Friday, December 02, 2016

Day 2....

~ Greetings and Welcome to ~
Day 2 of

is one of my most favorite days of the month! It is my pedicure and manicure day! 

Do you know...
that I never had a pedicure or a manicure before I was 40 years old?
I always felt it a little odd to have a person mess around with my feet...
you know handling them and clipping my toe nails and such. 
 Then I was given a gift certificate for my 40 birthday from a dear friend of mine 
(who knew I had never had one and kept telling me that they were HEAVEN! And I kept telling her that it was WEIRD to have some random person picking the toe jam out from under your toenails....) 
Well I used her gift certificate and I was hooked!

It has become my monthly ritual that makes me feel like a girl ~ my one guilty indulgence
  (well besides buying too much cross stitch stash.)

So here is a tip for you....
RUN and go get a pedicure! 
Even if you don't want some random stranger picking the toe jam out from under your will LOVE it! Oh they feel so good! 
The best part of a pedi is the night you get home with a fresh pedi and getting into a new bed with fresh clean sheets and running your smooth feet back and forth on the sheets.

You's the small things in life for me.

someone on one of my last blog posts asked if my new kitty, Augustine - Augie for short -
(yes named after our happy place, St. Augustine, FL not to forget St. Augustine the actual saint and theologian of the church)
They wanted to know if he had made it from his illness and continued to thrive.
Well he certainly has! I am happy to report that he is spoiled rotten. He runs my older cats like a collie herds cattle. Chatty distinctly will not put up with any of his crap - he starts growling when Augie gets that - I'm going to tackle you look in his eye. Red boy puts up with his crap for a while and then knocks Augie in his place. Here are a few snaps of my sweetie new boy:

The very day we brought him home:

48 hours after coming home, he was gravely ill....

During his convalescence when I was hand force-feeding him and wiping his hiney when he had to use the bathroom....

Two weeks after bringing him home...he's sassy and killing ALL the things!
Augie Kills

Four months old!

Here he is as a big kitty...
I believe he is full grown (so does the vet) he's 9 months old. He's a smaller Tom Cat than my other Tom's. He's petite and short-legged. He is a ham....

Here he is today with Red and Chatty (yes, Chatty was growling while I was taking this picture).
You can see he is small. 
Red is my biggest guy...he is skinny but so long and tall that he is roughly the size of a bobcat (just not as heavy in body as a bobcat). 
Chatty is dainty in bone structure but large in size - he loves to eat and I have to watch him. 
**All three adopted from the shelter. Chatty was 2 when we adopted him. He is now 11 years old. Red was adopted the next year as a kitten, he is 8 years old. Augie of course is less than 1 year old.


Tip #2 for today....
Adopt, don't shop! 
Give a pet that has been discarded a loving home. SO many pets (of all varieties) are just waiting for someone to love them, care for them and give them a forever home. Maybe consider adopting one from your local pet store for Christmas? 
These boys have brought us abundant joy! Little gifts from heaven to brighten our walk on this earth. I love these cats so much. They are my friends and my companions and love me for me. Of course they are cats, so it is all their terms...but what is not to love about them?! Mama's little sweeties! I've had many cats in my life...but these guys...ahh! I love them best. Even though they eat like they are starving and fill up their litter boxes like champs!
...scooping poo daily not my favorite part of pet ownership... 

after my mani and pedi is decorating day! So tomorrow we might have actually something Christmassy to talk about.

And maybe even a little stitching???
WE WILL SEE what tomorrow brings!

Merry Christmas!


  1. So nice to see that your are doing your advent calendar again. With great pleasure I read yesterday's and today's entries.

  2. You sure deserve a little pampering. A mani & pedi sounds so relaxing !!
    Your cats are adorable. Augie is your miracle kittie, look how he has grown !!
    Merry day 2 of the season. Have fun decorating.

  3. It's definitely worth treating yourself to something nice. With looking after others, it can be easy to forget to look after yourself.

  4. Love your cats, what wonderful pets. I just lost my Leo, who would hsve been 14 this month. He was my stitching buddy.

  5. My youngest daughter also treats herself and now her 6-year old daughter to manis and pedis on a regular basis! I am glad you have a way to relax and spoil yourself! I have such allergies/upper respiratory problems, pets are just not possible... Hugs!

  6. Enjoy your me time today, Vonna! Thank you for sharing your cats with us; our four-legged friends certainly are one of life's blessings. Enjoy your weekend!

  7. I have you beat....I am 55 and have never had a mani/pedi. My feet are SOOO tickio lish that I would not be able to stand anyone touching them let along scrubbing them! LOLOL

  8. Love your Christmas updates! I haven't had a pedi in quite a while, but they *are* a treat. I am so allergic to cats that even a picture of them makes me sneeze (ha!), but it is sweet to see your trio and see how well-loved they are.


