Thursday, March 17, 2016

Spring Break....

~ Greetings and Warm Welcome ~
to all my stitching and blogging buddies!

And a green and lively...
Happy St. Paddy's Day to you all as well!

Last week on March 8...
in an effort to keep life lively, we scheduled the three big kids to have oral surgery for removal of all 4 wisdom teeth. We don't have dental insurance so in an effort to maintain costs for three surgeries we went "in network" of our health insurance and traveled to Indianapolis to Indiana University's School of Dentistry and three Oral Surgeon Residents performed the surgeries all at the same time, different rooms ;)
It went well even though they were all a little loopy. Indianapolis is about 1 hour from us, so we zipped up, had it done and zipped back. It was an adventure to say the least, they were bleeding all over the place and by the time we had their pain medication filled they were all three hurting. They stayed home the rest of the week from school and basically just took their pain meds and slept. 

I made lots of mashed potatoes and milk gravy....

Here they are the day after surgery...

My poor babies....
Miss Ellie was photo bombing :)

Last Thursday evening...
we happened upon a really good deal on a used 2012 Toyota Camry. We are in need of another car as we would soon have 3 teenage drivers...
so we went and took a look and a test drive and came home with...
the Black Knight

The next day I was at work...
and my cell phone rang. It was my mother-in-law, and she knew we had been looking for a car. 
Well she didn't know we had purchased the Black Knight so she was telling me about this car that she saw at her Doctor's appointment and had talked to the owners (because while she was kicking the tires they walked out...) I told her we bought a car last night, but Keith needed to get rid of the heap he was driving to replace it, but she should call him because he listens to her and doesn't to me.
I went back to work and forgot all about the call until about 2 hours later, my husband calls me and says....
I think we need to go look at this car. 

24 hours later we came home with the Bling Mobile, a 2012 Toyota Avalon Limited, fully loaded (it's so loaded it's almost ridiculous). The owner passed and we purchased it from her daughter, she had been trying for 3 months to sell it and was happy to have it off her hands. (The Green Van in the background is what Keith was driving at the time. The next day I sold it to a person I worked with.) In 48 hours we had purchased 2 new to us, single owner vehicles and sold our old heap) WE never, ever do anything like this.

Good thing we got our car situation fixed because the boys received their driver's license on Monday, March 13. 
Tuesday, the boys and I spent it driving around putting in applications at various places around town for them to get a part-time after school job. It worked! Today they both have interviews at Kroger to be cashiers, baggers and cart getters. 

Let's hope this will be them after tonight's interviews :)

We are in the midst...
of Spring Break here in good ol' Bloomington Indiana!
We have at least had mostly sunny days, still cool, but not cold :)

Yesterday morning...
we got up before the sun to go bird watching at our local Monroe Reservoir. There are nesting bald eagle pairs at the lake and I so want to see them. We went and saw thousands of crow, lots of loons, many mallards, a gaggle of turkey vultures gliding on the air and two Great Heron, but not a bald eagle to be found. :( 
I got a really great photo of the sunrise, though....


and we found a mess of Southern Indiana geodes.


When we got home we cracked 'em open...
the white one is the prettiest. I added them to our rock garden :)


The kids....
celebrated Ice Cream Cone day by letting Dairy Queen give them a free twist on Tuesday.
My little sweeties....


My buddy in Illinois...
that I've never met in real life, but sure do love and know we'd be bestest buds if we lived closer, Suzanne sent me a FB message telling me she was remembering to
 " The Twisted Stitcher twice and cut once..."

Suzanne Learning

She did one heck of a job watching....
because this was the result that afternoon:

Suzanne's Chicks Rule created by using my Video Tutorial

Suzanne, they are utterly gorgeous, you are a master finisher!
Just proves what I've said for years...finishing is easy, all it takes is time, practice and patience.
I've got another finishing video (or two, three, more) in the works.

I've been model stitching and finishing...
so I don't have anything to share of my own this time.
But I do have finishes to share that I have created for my clients in my Finishing Cave...

Bent Creek's ~ "Leaf Pumpkin"
finished as ditty bag.
FW_BC Owl on Pumpkin

Thread pack from Little House and Classic Colorworks
called "Spots of Christmas" finished as a Flatfold.
FW_CCW+LHN Christmas

Lizzie Kate's "A Little Liberty" finished as a tuck pillow.
FW_LK Little Liberty

Shepherd's Bush "A Warm Heart" finished as a photo box insert.
LN_SB Warm Hearts Box

Another box top, sorry don't know the name of this one.
LN_Threads of Friendship Box Top

Some more Lizzie Kate tuck pillows.
CS_LK Friends

Notforgotten Farm Punch Needle projects...
CS_NFF Kitty Punch CS_NFF Punch

Some large custom pillows...
Tribal Cats
...and Little House Needleworks "Freedom"
MD_LHN Freedom

and just finished today...
Heart in Hand "Joyful Journal ~ Wee Ones"
made into sweet little tuck pillows. 
SF_Heart in Hand Wee Ones Journal

Well folks...
if you made it this far, I applaud you!

