Monday, June 06, 2016

Graduation and other things stitchy....

~ Greetings and Warm Welcome Friends ~
On Saturday, May 28, 2016....It happened!

One day she was still my baby...
and the next she was an adult. 

Here are some photos that I took at a local Limestone Cutting House (Woolery Mill) that is just about 1/2 mile from our home. It's very industrial and I believe adds interest to the background of a photo. People come from miles around to take their pictures here and it is literally in my backyard. :)
On a side note: Our limestone is in a lot of federal buildings in DC and also the Empire State Building....yep, all right here from good ol' Indiana...quarried and skillfully sculpted by artisans.

Katie Cap 8x10

Katie Column 8x10

Katie Standing best 8x10

and...a whole lot of this happened for her Open House Celebration on Sunday, May 29, 2016 at our home. 
2016 Scrolls


Grad hats

Katie Grad Girls

I also made 100 cupcakes with homemade buttercream icing in her 4 favorite flavors: Carrot, Red Velvet, Vanilla and Chocolate. We also had, Homemade cream cheese mints along with mixed nuts, berry fruit salad and fresh cut pineapple. For drinks I had wee bottles of milk (you know milk and cookies), bottled water and soda. It was a fabulous day! Lots and lots and lots of people came to show their support of my beautiful girl and offer their sincere congratulations. We couldn't have been more proud!

Katie is going to attend Indiana University ~ Purdue University of Indianapolis (IUPUI).
She has already been accepted into the Purdue School of Engineering on the IUPUI campus. 
She is majoring in Electrical Engineering.
 (just like her talk about his chest being all puffed up!)
She will be approximately 1 hour from us, so it will be OK...that's what I keep telling myself.
She's ready to fly....

My girl graduated with Honors...
she earned a 4.3 gpa and many other academic awards
(Principals Elite Academic Honor Diploma, Indiana Scholar Athlete, National Honor Society Scholar...there are more, but you get the idea)

with pride. 

This week on Thursday and Friday she will go off to Orientation at IUPUI.
The end of July will see us moving her up there for the year (She's taking "bridge" classes early to get the hang of campus life and such before all the students return)

So the hubbub continues.... :)

On to all things stitchy....

I finished Country Cottage Needleworks, darling design entitled: "Stitching Time"
I did a few changes...
made the girl chubby to fit me, also gave her blond hair but most notable is I changed the color scheme from light cottage colors to darker color palette to fit my home. It is stitched on 32 ct. Mocha using DMC in my own colors as described.
I love how it turned out!
CCN Stitching Time

I finished the next row of...
Summer House Stitche Workes "Calico Sampler"
Again I have switched it all up changing the colors from Gentle Arts to Classic Colorworks cottons, I'm stitching it on 32 ct Wichelt Amber and I'm doing all of the letters in the same color rather than having them different colors. 
Loving this one too!

SHSW_Calico Sampler

Since I'm nuts about Floss Tube on YouTube and have watched hundreds of videos of people doing Mill Hill Kits, I finished this one:

Mill Hill Holiday Sled

I've also been working on:
"All Creatures Great and Small" by Barbara Ana Designs

Barbara Ana _ All Creatures Great and Small

and lastly...
last year I bought into the "Serenity Harbor" by By the Bay Designs. I got the patterns every week and I was excited to start but life kept getting in the way. 
First I had problems with finding the Fabric Flair fabric that was being made specifically for the piece. Then finally when I got it, it was out of stock...long story short I finally got a piece and STUNK. I was not happy with the color, at all, I felt like photos I had seen of it were much prettier, more mottled than my piece appeared. So I was a little disgusted and put it on the back burner. 

I kept looking at many finishes of this sampler and it spoke to my heart like the very first day I saw the design. It reminds me of St. Augustine. I think the reason it reminds me of St. Augustine is because of the lighthouse and church in it, not to mention the water and the pelicans flying overhead in the sampler. But when I think of Serenity, St. Augustine is my place. After many years of going there for our family vacations and visiting there as a holds lots of special memories.

