and Skates NS_Snowflower Diaries DB_PS Eggs DB_Pineberry Lane Shamrocks

That does it folks!
have a great week!
Hugs in stitches, 
Vonna xxxx


  1. Your quilts are gorgeous. One of my grandmother's was a quilter and the other one watched Days of our Lives. Her sons teased her that she prayed for the Horton family.:) I hope you will do a tutorial on tarts. I tried one on my own and its ok but it could be better! I see some of Buckeye Stitchers finishes this week. I enjoyed seeing them on her channel. Have a blessed Easter!

  2. Vonna...you are truly amazing ...now quilts! Good for you enjoy...what treasures you are creating once again. Finishing work is beautiful ♥️ Happy Spring🌷🌷🌷 Blessings...

  3. I am starting a second time to comment. If you got one that stopped in midstream...well, that would be clumsy fingers I guess.
    I love your quilts and all your finishes. You never cease to amaze me with your creativity and quickness of work.
    I am afraid I have been there with a finish that you just can't believe you messed up and can't fix to your liking that far along. I agonized, but felt better once I made the decision to just restart.

  4. Beautiful quilts! I especially like the colors and fabric of the one you are cutting and piecing yourself! And your finishing work just gets better all the time. All the pieces are so perfect!

  5. Wow, you have been busy, Vonna! Love your finishes, as always. I'm glad you are enjoying the quilting. With your talents, you are sure to pick it up and run with it. On your "fatal error," I read in a cross-stitch article years ago of someone (a long time ago) who used to make sure every one of her stitched pieces contained a small error - a missed stitch or something like that. It was her way of staying humble, a way of worshiping by saying "I'm not perfect... He is." I don't know why, but that has stuck with me. So when I make a mistake and it's too late to fix it, I think, "Well, I'm not perfect!"

  6. So much beautiful work, I am always amazed how much you get done. x

  7. You have certainly caught the quilting bug, Vonna. Will you be making any changes to the Block of the Month quilt? Can't wait to see your progress. Always love seeing your beautiful stitching and finishing. Too bad you had to start over on that one piece, but sometimes that's easier than trying to fix it.

  8. Love, love, love your quilts❤ And all of your stitching and finishing is absolutely awesome!

    Hugs and blessings,

  9. I am amazed at how you find the time for so much creating. I wish! Love all your projects and yes quilting is addictive. :)

  10. Re: Meg-
    I believe the Amish do the same thing with their quilts for the same reason. God Bless!

  11. It's no wonder time feels like it's speeding, you cram so much into it! Your quilts are gorgeous and I've no doubt you'll make a success of the new one, you are very talented.
    I just read Meg's comment on your fatal error, well I had a friend growing up with a Greek grandmother and she would always put a deliberate mistake in her stitching for that same reason. I believe she said it was a Greek tradition but I'm sure many others do it too.

  12. Vonna, your quilts are gorgeous ! It's another way for you to express your creativity. Enjoy your quilting classes.
    I also love the piece you made for your anniversary, very pretty.
    And wow......so many finishes you have made for your clients. They are all beautiful.
    Happy Easter and spring. Blessings for you and your family.

  13. Yay for Vonna! Beautiful quilts, beautiful stitching and beautiful finishing!!! Boy would I love to have taken that tart finishing class...maybe you can film a tutorial (in all your spare time, lol)???!!!

  14. This was a most creative and inspiring post to read this AM. Your quilts and your stitching all are beautiful. I am sorry about the fatal error in your piece, but it sounds like you have come up with a good solution. As always, your finished items for your clients are incredible.

  15. March Madness is right! Boy have you been busy with quilting, stitching and oh so many lovely finishes!

  16. Your work is beautiful!!!! I love to read your blogs always inspiring and uplifting!I quilt and stitch as well. They go hand in hand. such a blessing to be able to stitch. I especially love your flag day finishes! WOW Thanks Vonna

  17. Happy Spring Ms. Vonna: your posts make me so happy. I love your quilts and especially love your anniversary gift. How profound that statement is. I’d love to learn to make those tarts. Just all of it. And your kids will love those quilts when you’re long gone. All of these treasures you are so diligently making will be such keepsakes to pass on. God bless you and yours. I know this time of year is extremely special especially to you��. And Happy Anniversary cuz I can’t remember exactly when that is.

  18. I was first introduced to Blackbird Design from their quilting books; they always had a cross stitch piece in them. If I ever met them I would just want to hug them, hold their hands & never let go.

  19. Wow! The quilts are really beautiful! The swirly quilting looks so good! I look forward to seeing what your MIL quilts on the second one! Hand quilting is such a labor of love! I met a woman doing a piece at a doctor's office, while we waited for our husbands! As always, the finishes are very nicely done! I am about to start a bunch of finishes, and your blog is a large part of my inspiration! (Of course, I will give you credit for anything I learn from you!!) Thanks for sharing with us! Hugs!

  20. I know you will take the quilting world by storm just as you have the stitching world, Vonna! Interestingly, I've been exploring English paper piecing myself--I can see how stitching hexies would quickly become an addiction!

    Always a joy to see your finishing for others--I'm sure it is the highlight of their week to receive a package back from you :)

    Wishing you and your family a most blessed Easter ♥♥♥

  21. I just love looking at all the wonderful things you do. Your quilts are just amazing. I wish I had learned to qu8ilt when I was younger. I have two quilts my Grandmother made and they are so treasured. Love, love, love all your finishing.

  22. Your quilts are stunning! Such beautiful colors! I bet the quilt of the month class your taking, that quilt would look gorgeous done in vintage more prim colors that was a patriotic theme for your patriotic room :)Your work is just amazing. I really love your flat folds with the Joyful World sal pieces those are really cute. And the Lizzie Kate Spring Chick pillow with the little x's for the trim. Adorable! Heck all your stuff is gorgeous! I love it all :)

  23. Oh my goodness.. you had so many finishes just in March!! Could not take my eyes off them!!


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