Friday, December 08, 2017

Day 8....

~ Greetings and Warm Welcome to ~
Day 8 

Today I'm sharing another Santa that was so generously stitched and sent to me by a dear friend from Alabama, Amanda. Amanda stitched beautifully the 1996 Annual Santa from The Prairie Schooler. And I finished it in my typical way that I do for all of my annual Santas. 
Red Ticking on the Back and Amanda already stitched the initial and date tag because she knows me so well! 
AL_PS Santa 1996 

Another beautiful addition to the Prairie Schooler Tree. 
~Thank you so much Amanda~

A little token that you need to purchase for your needlework basket is:
Dritz Seam Fix - mini seam ripper
DRITZ seam fix

I thought everyone used these until I mentioned it on my FlossTube channel one video and had an overwhelming response...
I get mine at Joann's. The seam ripper part is very sharp and really smooth when you need to frog.
Then the little white nubbin on the end just sweeps those fuzzies away. 
I have about 6  of these scattered everywhere around the house and in my car for when I stitch in there. LOL! I can't be without!

Now I know many stitchers literally, "unstitch" when they make a mistake to save the thread and restitch using it again. Not me peeps...if I have to put myself through the agony of taking stitches out that I spent precious time in putting in, then I want it done quickly and swept out of my life!
This seam ripper does it quickly and efficiently!

Happy Day 8!!!!!

Until tomorrow....
Love in stitches,
Vonna xxxx


  1. Aint nobody got time to save that thread Like you, I just start over with fresh thread when I have to frog!! I am going to be on the look out for that seam ripper.

  2. Thanks for the tip about this seam ripper! I will have to look for it the next time I am in Joann's. Enjoy your Friday!

  3. Me again! I meant to say what a fabulous looking Santa you received. Where do you find your red (and the green from yesterday) ticking?

    1. You can find the ticking at JoAnn's or Hobby Lobby.

  4. I think the thread gets kind of 'raggy' too when it's pulled through the holes too many times. Vonna, what is your go to fabric for the PS Santas???

  5. interesting - I have never considered "ripping" out mistaken stitched. I would be so afraid of 'tearing' that linen. I also tink or "unknit" my knitting mistakes - just too afraid to let all those stitches off the needles to correct. Guess I'm just not a wild child living on the edge. Love your featured Santa today - have a great weekend - Mel

  6. I always start with new thread because I think the stitching and unstitching can have weakened it and made it not so smooth, however, it has never occurred to me to use a seam ripper, thanks for the tip. x

  7. Gone are the days I try to save the floss, seam ripper is a great idea!

  8. Vonna, I have been out of town and mostly read from my phone your days of Christmas, but wanted to let you know I have thoroughly enjoyed them.

  9. Another great ornament. Love the tip about the seam ripper.

  10. I'm one of those that unpick my stitches, but I also have one of those seam rippers. It comes in handy when I can't easily unpick the stitches. Another CUTE Santa!!

  11. I'm so with you on the frogging subject. I will be getting one of those seam rippers!! Thanks for the great info on a good product!

  12. I got one of these after watching your video as well. Never would have thought to use one on my cross stitch.

  13. Love the Santa and thanks for the seam ripper tip :) I am way behind on reading/commenting as I was up in NY visiting my mom for a bit!

  14. Love the Santa.

    I have those little seam rippers all over the place but none with the little white nubbin at the end. I will have to look for one of those.

  15. I'm an unstitcher / frogger.

  16. That looks like a useful tool Vonna, I'll have to look for one. I love your PS Santas, how lovely that other stitchers send them to you!

  17. I echo Iris... have a few seam rippers but none with the 'nubbin' on the end! And I never think of ripping stitching out with it... I use it for sewing... only!?? Not any more! Ha! I don't usually save the thread, cause it get raggedy. So... new use for an old tool! Thanks! Hugs!


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