Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Pedestrian Safety...

~ Greetings Folks ~

This blog post today is self-serving.
Writing, to me, is cathartic.
And I'm really riled up.
I have been in a battle for the last 10 years.

On May 20, 2006...
we moved to this house. We had to change schools because of our move. We live within the "2 mile fringe" of the Elementary School that my kids attend and we do not have bus service. Having young boys at that time, who were filled with a lot of energy, I thought it would be good to just go ahead and walk to and home from school every day. It would run a little juice out of their engines, it was healthy, it got me exercising every day, aren't we supposed to conserve energy, protect the environment, reduce our "foot print"? What was not to like?...I was doing all of those things by getting my rump out of bed a little bit earlier to make it "all come together" by time to walk to school.
Let me also note...this was no small feat.
I had 4 children ages: 8, 6, 6 and 10 months.
I have continued to do it for the last 10 years...
and will continue to do it until Ellie graduates from Elementary school.
Every day. Just like a vitamin.

We walk in rain, in snow, in ice...we walk all. the. time. period. 
I am known as: "aren't you that woman that walks to school every day?" 
Why yes, I am.

Did you know that pedestrian deaths has risen in the United States drastically over the last decade?

Did you know that 14% of all traffic fatalities involve a pedestrian?

Did you know that is up from 6% in 2002?

9 years ago...
because of my persistence in contacting and voicing the hazards that are apparent to children walking to school in my district, I was "named" to sit in with city engineers to talk about ways to "make safe" the street in front of our school. Who am I kidding? The upper echelon of school management (principal and assistant principal) was tired of hearing from me. I went to the PTO, to be told  "that it wasn't an appropriate topic for PTO."  Then a member asked me, "WHY are you so upset and can't get off of harping about walking to school?" I looked at her and said, "If your children were the ones walking to school, and you saw what I saw on a daily basis... your face would be in everybody's face too."
 Needless to say, between this encounter and a subsequent one 5 years down the road with the same person and after volunteering very heavily in PTO functions ~  I left the PTO and will NEVER EVER be associated with one again. EVER.

So I was pushed off on the city engineers...
who were very happy to have me there (not). After meetings, and city council meetings and more meetings I helped bring about awareness to the need for signage to the neighborhood I live in.
Essentially crosswalks were painted throughout the neighborhood, where none existed before.
Crosswalks were painted at the entrance of the school, where none existed before.
Crosswalks were painted on school property, where none existed before.
A crossing guard was employed at the front entrance of the school, where none existed before.
A pedestrian crossing and "island" was created at the back entrance of the school, where none existed before. (this is where the most foot traffic is, but no crossing guard put here...but there should be)
Signage that flashes your speed when travelling in the street in front of the school was put up.

to make a long story short, I did a lot to help get these things put into place and it was all because of my big mouth and persistence.

Did that help things?
for a little while, yes it did. But when you don't have police that patrol. Or when they do patrol, they just sit in their car and don't hand out tickets. People learn that it's not important because it doesn't affect them or their own children.
So who cares?

Nearly, every day...
and I'm not exaggerating, Ellie and I almost get mowed down in that crossing.
This morning, a very well put together woman, in a very fine SUV was travelling so fast in the street in front of the school that when she came to a stop at the crosswalk (that Ellie and I were IN at the time) her braking made that high pitched noise. She began shaking her fist and head at us and then motioning in an angry almost violent way to get across the crosswalk. We barely cleared her side before she sped off. She had just dropped off her child at the school. We see her every day. This is NOT our first encounter with her graciousness. And sadly, this is NOT, an isolated event. This happens in a fashion like this with many other drivers at this same crosswalk (most if not all are parents dropping off/picking up). Typically instead of me doing the yelling, they do the signage and yelling at us.

Yes, I take license plate numbers.
Yes, I call the police.
Does anything happen?

HERE...is the Indiana State Law for Pedestrians...
Even if you are not an Indiana resident. Because more than likely YOUR state has more strict rules than Indiana, as Indiana is not one of the states whose pedestrian laws are the most strict.

