Friday, November 04, 2016


~ WHAT?!?!?! ~ 
is going on with me an posting TWICE in less than 7 days?
LOL! Miracles never cease to happen

I've had a couple of finishes I want to share....
And then I want to share something personal.

My first finish is:

"Flag Maker"
Notforgotten Farm

This sweetie is stitched on 32 ct. Days Gone By Linen
using the called for DMC
It is a freebie found on Notforgotten Farm Blog and can be found

I also got my needles going a couple of days ago and whipped out the next house in the

"ABC Samplers Series"

LMN House

Here is how my whole sampler looks as of today...
I am just so proud of myself staying up to date on stitching this sweetie!
Isn't it looking so darling?!

LHN ABC Samplers _ 11-4-16

Stitched on 32 ct. Vintage Examplar
two over two using the *mostly* called for colors (if I don't have one I sub it for another)

I have been notified that there are a few remaining spots in the retreat I am teaching at this spring....
if you are interested, you need to call soon!

I have a secret that I want to share.
On Sunday, November 6, 2016, I am going on a most excellent adventure!
I am going to help drive my Dad and Stepmom from Indiana to Fairfield, CA.
We are taking 9 days to get there because...
my Dad has planned stops all along the way to National Parks that I have long dreamed seeing since I was a child. My Dad is a retired Science Teacher. I went to college and graduated with a degree in Biology and Chemistry, in my career I specialized in Microbiology. When I was a little girl, besides reading Laura Ingalls Wilder books, every book Beverly Cleary ever wrote and Judy Blume books...I also read every science book I could get my hands on. Books about bugs, animals, plants, birds you name it, I read it. I read about archaeology, I read about native Americans, evolution, our solar system....if it dealt with the natural world, it was my sort of book.

Long have I dreamed about visiting ALL of the national parks. Starting Nov. 6, my dreams as a little girl and adult will begin to come true! We are driving the first day to Salina, Kansas. Second day, to Denver, Colorado. Third day to Moab, Utah where my park touring will start with Arches National Park. (I might try talking my Dad into seeing Zion too...but we do have an itinerary, so probably a long shot). Then it will be back into Colorado to Mesa Verde and the Cliff Palace. OH MY WORD! I read a book about this place, I don't remember the name of it, but I was a young teenager and I remember it was a fiction book based on non-fiction places. Well I long have remembered that story and that book and have dreamed of Mesa Verde and the cliff side homes. Well I'll be seeing them!!
After Mesa Verde we are headed to the Petrified Forest! Then on to the Grand Canyon and after there we are moving on to Sequoia National Park and Yosemite!

Once we get to Fairfield...
I will get to see my brother, whom I have not seen in nearly 10 years.
I will get to meet in person my nephew and my niece (they just know me from Facetime).

I will be 2 weeks in the Fairfield area and my brother has my time booked, I believe. But I am hoping to drag him with me to meet my long, long time friends, Edgar and Rico
and also...
my new friend, Becky from FlossTube Obsessed Stitcher fame! 

My husband was so generous...
in allowing me to take this precious time away from our own family to visit my extended family and take this awesome trip. I wasn't going to go. Then he encouraged me to go. Then I was just going to get out there and stay a couple of days and fly home and he encouraged me to stay for 2.5 weeks. I will be gone basically the entire month.

I am so excited! 

Keith has dubbed this trip as: 
"Dave and Von's most excellent adventure!"
LOL! (David is my Dad's name, Keith doesn't call me Vonna - unless I'm in trouble - he shortens my name to "Von" - which I don't particularly care for. I like to be called either Von Marie or Vonna)

So if you all could keep me in your prayers for a safe journey...
and while I am gone from Nov. 6 - Nov. 30 that my family remains safe.
I am excited, yet a little apprehensive. Let's face it I have NEVER done anything like this before.
I'm not a pack my bags and I'll catch you on the flip side girl.
But I guess I could be that kind of girl, just this once!

Until next time my dear friends....
Hugs in stitches, 
Vonna xxx


  1. Woo hoo! Wow! How amazing! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! And yes, I will be praying. ♥

  2. I hope you have a most wonderful time Vonna,what a marvellous opportunity to do something like this with your dad and stepmom :)
    Lovely stitching,too.

  3. Sounds like a great trip. Perhaps a book on tape for the car - something about the parks, or about rte 66. Don't forget the stitching for the evenings. Keep us posted.

