Tuesday, October 03, 2017


~ Greetings to my Friends ~ 
and warm Welcome!

It's been a very busy ten days....
I am the bereavement committee at my church, and I had a lot on my plate with planning and executing Anna's funeral luncheon last week. The drawback about a funeral is: you can't plan them, so once they come it is a all in push until you come out the other side.
Since I was a very close, personal friend of Anna, I wanted to make sure I did her funeral meal up the way it should be done. Of course I do that with every funeral luncheon, but this one was close to home and personal. I am happy to say, that there were many donations from our parish family, the meal I cooked at church for the luncheon was delicious and well received and we had very little left overs.
That is always my goal for each funeral luncheon: have plenty, yet few leftovers. Typically the family doesn't want the food to take home, some do, and of course I always ask...but many refuse the offer. I volunteer weekly at the Community Kitchen/Homeless Shelter, so I typically took the leftovers there. Unfortunately they do not take them anymore due to health regulations. Therefore, I try to only fix what I hope will be needed with very little excess. Luckily, our parish is a vibrant community and there are always weekly meals and anything I have left over I box up and save for these weekly meeting meals. It all works out in the end.

I also am a volunteer choir member at our church...
I mainly sing funeral Masses, holiday Masses and a rare few regular weekend Masses. I would sing more weekend Masses, however my boys are Alter Servers and I am a Lector and Eucharistic Minister on Sunday's Sunrise Mass each weekend, so we attend that service. Early Mass is a contemplative, silent Mass, with only chant and no singing. So in continuing my story, I sang Anna's funeral Mass on Tuesday (very hard as I was upset) and then on Saturday evening Mass, I was asked to fill in rounding out a trio of voices. I love to sing, and the Lord blessed me with a beautiful singing voice, so I try to volunteer to sing as much as possible. It brings me joy! And also a super great feeling when I have people hug and ask me to "please come back next week"  :)

My Family Updates....
I haven't shared very much about my kids recently so I will quickly catch you up.

Today was picture day for my sweet Ellie Eileen, who is in the 6th grade.
Ellie 6th grade

Jake ran his last Cross Country race ending a 7 year running career and leaving his senior season on a high note. So very proud of him!

Ian has developed knee problems (sort of bad ones)...so he was encouraged to stop running and he has joined the Robotics Team at his High School. He is heavily involved building robots and stays every night after school to work on them. He was a little upset that he had to stop running, so I am happy that he has embraced robotics. Sometime life throws you lemons, I'm proud of his switch mid-stream and rolling with the punches. Here is is after one 16 hour work day at a local festival showing off his robots with his team mates.


Speaking of proud...
both of my boys work 20+ hours per week at Kroger, while carrying extra-curriculars and AP coursework. They maintain high gpa grade cards. Their Daddy and I are so proud of their work ethic. They will shine like their sister next year in college.

And...speaking of their sister...
Katie is shining once again in college. She was in charge of the Engineering and Technology School's Regatta Cardboard Boat race at Regatta this year. It was lots of work, she nearly burned herself out, but here she is on the day of Regatta all smiles and happy the cardboard boat race was OVER by this time :)

Here she was in the Women in Engineering boat, rowing for the team.

She was asked by the Dean of the School of Engineering and Technology to go to the Women in Engineering Annual Conference to represent IUPUI and the Engineering Program targeting women. How can she pass that up? She can't so... we bought her a plane ticket and she will be on her way soon :) May God bless, guide and protect her journey. 
She's a marvel!

Now that catches you up with my precious kiddos...so let's talk stitching!

Saturday night I went to bed to wake up to...
Miss October jumping out of the basket and Miss September hobbling to the end of the line for her well deserved rest ;)
October Calendar Girl
Little House Needleworks 
"Calendar Girls" Series

And I'm working on:
"Pumpkins 4 Sale"
by Little House Needleworks
Pumpkins for sale

I'm stitching this on a 30 ct. hand-dyed Vonna Special
I dyed this piece of fabric with this specific color in mind. It turned out pretty spectacular if I do say so myself. I have changed almost all (if not all) of the colors to my own choices. I am using Classic Colorworks and a couple of DMC choices. I am thrilled with how this is working up and I have what I hope is a fantastic finish in mind already. We will see how it works out. You'll be the first to know :)

So with those updates...
that does it for me for awhile!
I thank you for visiting with me and sharing my joy!

