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Day 7...

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On my trip...
once we made it to Fairfield, CA, the home, my father and stepmother are renting for the winter, had lovely lit magnifying mirrors in all the bathrooms. In the bedroom/bath that was "mine" for the two weeks I was in Fairfield, it had a lovely vanity set equipped with a tabletop lit magnifying mirror. Well let me tell you - my eyebrows (nearly invisible because they are blonde) never looked better! Lo and behold I  could see every random, stray, stiff hair and blemish on my whole visage. Having a manifying mirror that spotlighted my imperfections was a very humbling, yet freeing experience! My brows and chinny chin chin has never looked better than the two weeks in Fairfield, CA.

When I got home...
I decided I NEEDED a magnifying lit mirror to keep my brows and my chinny chin chin free from those random stiff hairs. So I bought this gem on Amazon. It suctions to the mirror and has an arm that stretches out...Oh MY! Plucking and Tweezing DREAM! I just stand there and rotate the head to the perfect angle and PLUCK away! $45 and this dream can be yours too!


Look at that magnification!


Amazon Prime....
It nearly ranks right up there with Santa Claus!
You can purchase this very mirror HERE

I've made some good progress on my...
Country Cottage Needleworks
"Snow Place Like Home ~ Snow Place #1"
over the last couple of evenings. . .
this is destined as a gift


Day #4 of my road trip...
saw us pulling in to Mesa Verde National Park in Mesa Verde, Colorado.
Long did I dream about this place from reading a story about it when I was in the 7th grade.
It was awe-inspiring, these homes built virtually clinging to the side of sheer cliffs.


HOW?! Did they get up and down? (I asked that...and it was either by VERY long ladders or small holes that were dug in the rock for foot/hand holds) 


I mean it snows here....
How would they climb up and down if it was snowy and icy?
How would you keep a toddler from falling off the edge?
How would you navigate with an infant?
What if you killed a'd you schlump that thing up and down the ladder?
Where did they go to the bathroom?
What if you were an old woman/man and couldn't climb the ladder?
What happened to their dead?
What about water??
What if you were afraid of HEIGHTS?


I would have loved to corner someone to ask all these questions...
but sadly the park was very busy that day and it was winter so there was limited staff and resources. I watched the video in the park center and basically I believe that in the winter, most people went up to the Mesa (top, plains area) where they had winter homes. Some people always lived up on the Mesa - especially if they were farmers. So maybe the old people lived up on the Mesa all the time too. 
I still don't know about water...
the dead...
babies and danger...


But no matter my weird questions...
These cliff palaces were extraordinary. I would have really loved it had I been able to get down inside the kivas and living areas - but they were all closed for the winter and you could just gaze at them from vantage points across a canyon.


Still a very wonderful experience!

That does it for Day 7....
until tomorrow....


  1. The questions you asked are really valid ones! How did people manage through we are in awe of that, but they did! Imagine them happy around a fire! Possible too!

  2. Wonderful pictures of Mesa Verde. Sounds like your vacation was wonderful too.

  3. Thanks for the mirror info. I need that to put on my makeup !!
    Your vacation pictures are breath taking, thanks for sharing.
    Good progress on your ornament stitching, it's going to be a pretty one.
    Merry day # 7 !!

  4. Love your pictures, what a fabulous trip you had and such great memories!!
    Love your new stitching project and those colors are beautiful.....
    Looking forward to tomorrow's post....

  5. Good progress on the CCN piece, Vonna! Your pictures are incredible of the Mesa Verde National Park. Have a wonderful day!

  6. Mesa Verde is always worth a visit. We were there in the summer and could walk down the gorge and see everything. But parts of the cliff dwellings were not accessible for visitors, which I could perfectly understand.

  7. I'm behind on commenting, so I'll just say I'm following along and enjoying! I followed your journey on instagram and loved it. I think I've visited every place you went to on your trip! Mesa Verde is amazing. Too bad you didn't get to go down to see the dwellings. It's magical!

  8. Wow what an amazing place. I've heard of it but I bet it's just amazing to see in person. Great progress on your WIP.

  9. Mesa Verde is certainly interesting. I would have the same questions...

  10. I haven't visited Mesa Verde yet, but hope to after I retire. Thank you for the pictures of this fascinating place.

  11. Anonymous10:59 AM

    We went to Mesa Verde in Arizona and I had those very same questions. I'm guessing the mamas WORE their babies for a long time to keep them safe.

  12. What if they were afraid of heights? That cracked me up. Would love to see it in person.

  13. I have been to Messa Verde at least 4 times. Once while a teenager then again on honeymoon, vacation with sons and on a mission trip. It is an inspiring place. All have been trips in the summer so were able to walk and climb all over where allowed. Yes-how did they keep track of the toddlers/youngsters? Scary for adults climbing up and down ladders let alone lugging a baby/child!

  14. Vonna, what number is the lighted mirror on Amazon. The link didn't work for me. We have been to Mesa Verde many years ago. I wish everyone could travel the path you did. We live in an amazing country.

    1. I went to Amazon and it is taken off line. There is another on there - Just search for "Goose Neck LED Mirror) and it will pop up.

  15. Wow that looks an amazing place. Really are they houses!!

  16. My esthetic Ian uses one of those lighted magnifiers on me. Wow, such valid and interesting questions. More amazing pics.

  17. I, too, am behind in commenting but I'm reading daily. I always enjoy your yearly 25 days posts. Mesa Verde is now on my bucket list. I've never been out west but it is something my husband and I want to do with our son college. He's 15 now so we need to start planning. Ha. Love your stitching! I have that one in my stash. I think I'm going to stitch it by itself as an ornament as well eventually.

  18. Not silly questions at all! It's natural to wonder how IMO if you're the type of person that is always learning. I just love that you were able to go to a place that you've wanted to go to since you were a child. Bucket list check!

  19. Thanks so much for sharing these wonderful photos. I would love to visit Mesa Verde. Your questions are not silly. My DH thinks like that and asks those kind of questions all the time.

  20. How interesting! I'd really want that bathroom question answered! See you tomorrow.

  21. I was at a hotel years ago with the magnifying mirror. I did the same as you, came right home and bought one myself. It wasn't for plucking, but to just get my makeup on! Now I have a little portable one when I spend the night somewhere else! Your stitched piece is pretty, lots of variegation in the aqua. Good questions about then dwellings. I just enjoyed seeing them, but I think I got to walk down to them. I was in Sante Fe area.

  22. I'd love to visit Mesa Verde sometime and cannot help but ask - what if you had vertigo?!

  23. Wow.. that is so amazing! That is one place I would love to go.


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