Saturday, December 03, 2016

Day 3...

~ Greetings and Warm Welcome to ~

Sorry I'm late this morning with my daily post....
I've been decorating and am happy to report, I put the final touches on my home yesterday afternoon!
It is clean, decorated and ready to enjoy!

I usually save my tree to be viewed on Dec. 23...
but what's the point? You want to see it and I can use various close up shots of it through the 25 Days to show each ornament in more detail :)

So here we go... FRONT view of our 2016 tree:
2016 Tree Front

RIGHT SIDE of our 2016 Tree
2016 Tree Left side 

LEFT SIDE of our 2016 Tree
  2016 Tree right

Over 500 handmade ornaments adorn our 7 ft. tree. Ornaments from my childhood, ornaments from my husband's childhood and ornaments from my children's childhood. About 275 of them are cross stitched by my hands and a few of those are from friends of mine that have gifted me through the years with their beautiful work.

Our tree isn't fancy, but it is a work of a lifetime and all six of us are a contributor to it's beauty.

Katie is having the time of her life in college....
She's done so well with the transition, heck even Mom did very well with the transition - all things considered :)
She has made tremendously good friends. And every Friday night they have "friend game night" and a sleepover. Last night instead of games they went ice skating.

Katie Dec 2016 college

They posed with Garfield outside the rink ~ Jim Davis the creator of Garfield is a Hoosier born and bred and still living in good 'ol Indiana where he presides over Garfield, Inc and is an adjunct professor at Ball State University. (Yep, BALL jars....made in Muncie, Indiana) Indiana ROCKS!

Katie Dec 2016 college with Garfield

A wholesome, fun ending to a Friday night ~ Friday Night Sleepover!
Katie Dec 2016 sleepover
Start studying girls, finals are in a week!

And here are my boys this morning eating a hearty breakfast prior to going to their first SAT attempt....
SCORE BIG BOYS! Mama and Daddy need you to get a scholarship!
aren't they cuties? ;)
Ian and Jake SAT

Last night I began stitching....
by Country Cottage Needleworks
Snow Place
I'm doing mine with the called for colors on 36 count 2 over 2 on Vintage Country Mocha linen
I think it will be an ornament.

And Day 3's Tip is....
buy this book, that I finished last night:

It was SO good...I cried at the end. So good in fact I'm going to start at the beginning and read the series. :) 
I'm always in need of a new series.

OK folks...
that is Day 3! Until tomorrow....


  1. What a great tree. Love all the ornaments and memories they bring. Katie is doing great at college and the boys look like they are ready for the day.

  2. Lovely tree - ours is the same, tons of ornaments with family meaning and this year, I will add some of my stitching (as soon as I spend some time in my cave!). Glad to hear that Katie is doing so well at IUPUI - most of my best friends are those I made in college. Wishing the boys well on their SATs!

  3. So happy to hear that Katie is doing well! Good luck to the boys!

  4. Always look forward to your 25 days posts. Beautiful tree and so happy all is well at your place!

  5. Your tree is just gorgeous Vonna. I am praying for the boys and their SATs and Katie also. ♥

  6. Your tree is simply fantastic! I love it! Happy Christmas to you and yours!

  7. What a gorgeous tree you have, Vonna! Happy to hear that Katie is doing well at school; good luck to the boys with their SATs. Have a wonderful weekend!

    PS Enjoy the rest of the Virgin River series!

  8. What a beautiful tree! It is so full with decorations--nice! I love book recommendations, and shall check that one out soon. Thanks for sharing! Hugs!

  9. A beautiful tree with lots of wonderful decorations and memories. Have a great weekend.

  10. Thank you for taking the time to post these 25 days of positiveness! I will now look in that book series for sure. Also - the tree looks gorgeous! Happy December 3rd!

  11. Your tree is beautiful! How do you store your 500 ornaments? Glad to see Katie is having a good time at college. All your kiddos are awesome!