Until next time...
I want  you to know, I was called out for not attending to my own "rules" that I write here at the bottom of my blog posts, so I'd like to say:
I write these reminders at the bottom of my blog posts to remind myself (and my readers) of common practices to make myself a good neighbor. Am I perfect? NO! Far, far, far from it. I get up every morning and my prayer is that I love my neighbor as myself each and every day. That's hard. Really hard, because I am going to be honest, I don't like all of my neighbors, I think it is a rare person that does, and to love them? Yowza. 
So when I write these little one liners its written more for me than it is for you...although advice I think is well worth reading... no matter who you are.
 I try. Every day. I affirm to myself every day that I will be better, I will be stronger, I will be happier than the day before. Do I make that resolution every day? NOPE. But I reaffirm and redirect myself every day. YES, YES I DO. I have so many faults, and I'll be happy to share them all with you, just like I share them to my God in my confessions...
I exaggerate the truth, I'm unkind, I don't work hard enough, I use bad language, I have a hardened heart about certain things, I'm prideful, I'm a glutton of food and wasteful of time at times, I neglect daily prayer on some days and don't make enough time for God, I'm not the best mother, nor the best wife I can be at times to my family and believe me my children and especially my husband deserves THE best. I fail. I fail on all accounts. I'm human and I fail. 

So....please make no mistake...
I'm writing this TO ME and TO YOU
be kind...there is far to many unkind people in the world.
use words constructively to build up....there are far to many tearing down.
don't judge (another hard one)...there's plenty of judging going on at all levels.
Smile...because when you smile, your heart smiles and your whole disposition changes. 
Try it...
I am...
BE the change.

Hugs in stitches, 
Vonna xxxx


  1. I help with funeral lunches at our church as well so I understand well the challenges and the blessings it brings. I love ministering to the family at a very hard time. I wish I could sing....I tell myself when I get to heaven i will have the beautiful singing voice that I crave!! Good for your children. Having a work ethic will take them far in life. Our children often thought we were mean because we expected them to work but it has made them very strong adults!! I am so glad to see you are taking time to stitch Vonna...for those of us with a passion for cross stitch it is essential for good mental health. ( and i am an old nurse who saw many people with stress related illnesses!) I do not feel guilty at all for taking time to stitch. That color you dyed is just perfection!!

  2. "Smile...because when you smile, your heart smiles and your whole disposition changes" and I smiled and felt it! So true my friend!

  3. It was so good to get the update on your family. Love reading about them. I do not know how you can get done all that you do, what an inspiration you are to me. I feel like a friend to you even thou we have never meet in person. I alwas keep you and your family in my prays.

  4. Vonna, I so enjoy seeing your stitching and reading the updates about your kids. I am glad you were able to sing and provide for your friend's funeral; you took it on knowing how hard it would be. You are an inspiration to many of us out in blogland. Thinking of you!

  5. Vonna, I love the Pumpkins 4 Sale piece. When it's finished, I hope you post your color changes as well as how you got the perfect shade of brown for your linen. You always inspire me to get stitching!

  6. A lovely post, thank you as always for sharing your family news and thoughts with us. Keep trying, that's all any of us can do.

  7. This was a wonderful update! I am so glad to see the kids.

  8. I can just hear the pride in your words you are typing about your children. You are a fantastic mother and it shows in their accomplishments. Love your basket of the Calendar Girls. Too cute!! Good luck with your WIP. It looks beautiful and I can't wait to see what you do with it.

  9. You are remarkable...(despite your list of "faults" which is not too distant from my own) ....and you redeem your life through Faith and Family in such a profound way. I am beholden to your example, Vonna, and that crown(you know where) is already encrusted with jewels of wisdom, love and caring. Anna was fortunate, indeed, to have had your friendship and your Church and others are blessed to have your presence and participation... Bless you, dear heart.
    Just love your Calendar Girl collection.. Neat..

