Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy St. Valentine's Day 2017....

~ Greetings and Warm Welcome ~ 
to my friends!

I hope you all will enjoy a most perfect day of love and laughter...
2017 Valentines Cookies

And Sweet Treats too!

2017 Valentines Plate

My Friday evening was consumed with cutting cookies...
while my Saturday was consumed with piping cookies!
They did turn out quite lovely, well in my opinion anyway!

What have I been up to lately??
Well...I do have some finishes and some fully finished items to share with you...

First I will share a couple of fully finished items...
you will remember my:
"Heart Pinkeep"
from Mary Garry's Sewing Cabin
Just Cross Stitch Ornament Issue year 2000: 
Mary Garry's Heart Pincushion

Here it is all finished up:
32 ct. Vintage Country Mocha using GAST Mulberry and Piney Woods
VP_Mary Gary's Pinkeep

Then Katie went ice skating for the first time and a portion of it was done in the "dark" for night skating: 
Katie Dec 2016 college

So when Little House put out their design "Snow and Ice"
I knew with a few changes I could make Katie's Christmas ornament...
I am pleased as punch how this turned out:

Katie Ornament - LHN Snow and Ice

"Snow and Ice"
by Little House Needleworks
stitched on 32 ct. black linen 2 over 2 
using called for colors EXCEPT I added silver Krenick to the snowflakes instead of the gray/blue color. And...of course...changed "snow" to Katie's name and "ice" to the date. 

I don't know if I told you how in love I was with Hands on Design's latest series
"The 12 Days"....but it was INSTANT love and I was on it as soon as the series pattern was released.
I quickly stitched up:

Hands on Design Partiridge

and was on a roll...
so then stitched up
Hands on Design Doves

So the pattern is completed for the first release!

I think by now you all "get" it that ornaments are my "thing"....right?

With those two finishes that brings my yearly total of finishes to date: 8

I'm off to a roaring start! of course all smallish designs...but a finish is a finish.

In the finishing department I have been quite prolific...to date (since re-opening, after the holidays January 9, 2017), I have 58 finishes for clients...
here are a few to whet your stitching appetites!

Just Nan's ~ "Hagatha Hats" (orange and black)
HZ_OrangePurple Hats

Homespun Elegance  ~ "Plenty" 
HZ_HSE Plenty

Silver Needle Exclusive by Plum Street

PB_PSS Samplers Exclusive

Plum Street's ~ "Jack's Sweet Shoppe"
PB_PSS Jacks Sweet Shoppe

Silver Needle Exclusive by Cricket Collection
LS_The Cricket Collection_Silver Needle Exclusive Autumn Blooms

Carriage Houes ~ Dutch Alphabet
LS_CHS Diminuative Dutch Sampler

Little House ~ "Stitcher's Heart"
LS_LHN Nashville

Lizzie Kate ~ "Coffee Time"
KZ_LK Coffee Time

Hot House Petunias ~ "pushing up daisies"
KZ_HHPD Pushing Up Daisies

Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery ~ "Bee Keeper"
KZ_FPS Bee Keeper

So there you have it my friends...my life in a nutshell.

Until the next time...
Be kind to each other.
Listen, then speak.
Hear, then answer.
Live with your heart.
And stitch all the stuff!

Hugs in stitches, 
Vonna xxxx


  1. Love your Mary Garry ornament finish, Vonna; it will look great on your sampler tree! Katie's ornament is darling. Partridge and Dove are lovely. Well done on your client's finishes. Oh my, your cookies look positively fabulous. Happy Valentine's Day!

  2. Happy Valentine Day dear Vonna!Since i cannot get an hand on those lovely cookies, I had to buy me some, but I'm sure your cookies taste better. They look better too!
    The finishing hats are soooooooooooooo cute!
    And love "katie the skater"! Elli and the boys are in line for such cute ornaments too!
    Hugs all the way from rainy Portugal

  3. The first thing I thought of when I saw your cookies was Mary Engelbreit! So pretty! I had to read that three times!! Katie never went ice skating?! Wow! I am glad she finally did! :D Pretty stitching my friend. Lovely finishing.

  4. Happy Valentine's Day! Your cookies look delicious. You do such a great job of decorating them. All of your finishes are terrific. This year all of my "scheduled" projects are huge. I love stitching them, but it does make me feel like I'm behind when it takes me weeks to complete them. I think I only have one finish for the year so far! Oh well... I'd better get stitching!

  5. Such beautiful ornaments Vonna! The one you made for Katie is my favourite, it's just perfect. You must have oodles of patience to get those ornaments just right for your customers too.

    I wanted to thank you for your excellent Finishing School tutorial for the Christmas pillow ornament which I successfully followed to finish a pillow for a stitching friend. It was like having a friend in the room helping me...I watched parts of it several times and was so pleased with the results. I haven't yet shared on my blog as it's only just arrived at its destination but I'll make sure to credit you when I do.

    Happy Valentine's Day!

  6. Vonna i love your finishing on the card. is it painted card or have you covered it with fabric. so charming and makes a lovely finish.

    1. I don't understand? I don't have a finished card in this blog post. If you can describe it to me, I'll tell you what it is, but nothing is painted, all is fabric covered.

