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Organizing your Over-Dyed Threads....

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Today is the final installment of our thread storage question from:
Ask Vonna...the question was:

"Vonna, how do your store your threads used in stitching?"

Ok so to reiterate what I've talked about so far...

and today I will show you something that I came up with last Spring (and shared it then). 
But I've "updated it some" and deleted last years post and here it is so that I can link to it and never say another word on it. 

Let's remember...
this is not the only way to store something.
It might not even be the best way to store it.
This is my way. If you have something that you do that works for you, that's perfect!
This works for me.

Now then...
this will take some time to do. I worked on this for over a week getting it all together. It was a little frustrating at times because it was taking so long. But now that I have had my Over-dyed threads like this for the past year...IT IS FABULOUS! I can't begin to tell you how great it is.
If I need a thread, I just go glance see if I have it (because they are all right there at my finger-tips). I've likely saved money doing this because I can find it immediately.

Down side to a system like this is....
you actually have to "put them back" when you are done or when you purchase new threads in order for it to work.
Mid-December when my finishing was done, I needed a thorough tidying to my Stitch Cave and sat down there for 6 hours putting threads up in their proper place (Over-dyes and DMC). I tend to just throw my used threads in a bowl thinking "Oh, I'll do that later..." and I didn't. 

So far this year...
(7 days in) I've kept up with keeping my threads all stored and neat and put up...

HERE WE GO! Supplies needed:
Hanging Folder plastic bin
Hanging File Folders
A hole punch
Key Tags
and small rings


Cut off the top of the hanging file folder with a two inch piece left from the top:


Punch some holes:
I did 1/4 inch from edge
And about 3/4 inch between punches for a total of 12 along the length

Alphabetize by using vinyl letters and key tags:


Sort your threads and load them onto their appropriate "ABC.." file
I started out by alphabetizing year later...
just put the A's with the A's and the B's with the B's and so on...

Hang them in your specified box!

Hmmm....I need Classic Colorworks "Calico Kitty". All I have to do is: turn my box to the side see where the "C's" are: 

and grab it out!

And here they are ONE YEAR later...

Still perfect!
Color is protected by the box.
No tangling.
No dust.
EASY PEASY at my finger tips finding the correct color.
Saves space.
MOST important to me: TIDY!

Now I came up with this on my own...
I know from Pinterest there are other people that have sort of used something similar to this for organization of stamping/scrapbooking items, but this just came to me by walking the aisles of Office Depot for a solution.
I like Office Depot/Staples a appeals to my nerdy/obsessive compulsive side :)

Until next time folks...
Vonna xxxx


  1. I use this method too...thanks to you, again <3
    It does make it so much easier...and tidy!
    Thanks V

  2. Love it! Really appeals to my OCDness with labelling and organising stuff! Thank you Vonna, much appreciated :)

  3. Grazie Vonna, che bella idea!

  4. That is a fantastic idea! Mine are alphabetized on rings over a wooden rod. It worked when I only had a few but some of the rings are getting pretty full now. I had been looking for another idea and this is a great one. Will be trying it! Thanks for your great ideas.

  5. Thanks for the 3 posts on thread organization. Great tips !! I'm the queen of organization so always nice to get new ideas. Your cabinet for your DMC floss is beautiful.

  6. i have my overdyes on the inside of a closet door hanging on tie/belt holders from lowes

  7. Thanks! I really need a system for my special threads! That is great too. No bags to dump out - just go right to it!

  8. Thank you for sharing this! Mine are just thrown in clear shoe boxes. This would definitely save time when looking for a specific one.

  9. All of your ideas and tips are wonderful - thank you so much for sharing them with the rest of us. You truly are creative, talented, and so generous.

  10. Hmmmm. I need to give this idea some thought. I have recently become dissatisfied with my plastic baggie/old library card catalog drawer system. I do like having everything in a baggie, though.

    Any word on how the crease removing went?


  11. I like browsing Staples for ideas as well. Thanks for sharing your storage idea for the overdyes. Have a great weekend, Vonna!

  12. OK now THAT is a clever idea!! Heck of a lot easier than searching through baggies labeled, and if I used this system that would mean that I would HAVE to buy more floss to fill up the bins that they would be stored in... VERY CLEVER INDEED LOL

  13. Vonna it seems to work perfectly. Thanks again for another great tip:)

  14. Oh my gosh what a great idea.


  15. Thanks for the tip. I really need a new way to store my overdyed Threads. I think this might just work.

  16. That is a great system, Vonna! I just have my limited overdyeds hanging alphabetically on a pegboard on the back of a closet door. Your system certainly takes up less room!

  17. This is a great idea. It beats just throwing them in a bag like I have been doing!

  18. Now that's organized. My overdyeds are in plastic baggies in a cardboard box. Your system makes it easier to find the right color.

  19. I think I remember your previous post about this--and I was impressed then! (as I am now!!) Thank you for sharing! I can only hope that one day I will be as organized as I would LIKE to be!!! haha

  20. Oh, my goodness, Vonna. I am so happy right now, I'm about to break into song. If you could see the mess I call 'floss storage', you would understand why. Thank you soooooo much for this most wonderful idea. I'm off to Staples in the morning!
    Have a wonderful rest of your day.


  21. This is a great system Vonna. MUCH cheaper than buying the commercial set that is out there. Right now I have all my threads in cardboard boxes with the inventory on the XStitch app (which I LOVE) but while I know what I have thanks to the app, putting my hands on them is another story!

  22. What a great system Vonna. I was going to get organized in 2015...maybe it'll happen in 2016!

  23. That is a really cool idea. I may have to do that. I managed to make a list of all the colors I have, but they are then just all tossed in a bin, so finding something is another story! I painstakingly wound every single color of DMC onto bobbins a few years ago and they are all nicely stored in boxes.

  24. This is fantastic. As I am doing more stitching, I have more different threads!! Thanks so much
    Karen V

  25. Love this!! I'm just gaining so many new stitching tricks today from your YouTube and blog!! I'm wondering one thing (hope it wasn't asked and answered but I'll look at all the previous comments in a few). Are the file boxes deep enough that your floss hangs - or do they get tangled up with the others? Not that it's a big deal because right now my threads are a mess in ziplock storage bags - I just wondered if there's a certain size box you suggest buying for this. Thanks for your helpful tips!!

  26. Thanks, Vonna~ I went out and bought my supplies today (YOWZA! Not on sale! LOL) and am looking forward to organizing all the threads tonight while watching flosstube. Love you and thankful for you! :) Kristina

  27. Thanks! I heard this described as I listened to your Fiber Talk reprise the other day, but had to,can me here and see it. I love it! Thanks for sharing your talents, Vonna. - Sue T.

  28. Wonderful idea! My OCD is itching to start alphabetizing and hole punching. Thanks for sharing your oh "sew" smart tips and tricks!


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