Indiana: Vehicles must yield the right-of-way to pedestrians within a crosswalk that are in the same half of the roadway as the vehicle or when a pedestrian is closely approaching. Vehicles approaching a yield sign must yield the right-of-way to any pedestrian legally crossing the roadway. Pedestrians may not suddenly leave the curb and enter a crosswalk into the path of a moving vehicle that is so close to constitute an immediate hazard. Pedestrians must yield the right-of-way to vehicles when crossing outside of a marked crosswalk or an unmarked crosswalk at an intersection. Where traffic control devices are in operation, pedestrians may only cross between two adjacent intersections in a marked crosswalk and may only cross an intersection diagonally if authorized by a traffic control device.

Oh and about driving in a school zone...
its 20 mph in Indiana...not 35, not 40, not 50 (yes, the sign HAS blinked 50 mph when I'm walking to school for some person usually smoking a cigarette, drinking Starbucks, on her phone, dropping her kids off .

And if you are employed at that school and you have a habit of being late...
and you are trying to make it before the first bell rings...and you are driving 55 mph almost daily in your BMW and my daughter says: "Ms. xxxx sure does drive like a maniac..."
Out of the mouth of babes...
Maybe that's a clue that you need to get your rump out of bed a few minutes earlier.

Can you tell I'm done with this subject? 
Can you tell I'm fed up?
I am.
And I wish people at that school that could do a LOT to educate and make known that acts like this aren't acceptable....would step up and do something, instead of placate me with pretty words.

I should have home schooled.

Until the next time...
I'm going to be praying...
and meditating...
and likely going to confession for bad thoughts...
because I have them!

Thank you, if you made it this far!


  1. This should be mailed to the HT editorial department.

  2. Woohoo! You go, Vonna! Your community doesn't realize how blessed they are to have you looking out for the needs of their kids. I'm proud of you for taking a stand on an issue that is vital to the well-being of your neighbors.

  3. Totally with you. We walked to our elementary school with our 3 girls everyday. Luckily, our local police feel it should be safe to do so as well. But, I have slowly driven through other town's school zones while other motorists zip by and I never see a police car. While walking my dog one day in a crosswalk a man opened his window and yelled at me to move it because I was making him late. Will never forget his license plate or car. Think how rage-filled these people's lives must be.

  4. I drive through 2 school zones on my way to my daily walks. I've observed many who don't observe the school zone speed limit and many on their phones (despite it being against Texas state law to use your cell phone in a school zone). There was even a car/pedestrian collision in one of those school zones where a young girl was killed. Before that, there were no crossing guards at key intersections but now there are. At least there's THAT. When I volunteered for HS band, I observed school employees zooming down the lane where band kids were always crossing...people who SHOULD have known better...one was a bus driver (former teacher) and another a guidance counselor who (when I politely asked her to slow down, snarled that SHE knew how to drive in a school zone). I guess people figure that if it's not their own kids, it's not important to drive safely in school zones when it's inconvenient to them. So selfish, huh?! Keep up the good fight, Vonna!

  5. You have every right to be up in arms! I did my share of volunteering at school, being the room mother and more. It is awful that the people who are the first to criticize are the last to step up and do anything! I also got fed up with PTO. I did these things for my kids just like you are doing. I remember how special I felt when my mom did this stuff for me and I wanted my kids to have those same special memories. Just know that your kids will always remember you walking to school with them and they will feel loved by that memory.

  6. If it is any help at all, the fact that no child has been killed in these areas is 100% thanks to you!!!!

  7. I am right there with you Vonna! It's a problem in Illinois as well. The school zones upset me the most, but every day in downtown Chicago I see near misses. Not just the fault of motorists, but also of pedestrians too busy on their phones to realize that they are crossing a street against a light. Everyone needs to be more "present" on their commutes! Thank you for being the voice of reason in your community!! It is so sad to have our children see their teachers and role models breaking the law! Thank goodness we have our stitching to bring our blood pressure back down!
    Blessings, Patti

  8. That's horrible, unfortunately it sounds like it would take a serious accident in order to get that changed... If any of theses other parents children were affected they would feel the same way! I drive my youngest to school ( he hates the bus) the speed zone is 20 and I saw a sheriffs deputy pulling someone over just this morning for speeding through. Thankful for that after reading your story! Hang in there, you have made a difference!

  9. Hi Vonna,

    I'm a pedestrian. I don't drive ... at all. I walk everywhere because that's the only way I can get someplace in a town without public transit. Usually I love to walk ... well ... except when it's minus 15 Celsius outside ... but that's another issue.

