Thursday, February 11, 2016

February already?!....

~ Greetings and Warm Welcome ~
to you, my dear friends!

First off...
I'd like to thank all of you who have left such positive comments and e-mails about the last finish and the accompanying video. I have other finishing videos in the works. And I hope to one day have a sensational tutorial blog filled with not only written word and picture tutorials but also video tutorials for those that feel more comfortable learning in that way. Like I'm right there with you finishing. 

Thank you :)

I've heard from two blog friends that have finished their items using my *new* video tutorial and here are their versions of a small tuck pillow.

The first version was created by:
Andi Bailey
and I say that is PERFECTION ~ beautiful job Andi!
She used The Primitive Hare Valentine Freebie, just as I had in the video.

The second blog friend sending a picture to me was from:
Suzanne Denton
who used a Hands On Design Valentine freebie and wool for her complimenting material.
Isn't it darling?! 
Way to go Suzanne! Stunning job!

I've done a little stitching since 2016 rolled in. I recently stitched and finished 3 models for Country Cottage Needleworks and then got right to stitching a new start for me!

I chose to start stitching...
Calico Sampler
by: Summer House Stitche Workes
Calico Sampler

I am not using the same colors as charted. I am using my own conversion in Classic Colorworks overdye cottons. Not only that...but in the original Calico Sampler which can be viewed at Beth Seal's Beautiful blog Summer House Stitche Workes: HERE 
I decided that I wanted all my alphabet in a monotone color. At first I started thinking like a black color would be good. But as I pulled and looked at thread colors, I settled on River Rocks by Classic Colorworks. It has really nice mottling and I like that, plus it ranges from very dark graphite gray to soft stone gray. I think my choices are working nicely...

Close-UP Calico Sampler ABC

I am pleased...with the results...but I've got 8 more rows to do :)

Calico Sampler Summer House Stitche Workes

The Twisted Stitcher's Finishing Service is back in production for 2016...
and once again my clients are prolific stitchers...

PM_JBW Reindeer pillow
PM_BRD Ornament 
  PM_BBD Tuck
PM_Apple Filler

MW_Grandchildren 2015 Ornaments 
  AL_JBW Autumn ABC
SD_LHN_CC North WoodsNorth Pole Express
SD_LK Farm Fob back
MD_LHN Fa La La 
  MD_Chessie & Me tuck
MD_Acorn Tuck 
  MD_Bent Creek Gobble Flatfold

Ask Vonna...
About a month ago I received a question from Lisa K who writes...

"Dear Vonna...I enjoy your blog tremendously and I think this section is fabulous!! Thank you for your time helping fellow stitchers. Question-when stitching 2 over 2 do you have any helpful hints on getting the threads to lay flat? I'm forever untwisting as I stitch but even that seems not enough at times. I hate when the X's look "bunchy" you know what I mean?? Thanks again. Lisa K"

Well Lisa...
I'm sorry this took so long, but it took me a long time to try to figure out how I wanted to address your question. So....I made a video. I think that everything you might be wanting to know will be in the video. I hope it helps you, Lisa K. and any other stitcher out there :)
Vonna's Stitching Technique
again let's remember that this is my technique, I came up with it on my own (actually there are two techniques on there and I came up with both of them on my own). Is this the right way, the only way, or even the correct way to stitch? NO! but it's my way to stitch and please respect that.

is here and my priest, Fr. Daniel Mahan, shared yesterday in Ash Wednesday Mass something that hit me like a ton of bricks. I'd like to share it with you. We had just received our ashes on our forehead and during the homily, Fr. Mahan said:

"What are you going to do with the time you have between receiving your ashes, until you return to ashes?".

That is the question...
isn't it. Whether you are religious or non-religious. Whether you believe or do not believe. It comes down to simple fact that the time spent here on this earth can be spent doing good, or doing ill.

