Thursday, March 08, 2018

Let's Talk Rolaframes...

~ Greetings Friends and Fellow Stitchers ~

I have been fielding A LOT of questions about Rolaframes. So I thought I would do an extensive complete "What Vonna knows about Rolaframe" Blog. To help those that are interested but doesn't understand how the system works ~ because it IS a complete, comprehensive system and it DOES work for you in a economical way. I'll share with you everything I know. 

Rolaframes, here we go!

Here are some of my Rolaframes (yes I have more....I know, I know....but with me, when I love something, I am ALL IN and I am all in with Rolaframes!)

Rolaframe 1

To understand how Rolaframes work, how they look, how you load them up and other bits of information please see THIS BLOG POST 

The number one question I get all the time....
"What size scroll rods and side bars do you suggest?"
Well that's sort of a personal is my stack of Rolaframes showing the size of my scroll rods that I  have. It's a personal choice thing and based on some factors that you have to decide for yourself. The rods (Rollers) are typically the length of the WIDTH of your project.
So for instance: you are stitching on a piece the fabric measures 12 inches WIDE and 18 inches LONG you would put them on 12 inch scroll rods. HOWEVER, let's say you don't have a 12 inch scroll rod but have a 18 inch one. that is fine...the system still works! 
So to summarize: You CAN put a smaller project on larger scroll rods ...but you CANNOT put a larger project on smaller scroll rods. 

Here is what I suggest you think about:
1.) What type of projects do I do most often? 
2.) What size projects do I gravitate to?

What does my stack of Rolaframes tell us?
You can see by my stack that I do smalls and then mid-size projects most often.
My personal favorite scroll rod sizes are:
8 inch (for ornaments and smalls)
12 inch (also for ornaments and smalls)
Then, I like 18-23 inches for my larger projects. I have a few 29 inch ones (but to be honest those are a little big for me to handle and I rarely do projects that large, personally) but I have a couple of larger projects that I work on from time to time and I use them. 

Rolaframe 2

OK so you have a plan for scroll let's talk End Bars. 
End Bar size is completely personal preference. 
I like to stitch with my pieces close to my body because I do not want to reach far with my arms (because of muscle strain issues).  Because I like my work close to me,  I prefer 7 inch and 8 inch end bars. I have a couple of 10 inch ones and one 12 inch one. The nice thing about the 10 and 12 inch end bars is that there are two sets of rounded out areas that you can place your scrolls (you can see what I mean in the bottom two end bars in the photo above), you can put them in at 10 inches or in a different set that will make them 8 inches depending which set of rounded out areas you place your rods. Same for 12 inch end bars, they can be 12 or 10 inch end bars because there are two sets of rounded out areas to place your rods. However I still gravitate and purchase most frequently 7" and 8" end bars the most because of how I like to stitch. That is all personal preference.

Now let's talk.... the system.
Everything is interchangeable, right? CORRECT! So in reality you could get ONE SET of end bars and MULTIPLE sets of Scroll Rods. Now I'd be lying if I said I did that...😂😂😂 and since I've already showed you my cards in the photos above you'd KNOW I was lying...BUT I do have MORE Scroll Rods than I have end bars (true fact!).

This is how I like to switch bars to move to another project:
Take the End Bars off and roll the project on the rods and use a hairband to keep together, then I put them in my Rolaframe storage tub that I have (under the bed cardboard storage container - think long and flat) Get my new project I want to work on and put scrolls on end bars and away I stitch!

Rolaframe 4

In fact hairbands on the ends is how I store my Scroll Rod sets when not in use:
Scroll Rods 5

and it is how I store my End Bars too:
Rolaframe 6

Now then...
like I said above, typically the WIDTH of your project determines the SIZE of your scroll this piece of linen is 29 inches rod is 29 inches wide and my end bars were 10 inches:
Rolaframe 7

Heidi Cran - if you watch her on her YouTube Channel HERE 
stitches her very LARGE projects with her scroll rods of choice vertically rather than horizontally.
This could be VERY useful for people that have a very WIDE project that isn't very TALL 
For instance lets say your project is: 18 inches TALL but 36 inches WIDE...that's a very looooonnnnggg scroll rod. But if you hold your scroll rods vertically with the end bars top and bottom, you can roll that 36 inches of fabric up on the rod work horizontally while holding the scroll frame vertically. Here is a visual so you understand what I mean:

Rolaframe 8

Pretty cool idea, right?! 

Another set of frequent questions is: 
Are these light enough to hold comfortably? Do these fit on a certain stitching stand? How do you work with these frames Vonna?