    I am forever dodging bicycles on the sidewalks and cars in intersections. Between the two it's a wonder I haven't been hit at some point ... and believe me I've had some close calls. And it occurs to me that I really should be "touching wood" at this point.

    My husband is a conscientious driver. He slows down in school zones. He usually gets honked at or the old shaking fist gesture ... or other "gestures" .... for going so slow. It drives him nuts! And we don't have kids!

    People are always in such a hurry to get somewhere though they seem reluctant to just leave home earlier to get there. And very few take the needs or even the existence of others into consideration when behind the wheel.

    I admire your determination and tenacity in this issue Vonna. It's a thankless task but people need to be corrected/educated/counselled/severely beaten when they disregard the rules and put the lives of others in danger.

    Well done you!!!!

  10. When I was in High School in the late 1960's to mid 1970's our school had an upper school for 15 to 18 year olds in one place and a lower school for 11 to 14 year olds separated by a busy road because two separate schools had amalgamated.. All day there were a substantial number of 11 to 14 year old pupils crossing this road,with no pelican crossing,traffic lights,absolutely no supervision at all because some lessons were held on the upper school site.Most of us became even more road safety conscious very quickly! Parents appealed,lobbied the education authority and council,raised money, formed committees etc to get something done...and then the inevitable happened..one of the pupils was knocked down by a car and died from their injuries.Lo and behold a bridge was built over the road for the pupils. It makes my blood boil to read your post Vonna and it is beyond my comprehension that some parents think so little of their own and other parents and their children,to behave in such a reckless manner.

  11. Amen and Amen Vonna. I see this ALL the time and I live way down south in Mississippi so this is a national problem. As a nurse, I have cared for many pedestrians hit by cars. This should not be taking lightly. Thank you for your vigilance and I certainly understand your rant. God bless you.

  12. Have you every had a sit down meeting with the Police Chief? We did here in Salinas. Random schools had an Officer posted to write tickets. Sometimes it was drop off time or pick up time. Not everyday. Just a random day and time. Then they would show up again. It got the attention of the violators when tickets started to be issued. It sure got their attention fast.

  13. What frosts my lizard is that these people's children grow up with entitlement issues, and yet no one can *quite* figure out why. :)

    I'm sorry this is happening. Hopefully soon, someone with 'authority' will take you seriously.

  14. I work in a small Catholic School and I must say that the police in our part of PA are VERY strict in school zones. Speed limit is 15 and I have heard parents complain that they have received tickets when they were going 18 and the tickets have held up in court! Hoping your police wake up before a child is hurt. I can't tell you how many times I have see a child cross in the middle of the street when a parent isn't looking.

  15. Oh my goodness! I feel so bad for you. It sound like you are talking to a concrete wall! I don't know if it would do any good to try to lobby at your state congress. Bombard them with letters, sometimes this works. So sad that people have to act so stupid and disregard the safety of others because of their lack of responsibility and laziness. I feel for you.

  16. If that lady ever hurts someone, her life will be pretty much over, I'm so sorry that you have to deal with so much crap! I wanted to tell you that your Christmas tree was absolutely beautiful! Thank the good Lord that someone cares enough about children to put up with a lot of crap! Bless you....

  17. Vonna, you do make a difference!!!
    Fight on! It matters👊🏻

  18. I live in a subdivision with an elementary school in it. For many years the children in this subdivision and in the others that house our other 4 elementary schools were walkers. While I sat on the school board we decided to bus all elementary children for improved safety. So even though we have sidewalks in our subdivision there arn't sidewoalks in all of them and when it snows the children have to walk in the street no matter which subdivision it is. It is unfortunate that it takes a tragedy for people to take notice of their irresponsible behavior and it often those that are most irresponsible that will scream the loudest if it is their child that gets hurt. Keep up your great work to protect not only your child but all the young children of your community.

  19. You are doing the right thing Vonna! And to the Mother who zooms around and has the nerve to shake her fist at you and wave at you as if you are doing something wrong, SHAME SHAME ON HER!! My son and daughter-in-law have a sign they post in their yard that basically says, Drive as if your child lived here. Don't know how many people take the time to read it, but if it makes even 1 person slow down then it has done its job.

