Friday, January 26, 2018

FlossTube #17 SHOW NOTES:

FlossTube #17: HERE


1. Complimentary Card Santa "Pear Tree Santa" Mini-Card - May be found in Mini-Card set A. Just Google Mini-Card Set A and options pop up of where to purchase.

2. Prairie Schooler St. Nicholas (the tag ornaments that are flat that I showed that I stitched) Book 36 St. Nicholas II

3. Prayer intentions for my prayer journal -

4. Fiber Talk GO HERE  I've been on three times!! January 2018: HERE , July 2017: HERE , January 2017: HERE

5.Prairie Schooler Santa Ornament Complimentary Card 2008

6. Prairie Schooler Barnyard Christmas Book 94 Conversion may be found HERE


  1. I loved your video Vonna! The prairie schooler tree is amazing! Congratulations to Katie! You and Keith are amazing parents!! Thanks for inviting us all into your lives!

  2. Glad to see your smiling face again and upbeat personality. Thank you for sharing your wonderful talents, tips and tricks. God Bless you and your family

  3. I am new to your floss tube videos, and I am loving watching them - especially your finishing techniques! You are so talented, and I am simply amazed by the beauty for each of your finishes.

  4. Not sure if my comment posted. Loved the video and all the ornaments. Your rosaries are beautiful. Oh sweet Augie loved seeing him and he is so big now. Thank you for all you do, I have learned so much. Congrats to all your kids they are all so talented.

  5. FABULOUS episode!!! Thank you as always!!! Congrats to all of your immensely talented children. Hugs from California :)

  6. Loved your letter pictures. I did not get who they were designed by, I would love to do some of them for my grandkids. Was very good to see you again.


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