FIRST: you do not NEED a needlework stand to hold these. They are lightweight and very easy to hold, if they are large then they can be balanced on an armchair or against your body. So you do not need anything more to hold them. HOWEVER, I don't hold anything in my hands because I stitch 2 handed ALL the time, therefore I do use a stand.

Here is my complete disclosure: Hi my name is Vonna and I have 4 stitching stands. 😂

I own (click on them to see a post about them)
A handmade wooden lap stand
Dan King, the owner of Rolaframe Huntsville, gifted me a Rolaframe Lap Stand a year ago for being so supportive of his company. 
I could not live (literally) without any of these stands and I use all of them frequently...and I'll tell you why.

On my Needlework System 4 (both lap and floor stands)
I have the Q-snap head it widens to 17" wide on the newer models. I have a very old NSW4 model for my floor stand and Q-snap head (about 10 years old) and a NSW4 model that is 5 years old for my lap stand. Between the purchase of my first stand and my second stand -  there were some changes made and one of those changes means you can't make the snap head wider than 17".  
My NWS4 with my Q-snap head WILL hold: Q-snaps, Rolaframes and Stretcher Bars for stitching IF the widths are LESS than 17".

On my handmade wooden lap stand:
I can stitch on anything: Q-snaps, Rolaframes, Stretcher bars at any size because it is universal.

On my Rolaframe Lap Stand:
I can stitch on Rolaframes only, and 18 inch widths is the largest that it holds. I like ALL of my stands and I use all of them (I honestly do!) but I'm going to tell you that my Rolaframe Lap Stand is one of my favorites because of it is:
 1.) fully custom to my specifications
2.) is so lightweight
3.) Easy to take apart and put in a bag for travelling
**I took this stand to the Pigeon Forge retreat I went to last fall- I had it out and together in minutes flat...that easy. You can also use it on a table top, but I prefer it on my lap. 

Here's what my Rolaframe Lap Stand looks like:

Rolaframe 10

You can stitch on it with it setting on a table, but I prefer using it as a true lap stand. Here is what it looks like when I'm loaded in my chair and ready to stitch 😊 
Rolaframe 9

Here's some of the features of the Rolaframe Lap Stand that makes me love it so much!
Rolaframe 11

Rolaframe 17

Rolaframe 15

Rolaframe 16

So easy to load project:

Rolaframes 12

Rolaframe 13

Rolaframe 14

So there you go folks. I think that's the extent of my Rolaframe knowledge. 
But I do have a helpful hint: Rolaframe Huntsville makes wing nut tightener tools BUY THEM! In a pinch an old fashioned wooden clip type clothespin will help tighten them, but buy the wing nut tool from Rolaframe, cheap and a finger saver!

Also a tip that I can give is: buy a small Phillips Head screw driver and for those hard to tighten down screws you just put the screw driver on one side to hold the screw and use the wing nut tool to tighten. Can you see how tight my fabric is on that Rolaframe above? TIGHT 
Also note this is a 12 inch Rod and I have a 7 inch wide piece of fabric in there....and it is STILL TIGHT on the sides and everything. I bought my first Rolaframe second hand from a stitcher that was selling hers in 2015 and since that time I have fallen in love with Rolaframes, have amassed a large stash of Rolaframe  products and I'm not done. I'm thinking about adding the small floor stand. THAT dear readers, is how sold I am on Rolaframe.

Like I've said in other posts: Rolaframe is a small, family ran, handmade, American business. I'm all about supporting small businesses, supporting family and supporting handmade and American. 
Give Rolaframes a roll!!!!!!!!! You won't regret it.

Another video tutorial from me: Want to learn about how to load your projects and make sure they are TIGHT...give my video a look: HERE

Before I posted this Informational Blog Post, I contacted Dan at Rolaframe and asked him to give us his business information to fill in the holes I would leave out because of my ignorance of the full spectrum of Rolaframe products (I know all about what I own - but don't know the whole range of products available). 

HERE are Dan's words about his awesome products:
Rolaframe comes in two parts: End Bars and Rollers. Rollers range in size from 8" to 45" and End Bars range in size from 7" to 22". Any size Roller will work with any size End Bar for 608 possible size combinations! End bars and Rollers are sold separately so that stitchers can customize the size of their Rolaframe to suit the size projects that they normally work on. Some people work mostly on large projects, while other tend to stay with small projects. 

