Thursday, January 07, 2016

Storing my DMC (Anchor, Sullivan) threads....

~ Greetings Friends ~
back today with installment #2 of 
"Ask Vonna ~ how do you store your threads?"

Yesterday I showed you how I created my "numbered bobbins". A couple of clarifications, I have in the past used cardboard bobbins, I didn't care for them, so now when that bobbin is finished I toss it and replace it with a plastic bobbin. I have the DMC threads set probably about 3 times over.

Here is where I store my DMC threads on their bobbins.
In my REPRODUCTION Spool Chest:
My Spool Chest
I got it on eBay, 8/9 years ago. The person I got it from, no longer is selling. I look from time to time to see if any similar to this comes up and I haven't found any lately.
I'd like to have another, to be honest, my drawers are full


Here it is opened:
I use the plastic bobbin cases you find at any craft store in the thread aisles.
I pull the lid off and slide it in my drawers and fill it with my threads in numerical order...
Spool Chest opened

If you look on Etsy, eBay and Craig's List....
you can find the real, antique ones that come up for sale from time to time.
But you are likely to spend over $400 and likely closer to $900-1000 for one.

I like my reproduction just fine. I paid like $120 for it, if memory serves.

You can get a "kit" to put together from a place that is a reproduction. 

If anyone else has places to look or knows people that make reproductions...
Let me know! I'll post links.

That does it folks!
Come back tomorrow to see how I store my Over-dyes and Silks!


  1. Very cute chest. The kit is nice also, but out my price range. I will stick with my ugly clear plastic cabinet that I have been using for years. Not as nice, but does the job.

  2. What a wonderful chest this is. No wonder that you would love to have another one. A very special thread container.

  3. You got a great deal on the the looks and that it is functional.

  4. That's a beautiful chest. I didn't realise you could still buy them.

  5. Pretty and functional! Great!

  6. I always did like that chest. Good ideas for storing.

  7. Hi Vonna - boy have you been on the posting lately. I'm so glad you and your family decided you just cannot work those hours! In addition to everything else you were trying to keep up with in your life, this has to be the most important (just joking. Thx for doing these. I tried cutting the numbers off and taping the on my plastic bobbins (the only ones I like as well), but I did something wrong. These are great tutorials you're putting out there for us. The step-by-steps, photos, etc. Thx for putting so much into these tutorials. And ever since you showed us that reproduction, I've been hunting one. You and I even had a little exchange about it. I just love it! Love these posts. You are the bestest!

  8. What a fabulous chest for your threads, Vonna! Good luck to you in your quest in finding another one.

  9. Beautiful chest for your threads! I went to a retreat a number of years ago and someone's husband was selling three handmade chests and I was lucky enough to purchase one. You can see it here how I often wish I had another because like you my floss is overflowing everywhere!

  10. Love that spool chest and thanks for the link to the kit. I'm looking forward to the next one to see if you've made any fine-tuning to your old system. I adopted it this year as my stash grew. :)

  11. I thought I had a whole lot of DMC threads. My stash can't compare with yours.

  12. Love the chest. Thanks for all you do.

    1. The spool chest is beautiful - what a lovely way to store your threads! Much prettier than my stacked plastic boxes. :)

  13. Dearest Vonna: I do wish you lived near me so I could hire you to organize my studio, it is a mess as I write.
    Love the floss idea, love the cabinet even more.


  14. Beautiful chest!


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