  20. {{Hugs}} Vonna! I'm so sorry. I must admit, though, that your ending made me chuckle!! : ) ~ Tricia

  21. well behaved women rarely make history. here's hoping you give your town a little history lesson:)

  22. We live within walking distance of my daughter's elementary school, but she really wanted to ride the big yellow cheese box (our district has a 100% bussing policy). I was okay with that, since the walking route we'd have to use is across 2 parking lots (one of which is Dunkin' Donuts, always FULL of crazy impatient people at that hour of the morning!) and a highway off-ramp. There is a crossing guard at one spot, but as you say, people are entitled idiots. I drive through the school zone every morning on my way to work, and while it is frustrating sometimes, I know that it is my own fault that I'm running late! Same goes for the buses I sometimes end up behind - I may be impatient, but I wouldn't DREAM of passing one (although some of the drivers do pull over and motion traffic to pass when there is a line of us back there). And really, what is that couple of minutes worth in the end?
    Good on you for being a tireless advocate. Your children are learning from you, too, and that is invaluable!

  23. Start carrying a camera. Photos of the license plates. Send to the county and state appropriate depts. Call the court and see if you can prosecute or file a criminal complaint against someone or do the police have to do it. Get someone to stand down by the school with a video camera. It's not illegal. Also try to local tv stations. Good luck!


  24. I'm so glad you don't back down! That is awesome all that you've been able to do. The safety of school zones are definitely something to be praying over.

    My HS best friend witnessed her friend being hit by a car and killed on their way to elementary school. They were on the sidewalk.

    School traffic is insane. Everyone who drives inappropriately should be made to walk their kid to school to see what it's like.

    We lived across the street from our local HS and elementary schools in the mountains in Colorado. The posted speed limit for our curvy, small, two lane road was only 35 mph (25 in front of the schools), but most people did not obey that. The cross walks for both schools were across this road (no intersection cross walks) The elementary cross walk has a traffic signal (with buttons), and occasionally someone would run it even though we were standing right there!

    Our little town has a great police presence which I am so thankful for. We did have officers often sitting in key spots to watch traffic and give out tickets. One of those key spots was right in front of our house where the HS cross walk is. (I almost got hit crossing that once, I've seen several near misses, and one accident.)

  25. Good for you standing up to everyone to get the crosswalks in place, if only people would actually pay attention to them! That happens in my state too (VT). I know people who have been hit by cars while they walk through a crosswalk and at intersections, which is insane! And yet still happens. I wish there were more people like you for all schools.

  26. oh I can't believe how some people behave sometimes! I feel that where I live people are very aware of the slower speed rules around schools etc unfortunately that's because of fatalities and really bad accidents - that still happen. The police regularly patrol school zones and will give out much heftier fines than usual for speeding in a school zone and even on occasion told the press of really excessive speed.

  27. As a former journalist, former aide to the city council of a large city, former employee of a police department, etc. etc... I echo part of jhm's comment. This is what I would do: I would go down to the school about the time parents are dropping children off. I would station myself in front and to the outside of the machine that shows speeds, about 20 feet away. I would video for 30 minutes, every day, for a week or two. In each instance, the next car that comes into your frame after the machine registers a speed will be the vehicle that registered that speed. Get license plates. At the end of the recording time, turn over a CD with the video, the list of license plates, and narrative about any close calls you saw during that time, to 1) The police; 2) Your city council member; and 3) The school principal. Make it clear that if something doesn't change, as in, regular patrols with actual ticketing, you will give that neat little package to 4) the media, both local and in the nearest large city (like an Indianapolis). Be *very very* polite when you do that, not threatening. Just say, in your sweetest I'm-a-worried-mom tone, that you're frightened for your children, you've been fighting this battle for a while, and you feel you've been pushed to this point. No matter how ugly they get (and they may not), be sweet and concerned. If you're attacked, look hurt and say, "I don't understand. Aren't you concerned? Do you feel that we should wait until someone is killed or seriously injured there before we enforce the current law?" Give them a deadline. For example, tell the police that if you haven't seen patrols in a month, you'll be going to the media. Tell the council member that if it's not on the next council agenda, you'll go to the media. Tell the principal if he/she doesn't support your concerns with a letter in the next month, you'll go to the school board and media. Be positive, very sweet and concerned, and bulldog-persistent. Take good video so it's something the broadcast media can actually use, then gently remind those you're talking to that the media loves video. If anyone says, "Are you threatening me?!" or accuses you of threatening, looked shocked and say, Of course not! I'm just seriously concerned about our children and sometimes it requires getting a lot of support in the public to get things done. Don't let them make you out to be a b*tch, because then they can justify to themselves that you are just a crazy aggressive lady. Channel your inner angel :). People do drive crazy. I say all the time that who has right of way depends on whether I'm walking or driving. I'm joking, but a lot of people aren't. It's only a matter of time before someone is hurt if that situation is ongoing. Good luck! And sorry for the extremely long comment :). I'm a writer. It's an occupational hazard.

