Thursday, September 14, 2017

The Early Americans...

~ Welcome Dear Friends ~

I know that it has been a month since my last blog post...
so I thought I'd better get on here and let you know I'm still kicking. Since I last wrote, we have begun school, taken Katie back to college, gotten our floors redone with laminate hardwood flooring, I've fall cleaned and redecorated after that was done and of course in our spare time we've been travelling all over the state following our Cross Country Boy in his final year of running and the every present daily finishing that I do. Busy!

being I'm over halfway through, I'd like to share with you my "Early Americans" progress to date. I've been sharing nearly every day on Instagram my stitching for a long time, just because I use it as sort of a personal "stitch diary" of what I do stitching-wise, every day. So that at the end of the month I can go back over what I have accomplished. I've forged many wonderful friendships there as well, and gotten to know other friends a lot better. Life in learn a lot about people.

So without further ado...
let me share with you my people...our people... of the United States - "The Early American Series" by Little House Needleworks:

Betsy Ross
Betsy's Block

John Hancock
Betsy and John

Martha Washington

Nathan Hale

Now then...
the center block, I did not use what was charted. . . NOT because I didn't like it. . . rather the entire time I have been stitching this, I have been reciting in my head the preamble to the United States Constitution..."We the People of the United states in order to form a more perfect Union..." 
I learned that preamble in school as a young girl and the entire time while stitching this piece I've been reciting it silently in my head. (I know I'm weird, but I own it!) 
So since that has been running through my head, I HAD to have it on my piece. I thought about trying to make it fit on the bottom somehow...but charting the whole thing...yowza! So long before I the middle block was even released, I had made up my mind that my center block would be the "We the People..." block. Here is my piece as it stands today:We The People

The center block...
is simply Diane's "America" design that you can see HERE: Little House Needleworks AMERICA

I had thought about doing the whole "America" Piece (slightly altered) over one tread to fit inside the block, since I LOVE that design...but that would have looked I used the flag and the vine from the "America" design pattern and charted my own font with the preamble beginning...then I added a large star and bingo bango! CENTER BLOCK. I love it! And that block incorporates ME and what was running through my head as I stitched on this piece.

That my friends...
is what I like to do. I'm certain you have noticed that I change things up a lot. Why? Because I want my pieces to stand for ME, and what I was thinking/feeling/living during that time I was stitching it. defines ME. 

Someday soon...
I'll be back with a tour of my home...
I'm so stinkin' proud of all my fall cleaning, our new floors and how my home looks. Finally after 21 years of marriage and saving our p's and q's I've got the house looking like I want it to look. We've grown up a lot since we took our vows :) 
Don't we all?!

Until next time...
I love you all...
Keep a smile on your face,
and one in your heart...
remember we don't know the baggage a neighbor carries,
so treat kindly...
be respectful...
turn someone's frown upside down by doing the unexpected...
You do all of this, you can't go wrong!
Love in Stitches, 
Vonna xxxx


  1. Vonna---- I. LOVE. IT. That is PERFECT!! What a glorious job you have done. I could 'gush' endlessly over this, but I'll spare you. Suffice it to say that I think it's beyond lovely.


  2. It is lovely! And life is a process of growing! Hugs

  3. Vonna, I love your middle block for The Early Americans. It fits in beautifully with the other blocks plus you have created it with you in mind. Wishing each one of your children a fabulous school year! Thinking of you!

  4. Love your patriots! And the center is perfect for this piece. It will look wonderful in your patriotic room. Like many others I look forward to your home tour!

  5. It is positively beautiful. Your talents are amazing...Love checking in periodically to keep an eye on your shared skills.
    Just would like to mention that I read one of your past writings about the "Immaculate Conception", a holy day of obligation. I too am Catholic. I am older than you, more than I care to say, but you taught me something about St. Anne, the mother of Mary. I went to Catholic school too and do NOT remember being taught this part. Probably 'twas me, day dreaming and not listening. Your explanation about God's plan for St. Anne, enabled me to comprehend and fully understand the prayer 'Hail Mary'. I just want to say THANKS, as it has taken on much more meaning to me.
    Love your blog, a faithful follower, with Peace for all,

  6. I love it all and that center block is a Winner! Enjoy the rest of your day with your family. Today is the first day since Sunday I went on FB and shiver me timbers, I am now trying to locate a stash of Thread Heaven because I do not wanna go back to beeswax. Guess you miss out when you tend to business and turn off social media for a break.

