Friday, December 15, 2017

Day 15....

~ Greetings and Warm Welcome to ~ 
Day 15
as long as you don't live under a rock, I'm sure you've heard somewhere about
Little House Needlworks
"Farmhouse Christmas"


Isn't the sneaky peek darling?! 
Let me tell you the entire series is darling. I didn't stitch them, my good friend Renee Hermann was the model stitcher for the series. And let me tell you, Renee has even, perfect, fluffy beautiful stitches! She is one of the finest stitchers I know. I always tell her she's a much better stitcher than I am. And she is! I finished the models and I was so pleased about how they turned out. Isn't it wonderful when what you have in your mind turns out the way you want it to?

So last summer....
Diane, Renee and I were in a group chat. Diane asked us for ideas on a new series. We together were shooting off ideas and I said in one of the first couple of suggestions: Farmhouse Christmas. Diane stopped us nearly immediately and said: "That's it!" Farmhouse Christmas! A day later Diane sent me screen shots of the designs she had done so far. As soon as I saw them...(and there were just a couple) but as soon as I saw them I knew that this series was going to be special.
And it is. I just received the last three models from Renee to finish and send back to Little House and the series is fantastic.

Since I know what is coming and had a small part in its creation...
I started kicking around months ago how I would stitch "Farmhouse Christmas". Should it be all on one piece? Should I do mine in ornaments? hmmmm....
I knew as soon as I finished the first model what mine would be.
The ornaments.
Why? Because I could see in my mind exactly what I wanted to do and the complimentary patterns that I would stitch in a complimentary way to go on a themed Farmhouse Christmas Tree.

Here's my plan:
This is the color palette and my fabric all loaded up on my ROLAFRAME...
Yes, I still am in complete love with Rolaframes...want to learn more about them? CLICK HERE
Rolaframe HSV can be accessed on Facebook at this link (if you are a FB member): HERE
Want to buy a Rolaframe set of rods and side bars? My Local Needlework Shop: Fancy Works in Bloomington, Indiana is a Rolaframe dealer and can mail them to any address! Call them for custom personalized service: 812-935-6353 They can answer questions about them, and tell you what they have left in stock.
Rolaframes are awesome. I have LOTS of sets. This set is my ornament stitching set which is 8 inch rods and 7 inch side bars. I LOVE THEM FOR STITCHING SMALLS!
Give 'em a try....
Rolaframe is a small business in Huntsville, Alabama. USA handmade product. I HIGHLY recommend Rolaframes.
Want to know how to load up your project? I got you covered HERE

back to my previously mentioned project - I got off track there....
here is my threads and fabric for Farmhouse Christmas.
I chose 32 ct. Zweigart Raw Natural linen

Farmhouse Christmas thread pallet and fabric

Being that I know what he whole series looks like....
and being that I own practically the entire line of Prairie Schooler Charts...
I immediately knew which set of charts would look FANTASTIC as complimentary stitched ornaments to go on my Farmhouse/Barnyard Tree....
that would be
BOOK 94 ~ A Barnyard Christmas
I did a conversion hitting a few of the threads that was in the Farmhouse Christmas so that both sets would compliment each other on the tree.
Here is the threads I chose and the fabric I chose for the Barnyard Christmas....
Classic Colorworks in my own color conversion
32 ct. Lambswool Linen Wichelt

I started stitching the pig...
because who doesn't like bacon?

I finished the stitching last night and did the finishing today and
That's a pretty pig!
Prairie Schooler_Barnyard Christmas_Bk 94

Finishing particulars are: round flat ornament, using the same homespun that I used in finishing the "Farmhouse Christmas" ornaments for Little House (and what I will use in my own)
I ripped strips of homespun and rusched and sewed along the edge of the ornament, ripped and made a homespun hanger then added raffia (straw) a ripped homespun bow tie and a rusty jingle bell.
I LOVE it! Turned out just like I saw it in my head.

Here it is on our tree:
The piggy looks a little out of place with angels and all...
Pig in a tree

but next year...
on my themed "Farmhouse and Barnyard" tree...
think about this:
Square pillow ornaments finished exactly as I did the models.
Round flat ornaments depicting all the barnyard animals.
Raffia accents...
Jute Twine accents...
Rusty bells...
Burlap garland...
complimentary color palettes...
Splashes of red with simple glass ornaments...


I can see it...
in my head and its gonna be AWESOME!
Just you wait and see...

Happy Day 15!

Do you want my conversion?
Vonna's Color Conversion for Barnyard Christmas Book 94 by The Prairie Schooler
all threads are Classic Colorworks because I love their threads best!

