Saturday, December 02, 2017

Day 2....

~ Greetings and Warm Welcome ~

Day 2

is going to be all about fun and frivolity!

I attended a very laid back, refreshing, rejuvenating retreat held by Katrina Boyd in Sevierville, TN. Interested in learning about where these retreats are held? Just go to this LINK to view RETREATS!
What did I like about this retreat? That it was laid back. I didn't have to rush to go to this or that class. I could come and go as I pleased. I could do what I love best - GAB and STITCH. It was VERY economical and best of all - I needed just that - a little time away, by myself.

This retreat had some very exciting personalities that many of you might know....
Dena - Half Stitch
Theresa - Kitten Stitcher
Stephanie - Stitchinit

If you don't know these lovely ladies please give their FlossTube channels a look. There were also delightful ladies that do not have blogs or channels that were there: The Kentucky and The Louisville Ladies :) The Carolina Girls :) Georgia Stitchers :)
ALL were wonderful. ALL were caring. ALL were welcoming. ALL were FUN!
I had the bestest time!

One thing that I love to do is talk! 
During the retreat...I began asking people questions, because not only do I like to talk, but I love to hear about other's ideas, their life history, their stories. If I lived back in historical times, there is no doubt in my mind that I'd be one of those old women sitting at the fire telling stories. In fact my husband calls me "Grandmother Willow" (from Disney's Pocahontas movie) because he says I spin tales and am the historian. And I am...I love to tell stories. Laugh at my mistakes, my weirdness, my joys and trials...Life is filled with stories. One of my blessings in life is that I tell a good yarn. People want to listen, to stories.

Anyway, on with this one...
at the retreat I asked the room in general, as we were stitching, "do you believe in Bigfoot?"
Well...LOL! the following stories and laughs were priceless. Finally Theresa asked me if I believed in Bigfoot, and I answered: Yes! I even have this sticker on my car: I believe
Ha ha ha ha ha! the sticker was my gift from my husband this summer when he and the kids went on their "Daddy Summer Adventure" vacation in the wilds of Virginia. Being my husband he knows that I love the idea of Bigfoot being real. I've watched every documentary. I've read every book. On my bucket list is to someday visit the Oregon "bowling alley" stretch of creek where Patterson and Gimlin shot that infamous video HERE

Bobo, Matt, Ranae and Cliff? Yeah, I sure as heck would like to meet them! Camping with them...that'd be the bomb-diggity! I can do a call and knock better than Ranae and definitely could beat Cliff and Bobo! LOL! I get lots of practice. My family...whenever we go on a hike (which is frequent) we always do wood knocks and calls because...YOU JUST NEVER KNOW. There could be a Hoosier Bigfoot on the loose.

See, I'm a nut about Bigfoot.

As a biologist....I understand that there is no fossil record, no true evidence, no habitat to view, no scat findings, no the likelihood? Not very likely. But this planet is BIG. We are finding species in the oceans, in forests...everywhere - that we had no idea about. So could there be a Bigfoot, Yeti or something like that out there...SURE there could...I believe.

So anyway....
after spinning my yarn about Bigfoot, Theresa of Shakespeare's Peddler fame, really must have enjoyed my tale because she bought me this at Hobby Lobby in Sevierville, TN during the retreat.

Bigfoot ornie

See Theresa! It's on the tree! 
Look at Bigfoot he's so dang happy to be hanging on our family tree! Look at that smile :)

And so many of you wanted to know more about our traditions...
well one of them is hiding a pickle (which I'll talk about later on in the 25 days) but this year the Pfeiffer's are implementing a NEW tradition that I am positive will only be practiced by us! We are instructing Santa to hide the Bigfoot on the tree on Christmas day. Whoever finds Bigfoot first will get a big 'ol bag of Bigfoot Scat (poop)! Wahoo! I'm certain they will be big 'ol logs! (read LARGE Hershey Bars).

So there you go...a new Pfeiffer Tradition!
It's gonna be LIT!

So see...
not only did you get to learn about a tradition also got to learn a idiosyncrasy about me. Bigfoot...who'd have thought:
1. There was a Bigfoot Christmas Ornament
2. That you'd talk about Bigfoot at a Stitching Retreat
3. That Bigfoot would be the star of his on 25 Day Christmas Blog Post
4. That I could build a Christmas Tradition around Bigfoot Poop
5. That Vonna believed in Bigfoot

I know.....Mind Blown.