    1. First, I'm a runner who USED TO run on public roads. I feel your pain. Now I run exclusively in the neighborhood or on pedestrian friendly trails. I wave and smile at motorists in my neighborhood. I figure the driver is less likely to hit me that way, and they slow down 99% of the time. That's probably not practical in a school zone. You've done your due diligence. At this point. Time for media intervention.

  28. And don't forget to video chick who shakes her fist at you. :D

  29. Dearest Vonna: I hear you about the people who just do not abide by the laws, its all about them, its only their world, I have an idea, carry a stop flag with you maybe that will get at least one persons attention, however they will say who do you think you are, I would say I am a Mother and concerned citizen who does not want to get hit, I have seen a few parents here in Minnesota with stop flags it works, they even get smiles when crossing the street.
    Please keep us posted as to what happens, invite an off duty officer to walk with you.


  30. Keep it up Vonna. You are making a difference. It's very likely that your message has gotten through to a lot of people, and they drive appropriately wether they see you out there or not. I think JHM and Susanna are on the right track...it's time to push even harder. My oldest gets his license this year and I want him to be responsible. I am grateful that there are people out there who will demand adherence to law and will demand smart safely measures.

  31. As a parent who witness's the same thing every school morning I feel your pain. Are our lives really that busy we can't spare an extra 5 minutes to keep all our children safe?

  32. Go Vonna! I agree with the posters about recording and then sending the video with narrative to the principal, the school board, the town/city council and the local police agency. What kind of example is that teacher setting when your daughter states "Mrs. X drives like a maniac"? Not a very good one! I hope you continue to keep up your vigilance, Vonna.

  33. I sympathize with you Vonna. My children and I walked to school virtually every day throughout their elementary school years. We are only 4 blocks away. I volunteered with the PTA (even served as co-President for a while). We had the police at our school almost every day because parents couldn't seem to understand that speeding and u-turns were not allowed. Many people left our PTA because we were "making them get tickets". We were not popular co-Presidents. I walk some mornings now for fun and often pass the school when school is starting. Very few people walk anymore, most drive. There was a large group of us that walked together every day. I know you say you are done with the PTO, but you need to be their leader or work with the Principal and the local police department and have a parent assembly to explain the rules. Some of the dumbest questions were asked when we had a PTA sponsored meeting. We did it at the same time as a breast cancer meeting and had a huge turnout. Keep striving for your right to walk.

  34. amazing people just don't care anymore. it's the sign of the times. what nerve to yell at you while you are the one doing nothing wrong. cell phones cause so many accidents also. geez. I feel your pain.

  35. Wow--I would be more than steamed. In this day and age may I suggest a video to You Tube or Facebook. Maybe once there is a video out there of these dangerous drivers something more might get done. What is it going to take--an injured/dead child? We live in a rural area so our kids all road the bus. But my husbands business is on main street in a small town. He has been known to stand in the middle of the street and stare at the highschoolers that are speeding thru town. They know HE won't put up with it and they will be reported and a few have had the sheriff visit them at home for a lecture. It stops pretty fast once they know someone is actually watching and not afraid to call the athorities be it sheriff or Principal. Our problems have been with the highschool drivers. I have not heard of parents causing issues. I now have grandkids that I sometimes pick up. Maybe you could get a group of walkers to take out an ad in the paper or on radio about the situations. Maybe get some of the insurance companies and medical people to join in too. Your school board SHOULD be concerned. They need to be putting preasure on the police to enforce the laws.

  36. Good for you! I don't know how many times I have almost been run over in parking lots. I recently had someone hurry me along through the crosswalk too. They acted like they did me a favor by stopping. I was driving down the main street in the city I work in and it has a high school and Jr. high right next to each other the parents were driving crazy and had the kids in the cars. Very scary.