  4. Sounds like a beautiful trip. Keeping you and the family in my prayers for a safe and fun filled journey. Happy Stitching!
    ~C's Cross Stitch Creations ~

  5. I will certainly have you in my prayers for a safe and pleasant trip. Now aren't you glad you "retired". What a blessing to be able to travel with your Dad and StepMom.

  6. The trip you will always remember and cherish. Be safe and enjoy every minute!

  7. I hope you have a most excellent trip! In my 20's, I went on a trip to see the Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, and Zion. It was a really wonderful experience. Have fun!

  8. This is most definitely an Excellent Adventure!! You will have an amazing time and to see your brother again after 10 years, that will be such a wonderful visit. You are truly blessed to have a husband who supports you!! You are one lucky Vonna!! Enjoy your trip, safe travels!!

  9. We all have our preferences on what we like to be called! I like Von and Vondalee but DO NOT call me Vonda, lol!
    I'm so glad you're taking this opportunity to go on the trip West. Praying all is calm on the homefront while you're gone!

  10. Oh Vonna!!!! You are going to have such fun! I've been to lots of the National Parks -- all the ones you mentioned. They are all magical! I know you will love them! So worth seeing, every one! My favorites of the bunch you mentioned are probably Mesa Verde and Yosemite. (I had a thing for Yosemite as a pre-teen.) Safe travels to you all. I know your family will do fine too!

  11. What a lovely trip you're going to have - how wonderful for you!

    And look at you go on the LHN sampler. I just saw L,M,N as a new item in a newsletter and here you've got it all stitched already. Looking good!

  12. What super finishes, Vonna! And how exciting about your upcoming adventure! I am thrilled for you; you will be in my thoughts and prayers during your journey along with your family.

  13. Nice finish and the LHN looks great! When you get to Arizona, I'll be waving at you. I'm a 3 hour drive south from the canyon. I'm so excited for you! Have a safe trip. Sounds like your hubby is quite a guy!

  14. What an awesome adventure for you and your Dad - a memory-making trip for sure! Have a wonderful time and take lots of pictures!

  15. I hope you have a wonderful trip! You will be seeing some very beautiful parts of our country. I have never been to Mesa Verde but would just love to go there. This is a good time to remember what a special country we have in light of all the difficult things we have been going through in this election cycle. Prayers for a safe and wonderful trip.

  16. Wow Vonna I am so excited for you - what a fabulous time you are going have and so many precious memories created to share with your family when you get back!

  17. This will be an awesome trip, Vonna, what an adventure. Alone hearing the names of all these National Parks makes you want to go on this trip. I wish you a wonderful time and lots and lots of great experiences.

  18. Oh Vonna, what an awesome journey ahead. It sounds fabulous. Enjoy every moment !!
    And your stitching is beautiful. I love the progress on your sampler piece. It will be a masterpiece when completed.
    Safe travels and have fun !!

  19. Have a wonderful trip. I've visited a few of the National Parks in the USA, including the Petrified Forest and they are brilliant.

  20. Beautiful finishes Vonna

  21. How exciting! The Grand Canyon will be very pretty this time of year and the Petrified Forest is... well, I can't really explain what it is, but you'll definitely enjoy it! If you're going to Petrified Forest, you'll also be seeing the Painted Desert which is breathtaking. And how fun to meet up with blogging friends. If you were driving through Phoenix, I'd suggest a meet up, but I'm sure you won't come this far south. Have a fantastic journey!

  22. I hope you have a wonderful time..good for you.

  23. What a special trip this will be for you and your dad, Vonna! I'm sure you will be in awe as you wander through the National Parks--I know I was when we went to Zion, Bryce Canyon (a must see, in my opinion), and the Grand Canyon way back in 2000. Take lots of photos to share with us :)

    Lovely stitching--that LHN neighborhood is just too cute!

    Safe travels to you--and enjoy that special visit with your brother and his family :)

  24. We just came back from a trip there! You are going to love it. It's such a beautiful part of the country. My hands-down favorite though is Zion. My husband and I hiked to Angels Landing. What a amazing place. If you can't see Zion this time, definitely plan a trip for later.