How many times...
have I armed myself with the intent that I'm only going to do good, just to go out and about my day and FAIL. Or something happens to me and then my mood and disposition turns sour. My Lenten intention is not only to deepen my prayer life and my personal relationship with my God, but it is to arm myself with doing better, being better and a better example for my children and for those around me ~ letting my little light shine, because it does shine and I want to share that light with others around me. Life is so good...even with the's good and I want to rejoice in that goodness and do unto others how I want done to me and to mine.

~ So I've chattered enough for today... ~

Until next time, my dear friends, 
I'll be...
Keeping my hands to work,
and my heart to God...
while treating my neighbor with love, kindness and respect

~ because you just never know what they are dealing with, do you? ~

and trying to be the best ME I can be.
It's hard, trying to do this...
every day.
And Lord knows, I fail, time and time again...
I may stumble and I fall...
but then I remember:
To thine own self be true...
I want to BE the change I want to SEE
in this old world.
I pick myself up and I march on!
Because there is joy in my journey...
and there is joy in yours...
We are blessed!

Love and Hugs in stitches,
Vonna xxxx


  1. Your Calico Sampler start looks great, Vonna. I like the colors you are using. What fabric are you using for it? What fabulous finishes you have created for your clients! Thank you for all that you do for fellow stitchers!

  2. I love the idea of the alphabet bring all one color fuss....and the color you chose is great. I gave it in my stash to do but have purchased the color scaled for. Love seeing all the finishes! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Love the Calico Sampler , Vonna and think the color choice you made is perfect! The finishes you've done for yourself and others are always darling! I love the nice, sharp, crisp corners I always see on your finishes! I watched your tutorial, got so engrossed, then got distracted (the story of my life) and forgot to comment. You did a great job! Have a great weekend!

  4. Vonna I am trying to watch video from Q&A. Says its private. It then bounces me back to here. Am I doing something wrong?

  5. Hi Vonna, love you blog. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us. I tried to watch the new video of stitching techniques but it says the video is private?

  6. I just love the Calico Sampler and your start looks great.
    The finishes are beautiful.
    Greetings from Portugal

  7. What beautiful finishes, by your followers as well as yourself! I especially love the Fa La La design, the ribbon and bow on those are just perfect. Not that all the others aren't, but that one really is my favourite.

  8. Love the soft blue gray color of your Calico Sampler.

  9. Love the colors you picked for your project. so many beautiful finishes. thank you for sharing

  10. Oh I really like the colors for your sampler. The ladies that followed your tutorial did a wonderful job. I will have to give your videos a peek. Your finishing is beautiful as always. Wow. Fr. Mahan hit the nail right on the head. I listen to teaching podcasts. The minister I listen to always brings up "How are you going to be a blessing to someone today?" I do the same thing as you, start out with good intentions and then as I go about my day,it slips out of mind.

  11. You have chosen wonderful colors and the perfect for the letters. My Dear Friend, I can only picture you doing good and being good!

  12. I am back...just viewed your stitching method video (but it would not allow me to comment) and I want to say...Another winning video!

  13. The video was very interesting to me. I never thought of stitching like that! I'm going to give it a try. I'm not sure it's for me but you never know until you try. Also I'm not sure that I would have understood your method without the video. I'm such a visual person.
    Thanks Vonna!

  14. Your sampler is looking really gorgeous Vonna,great colour choices.Looking forward to taking a look at your video:)
    Lovely finishes for your clients' too.

  15. Excellent finishes. You do wonderful work!!

  16. Love the colors on the calico sampler. Love all your clients stitching and your finishes. Watched the video and I will try both methods. Thanks for the video I have a real problem with my thread twisting. Looking forward to more of your videos. I learn better when I can actually watch a video. Good thing to think about what I will do with my time from.receiving my ashes to when
    I return to ashes.

  17. All your finishing is beautiful. You are so sweet to make tutorials for everyone to learn from.

  18. Great finishes for your clients and lovely start on the alphabet. So great to hear how your videos have helped already and good luck meeting your goals during and after Lent.