  9. You may have noticed I have a poodle addiction? ;) We adopted our Murphy at 12 years old from our shelter. His elderly owner went to a nursing home. He is now 13 and doing great. :D

  10. I love pedicures! I was in my 40s before I had one, but I'm like you, I was hooked. We talked my husband into having one a few years back and now we go together. My feet are ticklish and when they do the callus remover part, I about jump out of my skin, but being tickled is worth it in this case! hahaha I enjoyed meeting your cat children, they're all very handsome.

  11. Lol I was 45 and it was gift too! I love the part about the sheets because it is so true!!

  12. Love that you adopted all your cats from the shelter! Rescue pets are really the best.

  13. Vonna, I feel like we might have been separated at birth. I love me a pedicure and running my toes on the sheets is the BEST! lol I also love my kitties something fierce. My Oliver looks just like your Red. I can't believe he is already 8. I've been reading you since about the time you got Chatty. Wow!

  14. Love, just love the days to Christmas! (Never had a peddy too, and I'm almost 50.... Maybe when I get there, in March?)

  15. All of our cats have been rescues. Samson (now gone) we rescued from a landscaper who would have drowned him. Max came from a shelter. And the kitten, Hunter from a local rescue group. We are worried about tree this year, Hunter loves to climb things. We have more "dents" in the walls from what he has knocked over than the kids ever made.


  16. All of our cats have been rescues too. I think they make the best pets.

  17. Your cats are beautiful! (yes, i'm probably not supposed to say that since they're boys, but they ARE beautiful) I agree with you completely - adoption is the way to go.

    Let someone fiddle with my feet? Sounds weird to me. ;)

  18. Aren't manicures and pedicures wonderful! I totally agree!
    I was in my 60's before I had my first pedicure. My daughter surprised me for my birthday. We got in the car and she didn't tell me where we were going until we pulled into this day spa place. I had no idea, but I loved every minute of it and have been hooked since.

  19. I love seeing your three fur babies, and hearing more about Augie and the others. We got our MIa from one of DS's friends -- their cat (since spayed) had had a litter of kittens and they were being given away. Mia was the last of the litter and we got her! I agree -- adopt, don't shop.

  20. What beautiful kitties! DD gave me a mani & pedi for Christmas a couple of years ago. It was my first time ever and it was super cold, snowy December weather. I figured we'd get to sit until our fingers and toes were dry, but they gave us thin foam flip flops that were supposed to get us from the spa, through the parking lot and home. My flip flops broke two steps off the curb in the parking lot and I had to run barefooted through the parking lot to the car. DD and I were laughing so hard at ourselves and how silly we must have looked. I'm sure you enjoyed your mani & pedi!

  21. I've done both pedi and mani ( in fact since my sons wedding in October- I've gotten my nails done every 2-3 weeks)! I would have to say cleaning litter boxes is WAY down the list of things I'd want to do. My dog is a rescue dog and I would never do it any other way. This may be our last pet though.....we'll see.

  22. "Little gifts from Heaven to brighten our walk on this earth". Vonna I love the way you put that. My daisy and ginger (who are now at the Rainbow Bridge were both that, gifts from Heaven. My Pepi and Spunky were too when I was growing up. Kiss Augie's little black spot on his face for me...

  23. I'm glad you enjoy your mani / pedi. I have never had either and I won't. Saw too many horror stories when I worked for the DPM. What a handsome boy he is. Oh, your big Red reminds me of our Fred. We adopted him as an older cat, they guesstimated that he was ten. We had him for 8 years, he just passed in Sept. We miss him every day.

  24. Augie is so cute, glad he's doing so well now. And glad the other cats tolerate him - sometimes!

  25. Mani/pedi is a nice monthly indulgance! As you know I am a Cat Woman - so really enjoyed today's post. You are so amazing -- you gave your all to save Augie! Well done!

  26. Love your kitties so much! My husband actually had a pedicure before me! And he told me what I was missing, so off I went. Maybe 5 years ago? Maybe a little more, can't remember. But I had my first real manicure only a month ago and will go again this week. Why did I wait so long? These are my two monthly indulgences too (well, along with my hair color...that skunk streak has got to go!)But as hubby always tells me, I deserve it!

  27. Both of my cats were adopted from rescue groups as were my dogs who are now across the Rainbow Bridge.

  28. Vonna, your boys are so cute! They are lucky to have found a home in such a loving family. I know you feel that you guys are the lucky ones and that is true too!

  29. Nope. No one needs to play with my feet haha. I'm so ticklish. I got my nails done a long time ago a few times. It hurt so bad. I would rather spend money on more cross stitch supplies haha. Love your kitty photos. I'm a dog person. I've been begging for a few years to adopt another new/old dog to play with my Izzy. I will definitely adopt not shop though.

  30. You took such good care of him....He is adorable


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