Thursday, March 09, 2017

Ooo la la...

~ Greetings and Warm Welcome ~
to all my friends here in blog land!

How are you?
I hope you are doing fine this fine Spring day...
well its not really spring yet, is it? 

I am so excited!
Tomorrow I get to go get Katie for Spring Break! 
9 whole days of all my little chicks under my roof :)
My other kiddos are also on Spring Break next week, so we all will have a week together of fun and frivolity. What are we doing? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! We will go out for lunch a couple of times, we don't eat out often so doing that when we have a "vacation" is extra special.

let me show you what I got framed last week. 
Oh my, my! So very, very beautiful!

CCN - Afternoon in Paris

"An Afternoon in Paris"
Country Cottage Needleworks
Stitched with the called for colors; on the called for linen
framed in the Family Tree frame "Beatrice"

Isn't it just gorgeous?! I framed it myself using museum glass (any of the large box craft stores will cut the glass for you and you can use the coupons that each craft store has for the glass). Before anyone asks: I do not have a tutorial about framing. Why not?! Because frankly (I can be frank right? We are friends): framing is a personal thing, and I don't want to get into a debate with people about pinning vs. lacing, acid free, matting or not, glass or not, etc. etc. etc. I will tell you what I do: I pin onto acid free conservation foam core. I use museum glass always. I use spacers between the glass and the piece so my stitching isn't smack dab against the glass. I have a points driver to hold the pinned piece inside the frame and I seal the back and string my hanging wire. Sometimes I do use mats around my piece, and I have my own mat cutting system here (remember Ellie is an artist so I frame all of her pieces too) so I bought one about a year ago and it is the Logan Simplex Elite 750-1. Another one of those purchases that although costly made a HUGE difference in my finishing business as well as my personal finishing and framing. So there you have it! I'm tickled pink with the outcome of her :)

What else have I been up to?
Well remember I finished "Land of the Free" by Little House Needleworks a collaboration with Classic Colorworks thread pack. 
Here it is to jog your memory...

LHN_Land of the Free

"Land of the Free" 

Stitched on my own 28 ct. "bake and basted" fabric. Tutorial: HERE
using the called for Classic Colorworks (that came in the thread pack) 
and I put a JABCO button on the urn, because: I wanted to and I LOVE it!

And I'm trying to fill my walls of my patriotic room and since I was on a roll with finishing projects, I quick like stitched up another Little House Needleworks and Classic Colorworks collaboration thread pack: 
LHN Long May She Wave

"Long May She Wave"

again on my own bake and basted fabric I did sub some colors from "Land of the Free" into "Long May She Wave" so that the pieces would be all the same colors. they are together:
LHN_Land of Free_Long May Wave

There is one thread pack left to stitch to complete the series (that is out to date), "Home of the Brave" and you called it ~ I have it kitted and will stitch it up soon!

Nashville happened!
What did you buy? I was sedate this year....
First off, on my YouTube Channel I had talked about "The Freedom Sampler" from Lila's Studio.
Isn't it gorgeous? Well Lila had a lot of interest from my saying something about it that she sent me a complimentary copy of "The Freedom Sampler" and I just last night loaded it on to my Rolaframe and will hopefully sink my first stitches soon. 

What else has caught my attention?
Well of course ~ Little House Needleworks ~ "Needlework ABCs"


La - D - Da ~ "Fraktur Flowers"


With Thy Needle and Thread ~ "Lady Liberty"


and lastly...
With Thy Needle and Thread ~ "Quaker Handworke"


All came to live with me yesterday!

I think that does it for me for today!
I wish you all joy in your journey!

Hugs in stitches, 
Vonna xxxx


  1. Beautiful finish and glad you can have your whole family home for a while.

  2. Oh your finishes are great Vonna! Such pretty new stash you picked out. :D

  3. Fabulous finishes, Vonna! I really like both of your patriotic pieces by LHN. I know you are going to enjoy having Katie home for spring break. Have a great spring break with all your babies!

  4. Love them all, Vonna...Newly stitched and soon to be stitched alike! Thx for the description of your framing!

  5. Beautiful framing Vonna... and I love your selection of new projects... I've already ordered a kit for the Little House Needleworks ABC Sampler, and the Fraktur Flowers and the Quaker Handworke are on my list of charts I want to order. You have great taste in needlework!! Have a wonderful Spring Break with your family...hope the weather cooperates and we have nice temperatures.

  6. Wonderful! I feel very guilty for saying that my first thought at your mention of driving to get Katie tomorrow was, "I guess no new flosstube update, then!" :) Family first! I am driving up to Tennessee to see my girl on Saturday.

  7. Beautiful finishes Vonna. I love your detail. Great directions on framing which sound great to me. I also love your choices of new patterns. I really want Lady Liberty myself and Quaker Handwork too. But I'm sure I won't stop there. Thanks for sharing. RJ

  8. Bellissimi Vonna!!


  9. Love all your finishes.. they are beautiful! Have fun with this week while everyone is home.

  10. Happy Spring !! Have a fun week with all the kids home.
    Your finishes are gorgeous !! Your fabric is so pretty that you dyed yourself. It really adds that special touch.
    You've added more beautiful patterns to your stash. I will enjoy seeing your stitching bring the patterns to life.
    Have a great week with your family.

