Tuesday, March 28, 2017

America, America!....

~ Greetings and Warm Welcome ~ 
to my friends!

It's a rather damp, chilly, spring day here in good 'ol Indiana!

All the stuff is starting to bloom...
dogwoods, cherry trees, red buds...
the robins are getting fat...
the red-winged blackbirds are singing sweetly...
the sparrows are flitting to and fro gathering bits to build their nests...
I'm running to and fro getting ready for the retreat this week!
Almost there...

But in the evenings...
my needle has been singing!

I was gifted a pattern from the lovely designer Lila over at Lila's Studio: click HERE
of the "Let Freedom Ring" sampler because I mentioned it on my FlossTube channel in February and many people went nuts over it contacting her about it :)
Wasn't that nice?! 
So I started it! and after 9 evenings of working on it...here it is:


You can follow my progress on it as I stitch by clicking the album above in the TABS section that reads: "Let Freedom Ring" sampler progression

It is going to be SO LOVELY!

Not only have I started that, but....
Little House Needleworks has asked me to be the "all on one piece" model stitcher for 
"The Early Americans" series, just as I was for the "ABC Samplers" series. Lots and lots of people  followed my progression on "ABC Samplers"...
so we are going to do it again on "The Early Americans"

I get my patterns a little bit ahead of the distributors so I can get a head start and last night I started!
I *created my own border design*....
to encircle the sampler. While I was stitching it last night...well I could see that my 8 hours of effort in creating the border, measuring, doing math choosing colors...

Here is my start: 


the completed border (when the entire sampler is complete will look like: 

Early American Border

I also have created a TAB above so that people can follow my progression through this gorgeous sampler...
Under the tab it will tell you ALL the particulars about my choices of fabric, count, color, flosses I'm using, ETC. I invite you to take a look if you are so inclined. 

I've got loads to get through today and time is ticking!

Until the next time...
enjoy every one of your stitches...
be kind...

Love in stitches, 
Vonna xxxx


  1. Your Let Freedom Ring looks fab, of course!! And the border you designed for the LHN piece, just stunning. Looking forward to seeing your progress on both!

  2. Love your border. I will be doing this and plan to use your border and will give you credit. You are very talented. Thanks.

  3. Fabulous progress on Let Freedom Ring, Vonna! Very cool border you created for the Early Americans piece. Are the stitches between the stars single stitches? If yes, are do you end them so they aren't lose?

  4. First of all, Let Freedom Ring is amazing. I think it has Grand Champion written all over it, I'm just saying. ;) Thank you so much for sharing your border pattern!!! How sweet and generous!! I was so pleasantly surprised to find it here. I've been thinking about that border all day when I saw your photo of your start on Facebook earlier today. Lol! It is beautiful and so befitting this series. I can't wait to start this!

  5. I hope that class goes very well for you. I put my last stitch in the LHN houses last night so I will be eagerly following you on the Patriot's design. The border you have created is wonderful. Let Freedom ring is going to be beautiful!! Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful ideas with us!

  6. Hi Vonna, Your let Freedom Ring is coming out great! I have it on my wish list. I wanted to know if I bought my fabric with just the stitch count from the LHN website, will it be enough room to do the border you designed?

    Thanks so much, Ita

    1. My count is visible on the pattern, click it to blow it up, my fabric is 28 Ct. I cut it 23 in x 23 in. That is a 3 in border.

  7. Two beautiful larger projects. I love the border you have designed for 'The Early Americans'.

  8. What great starts. Love both of the new starts.

  9. Love your personalized border! Excited to see your progress on Early Americans! It will be lovely:)

  10. I just love seeing your patriotic stitching in progress, Vonna! And that border--wow! The math alone would have given me fits!! It looks fabulous and I'm sure you'll have many stitching on one piece of fabric along with you :)

    Happy April to you--can hardly believe March is nearly gone!

  11. Greetings Vonna: Let Freedom Ring is so far a lovely design, I look forward to seeing your progress.


  12. I was planning to do each piece, but now that I see this fabulous border, I think I will need to change my mind. Thank you so much for sharing it.

  13. Beautiful progress on your WIP. Love your border and Congrats on being their all on one model stitcher. I'm sure you are having a great time at retreat. At least I hope so.

  14. Vonna I love love love the border you have created for early americans! Thank you so much for sharing! My first pattern is on its way and I can't wait to get started on this. You are going to have quite a patriotic stitchy year!

  15. Beautiful border :) I love the new organization/layout of your blog

  16. Everything looks lovely! I will enjoy watching your progress.

  17. Absolutely gorgeous stitching, Vonna! I love your border design :D

  18. Vonna, Thank you again for all your wonderful tutorials. We are all so blest by your freely sharing your finishes and ideas. I have learned so much from you. You definitely have the gift for serving others.

  19. That's going to be fantastic when it's done Vonna!

  20. I've always enjoyed your stitching, and this piece is no exception! Are you still using the frame you mentioned in a long ago post (sorry I can't remember the name of it). This looks like a scroll frame.

  21. Hi Vonna! Just dropping a note to let you know that you are missed and I hope everything is going well with you and your family. Hope to "see" you here soon or on FB in the LHN group. Felicia


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