Since this year we will not be vacationing there...

I decided on the week in June that we typically travel to St. Augustine for our yearly vacation, I will begin to stitch this design. In memory of our fun that we have. In order to do that...
I had to have some fabric that suited me. 
I bought some liquid rit in Pearl Gray, cut a piece of 35 ct. linen and went to town. 
is what I wanted for my piece. 
First try, nailed it!

fabric for Serenity Harbor

I've also been finishing...

MW_Bunny Fobs MW_Christmas MW_St. Patrick's Day PG_JBW Snowman DJ_Quaker Box Topper MW_Believe MW_HoD January Chalk MW_JBW Ornaments MW_LHN Season's Greetings MW_Lizzie Kate Summer Exclusive MW_New Year MW_Peace HIH MW_WTNT Word Play BJ_Heart pillow

So that does it...
until next time. I've got lots of work to get done :)
Believe me.

So in an effort to switch things up, because I think sometimes people get stuck in a rut seeing the same 'ol same 'ol and skip over my endings. 
I'm going to switch things up. 

I tell my kids this almost every day: 

Treat others how you wish to be treated.
You never know what others are dealing with...treat them kindly.
No one likes a know it all.
Stand for something you believe in, don't be a doormat.
Say what you mean, then do what you say.

Love in stitches,
Vonna xxxx


  1. Wow! You have been so busy with all of your wonderful graduation activities - congrats on all of it. As always, I love all of your beautiful finishes. Have fun with your new stitch start; love the fabric you dyed. Happy stitching....................

  2. Congratulation to Katie, I am sure she worked very hard . Tell her Good luck at Purdue. I had two HS graduations , grand daughters, one Friday another tonight. Both off to college too. The Friday graduation was a bit of a home coming ,my three children, husband and myself graduates of EPHS. It was an outdoor ceremony too ,so lots of clapping and young kids running around the football field just fun. Always in awe of your finishes. You are amazing cookies too!

  3. Congrats on the graduation and amazing details in your baked goods! Plus great stitching and finishing as always.

  4. well first BIG CONGRATS on Katie's accomplishments and being accepted to a great college close to home. Your decorated cookies were awesome. I read with great interest how you were reminded of your "St Aug" trips with the By the Bay BOM from last year. I have it too and never started it either. I've always been attracted to Donna's designs but never bought one before. The design that reminds me of my beloved time spent in St Aug with my great Aunt Agnes, cousins in years past and my folks and DH in recent years is The Sailors Wife by Brenda Keyes (The Sampler Co) I haven't done much but every year we are at the beach - I drag it along and do a few stitches on it. BTW - we are heading down there this month. Love your stitching starts/finishes and "finishing" I took my Old Glory you finished for me to my EGA group on Saturday and everyone loved your finish. I know this got long but ...
    hope you have a good week ! Mel

  5. Congratulations to Katie! You should be proud! I love your pictures of her and am going to steal your idea by taking pictures of my son who just graduated from college. What a fantastic idea! I love all your cookies and everything you did for the party. As always, everything is beautiful!

    All your still my heart. You know I love them all! I also was so thrilled to see that you used Rit Dye to dye your fabric - honestly, girl - I would have never thought to do that yet used to dye things with that stuff all the time! Why not linen? I will definitely be doing that for a piece I want a special color for. To get the mottled look, did you just scrunch it up in the dye first?

    Thanks for another exciting post. I always love visiting!

    Blessings - Julie

  6. You are one busy lady! I get tired just reading about all the things you are doing. That CCN piece is so cute. And your finishing is always fabulous. Congratulations to Katie!

  7. Woo hoo! Way to go Katie! Just wonderful!
    Your finishes are so gorgeous Vonna.

  8. Congratulations and best wishes to Katie! I enjoyed seeing your photos taken of her and the cookies. I would love to know the reds and blues you used for the CCN piece. Congratulations to you on your first Mill Hill kit finish! Go Vonna! You have turned out some incredible finishes for your clients. I know they are pleased. Enjoy your week!

