Saturday, October 29, 2016

November WIP and Life Update....

~ Greetings and Warm Welcome to all of my stitching friends ~
I hope all of you are enjoying a lovely fall...
I am enjoying life immensely of late. It's rather odd, how in the midst of turmoil and stress sometimes (at least for me) I fail to see the forest for the trees. Each problem is an obstacle to seeing the greater good of the world. I was really in a quagmire the last few months of 2015 and the first half of 2016. Making a change and then letting go...and letting God, what a huge, huge, HUGE thing. I really did struggle and really was struggling until July 31. Oh ye frail human.... thinking you are bigger than that and in control of everything. Ha! Thank the heavens above that through prayer and a little sacrifice of letting go my control, things have worked out so well. Life ~ always learning.

Big good things have been happening in my ~ works in progress piles:
Stitching is a very large part of my life.
It is my calgon moment.
It is my only hobby.
If I don't stitch in someway or create in some way, every day, I feel sad and grumpy. Re-investing in myself these past 3 months has meant I have began again to enjoy my stitching and not look upon it as a chore. OH HAPPY DAY! 

First up on the WIP #1 list is:

LHN ABC Sampler Series WIP

I am stitching these all on one piece of fabric (32 ct. Lakeside Linens Vintage Examplar)
I am not stitching the boxes around them as charted on the pattern.
I am using the called for colors which are a mix of Classic Colorworks and DMC
My ABC Sampler has a solid frame and a broken line frame that will encircle it (solid line = Caterpillar/broken line = Sassy Brassy both by Classic Colorworks. 
I cut my cloth to the dimensions specified by Diane at the link above (go read it if interested) However, stitching it my way I could have cut it a bit smaller, But I don't mind the extra. My sampler has sort of "evolved" since I began stitching it. I wanted the fabric a little larger so that I could be creative.) 
I have charted something for the bottom that will tie the whole piece together, I believe. . .
time will tell.

WIP #2....
is my Prairie Schooler - Year Rounds - Book 52
This is a "quilt" that I will turn into a quilted wallhanging *someday*
I have finished Jan/Feb/Mar
April (the bunny)....I finished twice already.....
*darn frog*
This is my THIRD attempt...wish me luck. If I can't get it right this time, I am sorely tempted to toss the thing in the trash bin.

Prairie Schooler Quilt - Year Rounds

This is being stitched on 25 ct. black lugana 
3 strands over 2 threads using DMC as called.

WIP #3:
Crown of Thorns

Jesus Face

A new start (actually this is the second time I started it).
This time round I am stitching it on 18 ct. ivory aida.
You can see it is just the top right hand side of his head.
I think it will be a stunning finish *someday*
This is a kit I got from the Stitchery: HERE

WIP #4:
I have slobbered all over this sweet pattern ever since I saw it on Notforgotten Farm's Blog last May. You can see it: HERE 
I have seen many of you stitch it and finish it up in various ways. I think I'm going to stitch it twice. I want it for a display and I think I want to frame it as well for my "Americana" room. 

Flag Maker WIP

I am stitching mine on 32 count Days Gone By
2 over 2 using the called for DMC
I am close to a finish with this one!

WIP #5
I was stunned, shocked and disbelieving when I was picking around through my cross stitch stash. This one I have had kitted with all the threads, JABCO buttons, fabric...for years. This was released: 2008. I need to have my hiney swatted!
have I not stitched this?! 
Believe me, I started this up and in no time at all had half of the border done and one of the treat blocks. Oh darling is this?!
CCN Sweet Treats Part 1 + Border

"Sweet Treats" by Country Cottage Needleworks
OH golly Miss Molly its gonna be so cute! I am going to finish this and frame it up! It'll be a great good thing!


My needlework....
and myself, really, are a changing. I finish a lot of things for myself and others and I have to be cognizant of the stress I put on my fingers, hands, wrists, elbows and shoulders. I have pain issues (especially when I finish a lot in one day, which is nearly every day since finishing has become my job). So when I stitch I like to stitch using a stand and I like my work close to me so my reach is not very far. Using a Q-snaps, like I have for 25 years, was great as I could make them wide and short and it was perfect. Being that I'm expanding my interest in stitching into larger projects that have beading and metallic fibers, well....beading as I go can be an issue using a Q-snaps. I know I can make the Q-snaps, larger and larger by adding in pieces of the snap bars to accommodate the beads, but my Needlework System 4 stand means I can't get wider than 17 inches and not too much taller than that because of the way head rotates. I know that many say you can use the snaps over beads, but still that makes me a little nervous. So luckily I had a friend that wanted to sell some scroll bars that no longer fit her stitching needs. I bought them and I am in love with them!

The brand I really, really love is Rolaframe.
I have about 8 sets I think. . . 
anyway...look forward to my Days of Christmas featuring an informational tutorial about Rolaframe!

