Saturday, December 09, 2017

Day 9....

~ Greetings and Warm Welcome to ~

Day 9

Today another Santa that I have to share is from another dear lady in Indiana :)
This fellow Hoosier stitched for the 2000 Prairie Schooler Annual Santa!
I stitched her initial and year tag for the back and finished it in my signature annual Santa ornament finish :)
LD_PS Santa 2000

How do I love Prairie Schooler Santas....
let me count the ways:
Simple but striking...
Few colors used for each one, yet striking when complete...
Matching because the same colors are used for all....
 Finishing them in a uniform, simple manner
that makes them all the more striking when hung on a tree together.

You know I've said this over and over....but SIMPLE really is best.
My finishing, is not over the top. It is classic and timeless. These ornaments will go on hanging on a tree long after I'm gone and they will still look great and not be outdated and frumpy with someone thinking: WHAT?! was she thinking?!

Want to know how I finish these simple ornaments?
Well I made a tutorial last Christmas, but it's always good to revisit. So here is the link:

For your needlework bag you need to invest in:
The Dritz Snag Nab-It
snag nab it

Available at Joann's, Amazon, wherever you buy your sewing essentials...
made to fix sweater is PERFECT for using in your needlwork.
If you can see on the end there is a grooved tip on one end and a pointed end on the other. When stitching how many times does a leg of the X not lay right, or there is a fuzzy, or a piece of thread tails comes up with a stitch and you have to fiddle fart around trying to fix it. 
Well FIDDLE FART no more!
Grab your Snag Nab-It and pointed end down through the hole where the fuzzy, poorly laid leg, or tail is sticking out and Bingo Bango FIXED!
Highly suggest this sweet little tool for everyone's stitching bag :)
A cleaver, cheap, weapon to add to your arsenal!

HAPPY DAY 9!!!!!!!!

Until tomorrow....
Hugs in Stitches,
Vonna xxxx


  1. Got one of these too after I saw you working with it. I Fiddle Fart no more! LOL

  2. I'm enjoying seeing your Santa finishes. Yes they are simple but that's what makes them elegant. I love the initial and year tag on the back too.
    Thanks for sharing your stitching tools. I'm learning something new every day and I've been stitching since 1980. Yes..... you can teach an old dog new tricks, ha !!

  3. I stitched the 2008 and 2010 santas last year for my 2 oldest grandkids as that is the year they were born.

  4. Loving reading your blog each day❤

  5. I can't believe I have never stitched any PS Santas, but for the very reasons you mentioned is why they are on my list for 2018!

  6. Have been enjoying your Christmas posts. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Another lovely PS Santa you received, Vonna! You are so right about them being such classic designs. I added the seam ripper you mentioned yesterday to an order I placed yesterday. I am going to add this latest mention to my newly started list. Thank you!

  8. Just discovered your blog and loving reading your posts. your Christmas ones are fab
    Phoebe x

  9. I think these Santas that others have stitched for you are just so very special, Vonna! Love how you've finished them--classic and elegant is the best for such classic, elegant guys :)

  10. My new morning ritual is getting cozy with a cup of coffee, then enjoying your latest post. Thanks for getting every morning off to a delightful start this month! Lol at "fiddle fart no more!"

  11. Superb stitching and of course finishing. Great idea for the snag tool.

  12. Anonymous1:04 PM

    I shall fiddle-fart no more!!!!

    (But, now I must go clean the tea I spewed all over my monitor when I read fiddle fart.) LOL

    Happy Saturday, Vonna.

  13. Thank you for all the posts. Will add that tool to my wish list. I love your work and the tutorials are awesome. AND thanks to you I have the ABC Series in my stash. I love how you stitched yours and have the notes made. Oh also ordered the Paris cross stitch, you are such an enabler!!! Seriously I really appreciate it!!!!

  14. Thank you so much for your wonderful tutorials and suggestions for tools that will help all of us !!

  15. Just catching up on your posts and just want you to know how very much I love them. Your info and stitched pieces and your beautiful family make it the highlight of my day.

  16. I love the way you finish these Santas. I've never stitched one but I might have to try one. I just picked up a Snag-nab last week when in Joanns - haven't had to use it yet, but I've got it next time I need it. (I'm a gadget girl - must have all the gadgets!)
    I don't know if I have ever heard anyone else say fiddle-fart! I picked it up from an older lady I used to work with. She passed away many years ago but I picked up a lot of little sayings from her when we worked together.
    I used your stuffing tips last week when finishing an ornament for a gift. My corners still don't look as good as yours but it was stuffed nice and tight after I went back to the stuffing bag 3 times!
    I hope you are enjoying your holiday season. I'm enjoying your daily posts!

  17. Another beautiful Santa. Great tip. Thanks for sharing.

  18. I've started a 'gotta have it' list. Thank you for the great tips and all of the eye candy!

  19. I was looking for something at Hobby Lobby this week, and saw that tool... Picked it up, couldn't tell what it was for, put it back! Maybe next time! Thanks for sharing your new Santa finish! Hugs!


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