Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Day 6....

~ Greetings and Warm Welcome to ~

Day 6

Today we are going to talk about a set of ornaments that I have talked about before...
the Boy Scout and the Ballerina!

The Boy Scout and the Ballerina

When Keith and I were married, his mother gave me a box of ornaments and in the box was the clothes pin Boy Scout that Keith made when he was a little boy in scouts. Imagine my surprise when I saw this because when I was a little girl I had made a clothes pin Ballerina! I told him it was meant to be obviously since we had a matched set of clothes pin ornaments. From that first Christmas in 1996, the Boy Scout and the Ballerina are always wrapped together in tissue paper - face to face to await the 11 months in storage together -  until they are brought out again. These ornaments are 40 years old. They still are looking great ~ just like the peeps who made them πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Many people over the  years have asked how I met Keith....
~ well let Grandmother Willow tell you a story ~
Settle in now girls and boys...

A long time ago in 1994....
there was a girl who had been working as a Microbiologist for two years in a hospital in Evansville, Indiana. She worked swing shifts, where 6 weeks she was on night shifts and 2 weeks she was on day shifts. She loved her job, but was lonely. She had broken off a relationship that wasn't good for her mentally and had sworn off men!  (lol!) She was praying daily the St. Anthony novena, with the intention of intercessory prayer to find a partner...(or throw in the towel and go to the sperm bank...)

Then her mother gave her a slip of paper....
on the slip of paper was a name and address. My mother told me that a man that she worked with had saw my picture on her desk. The man asked some questions and said that he had a brother that was the same age as I was, that he was single and did she think I'd be interested in his brother's address. Her mother said that she'd take the address and give it to me and I could decide what to do. When she gave me the slip of paper...being that I was a little fed up with men (and moving from one apartment complex to another), I took the slip of paper and put it in my cookie jar (which was sort of like my junk drawer).

So I moved into my new (much nicer) apartment....
and about 2 months later, started going through my cookie jar looking for something else and found the slip of paper with the man's name. Being happy in my new apartment, I decided quite literally "what the hell" and wrote a letter to the man. Now computer and cell phones at this time - it was 1994. Just a few days later, I had a letter in MY mail box from the man!

We wrote back and forth several times...
and in one letter 6 weeks from the time we started writing each other was his phone number. He told me that he was coming to town to visit his Mother and Father and stay the weekend with them (his family lived in Evansville - I lived in Evansville). He said he didn't think I could get my number back to him in time and so if I'd like to go out, could I give him a call.

So I called....
and when he answered my heart skipped a beat because he had a deep voice that made my toes curl.
~remember he had no idea what I looked like and I had no idea what he looked like~
He asked me on a date that coming Saturday night. I accepted. He set a time he'd come to pick me up and we hung up. This was Monday.

I was so excited....
I went shopping and got a new outfit - remember those studded knit outfits that were popular in the 90's? - well I got a dark purple knit outfit with gold/pearl studs around the V neck line
(it was HOT! NOT! LOL!)
A new pair of gold lame bejeweled flip flops
and a new bottle of Sand and Sable perfume!
Looking back on this makes me laugh to be honest.

I was set for Saturday night! I went to work on Friday morning (I happened to be on my day shift part of my rotation that week) happier than a lotto winner! Coming back from my lunch break I felt a little stomach 3 p.m. I was very, very sick. I had gotten food poisoning. I got off work...drove home and promptly was VERY sick all evening/night long. Living alone in my own place, I didn't have anyone to go run and get me ginger ale or I sort of toughed it out thinking HOW am I going to go on a date tomorrow night. Well Saturday morning dawned and although I was still not feeling well, I was at least not running to the bathroom every 10 minutes. As the day progressed, I got better. . . I decided I was NOT going to call the man and cancel.

At 7 p.m.....
I was peeking outside my window and saw his car that he described to me coming down the road. Remember this was a completely blind date. I hurriedly closed the blinds so he wouldn't see me peeking and waited for the knock on the door. I thought to myself...if I open this door and he looks me straight in the eyes and doesn't do a whole body sweep with his eyes, I will know this is going to work out.

I opened the door....
looked him straight in the eyes and....
he did a full body sweep.
(darn it!)

He introduced himself, I introduced myself.
We shook hands, he asked if I was ready, I got my purse and off we went.