  9. Congratulations I am sure she is excited. Such pretty pieces you finished. I have some mill house kits I have to do someday. Stitching time is really pretty. Have a great vacation. Your cookies came out great

  10. I'm so excited for Katie's next chapter--I know she'll enjoy as much success in college as she did in high school. How nice that her college is only an hour away--still close enough for a quick visit now and then in between longer vacations. I really loved the cookies you made, Vonna--especially the cute mini-Katies :)

    Lovely stitching! I have that same Mill Hill kit, but the beading has scared me off. Will look forward to seeing your finish.

    Wonderful treats for your finishing clients--I'm sure they just smile from ear to ear each time they open up one of your return packages! Not sure how you do it all--whew!! Hope June calms down a bit--so sorry about not being able to visit St. Augustine this year... Hopefully, something else is in the works!

  11. Congrats to Katie and best wishes for all that is good at her new school. Love your stitching pieces and your finishing is out of this world. Theresa

  12. You have been busy, beautiful finishes. Congratulations to you and your daughter. From one Indiana girl to another great choice on schools.

  13. Congratulations to Katie and I am sure her Daddy is very puffed up about his daughter following in his footsteps. Your baked goods were amazing, ever thought about baking as a job? And I am always so impressed with your stitching and finishing. You are a woman of many talents Vonna! Thank you for sharing with us! Cathy

  14. Wow, Katie did good!!! You must be very proud. Congratulations! And all your beautiful finishes (not sure when you do all that, but they are beautiful). Thanks for sharing - Dee

  15. Katie was a beautiful graduate!! Best of luck for her. She has such a bright future. As usual , the finishes are great. I hope to stitch my little grand daughter's Christmas ornament early enough to send it to you for finishing. I will be in touch.

  16. Wow, Vonna - you have been a busy bee! Congrats to your daughter - my friend's son is an engineering student at IUPUI too and he loves it. Great finishes and great words to finish your post with!

  17. You and your family are special!
    Hugs and congrats all the way from Portugal

  18. Congratulations to your daughter!
    Such a lot of beautiful stitching and finishing too

  19. Congratulations to your wonderful daughter. Wish her a great journey as she starts college.
    Love all of your stitching, your finishing is a gem.
    Have a wonderful summer.

  20. Congratulations Katie.
    Your graduation cookies look amazing Vonna.

  21. The cookies look amazing - Your daughters wonderful and many successes shows she has a wonderful supportive mom - take a bow - Love your switch of colors - reading your blog gives me so many ideas and I thank you.

  22. Many congratulations to Katie and best wishes for a great time at university.
    Your biscuits were perfect for such a lovely occasion..I do admire the icing decorations.
    Love your stitching especially Calico Sampler and all the finishing is wonderful.

  23. Congrats to Katie on all that she has accomplished, and good luck as she spreads her wings in the fall. With all that you and Keith have instilled in her she will soar.

    Your cookies look incredible!! Is there anything you can't do? You are amazing!!

    St. Augustine is special to both me and my husband since we are from Florida and would often go their with our families.

  24. Congratulations! Such an exciting time. The cookies are just are your stitching finishes.


  25. Congratulations to Katie and best of luck to her in college. Those cookies look delicious and what a work of art!! I am in awe of your many talents.
    Thanks so much for sharing your finishes, and I am so enjoying your tutorials on Flosstube.
    Thank you again for sharing all! Enjoy your summer.

  26. I hope Katie got into the dorm. I know there aren't many but it's something every college student should experience. MY youngest started at ISU but finished the other three years and graduated from IUPUI.

  27. Congratulations to the graduate in your house! Lovely finishes and lovely projects in process. I still don't know how you find the time for all these beautiful pieces of work, and be a mom to four and a wife. Impressive! Oh, and the cookies are super impressive! And look so yummy!

  28. Congratulations to Katie. It will be an exciting and emotional time when she leaves for college. Nice she won't be too far from home. I'm sure you have tons of great care package ideas lined up.