  37. I'm with you 100%!!!

  38. You got spunk girl...all kidding aside, it is so important to have parents who care as you do and have for all these years....

  39. You make valid points. How about an editorial in your local newspaper? Or at least talk to the newspaper editor, he might be persuaded to do a story in the interest of public safety. Good luck!!

  40. Dear Vonna,
    Call your local news....or make a copy of your blog and all the comments and send it to your local TV news station and the local newspaper. Reporters are always looking for a juicy story and this has universal appeal. When people have their wrong doings published....they often start humming a different tune. Good luck!

  41. I am with you. We live in CA, and thank god we have better enforcement of the the law. There are cross walks - and crossing guards at every cross walk. Still, when I see people dropping off and picking up, it's the same madness every day, I want to ask them, "Where is the fire?" I hope the solution to the problem comes to you soon. I'll be thinking of you next time I have to pick up my daughter from school.

  42. I totally understand! We have experienced this same thing when we were in Illinois and now we experience it on the bus stop of all places! The parents waiting at the bus stop with their kids post once or twice a week on the community page about someone almost hitting a child or a car passing a loading bus. It is crazy how self-centered people have become and I think it is only getting worse with people on their phones (breaking yet another law) while they drive! I agree with the others saying you should write to the editorial departments of your local newspaper(s). It might not help but nothing ventured, nothing gained! Much luck with this!!

  43. I agree horrid! Things are the same out here.(Washington state). I never enter a cross walk(well marked) without checking to see if a speeding car is fast approaching!

  44. Good luck with your campaigning Vonna. You are a lone voice trying to make a difference before a tragedy happens not like the many who rush around like headless chickens after the event. We have similare conditions here in England plus the dreadful dangerous car congestion around school gates where parents whose children live five minutes walk away feel a need to ferry them to and from school and who arrive up to an hour before school ends to get a parking place right by the school gate so their child does not have to walk further than necessary!!
    I agree with a previous comment, go public, go to a local radio station or newspaper, name and shame especially Ms.....Maniac :-)

  45. When we lived in the city this issue was so strong that the school actually had those big sped mounds installed & a blinker light for the crossing.
    Alberta just strengthened our conditions for being caught driving distracted (as of Jan1/16). Its $287 + 3 demerits now.

    Do not underestimate the power of writing the papers in your area of what you see. Many who clearly dont give a breath for what their actions are will just see it as a fluff piece, but those who feel your frustration but are not as brave as you have been will appreciate the topic.

  46. What concerns me most is that I see every single day that so many people feel that they are "above the law" that rules, laws, common courtesy, compassion do not pertain to them. They are so busy and important that they shouldn't be held to the same standard as everyone else. And I think the big reason that so many people believe that they don't have to obey the law/rules/policies is because NO ONE IS ENFORCING THEM. Ugh. I do agree with the comments above that writing to your local newspapers or tv news stations is an excellent idea.

  47. Wow! I certainly understand your frustration. I think this is a big problem in a lot of places. I remember back in the 50's I rode my bicycle to school that was several blocks away. Drivers were always very curteous back then. Of course, less traffic in those days, but attitudes of people driving cars has changed drastically.

  48. YOU GO GIRL! You should totally send this to the editor of the newspaper. This seriously needs to be published where Ms.-Late-BMW-Maniac-Driver can see it. Seriously unacceptable behavior by a lot of people!

  49. Good for you! It seems drivers everywhere are becoming less aware of their surroundings and all to distracted...We depend too much on our cars for transport, gone are the days when we all walked to school as a big group gaining kids along the way...and it was the highlight of the day!
    Glad you are all safe

  50. When in the situation again, I would do what I witnessed a mother in New York City do....face the car, drop not one but BOTH flattened palms onto the hood of the car and seriously make eye contact with the driver. Seemed to work for her, and she was a very short, skinny Asian lady but the driver definatly took notice!

  51. My father, in his later years, always protested loudly when at a crosswalk, if the cars did not stop for him to cross. Even made threatening gestures. I was a bit ashamed of that but at the same time understood is anger to the unkindness and lack of politeness of people.
    You go girl. Voices must be heard for things to change.

