Tuesday, May 16, 2017

May days...

~ Greetings and Warmest Welcome to all of you, my friends ~

The sunny days of May have been inspiring....
and very busy! I have been wanting to share a post for quite a few days now, but my body has been hopping to and fro and when not hopping, I have been coughing. Yes, I caught the dreaded "spring cold" that probably is a leftover of the winter wrath. It came on without any clue I was getting sick and before I knew it I was in the throes of coughing and hacking about. Which, the horrible complete body spasms from coughing, inflamed my sciatic nerve and then every cough, every sneeze, every movement caused a horrible, terrible electrocution feeling down my left leg that left me sobbing. Anyone that has ever dealt with sciatic pain understands exactly where I'm coming from. Sciatic pain is some of the worse pain I've ever had to deal with. I couldn't sleep in a bed for 4 days, one night I couldn't sit, couldn't lay...So I leaned against a wall for hours. It was horrible. But thankfully, with some fluids, rest and Advil...I finally am back to normal...I still have the odd twinge from my sciatic, but it has calmed down mightily. It will go away steadily now that I'm not coughing my head off every 30 seconds. 

How about stitching?
Well...I have many updates!

Here is where my "Early Americans" by Little House Needleworks stands after the addition of John Hancock:


*again all the information about changes I have made in colors, my fabric choice and my own creation: the border is all available in the tab above entitled Early Americans Progression

I made some progress also on my "As Life Wears Away" by Carriage House Samplings:


*I absolutely adore this piece...the satin stitches which could be called bargello, flame stitch, flourentine stitch, but it is essentially at its base level - satin stitch - is absolutely fabulous. I am LOVING how this is turning out! Stitching on 32 count limited run Lakeside Linens stitching with DMC not the NPI silks called for. 

Next Up is "Let Freedom Ring Sampler" by Lila's Studio and my progress there after three evenings:


*again information on colors, fabric, etc may be viewed at tab above under "Let Freedom Ring Progression" 

I started some new things as well this month...
I dyed my own linen and took a foray into Mirabilia mermaids...
May I present "Mermaids of the Deep Blue" started on my own hand-dyed fabric. (inquiring minds? I use RIT and I painted it with brushes to get the blues, aquas and pinks where I wanted them - the fabric is absolutely stunning)


And lastly I had a new start and a border of my own creation for the new series by Country Cottage Needleworks. The New series is a ten part series and it is entitled "Main Street". You can read all about it HERE
Here is my start:
I did change some things. I omitted the light pole and added a bicycle. Why? There is a flower shop in my city where I live, that has an old bike painted white with big baskets of flowers on the front handlebars and the back tire basket. I have always thought it so cute. So in my "Main Street" I am recreating it and going to add/delete things to make it my perfect little city. At my flower shop I added a bike with a big basket of flowers. I didn't have a pattern, I didn't even make a pattern. I just did two bike "tires" then added the pink stitches and handlebars until I thought it looked good enough like a bike, added some back stitched fenders then added a basket that is loosely like one of the pot of flowers on the shop. Viola! :)


and here is my layout, again I designed my own border: 


and before anyone asks, yes, you may have the pattern. BUT again I want to reiterate. This is - my work. I spent a good 6 hours on this, doing math, counting, recounting, and designing - if you use it, PLEASE give my name credit for it. I am sure most people that follow me notice: I give everything away freely to the world. Everything. Tutorials, patterns, any gained knowledge about stitching, finishing, designing. I'm not doing this for monetary compensation in any way. I'm doing this because of my love for needlework and my love for fellow humans who love and enjoy stitching as much as I do. I'm promoting stitching, I'm promoting kindness and giving of myself freely. The best thing you can do for me in return is to credit my name if you use anything that I give freely (tutorials, patterns, information, etc)

I cannot offer this in PDF printable format because it was created by using the free version of PC Stitch. It is in my Flickr album and if you blow it up  (by clicking on the spyglass in Flickr) you can see the stitches on the graph visually from your computer or your tablet - EASILY. So please don't ask for a "hard copy" or a "printable copy" I stitched it myself using my flickr album and iPad. I didn't have a printed copy myself.

