Sunday, September 25, 2016

Hometown Holidays...

TWO...posts in ONE day....

But I was asked another question and this is pertinent to the upcoming Holiday season, so I thought I would put it out there for all to consider.

The question comes from Happy Stitching, who asks:

"I so enjoy your blog and your YouTube channel! I am planning to stitch LHN Hometown Holiday series and wondering how you are finishing? I was thinking either separate cubes or maybe all together as one large piece but I wasn't sure how it would look all together as one piece! Thanks so much!"

Hometown Holidays is a popular on going design line by Little House Needleworks.  You can view the designs that have been already released at this link:
HOMETOWN HOLIDAYS by Little House Needleworks 

Well...lets talk about how I am finishing my Hometown Holidays. 
I haven't gotten very far in the series because I have been stitching lots of models in the past few years including several of the Hometown Holidays for Little House Needleworks. However the few that I have stitched, I have stitched over two on 40 ct. linen to make the design area smaller and am making them into ornaments for our tree. Here are a couple of my personal Hometown Holidays:

My House 1

Main Street Station

The original designs, Diane finished herself using the cube method. She even did a tutorial and posted it on the Little House Needlework website and you can view it by clicking on: 

Later, Diane asked me to finish the Hometown Holiday series as a large mounted tag ornament.
You can view my pictorial and written tutorial
Layered Tag Ornament Written Tutorial

or in video form on my YouTube Channel:
Layered Tag Ornament Video

You can make this series into small flatfolds, they would be darling done up as flatfolds. Again I have written and video tutorials to view featuring those type of finishes at my finishing blog and on my YouTube channel.

There has been a number of people stitching these all on one piece as a "village scene" there has recently been a couple of people that have shared their layouts in the Facebook Little House and Country Cottage Needleworks Stitching Group. Diane herself will sometimes post to that group layout "ideas" for the Hometown Holiday series as she sometimes plays around with layout arrangements. If you are a member of Facebook, I encourage you to search for the Little House and Country Cottage Needleworks Stitching Group and ask to become a member by clicking on the "join" button. You can gain admittance and see how many members are working theirs up and also get some ideas that Diane has posted about in the group as well.

Happy Stitching!


  1. Vonna, I like how you have finished the two shared in this post. They have such a simple elegance to them. Thank you for sharing the information about the FB group. Have a blessed day!

  2. I love your finishing and look to get ideas for my own. I also stitch almost all of my ornaments on a smaller count fabric than called for. I have stitched them over one and on 36 and 40 ct fabrics. Smaller ornaments mean I can fit more on a tree. I have so many over one that I put them on a small tree just to highlight them.
    Thanks for posting all the great tips. After 40 some years stitching, it's nice to hear of new shortcuts or ways to create something new with my stitching,

  3. You are always so generous in sharing your wonderful ideas! Thanks so much , Vonna!

  4. beautiful photos of your Hometown Holiday ornaments! You are always so helpful in sharing your excellent tutorials and now videos to help those of us in need. Glad to see a blog post- it's been a while ! Happy Fall - mel

  5. Lovely finishing on these two, Vonna!

  6. Hi Vonna, so happy to discover your blog, i've found the link on the group of Little House and country cottage fACEBOOK. All the share you do, the video, the tutorial, it's very generous. I fell in love with your Hometown Holiday. The fabric and the finish are very elegant. Florence.

  7. You are amazing. Your finishing is always so beautiful, as is your stitching. And your sharing of your knowledge is the best!!

  8. Sometimes I can't see the forest for the trees. What a great idea to stitch over 40 count thread. I haven't tried that. I have done 18 ct aida but I prefer and evenweave . Thanks!!!


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