  7. Thank you for sharing your beautiful cookies and finishes. You are inspirational with your baking, stitching and finishing. I have learned a lot from your website and always look forward to your next blog. Happy Valentine's Day!!

  8. Oh I love all your pretties and now yummies. You are so talented. Last week when I got into my fight with my sewing machine I said Yep that's why people send their stitching to Vonna haha. You do such amazing work!!

  9. A post full of treats--both baked and stitched, Vonna!! If I were younger, I would have loved to have gotten into cookie decorating, too. But, at this age--I don't know what I would do with all of them now that it's just me and my husband at home :)

    Your ornaments are always a treat and I do love Katie's skater! It looks great on the black with the bit of sparkly thread added... I love that you are willing to do any type of finish--the witch hats look quite tricky to me! But, then, I am a chicken when it comes to finishing anything oddly shaped :)

    Happy Valentine's Day to you--I'm sure your home is filled with lots of love today!

  10. Happy Valentine's Day Vonna. Your ornaments are so cute. Love Katies. Your finishing is perfect, I love the Halloween hats. I showed my husband your cookies and he said
    Mmmmmmmm, they look so good. They are perfect.

  11. Happy Valentines Day! Wow, your cookies are so pretty! Almost too nice to eat
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful stitching and finishing.

  12. Vonna, those cookies are beautiful!!Of course so are your wonderful finishes. I love the witch hats !!!

  13. Pretty cookies and lots of beautiful stitching and finishing!

  14. I just love your blog! Each time I see your cookies, I am hungry! They are beautiful works of art!
    I am drooling over your beautiful stitching and finishes.

  15. Oh, yum! I'd like to sample one of each of the cookie designs, please! I admire your talent and appreciate how much time it must take to decorate those perfect cookies. Your stitching finishing is wonderful as always. I, too, signed up for HOD's 12 Days of Christmas - don't you just love that red gingham fabric? I'm sorry I missed out on the special Plum Street bird design for The Silver Needle - it's quite lovely. Thanks for sharing your creative finishes with us.

  16. V - I love your finished pieces - so perfect and beautiful! Thanks for sharing - Dee

  17. Vonna...from cookies to stitching, your work is so beautifully precise! You amaze me and I'm know many others feel the same way. Thanks for sharing your skills. I just want to reach in, grab a cookie and then take an ornament with me on the way out!

  18. Bet I'm too late for a cookie?!
    Wonderful stitching, love both of the ornaments. Your finishing is second to none, thanks for all of your inspiration.

  19. Vonna, Vonna, Vonna...you are a master at all that you do! Those cookies are amazing!! and the finishes are so cute....I am sure all your customers were thrilled!

  20. Gorgeous finishing, Vonna, as always, whether in x-stitch or cookies! :D

  21. How can you eat those beautiful cookies? Your finishing is such an inspiration.

  22. Oh the cookies are too pretty to eat! There is NOTHING that you cannot do! I so admire your stitching and finishing skills.

  23. Wonderful stitching and finishing, and the biscuits look beautiful

  24. I love your cookies!! I am too impatient to make cut out cookies...but I may try when I retire. Thanks for sharing your finishes...you do a fantastic job. I have the Mary Gary one in my "hope to have time to do pile" (It is a gigantic pile!)

  25. Oh my Vonna: The cookies look good enough to eat off the monitor.
    Love the Katie ornament so cute, I love skating, used to do it a lot.
    Beautiful finish's for your clients.


  26. Love the Coffee Time piece. Thanks for sharing.

  27. You are amazing! Those cookies! All the finishing! You are one talented lady!

  28. Great stitching and finishing - and the cookies are making my mouth water!

  29. Absolutely gorgeous finishings! Hagatha's Hats are my favorite, they're awesome. Great job! :D

  30. The cookies are too cute! Katie's ornament is perfect....so creative. I agree with all the other posters, your finishing skills are top-notch! Thank you for taking the time to share a small part of your life with us. I love reading your blog.

  31. Your cookies looked too pretty to eat! As always your finishing is awesome! I have a question, if you have time, about the fabric for Hands On Designs 12 Days of Christmas. I was instantly smitten too! Did you buy enough fabric for the whole set, or are you buying the fabric as you go? I can't seem to decide. :/

  32. Lovely Valentine cookies. I'm impressed with your patience to make so many. A beautiful selection of finishes.

  33. I'm late on blog reading since I've been in a fog for the past two weeks almost. Love your clients finishes and of course your ornaments are awesome ! lovely cookies from the creative kitchen of Vonna ! hugs Mel

  34. Such beautiful finishes Vonna. Thank you for sharing them with us. One is prettier than the next. Your clients are very lucky to be receiving such beautiful finishes. And your cookies look too pretty to eat but I'm sure you could tempt me. RJ

  35. WOW Vonna!! 8 finishes in 2 months. very beautiful

    The cookies look so yummy

  36. Vonna, I so enjoy seeing your finishes, both those for yourself and family and those you finish for us that don't have your finishing abilities. Thank you for sharing all you do.

  37. Vonna, your finishing is truly inspired. I am a long time stitcher but finishing always gives me some true anxiety! Where do you purchase all of your delightful trims from? I know that Joann Fabrics doesn't carry anything that special.

    Take care and God Bless!


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