Main Street 2017

I've done a lot and all of those items may be viewed under the tab "My Finishing Service" and clicking on the 2017 Finishing Link contained within...I am currently up to 208 finishes that I have completed for clients since January 9, 2017. Blessed to be very busy! Thank you to those who use my finishing service. It is my honor to finish for you!

I believe that sums me up for the present time...
my boys and Ellie have 9 days of school left. Katie is back home with us and currently working at her internship job for the summer. I'm trying to get caught up on finishing work. Mr. Pfeiffer is currently at home this week, but every other week he has to travel to St. Louis for 7 days for work. So he's home a week, gone a week, home a week, gone a week....for the upcoming 6-8 months. :( 
I don't like him gone...but such is the way of an engineer in the throes of a sell off. 

Until next time my dear people...
Be kind.
Tell someone you love them!
Open the door for a stranger.
Stop and smell the roses.
Thank God for your blessings!

Love and hugs in stitches, 
Vonna xxxx


  1. What a fun post full of beautiful stitching! So sorry to hear you suffered so much from sciatic pain with that nasty cough. :( I've had sciatica, but never that badly. Good to hear your news too. Hope all the travel for your hubby isn't too terrible for everyone. I always hate when my DH has to travel too. That's a lot of travel!

  2. You continue to amaze me. Accomplishing all of that when you don't feel well and are in pain? Really? I'm dumbfounded and feel like the laziest person on earth.

    Your dye job on that fabric is incredible. Your free-stitch bicycle is perfect. And the new border is a gem... thanks so much for sharing.

    All your stitching is just beautiful. I see grand prize fair winner in your future!

    Take care and stay healthy --- you need your strength!

  3. Wow, all of your pieces are lovely, as always! The dyed fabric is such a beautiful combination of colors and it really seems to glow! I also love your Main Street! The borders and the bike are so fun!

  4. Vonna, it was good to read your post this AM with my coffee. Happy to hear Katie is home for the summer and the kids are nearing the end of their school years. All of your stitching is incredible. The fabric you dyed for the mermaid is stunning. Did you heat set it once it dried? Very glad to hear you are feeling better! Enjoy your week!

  5. Beautiful work Vonna! I always enjoy your blog posts & glad you are on the mend.:)

  6. As always just beautiful!!! I'm thinking I'm going to have to start the Main Street series now lol.

  7. Lovely! And I hope you do fell better!

  8. Your projects all look great and your hand dyed fabric is gorgeous! Glad you're on the mend. I get sciatica flare ups from time to time and they really do hurt. However, the past few years I've added a new pain to my life - I pull my groin from time to time. It hurts so bad I can't even describe it. And to top it off, as it starts to heal, my sciatica in the same leg makes an appearance! Oh, the joys of aging. hahahaha

  9. Vonna, I'm always happy to see a post from you! Glad to hear you are feeling better. Your stitching is lovely. And like Annie above me said, you've gotten a ton of work done for being ill too! Happy stitching....

  10. You are wonderfully talented and generous! Thank you for all that you share with us.

  11. I have a dear Friend who suffers sciatica chronically and I
    imagine the pain in beyond description, although you did a
    great job of it. This post of beautiful stitchery is eye candy... love the Main St. project...tempting, although you
    hooked me on "as life wears away" looks like a relaxing project and I love the message. Hope you get feeling more
    and more normal as Hubby returns and Children exit school...
    Happy Birthday to Ben in Paradise....

  12. Vonna...so sorry about your extreme pain...I've had sciatica and it is painful, but mine was not as severe as yours. Your works in progress are lovely...what a darling idea...to insert a bike! Wow! Your dyed fabric is perfect for the mermaid.

  13. Sorry to hear you were down and out but happy to hear your doing better, spectacular stitchingšŸŒ· Many blessings...

  14. I will pray that you get well soon. ((hugs)). I love the border you designed. You are always so kind to share with us your awesome talents, thank you. You give the gift that no one else can give...yourself. I love reading your blog and watching your You Tube videos. I always smile watching your videos because you are always so joyful, and I admire your beautiful stitching. Blessings to you always. :)

  15. Oh, I forgot to tell you how adorable I thought the bike was that you added for the Main Street flower shop design. I really love it! You are so very creative. ((hugs))

  16. Hoping that cold is soon gone! I love all your stitchy thaings. Very awesome as always.

  17. Great stitching (as always!) and I absolutely love that border you designed for Main Street! Hope the cold and nerve pain are gone by the time you read this!

