Sunday, October 08, 2017

Pumpkins for Sale.....

~ Welcome Friends ~
I hope this finds you all well

I have a finish to share with you...
last evening, I stayed up, waaaayyyy past my bedtime in order to finish this piece:

"Pumpkins 4 Sale"
by Little House Needleworks
LHN Pumpkins 4 Sale completed
FABRIC: Hand-dyed by myself using RIT liquid Dark Brown dye
All of RIT dyes have different colors that will come out over time when dyeing. 
I've come to know through trial and error, the colors that I use what I think will look good. This one, I wanted a deep dark brown - all over. So I wet my fabric (28 ct. MCG textiles evenweave), wadded it up, and threw it in a plastic ice cream bucket and forgot about it (literally - forgot I was dyeing it until I found it again later in the day) It sat in the bucket for 8 hours. I rinsed it until it water ran clear and then heat set it. And it turned out spectacularly! All over deep, dark brown with hints of lighter tans and purples run throughout. There is a light vein mottle to the fabric. Honestly, it's a stunning piece and considering that I forgot about it...well that's just the icing on the cake. Honestly I can say, I have found with dyeing the less you mess with it, the better it turns out. I was pleased with this hands off batch :)

3046 - used for Letters ONLY
640 - mouse and sale sign
760 - mouse nose
3855 - flowers on vine and flower centers
3865 - checker board/white K pumpkin/white scattered flowers
3371 - mouse eyes/whiskers/writing on sign

Classic Colorworks:
Pumpkin Harvest used for P P N pumpkins
Colonial Copper used for U M K S pumpkins
Bramble Bush used for checkerboard and pumpkin stems
Brown Hen was the Framework holding the vine

This morning after Mass...
we came home, had our traditional Sunday Daddy Cooks breakfast feast and then I retired to the finishing cave...where I made up the final form that I had pictured in my eye:

~A Drum Pinkeep~
Little House Pumpkins 4 sale collage Little House Needleworks Pumpkins 4 Sale

The little pumpkin on top, I made myself with Week's Dye Works Wool...
It turned out just like I had envisioned, however, I'm going to be honest, I'm not certain I'm in love with the drum pinkeep finish, but at least it is original in design and mine ~ I haven't seen any Pumpkins 4 Sale made into drum pinkeeps

It does look cute where I have it sitting in my living room and Keith stopped and said: "That's cute....did you buy that little pumpkin from Michael's?" 
I told him to smack his mouth...I made it myself and he goes: "REALLY? you did?!"
Does he not know who he's living with? Men.

All in all, I'm pleased with the construction, I think it is a smooth finish and well executed.
It may grow on me.

Until the next time...
it's Sunday and I'm going to have the day as a ME day (rare for me) and I'm going to work on a Sampler for Sunday!

Have a fabulous week ahead!

Until we meet again...
I'll be praying devotedly over all the names in my prayer journal (if you have requests please message/email me) and praying for our country and the people living here and all over the world.
Peace. We need some peace.

Hugs and love in stitches,
Vonna xxxx


  1. Simply adorable Vonna and you are amazing at the finishing. I do hope you enjoy your ME day. We all need those.

  2. This pumpkin design is gorgeous. I love the colour of the fabric too, I would never have thought to use such a deep colour but it is perfect. x

  3. Love your drum. Everything about it is wonderful and you made it totally yours. Enjoy your day.

  4. Vonna,

    Gorgeous finish as always. We need a tutorial for the drum finish ~ or is there one? Better go check. Love, love, love it.

  5. I think it is a wonderful finish!! Men can be such, well, men!!!!!

  6. Pumpkins for Sale looks phenomenal on the warm, dark brown - brilliant change! The finished pinkeep came out great, too and your little pumpkin on top is adorable (Michaels? Silly man!)

  7. It looks stunning and beautifully finished

  8. It turned out awesome! All the elements: fabric, fibers and finish work with each other. Men--do they realize the time we give to our projects?

