Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Early Americans...calling Martha!

~ Welcome Friends ~
Warm Welcome to each of you!
and also...
A big thank you for coming back to my little slice of the world here on Blogger.


Today I have to share...
my progress on my "Early Americans" sampler by Little House Needleworks.
Martha is in the HOUSE!
LHN Early Americans _ add Martha

You know...
when I started on this journey, I was so excited about this series...and it is so satisfying to me when I see a firm foundation laid (and I figure one row done and stitched is a firm foundation) and I can actually see that what I visualized in my head was perfect. I LOVE my border.
 I'm sorry, I'm not bragging on myself (well I guess in reality, I am) ~ I really didn't know if it would look good.
Would it be too busy? 
That was my primary worry, but when I finished Martha and I stood back and took this photo and I looked at my handiwork... and I thought...nope...not too busy. Rather, it frames it and gives it some intrigue, some dimension, some character. I am so in love with this piece. I truly am. 
Between this piece that is growing and my ABC Samplers that I finished earlier this year...I am finding these monthly series to be wonderful! I adore them! And when you are all done and the last piece is done and have a big, large wonderful finish that is spectacular and a real show stopper!

What else have I been up to? Well...
my family is on their summer High Adventures with Daddy trip! This year the girls even went, typically just the boys go, but this year, with Ellie getting bigger and since we aren't taking an extended family vacation everyone went. We think it important that our kids have Daddy-alone time - just Daddy, no Mom. So we started incorporating these vacations/getaways into our summers about 10 years ago. It builds good relationships with their Dad and it gives them memories to reflect on once they are grown. Here's some photos that I received via text last night. They are in West Virginia white water rafting on the New River.


Keith and Ian...

Ellie and Katie...

So...that leaves Mom home OFF DUTY (!) and crafting her heart out! 
I finished this With Thy Needle and Thread Exclusive ~ "Flag Day at the Potting Shed"
WTNT up close

WTNT_Flag Day at the Potting Shed 
Isn't that darling?! 
You all know that I have a goal focus for this year, and it is to "trick out" my Patriotic Room in my home. Yes, all patriotic, all year long. This cloche will be darling in there!

And last night... during my Staycation it was Craft and Booze night ~ A couple of margaritas and some crafting until 1 a.m. turned out this cutie, Blackbird Designs ~ "Hats Off to Uncle Sam"

BBD Hats off to Uncle Sam 

BBD Hats off HAT

BBD Hats off inside

What can I say?
Maybe I need to take a Craft and Booze night a couple of times a month ;)

I am so pleased with my finishes I've shared with you here. It's the simple things in life

Until next time...
Smile...because it can change someone's day.
Be kind...because kindness matters.
Love hard...because love makes the world go 'round and changes lives.

Hugs in stitches, 
Vonna xxxx


  1. Great finishes, the cloche is my favorite. How special that your husband spends this time with your kids. These memories will last them a lifetime!

  2. What fabulous finishes you have created, Vonna! I really like each one of the designs you shared in this post. What a super tradition to start and continue with the Dad time vacations; great memories they are creating and treasuring.

  3. Love all your red, white and blue.

  4. Love Flag Day at the Potting Shed! Super work Vonna.

  5. I bet you were rocking out to the Eagle during your craft night too LOL ! Your Early Americans is just AWESOME! I want to thank you in advance for the border and sharing it with your fans. I think it's wonderful and it's what really drew me to the idea of doing them on one piece of linen but then I had to order a piece and it took a while. I have it now so maybe I can start soon. Love the other patriotic finishes you have cranked out. SO fun to be so creative and get stuff done, you're the queen of accomplishments. Cheers, have another margarita - Mel

  6. I love them all. That will be a really sweet patriotic room when done.

    I love your border and can't wait to start the early American sampler. Got to finish a wedding sampler for my granddaughter first but that's almost done.

    Enjoy seeing your creations.