  52. I support you totally; people don't seem to care about other people and what is happening anymore. It seems like it will take something bad to happen to get them to wake up; I hope that is not the case for you and your town! You are in the right; so don't give up. There are a lot of good suggestions in this comments section. You go girl!!

  53. Wow just reading all this scares me. My Grandkids get dropped off on the main entryway into their subdivision. The bus drops them off on the side where traffic comes into the subdivision. There is an island with trees and then the side where traffic exits the sub. I park on the side where the traffic exits the subdivision because the other side usually has parked cars. I know what you mean about crazy drivers not paying attention. When the bus comes and the kids get off some of them Have to Cross the street on the side where I park. Cars come flying up the street and think they can make a right turn at the corner and don't have to stop for the school kids and the bus. Now what I do is open my car door all the way and I stand in the middle of the street so cars can't around until my Grandkids and all the other kids can cross safely. How sad what we have to do to keep kids safe. Once coming out of a Kroger supermarket I was crossing with my cart going to my car and this crazy woman blew her horn and was waving her hand at me to get out of the way. Now I have arthritis in my knee and that day it was hurting me so I was walking a little slower. This crazy woman actually followed me in her car all the way to my car rolled her window down and was screaming at me because I did not get out of her way fast enough for her. My son was with me and we both told her to leave or I would call the police. She went around the aisle once and came back and stood watching us until we put all the groceries in the car then she left. I couldn't get plate number to report her.
    Thanks for all the info Vonna, and don't stop fighting for the kids safety. Theresa

  54. This is a pet peeve of mine and I don't even have children! I cannot stand someone speeding through a school zone. Nothing is that important.

  55. It's an ongoing problem here too. I agree with some of the other comments--you should write a letter to the editor and contact news agencies. I also had a similar experience with the PTO--never again (and I work at a school). My grandpa always said "the squeaky wheel gets the grease, so be the squeak"

  56. Sounds like pedestrians are better off here in Washington State! The police love to write tickets in school zones here and they can cost you plenty! And I still homeschooled, lol!

    Love your involvement and passion, Vonna!

  57. I did not encounter these problems with my own kids, but my granddaughter that just turned 6 today goes to kindergarten at a public school. And I have gone a couple of times for functions with her and the class. One big function was Grandparents Day at the school. So practically EVERY kid had at least one grandparent coming for it... which their parking lot could NOT accommodate. Oh I neglected to mention, their school is on a road that has a 45 mph speed limit in the front of it. Back to GP Day... I arrived on time, but it was late for any parking. They were full, so they diverted others to park across the street in a public utilities parking lot. So, we had to wait to cross the traffic in our vehicles, park about half a mile down, walk back and cross that busy busy street--on foot. Mind you, there are some elderly folks doing this... they cannot run if a car comes barreling down at them!! Some used canes!! And we had to do it again when it was over, at lunch time... lots of traffic again! I was so ticked! Because at the OTHER entrance, there were two police cars, directing cars to go around and out cause the lots were full, RATHER THAN directing traffic and foot traffic at the other entrance/exit! Well, just writing about this got my blood boiling again! Poor, poor planning!! I'm with ya, sistah!

  58. I'm way behind on blog reading, but I had to comment on your post. Good for you for standing up for what is right. So maddening, the people who ignore the laws and put pedestrians in danger. I worry about pedestrian safety too, but I admire you for working so hard on the issue. You are my hero!

  59. I agree with you, but I want to ask, do you walk even in the snowy minus 0 days like this week? My hats off to you. I still have my granddaughter living here and we often ride
    Our bikes when weather is nice. Not many people even do that. Her school is ALL young 5's, K or 1st grade. So all 500 students are under age 8. Imagine all the crazy parent drivers for them.

    1. Yep every day...today 1/13/16 was 2 degrees outside. We walked.

  60. I work in downtown Los Angeles, and the intersection outside my building would make your hair stand on end the way drivers are when people are in the crosswalk, I've had people make their right hand turn just inches in front of me when I have the walk sign, or pass inches behind my backside too. It's so scary!

  61. I just came across your blog this morning and want to assure you that unfortunately we face exactly the same problems and issues over the other side of the world. (Melbourne, Australia). Parents attempting to do three point turns right outside the school and using other driveways where children are passing by. It infuriates me.


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