Does Rolaframes fit on my Needlework System 4 stand? NO.... However, earlier this fall I purchased a home-made stand similar to the Judy O'Dell Lap Stand featured: HERE  
The arms make it a universal type stand for any thing you want to stitch using: Q-snaps, stretcher bars, scroll rods.

I share that later on upcoming during my Days of Christmas too. 
I can't give away all my secrets at once 

Being that my stitching is evolving....
that means that my organizing and storing needs to evolve as well. 
Pondering a question all night long in my head while I drowsed this morning I awoke with an idea in place. Now I know this is not a new idea and that there are many ways to ride a horse.

I believe that all my work no matter if it is done and ready for framing and finishing...
or if it is a work in progress needs a beautiful "home" to live in.
So I made a Project Roll. 
The idea came after I saw a version by DMC in my local Michael's. 
I really looked it over and decided I could make one myself...prettier.

So this morning I did...
I see from searching on the internet this is not a novel or new idea. But this is my version.
I think it is gorgeous. 
Using what I had available to me I used a mailing tube, quilting cottons, fleece, gingham ribbon, a little tacky spray, needle and thread, some sewing machine time, a ribbon and a rusty heart button to create my quilted Project Roll. BOY do I love this! I'll be making more for sure. 

Project Roll 1
Project Roll 2 Project Roll 3 Project Roll 4 Project Roll 6 Project Roll 5 those inquiring minds since I have been asked this lots already on FB and Instagram. Yes, I will make a tutorial but you are going to have to wait until My Days of Christmas, it will be my gift to those of you who wish to know how I did it. It is relatively easy. Some sewing experience is required. Do you like me for me or just for my tutorials? Sometimes, to be honest, I wonder.

since the last time I blogged I have finished A LOT...thank you to my wonderful clients who use my services over and over and allow me to create beautiful things to grace their homes.
Here is a sampling there are loads more since the last time I blogged (to be honest, I counted the other night....I finished nearly 400 items this year alone so far). I am blessed beyond measure. Thank you!

IC_CCN Red White and Bloom LS_WTNT Land of  Liberty W1_Shepherd's Bush Stocking LO_PSS Patriotic Stockings LO_CCN London JP_DT Autumn JP_Frosted Pumpkin Halloween Town JP_LK Jack JP_LK Oct 31 JP_Shepherd's Bush Wish JP_Brooks Books Advent Animals SD_LK Halloweenie SD_LHN 7 Pines SD_LHN House of Sweets LG_SB Sheep Friends

Did you make it all the way down here?! 
Well then you really DO like me! ha ha ha!

Until next time...
love your neighbor as yourself, because to be honest all I see in the world is a lot of anger and hate.
Be nice. Be kind. Be a Friend to those around you. Everyone needs a friend!
Be the change that you want to see in this world.

Hugs in stitches,
Vonna xxxx


  1. Just loving the look of your LHN ABC Sampler sampler! When the first chart in the series was released, I thought I'd get one or two and make ornaments, but I'm smitten as each new one is released and have started thinking of stitching them all together. Just shows how smart you are to have known that from the beginning.

    So glad to hear things are happier for you these days!

    Enjoyed seeing the finishes you've done recently - it's sort of like being at the show and tell part of a guild meeting. :)

  2. You are amazing! Love, love, love seeing all your work!

  3. I am so glad you are feeling more yourself . Your stitching is always a lovely treat for the eyes. So inspirational too!

  4. I definitely like "you for you"! If you never posted another, I would still like you just the same. Honestly, I have a background in (my post-secondary) the arts, so I already know how to do many finishing things and I can "pull myself up by my bootstraps" for the rest.

    My favorite part is watching (blog or video) you explain things. I love organization, and it's wonderful to see skilled people at work! I don't really know any other needleworkers in person, so it has a nice community feel.

    You are getting some wonderful progress in on your personal projects. I am just reall looking forward to the quilt that PS will become. I can't quite "see" it, so I am really looking forward to a big wow and "oh, that's so amazing!!!" When I finally DO see it!

  5. Love all your do beautiful work!
    If I lived closer I think we'd be friends!

  6. Such a wonderful post. Looking forward to your Days of Christmas.

  7. I am so glad you are feeling better. It is so hard for us humans to let go. I am collecting the materials for the Sampler House series. I plan to stitch it as one piece so I am anxious to see how you do the rest of the one you are working on. Your finishing is just beautiful. I always love to read your posts. They are so encouraging. You have a gift!

  8. Vonna, it is always wonderful to see a new blog post from you. I know I am not alone when I say you are inspiring, and motivating. What fabulous WIPs you have shared along with the items you have finished for your clients. I am glad you are back to feeling like Vonna. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  9. You appear to be busier than I am and I didn't think that was possible. Wow, your stitching is so pretty. I agree that if I do not have a craft in progress, then I am not being good to me. I love all of your finishes. I have used your tutorials to finish some of my own creations and I love looking at yours for inspiration. So glad that you posted an update.