  10. great post Vonna - I'm kinda quiet today because I am stunned over the Las Vegas shootings and then especially shocked and saddened our favorite voice on XM Tom Petty passing away. the world can be such a sad place. you make things seem happy and normal and I love hearing about your triumphs and your hardships. Love mel

  11. Great post! I love hearing about those good-looking and smart kids. I am impressed with the work you accomplish. God Bless!

  12. Goodness Vonna - I have been reading your blog for many years, and you never cease to amaze me. You are a wonderful person, and I truly admire you in so many ways. Don’t be so hard on yourself! We all need to improve ourselves and strive to do better. From where I sit you do that every day, and successfully!

  13. Anonymous10:09 PM

    I am always in awe with how much you accomplish in a day. Today was a pretty dark day for our country. Reading a bit of happiness in your blog was a nice ray of light.

  14. I appreciate your words of faith and wisdom. It is so hard to be mindful 24/7.

  15. I enjoy reading your blog, and seeing how good people serve and make life happy. I really like the pumpkins piece, so autumnal. x

  16. You have great kids, Vonna. Pumpkins 4 Sale will look great, a super choice of fabric color. What makes you different from others who leave such reminders at the bottom is that you call yourself out when you think you're not following your own 'rules' and I respect that. It's always good to be reminded so thank you for adding that bit at the bottom.

  17. Vonna you fit so much into your days that it overwhelms me. You are an amazing lady who brings so much into so many other lives that you just don't realize that. You make me think on my faith and how much more I should do for God and my neighbor (even the ones I don't like Lol). Your family must cherish you as we all do. Don't be hard on yourself, you are amazing and God knows that too. Anna must have been so proud on how wonderful you made her last goodbye.

  18. Vonna: So glad that your Son found something to be involved with robotics are amazing I like to watch the bots on tv.
    Ellie is so cute, it warms my heart to see young people get involved in the work place, so many young people just want to hang out and play videos.
    Congratulations to Katie, what an honor for her.
    Your stitching is beautiful as always.
    We are not perfect if we all were the world would be boring, I am sad that someone called you out on your on your rules, they are your rules and subject to change at your will, it saddens me that some people can be so cruel.
    I think you are an angel and a very sweet Lady.


  19. So good to see your family is doing well! Can't believe the kiddos are as grown as they are. And you are as amazing as ever with all you accomplish. Loved the patriotic room and all your stitching and finishing. Hugs.

  20. The kids are doing so well. Miss Ellie is growing up!!

  21. We all have areas where we could improve; dramatically. I have found that when people are seeking/pointing out failings in others it is to their own detriment and they are not working to be THEIR best. In fact, it shows their worst "side".

    We all celebrate your kids with you and Keith! We love that you show us the whole "Vonna". xoxo

  22. Thanks for the kiddo update. They are doing wonderfully. I love your pumpkin piece. Your dyed fabric is very pretty.

  23. So good to have a run-down on all the kids and their activities! Whew--I am exhausted just imagining all of those goings-on :)

    No one is perfect--or even close, but, I, like you, always do my very best to be kind... If you don't do anything else--be kind :)

  24. The kids are growing way to fast! My goodness. Oh and my dear sweet friend, we all have faults and never always get it right. That is why we are still here, to work at becoming more Christ like. Sometimes I fail miserably!

  25. Oh my! Pumpkins 4 Sale looks spectacular on your specially dyed fabric.

  26. Wonderful update on your fantastic family. Love your stitching too. RJ@stitchingfriendsforever

  27. Vonna--I have followed this blog for many years. You are an inspiration to us every single post. I have enjoyed watching your children grow, and celebrate their accomplishments--each to their own special ones! You are quite the craft person, and I appreciate that you share everything with us! My stitching would be languishing in a box if it were not for you sharing finishing with us! Don't let this negative comment take you down--you have many many friends in the stitching world who would defend you against such pettiness! No one is perfect, that is why God sent His Son to save us! Take care, and try to relax once in a while! :) Hugs!

  28. Your kids are growing up to be amazing like their parents! You have both set them an a wonderful example of being a good, hardworking member of the community and they are a credit to you both :o)
    I am pleased that the funeral went as well as it could for your dear Anna... times like that are never easy but you know she was looking down on you and giving you the strength to get through and come out the other side!
    Take care... Hugs xx


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