Friday, February 26, 2016

An Afternoon in Paris....

~ Greetings and Warm Welcome Friends ~ 
I have a finish to share with you!

I've been spending my afternoons...
and some evenings in the heart of Paris.

Country Cottage Needleworks ~ Nikki Leeman
"An Afternoon in Paris"
stitched on 32 ct. Star Sapphire Linen
using the called for fibers

~ I have just fallen in love with this piece....~

From this dainty three-tiered cake in the bakery window...
I decided I'd love to eat some cake in Paris :)
Cake in Paris

Then ride the quaint streets on this sweet pink bike...
~ that I added a basket of mixed flowers to the handle bars ~ 
Bicycle in Paris

Paris certainly inspired me...
Afternoon in Paris

I'll most likely...
never travel to Paris. The Mister and I aren't much for travelling because when you live in your own little slice of heaven, it's hard to work up the desire to want to go anywhere else. We are *content* to just be....

But I love to watch...
travel shows and documentaries on different cities of the world...
and after I've seen the results of how darling this piece stitched up...
I decided that I believe I'd like to have a 
~ Cities of the World Wall ~
of my very own.

So next on my list...
is Country Cottage Needleworks.....
"Afternoon in London"

and the newly released...
"Afternoon in New York"

My needle will take me all over the world....
with nothing but some thread and my imagination :)

Until next time.... 
I'll be...
Keeping my hands to work,
and my heart to God...
while treating my neighbor with love, kindness and respect

~ because you just never know what they are dealing with, do you? ~

and trying to be the best ME I can be.
It's hard, trying to do this...
every day.
And Lord knows, I fail, time and time again...
I may stumble and I fall...
but then I remember:
To thine own self be true...
I want to BE the change I want to SEE
in this old world.
I pick myself up and I march on!
Because there is joy in my journey...
and there is joy in yours...
We are blessed!

Love and Hugs in stitches,
Vonna xxxx


  1. I have that chart really to do, so after seeing your finished one I can't wait to start mine! Must get New York and London now as well :)

  2. Beautiful--love the personalization you added with the basket of flowers and cake in the bake shop window

  3. This is such a lovely stitch! It makes me want to go to Paris. It's a wonderful idea to stitch London and New York. Blessings to you.

  4. I love it and the London and New York ones also. Beautiful stitching my friend

  5. How sweet is that? Such pretty colors and stitching, too! Your world wall will be can't!

  6. Will be fabulous... Not sure what happened there! 😳

  7. oh the places we can go. so pretty. I have never been to London or paris but my oldest daughter has. I am originally from NY and Manhattan is a part of me. I have never seen these patterns, might have to add these to my never ending list. thank you for sharing, it's a beautiful piece Indeed.

  8. Paris is looking just lovely!! I think it is wonderful to be so happy with your life as it is, that you really don't need to travel anywhere to be happy.

  9. Congrats on your finish! It's gorgeous. :)

  10. Beautiful stitching Vonna - I've been eyeing this one for a while! I think you've convinced me!

  11. I love it so much x

  12. Such a gorgeous finish, what a darling set they will make displayed together! Any stitch on a French theme always gets my vote 💜.

  13. Love this design. I like your idea of a 'cities of the world' wall.

  14. My favorite part is that pink bike with a basket full of flowers!

  15. A wonderful stitched design. I, like you love to watch the travel programs as I know I will never be able to visit them in reality.

  16. Paris is beautiful. I'm not as content as you. I live near NYC and have been there several times but I so look forward to seeing Paris and London some day.

  17. Darling! Fun to see the finish from your video tutorial. Wishing you the best in your slice of heaven!

  18. I was watching a video this a.m. and the lady mentioned that she had started this piece. It is nice to see what it looks like completed. Nice work.

  19. Vonna, What a lovely finish. Thanks for sharing the info on this CCN series. I grew up in NYC and visited Paris and London before I was married. Very pretty patterns!

  20. I really like your Paris afternoon and I especially love that you added your own personal touch of a basket of flowers on the bicycle.

  21. Beautiful finish! I love the travel programs too, though I have traveled some, there are many far flung corners of the globe that capture my imagination.

  22. Thank you for the introduction to this lovely series that I'd never seen before - Paris and London will definitely be on my wishlist to start! Beautiful stitching and extra touches - how inspiring :)

  23. Awww they are lovely charts, ive been to all 3 of these cities and my favourite is still London :-) An around the world wall sounds great!

  24. Paris is beautiful & lovely basket of flowers! I also enjoy watching travel programs. Blessing to you!
    love Annette

  25. What a beautiful finish!! Love it!

  26. Fabulous! I actually might stitch the Paris and London designs since I have visited both places. Wonder if she will graph Japan and Germany?
    My sweet grandfather believed that there was no need to travel internationally since there was SO much to see right here in the good 'ole USA. :-)
    Beautiful stitching, Vonna!

  27. Really enjoyed your post. I liked your idea of visiting the world with your thread and imagination. You have a very pretty start on the wall of world cities and I think it will make a very nice addition to your home, and a lovely conversation area.

  28. Beautiful finish! I love your idea of a Cities of the World wall... it's going to look amazing! :D

  29. Gorgeous !! They will be beautiful displayed all together.
    Pretty fabric color too.

  30. Love the finish! London and New York are for me. :D

  31. Paris looks wonderful, especially the cake shop window! I've visited all three cities. I am much more into visiting cities than beaches or remote locations. I like a bit of comfort!

  32. Anonymous2:44 AM

    gorgeous finish, the serie is one that has to be stitched ♥

  33. Paris and London are among some of my favourite places. Many more I dream about and if I don't go there, like you, I will use the imagination I have and see some programs on those. Love the ones you already have! A wall of the world is really nice!

  34. Vonna, what a lovely finish you have stitched up. Your wall of traveling sounds like fun. Thinking of you!

  35. Such beautiful stitches!! Love the addition to the bicycle!

  36. How sweet a finish that is. Congrats and great idea for a wall.

  37. Such a wonderful finish. I love this chart a lot, it's so French and the motifs chosen for it are beautiful. And yes, such a "city of the worlds" wall would look fantastic.

  38. Nicely done--such a cute finish! You will have a great travels wall! Thanks for sharing!

  39. I've been looking at this series - as you know in 2013 my mom and I were in Paris and London - they would make nice mementos.

  40. That is one gorgeous finish, Vonna--the colors are so wonderful and I like the little motifs that the designer used so much. London and NYC look great, too, but I think Paris is my favorite :)

    I understand you about traveling. I am reluctant to leave my little nest, too, but once I'm in a foreign land I'm so glad I took the plunge. Perhaps when your kids are grown and gone, you will travel more :)

  41. Pretty finish! I really like this series too. I look forward to seeing you stitch up the other two. :)


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