Thursday, December 21, 2017

Day 21....

~ Greetings and Warm Welcome to ~ 
Day 21
OK people....
one of the most common comments I get said or written to me is:
"You are like wonder woman, you get everything done, do you even sleep?"
Well today, I'm going to bluntly share so that you all know I am human and NOT wonder woman (although I'd love to walk around in a swimsuit with a pointy gold bra looking like Lynda Carter with that awesome hair flip and gold headband)


Sadly, I would resemble more a female version of Mermaid Man....

mermaid man


Anyway....back to the story....
The last week I have been like off my game. I sort of just wander around my house like...hmmm.:
I need to clean.... and I start to do that then...
I find something that draws my attention away - like looking at stuff on Pinterest...
then I think: STOP get back to cleaning...
so I start cleaning for a few minutes then I think about something stitching related and I wonder if I have the pattern...did I buy that? I run down to the cave and start looking at all my patterns and then I lose about 2 hours getting all involved in my stash...
Then I think STOP go back upstairs you've got presents to wrap and cookies to make and fill in the blank.

Yesterday I was all set on finally making and cutting out my cookies for our yearly decorated cookies. Here are examples of last years cookies:







As you can tell....
it takes LOTS of work and a lot of time...
Did I start making dough and cutting out cookies? 
 I've sort of been procrastinating....
and you know Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) runs in my family. My son, Jacob, has ADD and he takes Vyvanse for it. Just a very low dose and it has made a significant (really huge) difference for him. I know this issue is from me...I'm all over the place emotionally. And I've been like that all my life, very excitable, easily upset...just emotional. I always compare myself as a roller coaster ride and my husband is a walk on a Sunday afternoon. That explains us perfectly. He's even and I'm....just not. I likely should be on ADD medicine myself because sometimes when I don't have a list to follow, I sort of just wander all over. I can concentrate, but as I age it seems a little illusive. An older friend of mine told me it is my age and likely menopausal symptoms and that it will get better. I hope so because I'm a little off center here recently. Anyway.... TODAY IS THE DAY I AM CUTTING OUT COOKIES!
come hell or high water!

I did finish and frame up another Christmas Gift yesterday!
This is for Austin, Katie's boyfriend:
MDesigns_A for Austin
Letter A by M Designs
Available for PDF download in her Etsy Shop: HERE
I stitched mine on 32 ct. White Linen using Old Crow Belle Soie by Classic Colorworks.
Isn't it gorgeous? You know when I have been stitching these as I stitch I can't see the letter, you know how it is you can't really see something until done and holding it out. When I frame these and I sit and look at them I! how gorgeous! These letters remind me of like old books from the middle ages when monks would sit and for their entire life reproduce written books with those intricate alphabets. I just love them. There is a whole lotta X's in one too. I stitched with two strands over two threads on 32 count and it took a full skein and a half of one to complete both the E and the A. I currently am in the middle of Katie's "K" and she chose "Rainy Day" by Classic Colorworks which is a cotton rather than a silk, I bought 4 skeins just to make sure I had enough!

So I was down in the cave framing the "A"....
and while I was lacing I thought...I need to figure out my Christmas Day start. I typically start something new on Christmas Day each year. Typically its an ornament or a Christmas design that is larger. Did I do that this year? No...because this girl, Sarah Woodham 1770 from Theresa Vanette of Shakespeare's Peddler has been calling my name. I got to meet her (Sarah Woodham) in person in November at the retreat I went to. She was there in her original self and looking mighty find considering she was nearly 250 years old. I've had her in my stash since her debutante ball and...well I just never got around to her. So, I pulled her out, chose my fabric, did my own color conversion and Dec. 25 folks is THE day. We have a very quiet, restful Christmas as it is at home, with just me and my family. This year we will be having the significant others with us and then everyone will scatter after lunch, so it will be me, Keith and Ellie...and Ellie will be occupied with her presents, Keith will be snoring and I will be stitching. It's gonna be BLISS!
Shakespeare's Peddler - Sarah Woodham 1770

Like I said above I did my own color conversion to Classic Colorworks over-dyed cottons. I prefer Classic Colorworks to Gentle Arts or Weeks for a couple of reasons. You know how people say DMC and Anchor are different not really based on color, but on sheen of the floss? Well I believe that about Classic Colorworks floss. Don't believe me? Next time you are in a Needlework Shop, pull two random skeins from CCW and from GAST and look...then do the same with Weeks Floss. Classics have a sheen that the others don't, and to me the sheen is reminiscent to silks. (now you won't ever get reproducible sheen results out of cottons in comparison to silks - but I think Classic Colorworks do shine a bit more than the other threads - my opinion only!)

