Monday, December 11, 2017

Day 11....

~ Greetings and Warm Welcome to ~
Day 11
Holidays to me....
is all about warm, cozy, comfort. In my mind when I envision what I think the *perfect* holiday is, I think of a long table of family with gleaming, smiling faces, delicious food, fun and just being at home together. When I was first married I told Keith that I wanted a large family...four kids was all my body could muster - my pregnancies always ended in an emergency and early (Ellie stayed in the longest at 36 weeks - but I was also on complete bed rest for 20 of those weeks). We would have had more children, but it just wasn't in the cards for us. So we thanked God for the blessings we had and set out to be the best parents we could be. We've done good, I believe. And my dream of a long table of gleaming faces...isn't far off from reality.

This year....
when I was decorating our home for the holidays I knew just how I was going to do our hearth. The hearth represents to me, the heart of the home. I always pay special attention to our hearth and make it the focal attention of the room it is in. All our furniture, beautiful reproduction samplers, and the accessories "frame" our hearth and it is the first think your eye is drawn to when you step in our home. Without further talk - here is our 2017 Christmas Hearth:
2017 Hearth

It features Country Cottage Needlework's - "Gingerbread Village" which I stitched and then finished as mounted flatfolds. Want to learn how to do a mounted flatfold? Well I have you covered: HERE for Video Tutorial

Here is a close-up view of the cute as a button Gingerbread Village.
Oh my word ~ Be still my heart! I love it!

whether they are just straight mount simple flatfolds. What to know how to make flatfolds? Got you covered: SIMPLE FLATFOLD TUTORIAL or if they are the Mounted Flatfolds such as these are finished as - are the most perfect (in my mind) way to finish seasonal pieces. They fold down and store flat and if you take care in wrapping them and storing in a box, pull out year after year perfectly while taking little space. Flatfolds are the perfect finish!
2017 Mantle_Country Cottage Needleworks Gingerbread Village

Today, December 11th....
is also a very special day for our family. It is the day that 20 years ago, God gifted us with our first little miracle, Katie Grace! Here she is at 2 years old just a few weeks after her twin brothers came to live with her....
Katie 2 year picture

Here she is two years ago on her graduation day...

Katie Standing best 8x10

What does a mother say about her first born baby? I prayed for a girl, I wanted a girl desperately with my whole heart...and God provided. She and I have a special relationship and I love her with my whole heart.

Last year....
she went to college and went ice skating for the first time. (she's second on the right hand side)
She told me she hated ice skating...
Katie Dec 2016 college

SO her ornament that I stitched for her this year is...
Her Ice Skating! LOL LOL LOL!

It is Little House Needleworks ~ "Snow and Ice"
stitched on 32 ct. Black Evenweave
Katie Ornament - LHN Snow and Ice

Here she is at Thanksgiving...
with her boyfriend, Austin. Aren't they a cute couple?
Happy 20th Birthday Katie!


Happy Day 11!!!

Love and hugs in stitches, 
Vonna xxxx

Keith and Katie_Katie's 3 birthday_Dec 2000


  1. Oh my gosh...your mantel is amazing... I just love love love the gingerbread theme
    And btw...your daughter is very beautiful!
    Phoebe x

  2. Anonymous2:34 AM

    Such a sweet and accomplished young woman! Happy birthday, Katie! I hope today is the first day of the best year EVER!

  3. Happy 20th Birthday Katie !!
    I love your mantle decorations, so pretty. Your gingerbread village is gorgeous as the flatfold finishes. I also like your stockings.
    I enjoy seeing the ornaments you stitch each year for your family.
    Thanks again for sharing your days of Christmas !!

  4. Happy 20th birthday Katie! She is so pretty and her face just shines with happiness and goodness.

    I love your Gingerbread Village. In fact these designs did not really "speak" to me until I saw them finished up just as you've done them!

    A great ornament for Katie too, it will remind her of fun times with her friends.

  5. Vonna your hearth is beautiful! Happy Birthday to Katie! She is such an amazing young women! Your gingerbread village is adorable!

  6. What a special day! Your hearth is beautiful.

  7. I am enjoying these posts, Vonna. Your mantle is adorable as well as Katie.

  8. Your hearth is simply gorgeous, Vonna! I would love to sit nearby with my stitching in hand; it looks so peaceful. Happy birthday wishes to Katie! What an amazing young woman you have raised!

  9. Beautiful mantel. But the most beautiful part of this post is your cutie pie baby girl that has grown into a lovely young woman. Happy Birthday Miss Katie, may all you dream of come true.

  10. Everything looks so beautiful!

  11. The mantel is just perfect. Thanks for sharing. I bet Katie had a fantastic birthday. She deserved it with such a beautiful name haha.

  12. Your mantel is gorgeous as always! I have been wanting to ask about the lacy, framed piece that spells out your name--is it filet crochet? Or some other type of lacework?

    Best wishes for a happy birthday to your daughter :)

  13. Happy Birthday Katie!!

  14. The mantel is beautiful. Katie has turned into such a lovely young lady. I totally understand why you wanted a daughter for your first. So did I and God blessed me too.

  15. Your mantel is gorgeous! Happy Birthday to Katie.

  16. Gingerbread Village is wonderful - really like the retro Christmas trees on the mantle. You stitched the perfect ornament for Katie.


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