Tuesday, April 12, 2016


~ Greetings and Warm Welcome ~
to my blog!

I hope this finds you all well and wonderful!
It has been a busy few weeks, so let's get started....

This past weekend...
I was lucky enough to be able to attend a retreat of a closed group of ladies that call themselves, 
The Hoosier's Stitchers. 
I have been a member on-line of this group for years, but with my kids young and my working on the weekends, I just never attended a retreat, until this past weekend!
WAHOO! It was so much fun!
Here's the Name Tag Necklace I made myself :

My Name Tag

We had a whole lot of fun....just relaxing and stitching, stitching, stitching!
I taught a quick class on cord making :)

The weather could have been better, it was wet, icy and cold...but inside there was warmth, fun and LOTS of laughter!
I don't have one blasted picture to share with you because I was too busy flapping my jaw and stitching :)
I started and finished a project though!

The Gilmour House Sewing Tray
by With Thy Needle and Thread ~ Brenda Gervais
stitched on 30 ct. Weeks Dye Works Cocoa linen
using Belle Soie Icing by Classic Colorworks

WTNT Gilmour Brothers_front

WTNT_Gilmour Brothers Coverlet 

WTNT Gilmour Brothers Sewing Tray

I have the sewing tray....but honestly, I wanted it a little larger and I am going to frame it. 
I love how it turned out. But I'm going to be honest. I thought I'd have this knocked out in NO TIME...but it took me two days and one evening of stitching nearly constantly!
~ minus jacking my jaw and laughing hysterically ~
There are more stitches in there than what you think!

We had a dirty Santa game...
that was an optional experience, but I chose to participate. 
Participants had to choose items related to stitching that were:
Just Because
and your MUST HAVE stitching accessory.

I got to thinking real hard and I chose:
Must Have Stitching Accessory: Thread Heaven
Just Because: Puffin Needle Minder ~ Dragon Fly
Chocolatey: BIG bag of Hershey Nuggets
Shiny: Two packs of Bohin needles
For Froggy: A Project Envelope
My Froggy Project Envelope

For Soft: A small accessories envelope
My Accessories Case

For Hard: A Floss Tag
For Dull: A Pincushion
My BEE set

My box was stolen three times which was the most times one box could be stolen and the winner was Sandi Gomez. I hope that she loves the box as much as I loved creating it for her!

I got a lot of sweet colored flosses, a sweet small scissors, some aida and a gift certificate to my LNS!! The creator of my box was Jodi! Thank you Jodi! :)

On the Homefront....
we were just notified that Miss Ellie is one of the five finalists for 4H'er of the year 2016!!!


How proud do you think I am?..........

And this doesn't seem possible....
but in about 5 weeks, this girl:


will be a graduating Senior from
Bloomington High School South
Class of 2016

Does not seem possible.
...and writing it makes me want to cry.

What else has been going on?
~ finishing for my lovely clients ~
I'll let the pictures do the talking....

LW_Shepherd's Bush Mary's Stocking finished for Julia PG_Friendship Flatfold front PG_Friendship Flatfold PG_Memorial Pillow front PG_Memorial Pillow back PG_Merry One JP_Brooke's Books Advent 8 and 9 JP_CCN Merry and Bright JP_CCN O Come JP_Ho Ho Ho JP_LHN Sampler Tree JP_LHN Tiny Skater SR_Halloween Pillow CM_SHSW Calico Sampler Wall Hanging CM_Summer House Stitche Workes _Calico Sampler Hanging MD_AB_Charlotte MD_Chessie and Me tuck MD_Janette Douglas Designs Pincushion MD_JBW Mary Had a Little Lamb 
MD_PSS_Winter Wiener

Until next time....
celebrate every day because, every day is a gift from God!
Be kind...
Hugs in Stitches,
Vonna xxxx


  1. Congratulations to Ellie! (And to Mom and Dad for raising such a great kid, one of four!)I would have tried to steal your box also, cause I would have known you made wonderful goodies for it! Glad you had a good time at the retreat! As always, thank for sharing the finishes. Two of the designs I have never seen stitched before... hmmm... Hugs!

  2. The retreat sounds like so much fun. Congrats to Ellie. Thank you for sharing your amazing finishes with us. They are an inspiration to me.

