Wednesday, June 29, 2016

A couple of questions on finishing...


Hi Vonna,

When making a cube how do you attach the cording? Do you sew it on like you do the pillow ornament? or do you glue it on?


Sue C.

On a cube, I lay a light line of glue right along the edge of the complimenting material on the sides of the cube...all the way around the "face" of the stitched piece. I begin with one end of the cording at the BOTTOM MIDDLE  of the cube, pressing the cording into the glue line all the way around. I also pin it as I go with straight pins along the cording about every 1-2 inches. I just push the pins through the cording and into the styrofoam. This adds additional integrity and holding power for the cording all the way around the "face" of the stitched piece until I meet in the bottom middle and end off by sewing the end of the cording with matching thread, cutting the cording, placing a dot of glue on the cord ends and pressing the edges of both cords together to make a seamless transition. Secure bottom ends with pins as well. 
Thank you Sue C. for your question! 

Dear Vonna,
You are a very talented lady. I love all of your stitching and finishes. My question for you is how do you come up with ideas on how you see a piece being finished? Do you search the internet for ideas? Do you keep a notebook of your finishes and refer to it? 

Thank you, 

No Carolyn, I don't keep a notebook or search the internet for ideas or inspiration. While I'm stitching my own projects, I think of what my use for them will be. I have these questions (literally) running through my head while I'm stitching or looking at designs to stitch.
Is it large? How much time is it taking me to stitch it? What do I want it to be? How do I decorate my home? Is it seasonal? Is it useful? Does it have a purpose? 
For example: Small Seasonal things, I rarely frame, most of these type of seasonal stitches will be ornaments, flatfolds, wall hangings, etc. These are things that are in and out of storage and that are not out all year round. 
Small Pillows that I tuck into bowls, shelves, hang from door knobs, may be out all year long and I use them as little extra details for my home decorations
Large projects that take much time, I frame. 
I don't look on the internet for inspiration, but of course if you are on Blogs, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, you can't help but be inspired by other stitchers...and they may influence what I stitch, but the finishing is usually my own creation.  I can see details of how I want things to look, in my mind's eye and I rely on my own creativity for my finishes. Not to say that I am not inspired to stitch or finish in a manner that is similar to things I have seen somewhere, but I have come up with ideas for finishing just by sitting and dreaming: examples of things I have come up with over the years are: tag ornaments, the embroidery hoop boxes, twig frames, mounted ornaments, recently I had an idea about finishing a Mill Hill ornament by making a "tag" using scrapbook papers .... all of these things I came up with by dreaming, tried it out and it worked. Anyone can have creative finishes, you just need to spend a little time dreaming to become inspired to try! I feel like some of my "best" creations came from trial and error and my dreams, of course!
Thank you for your question, Carolyn!


  1. Thanks for the advice!

  2. I enjoyed reading the answers to the questions asked of you, Vonna. I am assuming you leave the straight pins in when you make a cube. Are they regular straight pins or decorative?

  3. I really enjoy your Q & A posts - I always learn something! Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with us.

  4. Love your creative minds eye.

  5. Thanks Vonna for taking the time to share your talent and advise with us. I always enjoy reading what you have to say.

  6. Hi Vonna! Im posting my comment here since I couldn't figure out how to do that on the floss tube.
    I feel like I know you personally and that you are a friend after I started watching your stitching videos. I really enjoy them and find them entertaining with much useful and helpful stitching info. It's always good to learn new shortcuts for finishing. Even though I've been stitching for a very long time..over 30 years..this oldie can still learn something I love your stitching area and just today I learned an easier way to make cording! I was making it a little too complicated! So thanks for taking the time to share your talent with us. Phyllis in AR

  7. Its neat to get insight into your thought process!


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