  12. Wonderful tree, Vonna, puts my little tree to shame. I have not really decorated yet, as I am waiting for my DDIL to arrive home (DS1 has come home already) so that we can Xmas decorate together. As she is from Taiwan and not from a Christian tradition, I think that she will find it fun!

  13. P.S. Lovely pics of your daughter and her college friends and best of luck to your boys.

  14. Thank you for sharing your tree, Vonna ... I should say thank you for sharing thoughts, tips, beauty and love this month - I look forward to reading your posts!

    Lovely ornaments on your tree. I blew up the pictures and found several that you've made that are either in my to-be-stitched pile or in the completed-but-not-finished pile - congrats for having yours finished and on the tree. :)

  15. It's so good to see your kids and hear how they are doing. So happy that the transition to college life has been good for Katie. And the boys -- good luck to them! I hope they do well! Everyone looks so grown up! How did that happen? Your tree is splendid, as it always is!

  16. Your tree is gorgeous and full of memories. The only way to have it. I knew Katie would do well at school. She was well prepared, just as your boys will do great on the SAT's.

  17. Your tree is beautiful. Each ornament is so lovingly placed. Katy looks so happy, and your boys are wished best of luck with their SAT.

  18. Great tree. Your further along in your decorating than I am. Do I get points for at least having the tree in the stand? Although I need to adjust it, DH put it in crooked. :D Glad that Katie is doing so well away at school. Nice start on your CCN. I just ordered one at the SNT sale.

  19. What an amazing tree. Your family photos are great. Good luck to your boys.

  20. Wow! Once again your tree is fabulous love the "family memories" ❤️ Your family looks healthy and happy & doing wonderfully many blessings to all.....good luck on SAT

  21. Gorgeous tree; enjoy watching it turn and showing your wonderful collection of ornaments.
    It's great Katie is having a fun time at college. Soon she will be home for winter break.
    I love to read and have 2 authors to recommend for Christmas reading. Richard Paul Evans has a wonderful Mistletoe series. The latest one is The Mistletoe Secret. Donna VanLiere has written several stories and her latest is The Christmas Town.
    Your new stitching ornament is darling, looks like a fun stitch.

  22. We've missed you! Glad you are back! Your tree is inspirational. Pleased your daughter is doing well. I feel good when I read your blogs and posts.

  23. hi there vonna! stunning tree and thx kindly for the book tip. wishing you a great week to come...

  24. Your tree is wonderful! I have a lot of stitched ornaments and I need to count them! I don't think I have quite as many as you do, but I'm working on it! :) Great pics of your kiddos too!

  25. Gonna, catching up with your Christmas blog today. Thank you for posting in spite of your busy schedule since back from vacation. I look forward to reading your post each day. You have a beautiful family, you should be one proud momma. Have a Merry Christmas.

  26. Your tree is gorgeous! Such wonderful memories. Love the picture of the sleep over, just how many can they fit in one dorm room??? Good luck to the boys on their SAT's!

  27. Anonymous9:00 PM

    Your home is so joyful! Loved seeing your tree.

    Hope the boys had good luck with their SATs.

  28. You really finished the decorating quickly. good luck to the boys and I'm so glad Katie is having a wonderful first year!( you too)

  29. I've read the entire Virgin River series - love Robyn Carr. Your 7' tree is amazing - 275 cross stitched ornaments and each with a unique and creative finish! What a treasure.

  30. All those precious ornaments and memories are beautiful. So glad to hear about Katie and how she's doing away at college. Looks like she's making some life-long friends and enjoying her campus life. Hoping the boys did well on their SATs.

  31. I just LOVE your tree. How gorgeous! I even showed my family because I was so impressed. Love your new project. So glad your daughter has been having such a great time. I wish you sons Good luck with their tests. (Which I guess are now over so I wished them after luck haha.)

  32. Robyn Carr also wrote the Grace Valley trilogy. I loved those as well and they are loosely related later the the Virgin River series.


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