  3. Congratulations to Miss Ellie; best wishes and good thoughts coming her way on the upcoming interview! Hard to believe that Katie will soon be graduating1 Where did this school year go? I enjoyed seeing the goodies you created for the dirty Santa activity and I am not surprised that it was stolen several times. Where did you get your bee fabric, Vonna? What lovely finished items you created for your clients.

  4. Oh Vonna - thank,you for sharing your fun at the retreat and all of those beautiful finishes - simply fabulous!!

    And a huge Congratulations to your beautiful daughter!! So exciting - best wishes and good luck!

  5. Love your blog..looking forward to next retreat! Pam

  6. You really deserved a fun trip like that. Love the great goodies you put in that pretty wrapped box I saw on FB. And glad you got some nice things in return.

    Congrats to your daughter. She looks gorgeous in the that photo.

    Man, you really can turn out the finishes! Every one of those beautifully stitched pieces is so enhanced by the creative ways you've done them up.

  7. First, congratulations to your daughter!! No wonder you are so proud of her. She is lovely! Sounds like a fun filled time at the retreat! I love the tan and white finish. I have thought of doing that one myself. All your finishes are wonderful.

  8. Vonna, I am a dedicated reader but infrequent (if ever) commenter. I wanted to say thank you for sharing your stitching and pieces of your life. I love to stitch, although a novice in comparison, and crochet. Your tutorials have got me finishing pile of ornaments that I have stitched and wasn't sure what to do with and trying to learn to decorate cookies to get ready for my daughters HS graduation in several years (she is currently a freshman). Thank you again!

  9. EVERYTHING is so beautiful! Your finishing is just perfect and your stitching too. You have been busy. Thank you for showing us.

  10. I love it all, either the great work you did at the reunion, as well as the finishes, but the girls top it all, congrats for them both, but for you and Keith too, for the great work done with the family!

  11. How exciting you got to attend the stitching retreat. What a great weekend of stitching and fun for you !!
    Your finishes are beautiful, I love seeing your creativity at work.
    Congratulations to Ellie, she is growing up to be one talented lady.
    And it's an exciting time for Katie with graduation; a new step into life's next journey.
    I always love reading your blog and seeing your beautiful pictures, thanks for sharing with all of us !!

  12. I love your finishes...all of them, especially the stocking. Also love the "Merry" Santa with holly. Who is that piece by? I'd love to stitch that. Congrats to your daughter.

  13. I always enjoy your blog! Thanks for sharing all the lovely pics. The retreat sounds like so much fun - glad you were able to get away and do what you love with like-minded stitchers! :) So excited for Miss Ellie! 4H is a great organization. Trust you will let us know how it goes! :)

  14. It was so much fun getting to stitch the weekend away with you. I had a great to getting to know you and look forward to doing it again as soon as we can. Congrats on your finish. I always feel like projects should be done faster than they are. If only we could stitch 10 at the same time haha. Congrats to Katie. What a beautiful name she has haha. Congrats to Ellie too. What a honor. Love all your finishes for customers. Beautiful!!

  15. I'm so glad you got to attend the retreat! I know how it is -- I've missed many such things because of conflicts with my kids' schedules and wanting to be home for them rather than going. But we all deserve to go to a retreat once in a while! Congratulations to Ellie on being a finalist for 4 H'er of the year! And congratulations to Katie too! I can't believe my son will be graduating college in a few weeks. Unbelievable, isn't it, how time flies? Love all your finishes. You do such beautiful work! Maybe someday I'll convince myself I'm never going to finish those CHS stockings and send them to you. :D

  16. The retreat sounds fantastic. I have never been to one.
    Yes, I know. Our Madeleine is graduating in May also. Then onto Mount Mary University. She did not want to go away for college, so she will commute. Yay! :D

  17. The retreat sound like a lot of fun. Such fun to stitch and visit for an entire weekend. Congratulation to Miss Ellie and good luck! That is quite an accomplishment.