Rolaframe has four stands available. The Lap Stand holds Roller sizes from 8" to 18". The Small Floor Stand holds Roller Sizes from 8" to 28". The Medium Floor Stand holds Roller sizes from 19" to 38". The Large Floor Stand holds Roller sizes from 29" to 45". All Rolaframe stands hold End Bar sizes from 7" to 13"

Have we sold you on giving Rolaframe a try?!
If so may I direct you to a few locations:
Rolaframe Huntsville on Facebook with information about products may be viewed HERE

If you want to contact Rolaframe Huntsville you may use their e-mail: 

To see if there is a Local Needlework Shop NEAR you for purchase please view Rolaframe Retailer Map (it is interactive, you click on our state and view the pinpointed locations): HERE  

If there are no Needlework Shops near you that sell Rolaframes: may I suggest my Local Needlework Shop, Fancy Works located in Bloomington, Indiana. You may access their website: HERE and click on the tab "Online Shop" to view Rolaframe products for purchase 
or if you want to talk to a real live person:  call them directly at: 812-935-6353

Until next time folks...
STITCH HAPPY buy a Rolaframe!

Love in Stitches, 
Vonna xxxx


  1. Very informative! Thank you! I have a set, and I want to love them--I just can't seem get them as tight as you do. Yours look drum tight--both in your pictures and your video, and that is my preference. I may look into one of the tools that you mentioned paired with the screwdriver. Just an FYI in case you didn't know--Gary from FiberTalk recently interviewed Dan King during market. It was an interesting video (on YouTube), and showed a lot of his products. You would probably enjoy it if you haven't already watched it. :)

  2. What an informative post, Vonna! I keep looking at them, but I don't know anyone personally and/or nearby that uses them. Off to check out the links you provided! As always, thank you for sharing your thoughts with us.

  3. Very informative. Thanks for sharing the info.

    I have one of those wing nut tighteners. It came with a scroll frame stand I got rid of a long time ago. I agree with you that it's a finger saver! I use it on the K's Creations stand I have JG on.

  4. Vonna thank you so much for taking the time to explain this all so makes perfect sense to me now. Thank you for all you give to this community ❤️

  5. Timing of your post couldn't have been more perfect. Thank you

  6. Greetings Vonna: Thank-you for the information on the Rolaframes, they look very interesting, I have to check them out.


  7. Great post full of useful info! I have one RollaFrame and need to get some more now that I'm trying to use my stand more. My goal for 2018 is to get comfortable with 2 hand stitching. I also need that wing nut tightener too! Thank you for your generosity in sharing your experiences with us!

  8. Vonna, Thank you for providing this information. I have been wanting to try scroll frames but have been confused by all the choices. This system seems to be the best one for me. I will be ordering tomorrow. Thank you again for everything you share. Your one in a million.

  9. Such an enabler, you are! I bought 3 sets of rolaframes and that oak lap stand yesterday. Happy gifting to me!

  10. Thanks V! That was an awesome post and I learned so always answer questions that I’m wishing I could ask, and as always it’s your path that I always follow cuz “if Vonna loves it, it’s gonna be a keeper!”
    Can I use theses roller bars with our needlework 4 system? Would I use the scroll frame holder instead of the q-snap holder? Sorry if you answered it and I missed it, I’m home recovering from the flu and my brain is bit fuzzy...
    Hugs and thanks ❤️

  11. Thanks for sharing this information Vonna. I've been intrigued by this system since you first shared I have a set on the way! Thanks so much for sharing the link to your LNS -- placing an order was easy-peasy!

  12. Vonna, would the Rolaframe lap stand fit in a Lazboy? That's where I do all my stitching. Also, if it would fit, does your store sell the stands? I don't have a LNS. ☹️ Thanks for all your helpful sharing.

    1. Martha: In the picture above I am in a recliner, I'm certain it would fit in a lazyboy. Yes my store can get anything that you would want, I would encourage you to give them a call.

    2. Thanks so much, Vonna. I will give them a call and drop your name! I think I really need a lap stand!

  13. Thank you for the information, Vonna.

  14. Vonna, you're such an inspiration! I love your quilts and all your stitching projects! I am hoping to get back into my quilting soon and I've been stitching up a storm, plus crocheting. It's so fun to be creative. :) Thanks for sharing about the frames - I'll definitely look into them.

    Blessings - Julie

  15. I, too, am a big fan of Rolaframes! I have been using them for 20+ years. I usually stitch with the rollers vertical as well. I don't have a stand, so having them vertical makes a wider project easier to handle.

  16. Hi Vonna,

    Thank you for this fantastic blog post! Based on your suggestions I got 18” scrolls and 8” end bars and worked with your LNS to order a lap stand today! Nancy, the store assistant, was so helpful. Thank you for the recommendation!


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