  10. Oh I am gonna have to have one of those sweet little flag ladies in my pile of future projects. Yours is looking so sweet. All your projects always look so pretty. I have to say I love reading your blog and always look forward to it. I also love your podcasts of where you just show us what you have stitched and talk about stuff. Keep up the good work. Wishing you many blessings. :)

  11. An amazing amount of work you have done. All so beautiful.I'm amazed you have time to sleep at night Vonna:)

  12. Wow Vonna. So many goodies in this post! Enjoyed it very much. I'd be a little cautious about the beads too. Looks like a lot to look forward to in upcoming posts.

  13. So worth the wait...this post is wonderful. Beautiful WIPs you are stitching. I am also doing the Christ cross stitch. I saw it through the internet & knew I had to stitch it. Found at my local Hobby Lobby. How do you plan to finish it? Frame with glass? Thank you Vonna for all your blogs. It takes time to make such wonderful posts and sincerely, I have learned so much from your posts. Glad you are enjoying your stitching and new found joy in letting go. Cindy in northern Illinois

  14. I love your finishes! They all look great. I have - once in my stitching life - thrown away one piece of cross stitch. I guess it happens once in a very rare blue moon.

  15. As always you have a wonderful post!! You have a "gift" that you have been given and I love that you share it with all your "friends"!! Us stitchers stick together in thick & thin. You always rock it girl....continue to do so as we all love you just the way you are!!

  16. Yes, Vonna, we just like you for your tutorials! Not! You are personable and even if you never had a single tutorial, we would still sit in awe of your finishing skills and hang on every word you say on your Flosstube. So banish the thought! What a great lineup of finishes and WIPs. I really really love the Wish cube, it's just gorgeous!

  17. Of course I like you for you! Your tutorials are awesome, too. It's always great to catch up with all you are doing. Your personal projects are wonderful, and your finishing top notch. Thanks for sharing.

  18. Gorgeous stitching and beautiful finishing..what a lovely post.I never tire of seeing both of the above.It is why finding your blog a long time ago now was a revalation...long may it last Vonna.I am happy that you are happy in your creativity.

  19. Lovely to see all those beautiful finishes! Wow! You have been busy.

  20. I've seen so many Flosstubers credit you with their creations! You are a skilled teacher. That said, if you only ever showed WIPs and your own finishes we'd all tune in. You're funny, you're honest. Love everything. You're a credit to your family and your faith.

  21. We certainly do love you Vonna! You are a ray of sunshine! xx

  22. So pleased to read that life is better for you now and that you are enjoying it. Good progress on your WIPs. Love the finishes you have shown. Great attention to detail in your finishes.

  23. All your WIP's and all your finishes look fabulous! Such talent. I have one of those rolls too. It was purchased from Carolina Stitcher and given as a gift in an exchange. They work well for storing finished pieces, too. Looking forward to your Christmas posts.


  24. You are such an inspiration to all of us. Love reading your blog and seeing what you have done.

  25. You certainly have found a good way to use all that time you have freed up now that the lab is a thing of the past. I'm amazed at how much stitching you have done along with that. gorgeous collection of creative finishes.

    Nice idea for storing the WIPs. They definitely deserve The TLC.

    Just keep being mindful of the over use injuries and ergomics. Listen to your body as they say in my Jazzercise classes!

  26. EVERYTHING you show here is so beautiful! I often wish I could spend a week with you stitching and learning to finish things....and talking and laughing.

  27. Beautiful finishing Vonna! Love all your projects!

  28. Your WIPs are looking terrific! You have such a nice variety of projects in progress. And your finishes are gorgeous as usual. I really want to send you some items to finish, but I'm intimidated by what you may think of my stitching. I know, I know, it's my problem to conquer! haha Hopefully I'll be contacting you one of these days to use your magic on some of my stitching!
    On a serious note, I'm so proud of you for making a major change in your life and then settling in to see how God would work through that change. Your choice has definitely freed you to see His work in your life. Good for you!

  29. I seldom comment on posts but today I just want to thank you for your openness, becoming vulnerable, all for the sake of God. You are a beautiful example for God.
    Thank you too for sharing your work which always inspires me.

  30. Your stitching and finishes are wonderful Vonna 💜! It's so lovely to hear your happiness shine through your words after some trying times this year!

  31. We like you for you - I must say your videos always make me have a laugh or two. Your work is amazing and love to see how you finish your projects.