  18. Your retreat sounds like a blast! Your finishes are awesome. Congrats to your daughter! Hope it's warmed up there!

  19. You have been busy! Beautiful stitching and finishing as usual. Congrats to your daughter.

  20. Big congrats to Ellie! And lovely stitching and finishing.

  21. Congratulations to your daughter!!

    Wow GREAT finishing pictures! Also your weekend sounds like it was a lot of fun! I am sure the winner of your box loved it!! I cannot imagine any stitcher not loving it!

  22. Your daughter is gorgeous and so close to graduating - doesn't time fly? Your finishing pics are so inspirational, thank you so much for sharing and I am sure that whoever won your box loved it, I know that I would have! Congrats to Miss Ellie for her 4H nomination - you must all be so proud.

  23. Firstly congratulations to your two clever daughters on their fantastic achievements! You are rightly proud. The retreat sounds like lots of fun and I love the gifts you made for the dirty Santa swap. Could you show what you received in turn?
    Love all your finishes - what a fabulous job you always do to show off your customers' hard work.

  24. Oh my what a fun post! You do have lots going on. I'm so very glad you got to go to the retreat. I can understand about your santa gift getting stolen so many times. :-) Congrats to Miss Ellie on her 4-H news! Take care!

  25. Wow, your post is so full of wonderful things! So glad you had fun at the retreat. I just love your nametag and the goodie bag. I knew yours would be a coveted gift! Congratulations to Ellie and to Katie too. Both huge accomplishments. And your finishes are lovely as always. :)

  26. Congrats to Ellie! And I am amazed at all that you accomplish - each one more perfect than the other. Thanks for sharing - Dee

  27. beautiful finishing ! Congrats to Miss Ellie - quite an accomplishment with 4H. I'm glad you were able to attend a stitching retreat and had a really good time. Beautiful photo of your girl - soon to be college girl! take care Mel

  28. Congratulations on your wonderful retreat. Also congratulations to Ellie, I can certainly see that she is your daughter. A really beauty and looks so much like you. All your children have a really close familial look. You done good !!

  29. I've been following your finishes on Facebook Vonna. They are ALL amazing. So glad you were able to have some Me Time and attend the stitching retreat. Your bee set is wonderful!

  30. Dearest Vonna: What a lovely post.
    Congratulations to Ellie wow 4Her of the year, I will pray she wins.
    Congratulations on your daughters graduation.
    Lovely stitching.
    I love retreats so much fun and meeting new people, I love it.
    Loads and loads of finishing wow.


  31. Absolutely gorgeous finishing! I'm glad you had such a fun time at the retreat. Enjoy your new goodies! :D

  32. It was so much fun to read about your retreat. Great activities and great people - and there was even some stitching going on, lol. That's a great piece that you finished.
    Congratulations to Miss Ellie on her achievement. And I think we will soon read more about Katie.

  33. Glad you got to get away and stitch. Super picture walk of all the stitching pieces. It makes a stitcher smile. Enjoy your weekend.

  34. Vonna, how wonderful for Miss Ellie. I know there will be a few tears when Katie graduates. But more great times are ahead for both of you. Wonderful finishes and your box o goodies was amazing. I do love reading your blog. I don't often comment but I am a faithful follower.

  35. Your Santa game was awesome - I can see why it got stolen so many times! I love seeing all your finishes but I particularly love how you finished the SB stocking. Beautiful! Speaking of beautiful, your Katie has grown into such a beautiful young woman. Times flies. Congrats to Ellie, too.

  36. Aren't retreats such fun?! I'm glad you got a chance to go and hope you can attend many more times in the future.

    Times like being 5 weeks away from graduation really puts meaning in to the phrase "time flies".

  37. Sounds like you had a wonderful time at the retreat and had a whole lot of 'me' time. :) Congratulations to Ellie and Katie, wonderful achievements. Great stitching and lots of inspiration for finishing. Have a good weekend.

  38. Love the nametag you created and as usual all of your finishes are lovely :)

  39. Sounds like you had a LOT of fun on your retreat.

    Congrats to your children on their achievements!

  40. Wow you've been busy, such fun pieces and finishing. Glad you were able to go to the retreat, they are always such fun. I love being able to see all the projects that people are working on. The boxes you came up with sound like a wonderful idea, how exciting to get a package with all those different items, and it would be so fun to see what everyone came up with for the different topics. Sue

  41. Your retreat sounds wonderful and your finishing is beautiful! Congrats to both Ellie and Katie!

  42. Wow! You certainly have been busy! I've never been to a retreat, but would like to go to one some day. Your stitching and finishing is lovely, as always!