  11. You'll have a great time with Katie home for 9 days, Vonna. I, too, am having a visitor this coming week--my oldest will be home from San Diego for 6 whole days :) No matter how hold they get, you still miss them...

    Love the Paris in it's frame--just beautiful. I am not good about framing (either on my own or having someone do it for me). I need to get up my courage and try a small piece using some of your helpful tips.

    The patriotic finishes are so great--more to add to my list, that's for sure!

    Enjoy having all your chicks under one roof again! Hard to believe that Katie's first year of college is almost over!

  12. Paris looks beautiful, love the frame. Your other crosstitcheries are also beautiful and the upcoming ones also. Enjoy your family at home, lots of happiness and laughter.

  13. Beautiful finishes--enjoy spring break with your family

  14. My eyes hurt thinking of all the finishing you do for everyone and then all of the finishing and stitching you do for yourself! You are amazing.
    Love the new patterns you picked up. The designers have outdone themselves with this market I think.
    Have fun with your Spring Break family time.

  15. you were indeed sedate with your market purchases ! I didn't get that much either because most of what I liked was not limited edition. The one I got that was is the Ort Basket by WTNT. I count of Cathy at Inspired Needle to do my shopping for me - she is an excellent online shopowner and I kept adding things to my list. I got the new BBD LF coming and the Sewing Bird. THe Swan Garden by Kathy Barrick gosh I'm drawing a blank on what else. I had already signed up for the Fragments in Time and the historical figures by LHN. I think that was it . Your Paris piece is very nice - you do a beautiful job with your patriotic pieces. Now I need to get off this PC and pick up some stitching - enjoy spring break with the kiddos and have a great weekend - Mel

  16. Hey Vonna I wanted to thank you so much for making the video of the stand up! You are just so generous with your time and talent. Annie

  17. I hope you have a wonderful week with your family all home!!Love the piece you framed and the patriotic pieces. I can't wait to see the LHN piece that is about our patriotic people.I'm not sure when it will be out.

  18. Vonna: How wonderful to have your children with you, all together.
    Love all your projects, you always make me smile with your posts.
    Beautiful frame for your Paris design.


  19. Some great new stash Vonna and I love your framed piece! You did a great job and the frame is perfect.
    Hope you and yours have a lovely Spring break together.

  20. Lovelly stitching -- thanks for talking a bit about how you frame. I appreciate that. Market is dangerous, isn't it? lol! Love what caught your eye!

  21. Gorgeous stitching, and framing! I think you've done a lovely job :D

  22. I am on a Patriotic Kick as well. I purchased the Lady Liberty that was recently released. I am waiting on the Coffee Quaker as I will be doing the SAL on Stitch Maynia. I am trying to make myself stitch all the patterns in my stash before purchasing any more. Have fun with your kids...sounds like the perfect week.

  23. Oh la la! I thought of you there. My hotel was near the arc du Triomphe and the light at night at Eiffel Tower could be seen from a big distance! to end in a beatiful note the Eiffel Tower could be seen by the plane window!!! Oh la la! Hugs and a fabulous Spring Break!

  24. Enjoy your spring break. Sometimes doing nothing is exactly what we need to do. Love the frame you picked for Paris and I don't blame you. Each person has their own tricks for why they do something. Love your other pieces. I always joke with Jeremiah about being born patriotic. He just always has seemed to be very appreciate of our country and service people. Great new stash. I saw a series from Just Another Button Company for monthly cute designs. I have an email out to find out more information on it.

  25. Enjoy your time with all your kiddies at home; these days too are fleeting. I love your pattern roundup; we share the same likes it seems and I pick up a tip or two. Funny since following you on Flosstube I now hear your voice reading your blog to me. Am I hearing the softened Southern US accent?

  26. How lovely to have the family all together for the break.
    I love the frame you chose for Paris. I also like your framing technique. I like box frames myself for keeping the glass away from the stitching!
    Nice selection of new charts too, I like the With Thy Needle Quaker.

  27. Your framing is GORGEOUS! You're so talented, I've never framed a thing!

  28. Love your framing of Paris, Vonna. I frame my own pieces, too, sometimes using frames I pick up in thrift stores. I'm getting (sort of) comfortable cutting my own glass. Like you, I use acid-free foam core and I pin (I use sequin pins). But what do you use for spacers? I've been contemplating wooden stir-sticks! Can you buy something that's adhesive? And what about that points-driver? I'm squeezing little brads in with a pliers, cushioning my frame with a dishtowel. Clearly, you have something to teach me! Please advise!

  29. Hope you have enjoyed spring break with your family. In Oregon we do not break from classes until the last week of March.


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