He opened the car door for me to get into his car ✅
He asked me when he got in the car if I like Olive Garden ~ I smiled and said yes!
(and then in my head was going through thinking what could I get that wouldn't upset my recently very upset tummy)

We made it to Olive Garden...
He opened the car door ✅
They seated us...and he pulled out my seat and scooted me in ✅
We looked over the menu. He asked what I'd like, I told him and when the waitress came he ordered for me and for him. Now some may think that was not a good thing, but to me, I liked that he listened to what I wanted and took it upon himself to order for me.
He had ordered a beer - I asked for Sprite (ha ha) and I began to talk.
Something you need to know about me...
I do not like silences - at all. So I chatted away like a chattering magpie. He drank his beer watching me. In my head I was thinking "shut up, shut up, shut up you are scaring him with your chatter" but I couldn't shut my pie hole. Dinner came and we ate and he chatted and I filled the silent stretches.

As he was paying the bill....
he asked if I would like to go Putt Putt golfing instead of a movie. I said, "sure, that'd be fine". (in my head I was thinking...GOSH he doesn't even want to sit thorough a 2 hour movie with me...). We went to the Putt Putt place and he bought 3 games (they had three courses easy, medium and hard) and out we went to play. It was July 18, 1994. So it was a warm summer evening. What I thought would be quick, really took like 3 hours.

When we were done with our games...
he drove me back to my apartment. I asked him up for a drink. He came up to my apartment, I fixed drinks and we watched Saturday Night Live. After it was over, he got up, thanked me for going. I walked him to the door and he turned and shook my hand. We said goodnight and he left.

Well... I thought, that does that, you'll never hear from him again.

I started the work week back on night shift...
that Saturday night (I worked every other weekend) the phone in my department rang. I answered it and the hospital operator asked if there was a Vonna in the department, I said there was...she told me she had a call that she was putting through for me. She put it through, I said, "Hello" and I heard Keith's voice. You could have pushed me over with a feather. He HAD called and how did he know the number to the hospital?

Come to find out...
he was on work travel. He was calling from Corpus Christi, TX. He was going to be down there for another week. He had gotten the hospital phone number when he was home the weekend before after our date, and called and asked for Vonna in the lab. He wanted to see me again. Would I be available for a date the following Saturday? We made plans for the following Saturday. I told him I'd cook since he'd be tired of restaurant food from his 2 week business trip. He told me no, no he'd take me out. I insisted I'd cook and he could take me for ice cream after.

now you know the rest of the story.
July 18, 1994 we began dating.
August 18, 1995 we were engaged.
April 27, 1996 we were married.

Best Life Decision Ever. Period. Amen.

Oh, Speaking of Amens....
years after we were married I was telling his mother that I prayed a novena prayer to St. Anthony (the finder of lost things) to find a partner. She looked at me shocked and said, "I was praying the same novena prayer to St. Anthony for Keith to find a wife."
St. Anthony, really pulled a rabbit out of his hat on this deal.
Thank you, St. Anthony for your prayers, and ours, being answered!

Happy Day 6!!!!

Hugs and Love in Stitches, 
Vonna xxxx


  1. What an awesome story Vonna, I loved reading that and wishing I had met a wonderful man like yours! Maybe I should be praying to St Anthony to find a husband too! LOL

  2. This is a beautiful story. I love the little clothes pin decorations, so sweet. x

  3. St. Anthony is the best! Read the story with a smile, all the way down! Two souls found each other! Love it!
    Happy day 6 indeed!

  4. I love, love your story of how you met Keith. So romantic and a wonderful marriage you have.
    I too met my husband on a blind date, back in 1978. We were married in 1980 and here it is 37 years later.
    Thanks for sharing your's so nice to start the day with a big smile.

  5. Oh, I love a romantic story and yours is great! Happily ever after...!!

  6. You two were meant for each other. Very romantic!

  7. Perfectly charming...and what a wonderful blessed life you have & wishing you many more happy years aheadπŸ’ž..I met my husband 18yrs ago at my sister’s wedding as I was maid of honor , he was the best man ❤️

  8. What a sweet tale of romance! I couldn't help but chuckle at the words "full body sweep!"
    P. S. (My birthday is July 18.)

  9. What a great story? God is good for sure. He knows just who we need and exactly when too.

  10. I am so glad you shared your story with us Vonna.❤️

  11. Vonna you make me smile! I love the story of Vonna and Keith!What an amazing story it is...

  12. LOL love your story!! I met my husband at the gas station--yes it was back when they pumped the gas for you in 1979!!

  13. Aw! That IS a nice story!
    I hope you have a lovely and fun Vonna day.
    I was looking at some of your finishes on Flickr and WHOA! So pretty!

  14. Oh Vonna, what a beautiful story! Thanks so much for sharing this. As always, love your 25 Days of Christmas.

  15. I always enjoy a good love story...I agree that the matching clothespin ornaments were mean to be together.:)

  16. Love this story! I also met my husband on a blind date that was set up by his Mom!! Mom's always know best!

  17. Vonna, I love the story behind you and Keith's meeting. The Lord certainly has blessed you both.

  18. Anonymous10:38 AM

    What a sweet story!!!