So I'll be stitching in Classic Colorworks and my fabric is 40 ct. Vintage Examplar by Lakeside.
Stay tuned!


Until tomorrow....
Love and Hugs in Stitches,
Vonna xxxx


  1. You made feel better just talking about your day. This time of year makes it even harder to stay on task. Sometimes I just let myself work on a bunch of different things at once. I just set the timer and work on each one for 15 minutes. Takes longer to see progress, but when I am scattered it helps me from getting all spun up.

  2. I notice the same things. The other morning I woke up at 5:00 thinking about all I had to do. Really!?? That is all I could say to myself. Like Sandy in my the comment above I set timers. It always amazes me hw much you can get done in 15 min. I also write notes. Lots of notes to remind myself of those things to do right when they pop into my head. I hope you get to your cookies today. You do a great job decorating them all. I hope you and your family have a blessed Christmas. All the best in 2018.

  3. I have always preferred Classic Colourworks to the others. I hope your get your amazing cookies done today, they look like works of art. I will be making simple cinnamon and ginger hearts on Saturday, and maybe some shortbread too. x

  4. Your Letter A looks fabulous all framed up, Vonna! I am another who sets a timer to go along with all my lists and sticky notes. Wishing you a good cookie baking day!

  5. So I am not the only house wanderer! I make all sorts of lists and feel good if I get to scratch even one item off by the end of the day....

  6. Vonna-thx for this post. Made me smile again. This old wretched human here does the same thing. I get overwhelmed by what there is to do but I am not interested in “pushing” to achieve those goals. Nope...I want to “play” and read Pinterest, etc. Thx for the info on Colorworks.

  7. I totally understand! That is why I have been avoiding the basement so I don't get distracted with my stash!

  8. I love your letters and know you are going to get them all done. I honestly don't see how you can make so many cookies. It is very impressive. I agree about Classic Colorworks. Except for a few of the dark colors I find it doesn't tangle as much as some of the others.

  9. Loved your post Vonna! Me in my mid 50's has been a roller coaster for sur🙃 It really is hard and your mind feels crazy especially like you said your mind goes from one thing to another! I hope things get better for you and myself and hoping you & family enjoy your day together but there isn't anything better than kids getting out on their own! The world is your oyster! Merry Christmas!! Love reading your hlog😉

  10. You know, I think everyone has days like you just described! I know I do and there is no ADD in my family! It sounds like a wonderful Christmas day to me. It is much like the one I will be having.

  11. I seem to be getting more distracted the older I get--and retirement has made it worse! I have just lost my focus and really need to start scheduling my time more in 2018. I think that is the only thing that will help me :)

    Hope those cookies are being baked--they really look incredible! Wishing you and your lovely family a truly blessed and joy-filled Christmas, Vonna. Thank you for all you give to your fellow stitchers :)

  12. Yes, we are not alone......however, for myself things have just gone downhill since my early 50's until I fell off the cliff. Here I am at 60 and I can't stay focused for long. I do have two seniors I'm caring for, my dog (cancer and heart issues) and my Mom (recently had a seizure or stroke or whatever-very frustrating when you can't get an answer from doctors after so many tests!!!!). So I use that as an excuse but that's what it is if I'm honest. I make lists galore but they do no good sometimes because I don't always look at them. Hope your ADD improves with age.

  13. your cookies are amazing Vonna. how exciting you chose Sarah Woodham for your CD start. I usually start a new piece on NYE and in some years past - I started one on CD and NYE but I've slowed down on sampler stitching these past few years. Anyway - hope you continue to enjoy the holiday season - hugs Mel

  14. Wow, those cookies are impressive! While I make a lot of cookies at Christmas, I rarely make the kind that are decorated, and when I do I just buy a can of frosting and slather it on. Clearly I have to step up my game!

  15. I so admire your blunt honesty - no hidden agenda with you Vonna. Thanks for sharing with us your personal struggles.

  16. I love your finish for Austin, it is beautiful! Your start for Christmas day is lovely, can't wait to see your progress!

  17. Vonna - I totally understand your situation. I also have ADD - I was able to handle it for most of my life (actually I just thought I was an airhead), but with age and some tough life situations it got out of hand. I did some talk therapy for about a year (huge help!) and now take Adderall - the difference is unbelievable. I, too, am Catholic, so I will add you to my prayers - thanks for sharing! Julie.

  18. I was feeling the same way last week. Then as you know my world was shook when my mom had her stroke. I think it taught me slow down. Stress does nothing but hurt you. Today I did a few things I needed to do but I noticed I was more calm. I will get them done...when I do.


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