Friday, June 09, 2017

I'm ready!

~ Greetings Friends ~
warm wishes to all of you!

Hey, guess what?!
I'm ahead of schedule! What do I mean?! I mean...
I'm ready for Flag Day, Fourth of July and Labor Day...
yep, I'm ready!

Last night I finished...
"Home of the Brave"
by Little House Needleworks
A Classic Colorworks Thread Pack 
(to get these just ask for them at your shop they can get them year round, always available)

With this finish...
it mean that the trio of Patriotic Designs that Little House has put out with Classic Colorworks was completed. So...if you follow me on my YouTube Channel where I do my video podcasts each month on "FlossTube" you will know that I am working on my "Patriotic Room" 
Just a room that I'm hoping to fill with Patriotic designs and leave them out all year long. 
Well anyway, I digress, with the last stitches put in "Home of the Brave" last night I had my trio finished and I didn't waste anytime fully finishing them into these:

"Land of the Free"
"Long May She Wave"
"Home of the Brave"
All thread packs available through Classic Colorworks designed by Little House Needleworks
finished as: Mounted Wall Hangings

You will notice I used red pillow ticking...and put it on a field of stars...I sort of wanted to give an illusion of a real flag/ red and white stripes with a field of blue of scattered stars...
A natural jute bow and a big ol' rusty barn star were just the icing on the cake.

And where did I put them? 
Why in my Patriotic Room of course...

Now I can see them every time I walk by...
and just like always. My handiwork makes me smile real big. 
NOTHING gives me more satisfaction then seeing MY work, in MY home, finished by MY hands.

What have the Pfeiffer's been up to?
Well a whole lotta working!
Mr. Pfeiffer bringing home the bacon, Katie at her internship, the boys packing groceries and Ellie working on all her 4H submissions.
Of course me slinging hash and finishing down in the cave :)
Life is good.

I don't share much of Ellie's work...but she is a gifted Artist. Here are a few of her creations over the last few days:

this was created using Copic Markers:

this one was created using a Pencil:

This one was created using india ink:

Ellie is 11 years old. She is simply, amazing. God has gifted her with a talent that continues to amaze me.

On Memorial Day...
we (and about 1/4 of the inhabitants of Indiana) went to Turkey Run State Park. It was our first time there and I snapped lots of shots of the beautiful natural beauty surrounding us that God created.






That does it folks for this installment :)

Until next time...
Smile because I love you!
Be kind because kindness matters.
Pay your blessings forward.
Stitch ALL the things!

Hugs in stitches, 
Vonna xxxx


  1. This is a wonderful post Vonna. I'm totally in love with your patriotic stiches and their finishes. Having been an Air Force wife for 30 years I love anything connected with our flag. Your finishes are exceptional. I think the red ticking and stars go so great together. Your family is doing so well. Katie is extremely talented and I know you are proud of her. Looked like a great day with nature. You are very blessed.
    My friend Mary and I have started a new blog called stitching friends forever and would love if you would come by for a visit. RJ

  2. Congratulations on your trio of patriotic finishes, Vonna! Each one is fabulous and I know you are enjoying them hanging on the wall. Ellie's art work is super; she is very talented. It looks like you and yours had a fabulous time at the state park. Enjoy your weekend!

  3. Beautiful patriotic finishes, Vonna! Ellie is certainly a very talented young lady.

  4. Wow, Ellie is super talented! Thanks for sharing her work with us.

  5. Wow! To you and Ellie. Her artwork is amazing....such talent at eleven years old. Seeing your finishes makes me want to get my Long May She Wave out of my WIP basket and finish it. How funny that 1/4 of Indiana also chose to go the park that same day. lol But doesn't it really seem that way when we do go on an outing? Thank you for blog. I so enjoy it!

  6. Your new finishes are gorgeous. The fabric background is perfect and I love the star button too. They look great hanging together on your wall.
    Ellie is so talented, I always enjoy seeing her art work.
    Enjoy the summer !!

  7. Ellie is quite talented, must get it from her mom! Looked like a nice day to get out to hike. As always, your finishing looks great. Looking forward to some pictures or video of how it's coming along.

  8. Ellie is very talented ..such beautiful work
    Love your stitching
    Big hugs
    Happy weekend x

  9. I love your finishes Vonna. They are beautiful! and Miss Ellie is amazing. She is so talented like her Mama!!

  10. Love the patriotic finishing! Ellie is a true artist. I have to laugh at her subject matter!! Looks like someone is a bit boy crazy! Watch out! ;)

  11. Love the Patriotic pieces. And your daughter does excellent work!

  12. Wonderful finishes and they look super up on your wall. Such attention to detail.
    Ellie is so talented. I know how hard it is to blend with copics or any alcohol markers, the picture that Ellie created is AMAZING!
    The park looks like a wonderful place. Have a good weekend.