    May you have many more happy years together and may your children find THEIR perfect partners when the time is right.

  19. What a sweet story Vonna. It is so nice to hear about a lovely beginning and a happy life. May it continue on! Health and happiness to your family!

  20. What a lovely has warmed my commute home.

  21. These are now my lunch break reading - they make me smile. Thank you for sharing, this was a lovely story. So fun that you add subtle side comments like the fact that you pack the Boy Scout and the Ballerina face to face in the same paper to wait out the time...too sweet.

  22. What a lovely story. So why are my eyes so wet? xx

  23. Vonna, I love watching your Flosstube videos and I have thoroughly enjoyed reading each day of your Christmas posts. You are so inspiring, so funny and so real. Thank you so much for sharing your heart and your talent with us. I wish you much love and happiness in this beautiful Christmas season. I can't wait to continue reading your daily posts.

  24. What a beautiful story. Thanks for sharing. True love does exist. I've been lucky enough to find it too.

  25. Vonna: Love your story what a sweet couple you both are.
    Putt Putt and eating at Olive Garden yummy, what a sweet date, you two were meant to be together, I love the clothespin decorations, so sweet.

    Merry Christmas

  26. Wonderful story!

  27. I love the story, and I think the sweater sounds great!!! Somehow I can't quite picture it, makes me want to see it! :D I super-enjoyed reading this, thanks for sharing your love story!

  28. What a beautiful story the two of you have! Thank you for sharing it with us. Oh, and I love the clothespin ornaments.

  29. Such a sweet story. Hope you enjoyed a lovely stitchy day xo

  30. Loved hearing your story. Sounds like you two were meant to be.

  31. What a delightful love story!!Those ornaments are so special!!

  32. What a wonderful love story - slow and steady and steadfast and true!

  33. Wonderful story

  34. I love this story about how you met!! I always enjoy hearing how people met and married. Every love story is unique and heartwarming. My husband and I also met on a blind date set up through a mutual friend--we also got engaged in August 1995 and married in April 1996. :)

  35. I love this story! Gold lame shoes - oh those were the days. I can top that girl, I had the pants! LMBO W-H-A-T were we thinking back then? Telling yourself to shut up LOL Sometimes I don't think before I speak & as I'm hearing the words come out of my mouth I'm thinking the same thing - but I can't help myself. Merry Christmas!

  36. What a great story!

  37. :-) You had me smiling all through the story. Hopeful about finding my soulmate soon. Will turn to St. Ann and St. Anthony for intercesory help. God bless you, girl!

  38. Vonna, once again I want to thank you. I have prayed for a variety of reasons through out my life. And frequently to St Anthony to help me find the odd missing item. But your post really resonated with me. So this morning I looked up St Anthony's novena and today I have prayed the first (of 9) day's prayers. And I can't begin to tell you of the peace that currently fills my soul. I have prayed for this before but not ever to St Anthony and I'm starting to think I should have done this earlier. Thank you for the possibly unintentional nudge.

  39. I knew the story about the clothes pin ornaments, which I LOVE!!!!! But I didn't know about the "meet cute" of you and Keith! Thank you for sharing that...I loved that story too. The power of prayer...can't be denied! :)
    PS I think we had the same sweater! LOL

  40. Lovely story. You were obviously fated to be together.

  41. Best. Story. Ever! That St. Anthony is good!!

  42. That was a great story lol. I laughed when you said you had sworn off men. Me too. I'll be celebrating my 43 rd anniversary in 2018. St Anthony has put me right many times. Lol , I'm not Catholic,a friend turned me on to him. Funny thing I went to confession every week growing up with my friend. Father Teague used to smile and oat me on the head. Found times. Wishing you and family a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year xxoo

  43. This is the most beautiful "meet" story, I loved it, I almost cried! Invoking St. Anthony surely has been a blessing to your marriage! But now I have to tell you my ornament story: when I was in 1st grade, my family lived in Missouri, and my class made little felt tree-shaped ornaments with an oval cut out for our school picture. That same year, halfway across the country in New Jersey, my husband's class made the same style tree, but of calico, with THEIR school pictures. Fast forward 10 years, we met in Indiana, in high school, and married 10 after that, and have been married now 16 years with 5 children. I always hang our trees, and put them away together, side by side. :)

  44. I met my farmer husband on a blind date. I also had a series of bad relationships that destroyed me. My farmer gave me my life back. I loved that you shared your story I had tears in my eyes it was so beautiful. I, believe in Novenas too, they really work if your heart is right.


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