Until next time...
I'll be keeping my hands to work, my heart to God...
while I love my neighbor as myself and trying to be the best ME I can be.
I want to BE the change I want to SEE in this world.
Treat people right...
because you just don't know what THEY are dealing with.
It is so hard, I know, and I fail and you will too...
but try, try again! 
We can do anything we put our minds to!

Love in stitches,
Vonna xxxx


  1. They really are good kids!
    And I love all the finishes!

  2. Vonna,
    Wow all three getting their wisdom teeth pulled at the same time. Ellie is cute with the photo bombing. Hope they are feeling better. Great deals on the used cars. Good luck to your boys getting those part time jobs. What a beautiful sunrise and those rocks are cool. Suzanne did a fantastic job using your tutorial. You have the best tutorials I have used. "Thank you". What gorgeous finishes for your clients. Happy St. Patrick's Day and have a lovely spring break!

  3. Lovely to see all your news and finishes. Best wishes to your boys for their job. Can you please please please post photos to show how you do the 'join' of the twisted cord around the box top. It is well nigh invisible and I would lie to know how?

  4. Hope the mouths of the older kids are healing and don't have any lingering effects. Way to go on your new to you car purchases! Best wishes to the boys; hope they are hired. What an assortment of finished finishes that have left your finishing cave, Vonna! Thinking of you!

  5. That is a pile of news! Glad they all came through surgery okay and that you've hopefully got new relatively new, reliable vehicles. Lovely work as always!

  6. Yes, all five of us drive in this house, and we have three cars. So far. All three kids have worked in high school and on through college. I am still praying for Miss Katie and that scholarship. Let me know!

  7. Awesome finishes!! Love those Joyful Journals!

  8. Question - the tribal cats - was it cross stitch or needlepoint? any idea where the pattern/chart/canvas came from? I love Laurel Burch cats. Your pillow looks good.
    Only thing I didn't like about Kroger when our son worked there was the fact he had to pay union dues but was not old to join the union. He was sixteen at the time. After a year or so, he moved over to Panera and then other things while at college. I'll be at the shop in late morning tomorrow before the EGA retreat starts. Have to pick up my goodies from Nashville - to include a reproduction of a sampler that one of my relatives stitched.

  9. Love the tribal cats!! And you are a master at those flat folds. Fond memories of cars and first jobs. Our kiddos both purchased first homes recently. A big step for sure.

  10. I feel the kids pain. Gotta love those wisdom teeth! But, you know youth...In a few weeks they'll act like nothing ever happened. As I read about the new cars...all I thought about was your auto insurance going up and up. Newer cars and 3 teens. Ouch! Your finishes are awesome! Nothing like a great post from you to get the old MOJO in gear.

  11. Love seeing your latest finishes. They are always so inspiring. Congratulations on the new vehicles. You have a lot of drivers in the house now.

  12. two cars, what a whirlwind it must be. both look beautiful. I am sure the kids will get jobs. the pieces you finished are beautiful.

  13. Absolutely love your finishes!

  14. Lovely finishing Vonna.
    Hope your boys are enjoying their driving freedom:)
    What a gorgeous sunrise photo,but a shame the bald eagle was elusive.

  15. Well, opening your blog was a breath of fresh air in my most frustrating day! Congratulations on the car buying and selling! Saying a prayer for your boys and their interviews and I LOVE the finishes! You've brightened my day! (But I still need a hug...)

  16. Oh, the poor kids! But, at least it's over and they had no problems, Vonna. When my youngest had his wisdom teeth out, he developed "dry socket"--we still talk about the pain and treatment he had to go through to fix that!!

    So glad you have some new cars to drive--it is hard when you have so many drivers at one time...

    Really fantastic finishes and aren't you proud knowing how many people you've helped become better finishers with your tutorials and videos (me, included!!)... Thanks for sharing your knowledge and talents with us, Miss Vonna!

  17. Wow, you have been a busy momma. I remember the days of my oral surgeries too. Sorry to hear they had so much pain. I was lucky both times, very little pain. Wow, new cars awesome!! Good luck to both your boys, hope they get the jobs. Beautiful finishes!

  18. We've spent a couple of spring breaks recuperating from wisdom teeth extraction, too! Lots of chicken broth and ice cream. And I have to say, as an IU alum, that I had my own wisdom teeth extracted at the Dental School way back in 1973--for $2.50 a tooth! I felt a little bit like the class project, but it went perfectly and here I am to tell the tale!

  19. Vonna: I sometimes wonder why we have wisdom teeth, I had only one come in and it is still there.
    Good luck to the boys getting jobs, wow I have followed you for a long time I remember them in grade school, time fly's.
    Love all your finish's so sweet.

    Blessings in this Easter Season.

  20. Wow, Vonna, you have had one busy week! Sounds like it was fun, exciting, and adventurous - all rolled into one week. Congrats on the new cars, it's just awesome when things work out. All of your finishes are fantastic, as usual!

