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~ Greetings and Warm Welcome to ~
Day 7

One of the most wonderful things about my life....
are the true friendships I have made through this hobby of mine. So many people that I know and care about have come into my life via cross stitching. This early fall, I got a package and inside was a Prairie Schooler Santa ornament. How wonderful, I thought! One I can mark off my list of needing to stitch πŸ˜‚

The friend that sent it was one that I was very friendly with...and I thought she was just gifting me. But it soon became apparent that...yes she had gifted me and there were a whole lot more people that were gifting me because more, and more and more packages came to my box ~ all of them containing stitched Prairie Schooler Santas for my PS Santa Tree.

Besides Santa, each package contained heartfelt notes filled with friendship and love - words fashioned just for me telling me a variety of wonderful things. I was astonished. I was amazed. I was frankly shocked and then I became a little frantic because I thought "How am I going to repay these people for what they had done for me?" I better start stitching! I was telling my husband these very words when he said,
"Vonna, you are the most excellent giver that I know, but you stink at receiving. These people don't want anything in return, because you already gave them something. They are doing this because they love and admire you and want to thank you for what you have done for them. Turn your head off and just let them do this for you without thinking what you have to do in return. You have got to learn to RECEIVE."

Now ya'll...
My husband is a man of few words (you know I'm the chattering magpie who doesn't like silence so I'm busy chattering and he's busy being silent) So for him to say all of these words together, at the same time was shocking in and of itself, but I guess the most shocking thing to me was....that when I sat and reread all the letters, when I looked at the sheer amount of people that had sent these lovely stitched Santas...
it was apparent, that Keith was right. 

But me...
not being able to turn my head off completely and keep my mouth shut like a good girl, I said: "But I haven't done anything!" to which my husband started laughing and shaking his head and said, "You do more than about 3 people combined every day and then look all innocent and say: (in his mimic of me voice) 'I haven't done anything' looking all innocent and guilty at the same time." 

So I took a page out of the Book of Keith....
and shut up and turned off my head. I will be featuring all of my beautifully stitched and gifted Santas throughout the rest of these days. I'm finishing them up a little each week - working them in between client work and my own work so that on the culmination of The 25 Days of Christmas with The Twisted Stitcher, I can show you the handiwork from our hands. 

My Prairie Schooler Santa Tree a history....
I started collecting the PS Santa cards way back in college in the 1980's. They were cheap, I liked Christmas and I started collecting them. I stitched a few here and there - gave them away to friends and family - until 2012 when I decided I was going to start making a concerted effort to stitch Santas and keep them for myself. 2012 was a flop. I didn't stitch any. Big ideas - no pay off. 2013 came and I stitched a couple. 2014 - Buddy that was going to be THE banner year for PS Santas and I vowed I was going to have a small tree dedicated to PS Santas by December. I worked stitching all year. I had a couple of friends who for my birthday and Christmas presents also stitched a few Santas, just for me.  And by December...I had myself a  Prairie Schooler Santa tree!!!


Prairie Schooler Santa Tree Daytime

Boy was it cute...I was hooked! WHY didn't I stitch 2015 came I stitched one or two.
2016 came and I had more stitched. Last year proved to be a fuller tree than I had the previous two years.
2016 Prairie Schooler Santa Tree:
2016 Prairie Schooler Santa Tree

Wait until you see how my tree will look this year, thanks to the hands and loving stitches put in by my friends that wanted to make my Prairie Schooler Santa Tree the reality of my long held dreams!

First Santa I'm sharing is from a lady in Indiana, named Carmie.
Carmie stitched the Prairie Schooler Complimentary Card Pear Tree Santa.
I finished it up into a Mounted Flat Ornament, featuring green pillow ticking, with jute twisted cording and rusty bells.
PS CA_Comp Card

I decided to make my signature tags for all the ornaments featuring the stitcher's initials that stitched them for me with the year - you can see in the little heart insert on the picture above. Some stitchers made their own little tags because they know me so well and have studied the peculiarities of Vonna :) HA HA! That way I will always remember who stitched it. I also created a notebook filled with all the notes/letters/cards sent with the Santas as a momento of what a group of friends did for me in 2017.

I'm blessed to have the friendship of so many. As undeserving as I am, I am so very, very blessed!

Happy Day 7!
Thank you Carmie for your stitching gift to me <3 p="">
Until tomorrow...
Love and hugs in stitches,
Vonna xxxx


  1. This is such a joyful post. x

  2. Blessings come in some many different ways! And you are yourself a blessing to so many people. Keith is amazing in his wisdom!

  3. How lovely - and what a wise husband you have! Looking forward to admiring your tree.

  4. You have received wonderful gifts from your friends. They share your passion and love of stitching. You give so much to others; it is a special gift you have received in return. Your santa tree is going to be extra special this year. Enjoy !!