  32. Hello! Good to see another update from you, as I know you are so busy! Your posts are so 'friendly' that it at least makes ME feel as if we are friends sharing our favorite obsession! Love seeing the progress on your WIPs. And the new project roll is great... I haven't taken out the sewing machine in a while, but I do want to try machine quilting and making more sewing projects one of these days! As always, your finishing has been great! I cannot imagine doing 400 finishes! Yikes! It is good that you are aware of the stresses and strains that can have on your body. Don't need to be down for the count at any time! Thanks, as always, for sharing! Hugs!

  33. Oh my! Your finishing work is just stunning..and I love the project roll.. I purchased one who has a blog much like yours and I love it but I know how to sew and would love to know how to make it myself..just haven't been brave enough to make up my own I will be looking forward to your tutorial. Beautiful work. Thanks so much for sharing.

  34. Love hearing from you and it is great when you are doing things you love.

  35. Love your stitching. I too like "you for you". You are one talented lady, Vonna. Your finishing of everyone's treasures is amazing. I am looking so forward to your Days of Christmas.

  36. Thank you for the many ways you generously bless the stitching community with your gifts, thoughtfulness, and humor! I always love seeing what you are stitching or finishing or your new ideas (like the project roll)! I so enjoy your flosstube episodes, too. Last night, I convinced my husband (!!) to watch and we so enjoyed your humor. He is "frightened" to know there is someone as enthusiastic about stitching as I am. LOL I know it might be strange to say but I feel like I know you and so enjoy what you share with the stitching community. I am praying for you as you continue to adjust to having one in college (I am doing this for the first time, too), leaving the out-of-home working world (but how GOOD that must feel!), and adjusting to a new phase of life. I hope you have a ball on your roadtrip, too! I may be going to California pretty soon myself as we are trying to convince my inlaws to move near us as they need help with things now. They are in CA so I am envisioning a cross-country trip to move them here. Think of all the needlework shops I could work into the itinerary!!! :) Thanks again for everything, Vonna! xox Kristina

  37. Each one is prettier than the other! How you get it all done, I am amazed. Thanks for sharing, Dee

  38. Your finishes are just exquisite! (As they always are!!) I really do love to see your stitching -- you always have such beautiful, fun projects going. I always look forward to a new blog post from you -- I love seeing what you've been up to. And your flosstube videos are the best! I feel like I'm getting to spend time with a friend.
    Enjoy your stitching!

  39. Fantastic post, as usual, Vonna! Thanks so much!

  40. Everything is just so beautiful sweetie. Been praying for you and I know you did have some rough times.

  41. I like you for you! Everything else is a bonus.

  42. LOve the WIP's! Love the finishes!

  43. Happy Halloween, Vonna!!!


  44. Love your blog and YouTube channel Vonna! While the tutorials brought me to you and I thoroughly enjoy and appreciate them, I keep reading and watching because I enjoy knowing more about you, more about stitching, and enjoy hearing about all your kids activities and accomplishments. Even though we haven't met, I feel like I know you 😀

  45. I continue to be amazed by your beautiful stitching and your finishes. Thank you for sharing your work with us and for inspiring us!
    Blessings, Donna

  46. Thanks for sharing your gorgeous stitching !! I'm with you......a day without stitching makes me grumpy too.
    It's fun to pull out an older's like starting something new. And you know there was a reason you chose that design even it was awhile ago.
    I admire you for stitching on black fabric. Difficult even with a bright light. It will be so beautiful when done.
    Your beautiful finishes will be treasures for all your clients.
    Happy Autumn !! Enjoy each and every day :)

  47. I have definitely looked over your tutorials and certainly appreciate all the effort that goes into creating them BUT - I'm definitely here for the full on Vonna effect ! I would still love your blog and you and your stitching, finishing and faith and family even if you didn't have tutorials. Some gorgeous things finished! lucky stitchers.
    Happy Halloween! Mel

  48. I think we all struggle to find our balance and equilibrium in life. It sounds as though you have now found yours. Just remember each and every day to take some time for yourself, prayer, a walk, meditation - something that renews and refreshes you. I so enjoy your stitching, your journey or faith, and your openness Vonna.

  49. Vonna, you have one of the best jobs - creating beautiful finishes from others' lovely pieces. I know what you mean about feeling grumpy if you don't stitch each day. Even just a few stitches makes me happy.

  50. Absolutely beautiful stitching and finishing! Sweet Treats is sooooo cute, and I'm in love with your project roll! It's so pretty :D

  51. I'm so glad that things are working out for you and you are enjoying stitching for yourself again. I love seeing your WIPs and your finishing work. I need to send some things to you for finishing sometime!

  52. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! Reading your posts and seeing all the beautiful things is like looking at pictures of puppies on Instagram: I get all melty with how lovely things are.
    Be a light: we shine in so many ways and reach spots we can't ever imagine and likely will never know, but be a light anyway. You're a good light my dear:)
    Jenn @Jenn's Crafty World

  53. I am in awe....plain and simple there are no words!!!!!!


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