  21. Hope your kids are all back to normal now. Love your finishes! Love that you make your blog real!! Your children are all beautiful!! Thanks for sharing!!

  22. You have been super busy! Your finishing tutorials are what taught me to finish and become comfortable with it and I am forever grateful :) Your pillow finishing video is awesome, I look forward to seeing more in the future.

  23. congrats on living thru the losing of teeth, the buying and selling of cars and the wandering thru woods. what a busy life you've had lately and the finishes! OH MY - the lovely finishes going back to stitchers. great, creative finishes. have a wonderful weekend - Mel

  24. Oh ow Vonna!! You've certainly had a busy household!
    The kids looked very well for the day after surgery......I remember looking like a chipmunk with fat cheeks for quite a while after mine!
    And not one but TWO new cars!! Congrats!
    Hope the kids got the jobs they went to be interviewed for :)
    As always fantastic stitching and finishing

  25. Wow,'ve been busy! I'm glad the kiddos recovered from wisdom teeth surgery and how great that the boys are now drivers and looking for an after school job. Best of luck to them! And congratulations on the new cars and the pretty finishes. :)

  26. So busy -- you are always so busy! Your poor kids with their wisdom teeth! I went through the same exact thing -- mine were impacted and had to come out, so all 4 came out in office all at once. Just like them. So much sympathy to them all for their pain -- I know what it's like! Congrats on the car buying and selling -- wow! Good luck to the boys for their after school jobs too. Love all the finishing you've done for people.

  27. Kids grow up so fast. My oldest Grandson will be starting ninth grade next September. Love both the cars. Love all the finished pieces. Looking forward to more of your great videos. Thank you. Theresa

  28. Hope your sons got the part-time jobs they were after. Lovely finishes. I want to make some tuck pillows now. I think I've only done one before.

  29. Wow such a busy household. Do you ever get a day when nothing happens! :) Beautiful finishing as always, looking forward to more of your videos.

  30. The ice cream photo proved that the kids survived the tooth pulling event! I do feel for them. Great finishes.

  31. I am so glad that you continue to blog; posts to FB are so often argumentative and negative to the point of using foul language, which I am so tired of. I find myself not reading many of the comments on a good post because someone has turned something good into a negative with their comments. Just know I appreciate your blog always being uplifting, respectful, and filled with faith-based word and thoughts. I am so glad that the kids are doing okay after their trip for dental procedures. As always, your finishes are wonderful; they make me want to get mine out and get to work. Thanks again, and happy everything!

  32. My 25 year old daughter recently bit the bullet so to speak and had all four wisdom teeth removed. She lives in Boston and we do not so she had to have her boyfriend take care of her. He picked her up from the surgeon (she went alone) and took care of her for the weekend. I thought she was quite brave. I can't imagine having three patients in the house at once. You must have amazing patience. Congrats on the "new" cars. It is quite nerve-wracking when the teens start driving. At least you have trust-worthy cars. My son learned to drive on my '99 Camry which then became his car when I got a new one. It was handed down to my daughter who used it until 2 years ago when she moved to Connecticut and we wanted to make sure she had a car she could definitely rely on because she was living alone in an area that got a lot of snow and had some questionable neighborhoods nearby. That car owed us nothing when we traded it in. Good luck to your boys. I love your finishes as usual.

  33. You will be glad - and your kids even more - that the oral surgery is done and over with. And meanwhile they are certainly able to eat other things than mashed potatoes and ice cream. But wait, ice cream can be eaten also without oral surgery, lol. And I hope your boys were successful with their job interviews.

    Great pictures from all the finishing you were doing for your clients.

  34. Beautiful stitching and finishing, as usual! Congratulations on the cars - that was some serious good luck! :D

  35. Thanks for sharing about the kids... I am sure they thought you could have skipped that chapter! I did pretty much the same thing with my three (had extra teeth pulled, not wisdom teeth tho!), and they had braces put on after the surgeries. Your 'finishings' are delightful... as always! Hugs!

  36. You so amaze me, Vonnie! I don't know how you do it, managing your time with working, four active children and time for your beautiful craft! I'm so jealous! I i need to live with you for a week so that I can learn your technique! Keep up the awesome work!

  37. Going to the University was s great idea without the insurance! I'm sure it's all just s memory now. It's fun getting new cars! And I bet the kids love it. I haven't seen you post anything in their job situation lately. Did any of them get a job? The situation about 2 siblings at the same place was just crazy! Businesses are dying for good employees! All your client finishes look great as always. I enjoyed watching the envelope video. I may not ever make one, but seeing the techniques you use I can use on other projects. I subscribe to your channel so I won't miss one! Hope you have a wonderful Easter.

  38. Beautiful finishes as always! you know the designer of the little piece you did with the "C"/Charlotte? I know I've seen it on FB or on a blog somewhere but I can't put my finger on it. Thanks!


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