  9. I think the finish is perfect for this design and the pumpkin top makes it unbeatable.

  10. I love everything about your drum. Just beautiful. Hope you had a wonderful ME day!

  11. Like how your finished the design. The pumpkin on top is just great.

  12. Great finish! I stitched this in the regular colors. I like yours much better.

  13. Oh My how adorable. I think that's a compliment. It was so pretty he thought it was made in china haha. If it doesn't grow on you you can send it my way haha.

  14. It is a winner for sure Vonna. I am still waiting for Pumpkin Spice Farm to make its way to Alabama. I thought I was done with my fall stitching until I saw Kathy's floss tube where she describes working on this chart. So interesting to hear the designers talk about their own trial and error! In the meantime I am working on a Prairie Schooler Santa.

  15. That turned out fabulous!

  16. Oh Vonna I love this chart. It is so pretty and looks totally awesome on the hand dyed fabric. You did a wonderful job on the color and the stitching is perfect. Love, love, love how you turned it into a drum. RJ@stitchingfriendsforever

  17. You can be so pleased with your finishing of Pumpkins for Sale. Such a wonderful idea. I also love the rich brown fabric colour that you stitched it on.

  18. Simply beautiful Vonna! I think your finish is perfect. I can't believe your husband doesn't just KNOW you made that cute pumpkin.

  19. How cute!!!!!! You have a great taste and the power to meke it happen!

  20. Beautiful...I am a total sucker for pumpkins! Fabric is perfect and as usual your finishing is too! Glad you are taking a ME deserve it!

  21. Vonna, I LOVE this finish, your pumpkin on top is the perfect addition and I am more than wowed by your dye job even if it was an accident:)! ENjoy your ME day!!! Mary

  22. Vonna, I love your latest finish. The fabric color you created is a stunning background for the pumpkins. You drum finish is darling and I love the little pumpkin you created. Well done!

  23. It is wonderful Vonna!

  24. This has to be one of the most darling finishes ever, Vonna! I think that little pumpkin you made from the wool is like the cherry on top :) I'm sure you'll be hearing from plenty of stitchers asking for that exact finish!

  25. Your work is wonderful, as always! Thanks so much for sharing your dyeing technique and the floss conversions. I'm going to give it a try. Beautiful finish too. Another fabulous project!

  26. Clever-clever ... Just love the drum pinkeep and the creative eye and skill that went into it. I wager Keith was
    joshing you.... he knows the prize he won... You are such an
    inspiration, Vonna.

  27. I think Keith's comment about your pumpkin coming from Michaels is hilarious. It shows that he even knows about crafts and where to get them. My husband doesn't even know that much.
    Also, I do think your pinkeep is adorable. I love everything about it. The fabric the stitches on the seam and the pumpkin on top. Cute,cute,cute.

  28. I love your finish! the fabric is beautiful! Such a adorable finish! can't wait to see whats up next...

  29. Love the drum and the little pumpkin is so creative. The fabric is so lovely. I agree the color is very warm.

  30. Love the color of the linen. You did a great job... and the design and finish is adorable.

  31. I think this is about my favorite thing that you have done!

  32. Beautiful Vonna! love that little pumpkin!

  33. Wow, I love this finish!!

  34. That is a really adorable finish! The fabric color came out fantastic! The design just pops on it! Congrats! And YES, we need peace! Hugs!

  35. OMG that Pumpkin drum is stinkin' adorable. Well done!!

  36. Vonna - the fabric color is stunning as is your finish with the felted pumpkin. Truly a fabric artist.

  37. WOW - super darling finish! I love every element of it. Love the fabric you dyed - the color "enhancements" you made - the pumpkin on top is icing on the cake. Hope you learn to love it and it is part of your cherished fall decorating scheme year after year. Cheers Mel

  38. original finishes can be so rewarding, cute one vonna!

  39. Love, love, love the dark brown fabric and those pumpkins look spectacular on it!

  40. I am so happy that you have shared this finish with us. It gives lots of inspiration for when we finish our pieces. Thank you...

  41. Awesome finish! I love it! The dk brown fabric is a fabulous idea... and your cute little pumpkin sitting on top is to dye for!!
    I still need to finish my Pumpkins off before the end of the month... the design is just so cute! Thank you for hosting the SAL so that I could stitch it! :o)


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