  7. That's great that your kids are enjoying time with their Dad...and you get a little time to yourself. Love to see Martha on the piece. It's coming along nicely. All your projects look great. --Andrea

  8. I love your little finishes. I like the idea of a staycation.

  9. You are amazing and your cross stitch is perfection! I love the Early Americans and the border adds so much to the piece. Thank you so much for sharing your borders and your love of cross stitch. --Connie

  10. Great stitches and finishes as always Vonna. I especially love the patriotic stitch in the cloche. I missed out on that one and wish she would come back and sell the pattern again. It is a special one. What a really nice time for your children and their Dad. I did a lot with my Dad as a child and I have the most wonderful memories of him. And, it's nice for Mom to have some time by herself especially when stitching and margaritas are present. RJ @ stitching friends forever

  11. Vonna, I love all the things you are stitching. I bought my linen while in Alabama for The Americans. have you seen that middle square, will I be able to add the names of my patriots there as you suggested? I was so pleased that my grandson told his entire class about his roots to the American Revolution. Enjoy your time alone and what great rafting photos. A relationship with Dad is so very important to children!!

  12. Your family is in my state. Are they staying near Fayetteville? The New River area is full of natural beauty. I hope they are having a good time!

  13. Beautiful Vonna! Where did you get uncle sam's stinkin' cute. Love your work.

  14. Your early American piece is looking great! Do you watch Turn on Netflix? Looks like your children are having a great time--special times!

  15. Your patriotic room is going to look awesome! Sounds like a good arrangement you have with your husband but margaritas and stitching would be a frogging disaster for me!

  16. I have had a patriotic guest room for decades and love adding to it! I am jealous of how far along you are on this series and love your border, am thanking you for sharing it! Love your blog and floss tube.

  17. Vonna, What a great family tradition for the kids to have a special vacation with Dad, do you take a vacation with them without Dad also? Alone time is always nice and you accomplished a lot, I love, love the Flag Day at the potting shed.
    Your border is fantastic, I can see why your as pleased with punch, it's perfect! Your craft and booze night sounds like much fun!! Mary

  18. alone time well spent i'd say:) enjoy!

  19. I think that Dad and kids vacation is a great idea. What memories they will have and there will be a closeness that will always be special. Your finishes are gorgeous.

  20. What a fun idea for the kids. Looks like fun. Your finishes are just beautiful! Glad you enjoyed yourself and your mom break.

  21. I think doing the "daddy time" and your "staycation" are perfect! Everyone wins by doing this. I am so glad that you are having fun too. As always, your projects are perfect; just so fun to see what you are doing. Thank you for sharing your talents, and for your "until next time" words - Bless you..............

  22. Generally, I don't let comments on your posts... I must admit that my english is not as good as I'd like (I'm French...) but it's always a very great pleasure to read your thoughts, to look at all the beautiful things you stitch.... I'm waiting for the next post.... Have a very good day !

  23. Beautiful work Vonna. Your an inspiration.

  24. Your Early Americans looks superb. The border is genius with a capital G! Glad you had some fun time hanging out at home with the kitties!

  25. A home alone staycation sounds wonderful! You did some great crafting while the family was gone.

  26. Early Americans is stunning - your border is just perfect. So neat that the kids go away with dad - what a great way to make some fun memories (for all of you). And craft and booze night sounds good to me!

  27. Vonna your patriotic adventure continues! I'm loving Early Americans and I'm hoping next week to get at least the top border done on mine. I've finished Martha now but haven't ordered Nathan yet. Maybe I'll get to my LNS soon to pick him up. That rafting/river trip would have terrified me! But I bet they had a ball. :) blessings, marlene

  28. Hi Vonna! I truly love all your work! I think you're onto something...craft and booze night! Although, I'm not sure anything I craft with booze would turn out as good as your wonderful items! Guess what? I'm getting ready to try your bake and baste on 28 ct evenweave.

  29. Oh my goodness, your finishes are gorgeous! Early Americans is looking amazing too. Just beautiful stitching! :D

  30. Beautiful finishes as always Vonna! I'm a West Virginia gal! I'm so glad their enjoying our beautiful state!

  31. Wonderful finishes. Looks like everyone is having a great time.

  32. You are so talented, your finishes are just lovely. My kids all take trips with Dad, each year. I enjoy the alone time and it is good for their bonding. I love your Early Americans, that would look good in a History classroom.

  33. All of your work is so beautiful, Vonna. I think the dad trip alone idea sounds great. :)


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