    Lovely finishes from the finishing studio. Your work is always beautiful !!

    I'm glad you've had a little stitching time for yourself. I enjoy seeing what projects you are stitching. The fabric you dyed is gorgeous.

    Have a great summer !!

  29. Dang girl, you are just on fire! Wish I had half your energy! Congrats on all the wonderful things happening in your life now. Laura

  30. Wow those cookies are great. After watching your floss tube and reading this post I am so curious about the original piece of fabric you received what it looked like. Great finishing as always and once again congratulations to Katie she did awesome.

  31. Yes, you are going to be very very busy! That was a lot of finishing! All quite beautiful and inspiring. I have a pile to do myself... and this week may be the week!! Ha! Thanks for sharing... (I am off to get a snack, because seeing all those cookies... well.... )

  32. Congrats to Katie! Great job on all of the cookies. Your stitching and finishing is beautiful as always. Thanks for the info on the floss tube. I am going to have to look into this. Enjoy your stitchcation.

  33. Congratulations to Katie!! She looks exactly like you. The cookies look so cute
    Oh my God.. you have been busy!! So many projects at a time.. Very beautiful finishes as always :)

  34. Huge congratulations to Katie. Wonderful stitching. Beautiful finishing for your clients, lovely colour combinations and little extras added.

  35. Congratulations to your beautiful and talented daughter! We just "met" this morning on the phone and I am feeling so very fortunate to have the opportunity to get to follow you. Can hardly wait to see Gavin's finished stocking! Thanks so much for the finishing suggestions!!!!

  36. Congrats to Katie on her graduation! Thanks for the eye candy with all the wonderful finishing. :)

  37. Hi Vonna,

    Warmest best wishes and congratulations to Katie on all her
    accomplishments and her graduation. I hope that she'll have
    a wonderful secondary education experience with equal parts
    of challenges, fun, friendships and education. No doubt she
    will do very well.

    And I hope this first fledgling flying the nest isn't too hard a
    transition for mama and papa bird. May the joy of watching
    Katie soar be of comfort to you for the empty spot in your nest.

    The grad pictures are amazing. Nice job Mom.

    And all your stitching updates are dazzling as always. I really
    love Stitching Time and all the changes that you made. I
    think it stands out and looks better and I love your colour

    Oh my .... all those amazing finishes. I am weak at the
    knees just looking at them. Wow. Love your new finishing
    video on flosstube by the way. Fun to see you work your
    magic and listen to your voice while I stitch.


  38. Dear Vonna,
    gratulations from the bottom of my heart for your pretty & smart daughter.
    I love the photos you made of her
    - and of course I love all these amazing and delicious looking cookies.

    And beside all these important things you had the time to finish all these wonderful stitching - how did you manage that?

    Have a wonderful rest of the week!


  39. Wonderful post!!! Congratulations to Katie and congrats to you for raising a wonderful daughter.
    Awesome baking and stitching. How you find the time to do all you do is beyond me but you are always rockin it!! Happy Stitching to you...Chris

  40. First off, congratulations to the proud graduate and the prouder parents! So exciting that your first born has graduated and is ready to move on to college! Taking that bridge class is a good idea. i remember one of the colleges we toured had the same sort of program. Love the baking you did for the graduate too! Your stitching looks great, and the finishing! Well, I know where to go when I decide to get my stitching finished! Take care. Sorry you aren't able to go to St. Augustine this year. :( Things change as the kids get older, don't they?

  41. Congratulations to Katie! Those cookies look amazing, Vonna. Gorgeous stitching and finishing as always! :D

  42. Congratulations to Katie. I hope her college years are wonderful. You are such an amazing person with all you do. Your cookies are beautiful. Your stitching is beautiful and your finishing is amazing. I wish I had half he energy you have.

  43. Big Congrats to your daughter. A new exciting road lies ahead with college.

    Your stitching is fantastic as always. Love all your finishes.

  44. Congrats to your daughter and the family! That day you pack them off to college was the hardest day for me. But exciting for them. Love your finishes. You have been busy!


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