Tuesday, January 23, 2018

My Katie...

~ Greetings and Warm Welcome Friends ~
hold on to your socks because this post is ALL bragging.

My wonderful, fabulous, intelligent daughter....
is following in her Daddy's footsteps by being an Electrical Engineer and working for the U.S. Navy as a Civilian in support of the warfighter. She is awesome.
God has mightily and most abundantly blessed Keith and I with our talented children. 
To Him, goes all the glory. 

I'd like to share my daughter Katie who is a guest blogger on Indiana Intern.net 

Please Click HERE to read about her summer internship at Crane, Naval Surface Warfare Center
where she works (and where her Daddy has worked for 28 years).
God bless the men and women in uniform.
God bless those civilian who support their efforts by working to provide advanced, cutting-edge technology and support for them.
God bless the United States.

Until Next Time,
Vonna xxxx


  1. I have to say I did not understand a word of Katie's blog post! What a clever young lady. You are indeed blessed.

  2. Wow, Vonna...that was a very impressive post from Katie...her internship sounds amazing...that kind of information is a complete mystery to me, but I can certainly appreciate her intelligence.

  3. Congratulations to you and your family on Katie's internship (it's a family affair!) - and to Katie on what is going to be a fascinating career.
    My dh was stationed at Crane in the mid-90's while serving in the Navy. Beautiful country!


  5. You have every right to brag and to be proud of Katie. While I didn't understand much of what she wrote about in the blog post, it sounds like it was a fabulous intern experience for her. Thank you for sharing!

  6. My goodness is she knowledgeable and articulate--not to mention an excellent writer!

  7. Katie is truly amazing. I enjoy reading about the children and their accomplishments and you and Keith should be very proud.


  8. Good for Katie and please thank her for her service. My son is a Lt. Col. in the Army and I know how important the civilian support is to the military

  9. Congrats, Katie! I know you and Keith are proud of her, thanks for sharing her with us so we can be proud of her too!!

  10. Wow. What an amazing person. You should definitely brag and be so proud of her.

  11. That's amazing, she's got wonderful role models.....

  12. Katie hasn't graduated and she's already knocking socks off. What an awesome opportunity. I can tell she has great work ethics too-something sorely lacking nowadays but I'm glad to hear of awesome young people making strides and going great places. Congratulations!

  13. Congrats to your Katie--what a wonderful young woman!

  14. How wonderful, bless the Lord! He's so faithful. Ex Navy wife here. Loved the life. So glad to find you and your videos. Keep on keeping on girl.

  15. Vonna: What a beautiful post, congratulations to Katie.
    What an honor to be able to work where her father works.
    Congratulations on your internship Katie.



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