Sunday, January 10, 2016

Melicent Turner....

~ Greetings and Warm Welcome ~
to you!

Do you know what brings me great joy?
What warms the cockles of my heart?
What gives me a little pitter patter to my heart?
What makes me want to leap and spin and jump up and down?
Or to Sing my heart out and shout for joy?


May I introduce to you:

Melicent Turner
~an adaptation of a reproduction sampler~

LHN Melicent Turner

Miss Turner...
is in the private collection of Diane Williams
and Diane reproduced the sampler and adapted it by changing the color scheme of the sampler.

Melicent Turner close

I love the bowls of fruit...
and as I was stitching the sampler, I could tell this young girl must have been very young. 
She had backwards letters, misspellings...
I think the most sweet thing was the "t" that she smooched in above the word "lookeh"

~ it made me smile ~

particularly thinking of my young girl that stitches and how she wants to "plow" through rather than savor the time spent stitching.

Melicent Turner front

Melicent Turner
reproduced by Diane Williams ~ Little House Needleworks

I stitched mine using: 
40 count Vintage Examplar Lakeside Linens, one strand over two threads
Classic Colorworks Cotton Over-dyes in the colors:
Apple Fritter (red)
Wild Oats (white)
Roasted Chestnut (brassy brown)
Cocoa Bean (dark brown)
Weeping Willow (green)

Melicent Turner side close

~ modeling my sampler are Putford scissors from Kelmscott ~ 
the shape of these beautiful scissors always puts me in the mind of old, vintage, antique
granny glasses! 


Until Next time...
my dear friends, I'll be...
Keeping my hands to work,
and my heart to God...
while treating my neighbor with love, kindness and respect
~ because you just never know what they are dealing with ~
and trying to be the best ME I can be.
It's hard, trying to do this...
every day.
And Lord knows, I fail, time and time again...
I may stumble and I fall...
but then I remember:
To thine own self be true...
I want to BE the change I want to SEE
in this old world.
I pick myself up and I march on!
Because there is joy in my journey...
and there is joy in yours...
We are blessed!

Love and Hugs in stitches,
Vonna xxxx


  1. Such a beautiful finish! I admire your dedication to being a good person!

  2. Oh so lovely....

  3. That's beautiful Vonna - great job!

  4. A very pretty finish.I love this style of sampler,so personal.

  5. is a gorgeous finish. I admire you stitching on 40 count fabric. This is a heirloom to be treasured for many years. Thanks for sharing. I look forward to seeing your next project.

  6. What a beautiful piece. I can't wait to see how you finish her! And I did put that young woman on my prayer list also.

  7. I like the colors. have a great weekend

  8. Vonna, congratulations to you on your gorgeous finish! Now that Miss Melicent is finished, what's next?

  9. Lovely finish, and the verse sounds like it's one you could have written!

  10. A beautiful finish. Know you will treasure it.

  11. Oh yes, a finish it is today. And such a beautiful one.

  12. Beautiful! Way to go!
    Happy Days,
    Jenn @jennscraftyworld

  13. Beautiful!!! I too am fascinated with the samplers stitched by young girls way back when.

  14. Very pretty sampler. I think it is fun to think about the girls who stitched these samplers.

  15. Melicent is lovely! Congrats on the beautiful finish.

  16. Hello dear! Love that stitching pieces. But I always do love the things you work on!

  17. Thank you for introducing us to Melicent. A very pretty sampler. I love the "t" too. It's like a Tim Gunn moment....make it work! Beautiful stitching btw.

  18. Lovely! I too feel the need to plow through and sometimes have to remind myself it's not a race and to slow down and savor.

  19. Always loved this sampler, can't remember if I purchased it!

  20. Lovely sampler and scissors too. Megan is in my prayers.

  21. Beautiful finish! I love the look of the sampler, but I remember thinking that misspellings and omitted letters would drive me off the wall every time I looked at it. I wonder how old miss Turner was when she stitched it.

  22. Melicent Turner is gorgeous, V!
    Amazing job

  23. Great job! Congrats on your beautiful finish.

  24. That is just gorgeous, I love it, misspellings and all

  25. A very nice finish!

  26. Vonna,
    It's stunning! Your stitches are beautiful. What a great looking piece to display in your home. Congratulations on your finish.

  27. Very, very pretty, Vonna--it is so sweet to see all of the mistakes and such in old samplers. Those little girls were trying so hard in their needlework :)

  28. Very nice finish Vonna. I don't know how you get any "me" stitching done.

  29. Dearest Vonna: What a beautiful stitch love it.
    I hope your Daughter is loving to stitch.


  30. Milicent is charming Vonna!

  31. Anonymous5:51 PM

    Interesting to think that what we do for pleasure (cross stitch, knitting, etc...) was once a dreaded chore to some.

    Your sampler is beautiful!

  32. Beautiful sampler, you're very brave to stitch on 40 ct.

  33. Love the finish! She's beautiful!

  34. Congrats on a lovely finish!

  35. Another great finish, and such a nice design!

  36. Beautiful finish! Love it :D

  37. Absolutely lovely. The colours are beautiful and this is one of my most favourite linens. Congratulations.

  38. That's a beautiful finish!!!


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