  19. Beautiful finishing and your Calico sampler is looking gorgeous

  20. Those finishes are lovely. I love your start on the Calico Alphabet. What a profound question for Ash Wed. I had read that the Pope was suggesting that we do not give up things like candy or chocolate for Lent. We will only go back to stuffing our faces when Lent is over. Instead, the Pope suggests that we give up bad habits (gossip, disrespect,ect) and work on being a better person. I like his idea.

  21. Hi Vonna, New to your site and love it. Recently returned to cross stitch and you are inspiring. Love the Santa ornaments you finished, any idea where the pattern is from?

  22. Great post, Vonna! Calico Sampler is off to a great start, and your finishes are awesome!

  23. A wonderful start to the Calico Sampler. The ladies finishes are great and so are the finishes you have done for your clients. Have a good weekend.

  24. I had tried the stitching technique of using the eye of the needle... worked fine, so have no idea why I stopped. When I stitch on a qsnap, I stitch two-handed (the way you do, even tho others say to do it the opposite way!)... and love it! But stitching smalls doesn't afford me that pleasure. I have intended to look for stretcher bars for smalls... weather has kept us in lately. Hopefully soon! I really appreciate you sharing your knowledge with us. Your stitches are perfect, your finishes are too! What's not to like??!! Hugs!

  25. Vonna, I think we all fall short. That's why every week we start our service with prayers asking God to forgive our short comings. I will look forward to your videos!!

  26. Beautiful finishings! And I love your new start - the colors are gorgeous!

  27. Lots of prettiness in this post Vonna! Love all your finishes!

  28. Really interesting to watch the video of how you stitch, Vonna! I will give it a try, but, so often I stitch with just one thread that I don't have to worry about twisted threads so much. You are very big-hearted to spend your free time in creating these helpful videos.

    As always, I love seeing what you are finishing for clients--still don't know how you get so much done while working and raising four busy kids!!

  29. As always, your words are so inspiring. Love your postings.
    I have enjoyed your tutorials and have learned a lot. Still have a ways to go, be getting there with my finishings.
    Enjoy your day.

  30. I love your Calico sampler and color choices; it's beautiful.
    Thanks for sharing your finishes for clients. You have amazing talent.
    Life is good. Each day is a new day and let us rejoice in it. My motto to start each day.

  31. Calico sampler is beautiful! Love the River Rock thread your using for the alphabet. Very Lovely finishing and will have a look at your videos too:) You have helped me learn to finish many of my projects. THANK YOU SWEET VONNA!
    Every day is a blessing. love Annette

  32. You finishing work is always top notch!
    Calico Sampler is very pretty and I like your color choice. I'll check out Beth's blog.
    I owe you an email…need to update you on Logan. :-( Thank you for your prayers.
    You are an example for so many, including me!

    Happy Valentine's Day, my sweet friend!

    Love ya.

  33. Desr Vonna...WOW!!! Thank you so much for answering my question and taking all that time to make that super video. Indeed I would like to give that a try. I don't have a stand but maybe it will be in my future?? That technique looks great and I need to get some Thread Heaven too!!!! Watching it really made it clear!! With much appreciation and friendship....Lisa K

  34. What are you going to do with your time? That got me thinking - our time is limited and is the most precious gift we can share with one another. Thank you for sharing.

  35. Vonna I can't thank you enough for all the tutorials and guidance you have given. Have you ever thought of doing a book? I would be the first to run out and buy it. I want to send you some pictures so I will do it through your email address.

  36. Your sampler is looking beautiful Vonna. I love the colours you have chosen.

    Beautiful finishes from the ladies using your video tutorial. You know I love your tutorials so I'll be trying this one too. Thank you for taking the time out to do them.

  37. Beautiful finishes. I like the colour you've chosen for Calico Sampler. I'm enjoying your video tutorials.


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