  43. Hello Vonna,

    I loved reading about your stitching retreat. I've only been to one
    myself and that was about six years ago but it was so much fun.
    Just to be able to be in a group of people who share your love of a
    craft is so inspiring and just plain fun!!

    I can well imagine that your contribution to the Dirty Santa exchange
    was stolen the maximum amount of times. No doubt your reputation
    preceded you and everyone knew that whatever box was yours would
    be well worth stealing! As for me ... I would not have let it go if I was
    lucky enough to get my hands on it. (insert evil laugh here)

    Your "Gilmour House" piece started and finished at the retreat is
    lovely. Simple but elegant and will look stunning framed and hung
    on your wall. I'm amazed that you managed to get so much done
    whilst at the retreat. Your needles must have been smoking!

    Congrats to the lovely and amazing Ms Katie on her pending grad-
    uation from high school. This young woman has incredible things
    in her future I've no doubt! Kuddos to Mama and Papa for their
    hand in guiding her to this point with loving support.

    And the same to Miss Ellie on her success at 4H.

    Oh my ... all those beautiful finishes! I am floored!!!!!

    Is that Calico Sampler wall hanging the same pattern that
    you are stitching? It's gorgeous! I love alphabets.


  44. Wow... So much eye candy!! You do such pretty finishing.

    Kudos to both Ellie and Katie on their accomplishments. Your kids are amazing.

    I'm glad you were able to come to the retreat. It's SO much fun. :)

  45. Hi Vonna, I am way behind on my blog reading after being up to visit my mom last week... Anyway, it's always nice to visit you and catch up on your life--both family and stitching :) Congratulations to Miss Ellie--that is quite an accomplishment and Katie looks so lovely in her graduation photo. Hard to believe there will only be 5 of you around the dinner table come September. That is always a bittersweet time. My oldest is moving to CA in July and I'm happy for him and his girlfriend, but so sad that our Sunday dinners will be less one person.

    Lovely, lovely stitching and finishing--I would be stealing your contribution, too! Sandi is one lucky winner :) Glad you were able to get away and meet so many fellow stitchers. I'm sure they loved meeting Miss Vonna in person!

  46. Such eye candy to catch up on Vonna! I see a lot of your finishes you post on FB but even more here I think. I don't know how you fit it all in. Glad you could attend a retreat, isn't it just the funnest thing to be able to sit and share with like-minded stitchers! I wish I could go to more retreats. Glad all the juniof Pfeiffers are doing well - lots of achievements to be proud of for sure! I'm glad you are keepign your blog going Vonna...it's hard to find the time to keep up with all the social media and FB groups and everything else but I certainly miss it when someone drops out of our blogging world! Happy stitching!

  47. Congratulations to Ellie. Your retreat sounded fun. A beautiful selection of finishes, as always.

  48. Everything is so beautiful, Vonna! Your retreat sounds like so much fun! I love the piece you finished there, too. The person who received your prize was very blessed. Thank you for sharing all your wonderful stitched projects and news.

    Blessings - Julie

  49. Oh my goodness I don't even know where to start. I don't think I can pick a favorite finish because there are so many I love! So glad you had a good retreat. And tell your daughter congrats. I know you are so very proud of her!

  50. Congratulations to Ellie!
    I know, HS years fly by, as do college. It has been fun watching her grow over these past 9 blogging years. Katie certainly is a talents, intelligent, beautiful young lady.
    Lucky you to attend a stitching retreat. The package you put together is wonderful. No surprise it was sought-after by many. That Yoga Frog fabric is a riot. Where did you pick that up?
    Wow, you have been busy with your finishing. The SB stocking is beautiful. I have one stitched and want to make 3 more.
    I have that Memorial Pillow design on my coffee table, getting ready to stitch it. Nice job on the pillow finish.
    You made quite a few customers very happy. :-)

  51. Katie is beautiful and with all the love and guidance you and Keith have given her in the last 18 years she will be amazing in her future life. And your finishing as always is just lovely.


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