  13. Vonna, Those patriotic pieces are fantastic. This is definitely the time of year when all those who have served our country come to mind. You have a very talented family. --Andrea

  14. hiya vonna, those finishes are great, polka dot fab you chose really makes them pop, good eye! unbelievable talent your ellie. enjoy your weekend and your new finishes on the wall, we know what it's like to wanna walk past them, just so you can see them... and smile:)

  15. Your blog always makes me smile☺ Thank you for sharing Ellie's art - she is absolutely amazing! Love, love, love your finishes❤ My dad served in the army so patriotic finishes always make me proud.

    Hugs and blessings ❤

  16. Ellie definitely takes after you! I assumed she was a college student from the standard of her artwork. I do hope she chooses a creative career!

  17. I love those. Now I want to do those too. There's just not enough time. I'm still working on the border for the Early American series. I have to finish one project before I can start another. You are right the border is easy to work off my iPad.

    Ellie's talent will serve her well in some career she chooses. Amazing work for onevso young.

    Just recovering from a stroke I had coming home from a cruise. Was at the atlant airport. A huge shock. But I am almost back to normal after just two months. Dr said someone was looking out for me. Stitching is wonderful therapy.
    Pat Schwartz

  18. Vonna, I'm absolutely amazed at Ellie's work! That would be great for an adult, but for an eleven year old, it's fantabulous! Please give her a big pat on the back for me!

  19. Ellie, only 11 - to create like that - she is gifted. Love your patriotic pieces too!

  20. Great job on your patriotic finishes. Wow, Ellie's work is amazing. What great pics from your hike.

  21. Love your finishes. Ellie's talent is amazing. The two of you should team up and design some beautiful cross stitch patterns. ;)

  22. Vonna, Katie is amazingly talented, talent runs in the family. Thanks for sharing her artwork! Love your patriotic stitches and I love how you finished them. You must smile each time you walk into your room and see them.
    I watched my first flosstube video and it was of how you start your thread and how you stitch. I tried your way of starting a new thread and love it, the back of my work is 100% better. Thanks for sharing your wealth of knowledge so freely. Mary@stitchingfriendsforever

  23. Beautiful finishes as always. Love your patriotic room. I always joke about Jeremiah being born patriotic. I'm glad. Anyway his school room has a lot of patriotic things in it. Ellie's artwork is just amazing. She is sure talented just like her mom. Have a great week!

  24. Ellie has a god given gift that only a few people have I hope she continue to use it in her furture Way to go Ellie !!!!!

  25. Congrats on the patriotic finishes - they really look great and I bet they do make you smile when you walk by them. Glad to hear all the Pfeiffers are keeping busy this summer - I bet the time goes by fast! Love the Turkey Run pics - we usually go out in the fall when the leaves are changing and temps cooler....but we do have some beautiful state parks in Indiana all year!

  26. Beautiful finishes! And Ellie -- what an amazing artist she is! Wow! Love seeing the family out in nature too.

  27. I love all your patriotic stitching. I keep mine up all year too. Miss Ellie is an amazing young artist!!!

  28. love your LHN finishes - just awesome and soooo creative! Miss Ellie is amazing - I can't imagine her expertise and imagination for her age - simply amazing. Good photos of the family trip to the park. hope your summer goes well! mel

  29. The LHN patterns are so beautiful. I love patriotic patterns, need to add these to my wishlist. ;)
    The park you went to is gorgeous!! What a fun trip!
    God Bless!

  30. Congrats on finishing the three patriotic pieces. I have Long May She Wave, waiting in my queue. It won't be totally done by the 4th, but when I get around to the finishing... YOUR way is going to be MY way! LOVE! Thanks for showing more of Ellie's art... she definitely is talented. You've been sharing her works for many years... and she is only 11 years old! Imagine the future! Thanks for all the sharing you do: blogging, tutorials, and flosstube! Hugs!

  31. I love American designs and have many hanging in my bedroom. I am currently working on Long May She Wave. I have the other two finished and framed. I really like how you finished yours'

  32. Your patriotic pieces are beautiful and look wonderful in your wall color. I am trying to decide on a color for our living room, and that soft buttery color is what I'm leaning toward. Ellie is so talented! Hmm...wonder where she gets it. Although my daughter also loves to draw and paint and that is one skill I did not pass along. I can't draw at all!


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