  18. Vonna, take good care of yourself. That business sounded terrible! My sweet daughter had planned to spend some of Mother's Day with me and she has something very similar to your bug. So I have yet to see her to celebrate. I plan to start the American project soon. However, I have 2 ancestors who fought in the Revolution. I am trying to decide if I should use their names . That would make it very personal. I love your border and believe me you will get all the credit!

  19. Wish you could come to St. Louis with your husband because we have a large stitching group here that would love to meet up with you!

    1. Kathy, I very well may be coming to St. Louis in June. Care to e-mail me so I can talk with you about it, if I do come? I'd love to stitch with like minded souls!

  20. Love your hand dyed piece of linen and thankyou for the hint of how you did it. Love all your projects and hope that cough has gone to Arizona:)as we say here in N.Z. (They might not be happy about that:)

  21. Glad to hear you are feeling better. Your stitching projects are amazing. I can't keep 2 straight I can't imagine having as many going as you do.

  22. Glad to hear you are feeling better
    I love your stitching so much
    Big hugs x

  23. Hope you are feeling better. I think that when I fell in September I messed up my sciatic nerve - also left leg. I thought it had been getting better, but the last three weeks it's been pretty bad - even walking I end up gimping. Grrr! I can literally feel your pain Vonna.

  24. Sounds terrible.. glad you are back to normal now. Love all your updates.. the dyeing, all progress. Very pretty border. Thank you so much for sharing all your knowledge and experiences

  25. So sorry to hear how sick you were; glad you are feeling better now.
    Your stitching is gorgeous. I too have several projects going at the same time.
    I love your hand-dyed fabric. The colors are stunning.
    Your creative talent is flowing again with your border design. I love it !!
    Have a great summer with the kids. Sorry to hear about your husbands schedule for the next several months. Enjoy the time he is home.
    I'm thankful for your finishing service......and I have lovely treasures to enjoy!!

  26. Ugh! So sorry to read you've been ill, Vonna... Trust me, once the kids are gone, that becomes much less common--none of those nasty germs being brought home from school :)

    Oh, your stitching is so gorgeous--just love seeing the two large pieces grow. Your little changes make them so very special... I'm not stitching them, but you sure are tempting me!

    Good luck with your "single mother" mode while your husband is traveling. My husband was traveling up to 75% of the time until my youngest turned nine and he took a new job. It was so hard, but I know the kids will all pitch in and keep your house running smoothly (well, as smoothly as a house with four kids can run anyway :)

  27. Beautiful work on everything and glad you're feeling better!

  28. I'm glad your feeling better and I hope that sciatic pain never visits you again.

    I am bowled over by how you add the borders, I cannot begin to imagine the time it takes to figure that out and you are so very generous to share your designs. I truly hope you get the credit you deserve for your adaptations. They are wonderful. YOu are making great progress on your stitches despite being in pain. Mary@stitchingfriendsforever

  29. So glad to hear that you're feeling better. Sciatic pain is the worst! Thanks for sharing your border. I love the bicycle you added to your Main Street.

  30. glad you are feeling better, you've sure been busy to be so sick. I can't wait to peruse the finishing album and see what you've created. SO talented! I heard my linen I ordered for the Early American series has finally shipped. So I can start soon - thanks again for the lovely border you worked so hard on. THanks also for explaining you have to use on your Ipad - I can do that! your mermaid fabric is exciting. Take care and enjoy the kiddos Mel

  31. I love the progress you are making on all your projects. How do you find the time to do everything? Love your blog.

  32. So sorry to hear about your inflamed sciatic nerve. I know the pain that results from it and I'm glad that you are already feeling better.
    Nice progress on your projects.

  33. Gorgeous stitching! I love Early Americans, and Main Street has such beautiful, bright colors. So pretty! :D

  34. Wow, that dyed fabric is gorgeous! And great job on the bike, too.


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