  25. Be sure to take lots of pictures! Zion is gorgeous, you will love it. :)

  26. That is so exciting! I hope you have a wonderful time visiting everywhere and everyone. I've read a few Nevada Barr novels and they're always set in National Parks, I wonder if that's what you read? :)

  27. Sounds wonderful! Have fun!!!!!!

  28. Safe travel, dear friend! What an amazing adventure; such an exciting trip...Enjoy. I'm envious of Edgar, Rico, Becky, who get to meet you in person. Makes me want to fly to my son's place in Denver and track you down. :-)
    I had to smile when I read that you were a fan of Beverly too.
    Enjoy your road trip!
    Nice job on "Days Gone By" and thank you for the link. You are making great progress on your Sampler, which looks beautiful.
    Will email you soon...lots to tell you about. :-)

  29. Congratulations on your finishes and on your exciting trip! Safe travels.

  30. I am so excited for you to get to go on this trip!! I know that your head will just be spinning from all the wonderful things you will see, not to mention seeing family and friends too. I wish you the best trip ever. I follow you on Flosstube as well so I have been seeing your LHN ABC series piece and I am absolutely in love with the way it looks. I plan to do mine all in one piece as well; just need to sit down and plan out colors/fabric, etc. It will be so fun. I would love to be able to attend the retreat that you will be teaching at just not sure if I can swing it since I am going on a trip to Mesa to the Attic next week for a class (this is by number one on my bucket list), and then we have our local Heart's Desire camp in April. I wish I was able to just go to any stitching event I wanted!! LOL Wouldn't that be fun? Do you ever consider traveling to another state to teach? I live in the southern part of Kansas and our camp is held close to Junction City, which is not far from the Kansas City area. It is a beautiful place to go for camp; rolling hills and trees, walking trails and we have a beautiful lodge that we stay in. It is such a fun one. Think about it. Looking forward to your posts while you are on your adventure!!

  31. Have the best time ever.

  32. How exciting! I remember flying home to TN from Japan and taking a road trip up to NY for my sister's wedding with my parents. We stopped over at the Naval Academy for lodging and a nice tour. I happily took over the back seat and stitched the miles away. Have fun. 😉

  33. Anonymous6:54 AM

    What a wonderful opportunity! Have a GREAT time!

  34. Anonymous6:55 AM

    What a wonderful opportunity! Have a great time with your Dad and all that sightseeing!

  35. If you are going to be in Denver, you should try to visit Rocky Mountain National Park. It is awesome!!!

  36. First of all, seeing ABC's Sampler is beginning to soak into my stitching desires. YOURS looks great! Secondly....WOW!! You are going to have such a great time!! How wonderful! That is the way I will only get to see my family--by driving across country! We have talked about it, but... not quite there! So obviously, you are going to my hometown of San Francisco, if you are going to see Edgar and Rico! That is going to be something else! From reading his blog, you know he/they like to visit interesting places that are not in the tourist books! So who knows what you will encounter? All in all, it is going to be a fantastic trip! We will all look forward to the reports! And I shall join in praying for you! Hugs!

  37. Although i'm late im my comment I'm sure it will be a safe and wonderful journey. Don't forget that they are the ones that come to Lisbon and got home safe! Our Lady of Fatima is with all of you :-)

  38. Sweet stitching! I think the ABC Sampler Series looks gorgeous :D Have an awesome trip, Vonna!

  39. Oh what fun! We have done a lot of road trips over the years taking our 3 sons to National Parks and Historic Sites. I have personally been to Mesa Verde 3 times. Always see something new and they keep improving the experience. My husband and I went to Utah to take in the rock parks. Outstanding. I hope you have great weather for all your site seeing! Enjoy your time reconnecting with your family!

  40. I've seen a few FB posts, it sounds like the trip of a lifetime. I hope I get to make a trip out west like that with my DH - he's never been in the southwest. I've been to Grand Canyon and the Petrified Forest, Sedona etc. Lovely but I wouldn't want to live there. Give me my swamps and lakes and green all around hugs and be safe Mel

  41. It all sounds amazing! Judy Blume, well that brings back memories. I must, I must rofl

  42. Anonymous9:03 PM

    Sounds like a wonderful trip and I am so excited for you ! Your husband is so sweet to take care of things at home when you are gone . I love your blog and floss tube you are so generous with helping other stitches . Can't wait to see your Christmas blogging . Prayers for safety 🙏

  43. Your finishes are wonderful Vonna.

    Enjoy your trip. From your photos on Facebook and Instagram it looks like you are having an amazing time!


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