DMC 520 = Desert Mesquite
DMC 611 = Wilderness
DMC 612 = Straw Hat
DMC 739 = Tea & Biscuits
DMC 3052 = Weeping Willow
DMC 3371 = Caterpillar
*(now I wanted a aged stripey look because I like that - if you don't want that use Black Coffee or Blackbird)
DMC 3777 = Cherry Cobbler
 DMC3857 = Red Currant

Until tomorrow...
Love and Hugs in Stitches,
Vonna xxxx

My Farm Truck


  1. love the pig! he is too cute!

  2. I'm very excited about the new Farmhouse Christmas series. Your finish on the sneak peak is lovely.
    I love your pig ornament, it is just too cute !! Your new tree for next year will be awesome.
    Thanks for the information on the Roloframe; I'm always up for new ideas.
    I also love your new new logo with the red truck and tree.

  3. Brilliant, beautiful, exciting!!! Can't wait to see it all come together :D

  4. Vonna, your pig is adorable. I am excited to see the upcoming Farmhouse Christmas series after seeing the sneak peek a couple weeks ago. Thank you for sharing your conversion for the barnyard critters along with the information about the Roloframe.

  5. I love the farmhouse Christmas series. I signed up for the auto. I love your finishes for this series. I look forward to next year seeing your tree with any your finishes!! Merry Christmas it is getting close!

  6. I so enjoy reading your blog and I always learn something new. I can't wait to see the Farmhouse Christmas series! I am intrigued by the Roloframe. Does it fit into a stand or do you just balance it on your lap as you stitch?

  7. Oh Vonna!!!! YES!!!YES!!!YES!!!! Thank you for the conversion! I'm going to pull the threads tonight!

  8. Merry Christmas Vonna and family: What a lovely post, that Barnyard Christmas has so many great designs, I love the fabric and finish on the pig it is beautiful.
    I hope you are ready for Christmas, I am just starting my shopping, not many to buy for I usually make ornaments instead.
    Your tree is full of great designs.

    Merry Blessed Christmas

  9. Hi Vonna, I saw this new series on Pinterest just the other day and was really excited to find out more. So coincidental to see your post with all the information. Question: I prefer to stitch on evenweave/Aida. What fabric and color would you recommend to most closely resemble Renee's choice of Northern Cross (
    now Natural Raw Linen) that would complement the suggested thread choices? I have really loved getting your posts everyday! Particularly loved your angel story the other day. I believe you! :-D

    1. I think Lambswool Aida or Vintage Country Mocha just want something dark enough for white to pop on :)

  10. The pig looks marvelous - love your color conversion (especially those gorgeous reds - thanks for listing the colors!).

  11. That is going to be one adorable tree, I love that finish!! I'm not sure I will get to it. After Christmas I will be starting the patriotic American design all on one piece using your ideas and probably your border. I can't wait to get started.

  12. Wow! I can't wait to see your farmhouse/barnyard tree next year! The pig looks awesome!

  13. Thank you my sweet friend! I am so excited about your Farmhouse Christmas tree next year! It is going to be absolutely gorgeous!!!

  14. I actually Gasped outloud when I seen the Sneak Peek of Farmhouse Christmas. I ordered the 16 inch rods after seeing your video on them. I recently bought 10, 24 and 30 inch rods. I'm going to do Mirabilia's Snow Queen on 36 inch fabric so I got the mammoth 40 inch rods. I have no way to use a floor stand for the longer rods so I'll have to figure something out for them. I like 10 inch end bars so I have 3 sets. I only work on one large project and no more than 2 smaller projects at a time. I can't do the 20 or more WIP's. I'm excited to get started on Farmhouse Christmas though.

  15. That's a good-looking pig. (There's something you don't read very often.) I can already picture your Farmhouse and Barnyard Christmas tree.

  16. yes, that really is a very pretty pig, nice job vonna:)

  17. that piggy is so darn cute ! I wonder if this was the scheme that was keeping you awake the other night - sounds like a snappy plan to me! Mel

  18. You did a great job with the Farmhouse Pig ornament, in preparation for it's place on next year's tree! I look forward to seeing all the new ornaments in 2018! I did not know about the Rollaframe tutorial, and will be contemplating their purchase now. I have had a floor stand sitting idle in my house for YEARS because I did not have suitable scroll rods! Maybe next year it will get to use!! Yay! Thanks for sharing! Hugs!

  19. I look forward to watching your progress with this one. Good luck!

  20. Vonna, I have looked at this post at least 10 times. I haven't stitched in over a year but your idea here may have given me the kick I needed. I too have the PS booklet and have ordeted the Farmhouse charts as auto ship. Thank you for sharing your beautiful work and ideas.


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