  7. Vonna, you are such an inspiration. I haven't started this yet. I am thinking of designing a block for the center that will highlight my patriots. I have two gentlemen in my line that fought in the Revolution. Thanks so much for the inspiration!!!!!

  8. Beautiful! When I first started stitching a dear friend of mine said to me "make it your own." Am glad you have found a way to make it your own. Maureen Appleton, designer behind Hearts Content writes a note or letter to be included with the framing about what was going on in her life while she was stitching the piece.

  9. I absolutely love that middle block!

  10. It's just perfect Vonna, I love the personalised block.

  11. Wow! This piece is spectacular just love how you let your personality come through it is perfect❤️❤️ Blessings...

  12. I love your piece. it is beautiful! You are just so creative. I have trouble just changing a thread when I don't like the color.

  13. great post Vonna ! Love your Early Americans, so creative to add your own center block. I have mine ready but have never started. I love seeing your finishing on FB, not doing Instagram NO! I already spend too much time in the ether as my DH calls it. Glad you are happy with your new flooring and can't wait to see Fall ! take care Mel

  14. Vonna,love what you have done to make this piece your own. Awesome job! And congrats on your new floors. Can't wait to see the photos! Happy Autumn (my favorite season!).

  15. That block is perfection in this piece! Beautiful work Vonna!

  16. Happy Autumn Vonna !! This is my favorite season; I love the decorations, apple and pumpkin pie, cooler temperatures in Ohio, and all the pretty fall stitching designs.
    Your Early Americans series is gorgeous. I love your middle block, you are so inspiring with your creativity.
    Enjoy the season. I look forward to seeing your home decorations too.

  17. I love this WIP! You're so clever with that center block creation, wow!

  18. Vonna...Oh.My.Goodness!!! You are amazing and your stitching is spectacular - so lovely and beautiful. Your creativity is awe-inspiring! Love, love, LOVE your Early Americans and the block you added is stunning!! I love watching your progress on everything!

  19. Oh, your design for the center block is perfect, Vonna! You really should try your hand at designing and selling your work--maybe Miss Ellie could be your collaborator?! Fun!!

    I haven't posted in over a month either--just haven't felt much like it lately. I hope I get some drive back soon...

  20. Your central block is very nice, and all the blocks together are so greta ! but I don't know how you can find time to do ALL the things you do...

  21. Again you have done a great job You center block is really neat and looks like you.

  22. Your center block is awesome Voona - love it 🙂

  23. I really like your border. Is there a chart available for it? I am almost ready to start stitching this group, and would love to use that border for mine.

  24. Looks wonderful. The changes make the project as unique as you!

  25. Vonna, that center block is perfect! What a great way to make this project your own.

  26. Nicely done Vonna! (Now I have that part of the Preamble running through MY mind!) I enjoy seeing how you make your stitching pieces 'yours'... Thanks for sharing with us! Hugs!

  27. A wonderful unique piece of stitching. So good to see you back on screen too.

  28. I love your adaptation for the center block. Your creativity is a gift! Mary

  29. Oh my gosh, that is a beautiful piece - love your center and all the early Americans!

  30. Beautiful personalization :) You already know that I would LOVE to see a tour of all your displayed stitching and decor!

  31. Love, love, love how you did the middle block and made the entire piece "yours"❤


  32. Absolutely love your Early Americans. Great work!!

  33. Your America piece is amazing. Your creativity with the center block is beyond compare. Thank you for sharing it.

  34. Love, love, love your personalizations to this project! Especially your center block. It pulls in the greenery from the other blocks and the wording is perfect. It's also a subtle reminder that no matter our differences, we are one, and stronger together than divided. Very fitting for this time in our history. We need to remember where we came from! xoxo


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