  5. What a wonderful husband who see’s you perfectly❤️ that you are going to feature your Santa’s what treasures..many blessings come in all formsπŸŽ…πŸ»

  6. Vonna - you have given of your talent and your heart for many years. And now your friends have returned your kindness in a most appropriate and thoughtful way. How very blessed you are!

  7. How very, very special. You my friend are blessed!

  8. You have a very smart husband. You work harder than anyone I know and give much of yourself to other people. Those PS Santas were stitched in love for a lovely person.

  9. What a wonderful surprise. I am like you, I hardly get a gift until I am thinking what I can do for the person who honored me. My husband said the same thing,( He is a Physicist). And he and Keith are usual!!( My husband seems to be right all the time which can be

  10. I am so happy you listened to your husband's advice and are enjoying the PS Santas for the gift of love they were meant to be. PS patterns are so timeless. I have PS Santas hanging on our stairs and they are so special to me as I stitched them while my dad was ill. They are such a treasure to me. Vonna, thank you for all the hints, tips, tutorials, blogs, life - you - that you share. You are amazing and I am so happy to 'know' you through these venues. Merry Christmas.

  11. Anonymous10:44 AM

    Your husband is a very WISE man -----I think I could take his advice as well. ;-) Tell him I said thank you!

  12. Just getting back into cross stitch this year I had high hopes of finishing my Comet the reindeer (Mirabilia). I only have the border and snowflakes to finish. But Mom had a mini stroke just before halloween and we are still running here and there and everywhere. My dog has a lot of medical issues too. I haven't done one stitch on Comet since so I hope 2018 is a better year for us. I can certainly understand why you received so many gifts-your personality lifts us up and your finishes are beautiful-we are so thankful you share your techniques with us because I think a lot of people want to see and learn different things they can do with their works of art besides sticking them in a frame. I wasn't able to make or send a gift to you but in my heart I appreciate you. You're husband is spot on because if I had sent a gift I wouldn't expect anything in return because you've already gifted us by sharing your talent with us. My Dad wasn't much for words either. He didn't compliment Mom on her cooking but he never wanted to eat out-who could compare? Her down home chicken & dumplings were his favorite. He never said much about our hobbies but let one of his friends or our relatives visit and he would point out everything we had made. So although he didn't say much to us we know he thought a lot of what we did. I guess we were the same to him because if we wanted something made of wood he would march out to his workshop and make it. We appreciated him but didn't really express it but we knew-he knew. I do regret not expressing it in words more. I really miss him. So enjoy your gifts. I look forward to the next post. Have a beautiful and blessed day.

  13. Vonna, you are a blessing to many people. I can't think of a better way to show you how much you are truly appreciated than by what this group of stitchers did for you. Keith shares the same wisdom as my husband because like you, I am a better giver than receiver.

  14. ANother wonderful post Vonna. I think your DH gave good advice - just accept the gift and be gracious. I only wish I had known about the concerted effort to provide the PS Santas for you. Enjoy ! Mel

  15. Keith is a wise man! Your ornament is beautiful, and I'm anxious to see the PS Santa tree this year.

  16. Beautiful post!

  17. Oh Vonna, I love this post so much! I love when other people bless others. Such a wonderful community.

  18. Didn't get a chance to comment on yesterday's post -nice story and will be wonderful to tell your grandchildren and remind them that God works in mysterious ways and that waiting for God will a blessing.

  19. Well, Keith is oh-so-right :-) Hugs and blessings, beautiful soul!

  20. That is wonderful! I can’t wait to see this years tree. Hugs,

  21. How wonderful! And Keith is on point there! You do so much for all of us. Your tutorials and so valuable to all of us. God Bless! Looking forward to seeing this year's PS tree!

  22. Keith is so right! If anyone deserves thoughtful gifts, it’s you. Your sharing spirit is always evident, and even if we don’t say it, we appreciate you! Look forward to seeing that PS tree πŸŽ„ in a while. 🀢🏻

  23. Your husband is a very wise man. The Santa tree is magnificent!

  24. It is no surprise that you received so many PS Santas as you have such a lovely nature. It sounds as if your husband summed things up perfectly.

  25. Keith is such a wise man!!!! I'm glad you listened to him!!!! :)

  26. Keith is a wise man. You mean a lot to a great number of people, Vonna.

  27. What great advice. Sometimes those hubbies are worth keeping around haha. You deserve it girl. You do so much for so many.

  28. Wow! What a sweet thing... will love watching you finish them off. And I could also benefit from Keith's advice! I am the worst at accepting praise, gifts, etc. Will try to remember his wise words :)

  29. I am so very honored for mine to be the first one shown! Thanks for all you do !!!!

  30. You do accomplish things that would take 3 people to do! Lovely PS tree - it can continue to grow and grow.

  31. Another great post Vonna! I have been following your blog probably since it's early beginnings, and know very well how much you give to the stitching community! Your tutorials are great, and the video ones definitely save my sanity! Enjoy the season by relaxing and accepting the love given freely to you by others! Hugs!


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