Monday, October 23, 2017

FlossTube #16 ~ October 23, 2017 ~ Show Notes and links

~Following details are in chronological order as appearing on video~

FLOSSTUBE #16 can be viewed: HERE

Plastic Project Bags I use, from Amazon 13 x 9 inch size HERE

Historical Finishes:
 "Happy Halloween" by Notforgotten Farm ~ Freebie may be found HERE

 "Gather a Harvest" by Hands on Design ~ may be found in November 2013 Cross Stitch and       Needlework magazine OR available from Designer HERE

"Something Wicked" by La D Da framed in Eastside Moulding Frame

"Hallow-Day Inn" by With Thy Needle and Thread ~ Brenda Gervais finished as soft quilted wall hanging with hand embroidery accents

"Primitive Welcome" by Threadwork Primitives ~ Nan Lewis may be found in the November 2013 Cross Stitch and Needlework Magazine

Finishes and Fully Finished:
"Hello July" from Hands on Design "Hello There!" series.
 I receive my monthly piece via The Fat Quarter Shop Monthly Club Series which you can sign up for at the following links:
AIDA Monthly Hello There Club HERE
LINEN Monthly Hello There Club HERE

"BEE KIND" by The Twisted Stitcher Designs a one of a kind class design which I designed for my Local Needlework Shop 2018 Retreat that is happening: March 22-25, 2018
There are a few spots remaining for the retreat. If you would like more information please click: HERE

"Pumpkins 4 Sale" by Little House Needleworks for color conversion and comments about finish please click: HERE

"Land of the Free", "Long May She Wave" and "Home of the Brave" by Little House Needleworks and Classic Colorworks Thread Packs. Contact your Needlework Shop for these Thread Packs which are STILL available!

Works in Progress:

"As Life Wears Away" by Carriage House Samplings on 32 ct. pearled barley by Lakeside Linens using 3 strands for the satin stitches

"Early Americans" series by Little House Needleworks for details of how I am stitching this series ALL ON ONE PIECE with color changes etc. Please click HERE 

"Hannah Harrison Sampler" found in Sampler and Antique Needlework Quarterly

"Alphabet Series" by Mary Turley of M Designs may be found as PDF downloads on her ETSY shop HERE done in Elegant Eggplant Belle Soie by Classic Colorworks. 

"Shades of Autumn" by from Nancy's Needle on 18 ct Monocanvas

Under the Umbrella of Needlework:

Counted Canvas Work:
Arelen Cohen FLOSSTUBE  and ETSY SHOP 

From Nancy's Needle: HERE

Genny Morrow Designs: HERE

Jean Hilton Designs: HERE

DebBee's Designs: HERE 

Needle Delights: HERE

Threedles: HERE

Laura J. Perin: HERE


My punchneedle frame came from The Old Tattered Flag: HERE

Brenda Gervais Punch Needle HOW TO video: HERE

Lazy Susan that I use with my punch needle frame, I found on AMAZON for $8. If you don't have a punch needle frame, then make sure you get a locking lip MORGAN hoop. 

Punchneedle Finishes:
 "My Black Hen" by Teresa Kogut
"America" by Little House Needleworks

Punchneedle Artist: Michelle Palmer ETSY SHOP
Brenda Gervais Punchneedle: HERE
Notforgotten Farm Punchneedle: HERE
Teresa Kogut Punchneedle: HERE

Wool Applique:

Primitive Gatherings Wool: HERE
Old Tattered Flag Wool Applique: HERE

Give Away Information:

Amy from Down Sunshine Lane: HERE 
has gifted me a set of patterns to gift away on my YouTube Channel from Plum Street Samplers.
The Charts are: Hello Fall and Heritage Sampler
Watch the video in full to find out details. 


"Sarah Woodham" by Shakespeare's Peddler
"Miss Kelley's School Sampler" by Lindsay Lane Designs
"Jenny Bean Friendship Sampler" by Shakespeare's Peddler
"Needleworker Sampler" by With Thy Needle and Thread
"Heap on the Wood" by With Thy Needle and Thread
"Holly and Hearts" by Lizzie Kate
"Let Heaven and Nature Sing" by Kathy Barrick
"Elizabeth Easton" by The Goode Huswife
"Peace on Earth" by Prairie Moon
"Mary Gibson" by Haselmere Educational Museum STILL AVAILABLE!!! HERE

Thank you for watching!


  1. I just finished watching your video and the eye candy was hard to resist. Thanks for sharing your time and your expertise with us readers!!

  2. Lady! You are one busy gal! As I'm watching you, I'm also checking out your blog in another window and seeing all the work and detail you put in to everything you do, perfection - perfection, I love it! As I watched your first videos you brought to mind all the work my grandmother did for me on finishes, she was s seamstress by trade, and could do just about anything, just like you do with your stitching... I'll keep watching!

  3. Your videos always make me smile and this one was no exception. Thank you so much for the comprehensive show notes, too!

  4. That was a wonderful video. Thank you for taking the time to detail all your show notes and links. I've already popped over to check out the Mary Gibson sampler.

  5. Loved your video. I just realized I can watch your floss tube videos on my TV, and how awesome that is, like a visit from you. I loved all your projects, and I just ordered those project bags from Amazon. Thanks for all the enjoyment of your videos and all the info that you share. I would love to learn counted canvas (and punchneedle too).

  6. I really enjoyed your video today. I truly loved all of your projects that you showed. Your finishes are just awesome. Thank you for all the info above. You had me laughing today...such a cute presentation. RJ@stitchingfriendsforever

  7. Loved your video as always very encouraging. You touched my heart when you mentioned how your family likes to leave the people who come in and out of your lives better for knowing you. I didn't grow up in a very loving or joyful home and our wonderful loving God put good people like your family to come into my life and definitely made me a better person for knowing them and learning from them. You are very special - I hope you know that.

  8. The Genny Morrow rice is fantastic! I did it several years ago and had it scheduled for the next year. My husband actually asked me to start on it right away. Of course I changed some color and added metallics. I bought it from Kathy Rees when she still had her shop and I’ve done several of her pieces since then, also. I love what you do, you’re so talented in so many areas! Thank you for sharing your talents!

  9. Oh my! This is such a wonderful post, jam-packed with information - love it!! Thank you Vonna!

  10. Vonna: Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, oh my what a great post, so many links, thank-you.
    I love FlossTube.


  11. Vonna do you have a video for cube, I found it on your blog, you are truly amazing!!Thank you

    1. I do not have a video, but I have a written tutorial for a cube on my tutorial blog as well as lots and lots of other tutorials that I've written over 10 years time.


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