Wasn't that good fun?!
I love talking about random stuff.
Until next time....
Believe in something intangible.
I do.
I believe.

Happy Day 2!

Hugs in Stitches, 
Vonna xxxx


  1. What a fun post! Lots of folks out here in Washington State believe in Bigfoot. He just might live in the wilds of either the Cascade or Olympic Mountains!

  2. You are, indeed, a storyteller - a hilarious post. The retreat sounds like the kind of event I would like to attend. All of my favorite Flosstubers were there. {I would be one of the Carolina Girls.} Thank you, Vonna, for such a fun post. I am going to my cousin's funeral today, so this really cheered me up. I hope your day brings you sunshine and flowers. Martha

  3. Well now! THAT was something.;) Cute ornament!

  4. You are so funny! I enjoyed this post. I also love retreats where we just stitch and gab and eat and snack and nothing else.

  5. Oh Vonna, you had me chuckling as I read your post. I am glad you had such a fabulous time at the retreat. Those are the best -- the ones that are laid back so you can stitch, visit, and share fellowship with like minded people. Enjoy your Saturday!

  6. Hmmm, I'm about to head to my first stitching retreat in March in Oklahoma... thanks for giving me heads up as to what kind of conversation I might encounter... FUN!

  7. Oh my GOODNESS! Now, every time I hear, see, or read anything about Bigfoot I'll think of you! Your kids will be scrambling Christmas morning looking for scat!! That is hilarious. I agree, nobody else will be doing that!

  8. Oh my gosh Vonna, Big Foot cracks me up, I do hope he is real, I would love to meet him/her.

    Merry Christmas

  9. What fun. That is what retreats are for, fun, stitch, food and talk, talk, and talk, Right?

  10. You must be a hoot to hang around with! Loved the story and look forward to more..

  11. Yes! I believe in Bigfoot too! LOL How great that you got a Bigfoot ornament! I love him! Nothing like a big ole bag of Bigfoot poop to say "Merry Christmas Morning!" woo hoo!

  12. I need to visit Hobby Lobby and see if I can get that ornament for my husband!!! LOL!!

  13. Great post!! So fun; just love it. LOL

  14. HAHaha, this is awesome Vonna!

  15. I would have never guessed you for a Bigfoot fan! I love the new tradition. For our first Christmas, my then-boyfriend (now husband) painted me a painting of Bigfoot carrying a mermaid (a reference to a favorite tv episode). For his birthday the next year, I crocheted him a Bigfoot carrying a crocheted mermaid.

  16. I got a chuckle about the Bigfoot story. I love the ornament and I know it will be fun looking for him to win the big "poop" chocolate prize.
    The retreat sounded like so much fun; I'm happy your got to go !!

  17. That's great! You never know and as you say about new species, Bigfoot may be real! The new tradition sounds like a lot of fun.

  18. Gonna you crack me up! I love poop talk! Thanks for your great posts! 💩💩💩

  19. LOL I love this post. See I told you you could write about anything. I'm like you. This world is a big place...why not? This retreat sounds like a great time and it's a lot closer than some. I'll have to keep my eye out for more. Thanks for sharing the page about them.

  20. Love this post. Put a smile on my face first thing in the morning so I will start my day out happy.

  21. And why not? I believe it possible along with his pal the Yeti!
    There is room for everybody in this big world of ours :-)

  22. behind on blog reading but I just had to comment. Who knew this woman did cross stitch retreats and in my favorite place in the world. My dear folks are up there right now doing a gospel music series. We do "believe" - there have been sightings right in the PF Sevierville area and all around Knoxville and they say theres a big faction of them in the park in the cave systems. WE watch all those shows - Finding Bigfoot etc - good bad hokey serious - we don't miss a one - love the ornament - I'll have to get my DH one.
    Love your 25 days! Mel

  23. What an entertaining post. I would so love to sit down and talk with you. And to think I live about an hour from Sevierville. How did I not know about this? I need to look into this for next year, if there's going to be one there. Getting to meet all my stitching heroes is definitely on my bucket list!


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