Saturday, January 23, 2016

Love Never Fails....

~ Greetings and Warm Welcome ~
to dear friends!

It may be freezing outside of many of my reader's windows, with snow blowing and ice tinkling on window panes...but I am sure many of you are snuggled in warm with you hearth glowing, a warm drink to sip and the love of home surrounding you, perhaps creating until your little heart's content!

That is what I've been doing this day...
I have been creating. Last evening after I got home from work and enjoyed our Friday night pizza, I put on my favorite clothes of the day...
~ my nightgown ~
and settled in with a sweet little freebie design from The Primitive Hare. You can find her free patterns by clicking: HERE

I have a special date...
coming up in April. It is our 20th wedding anniversary. I was so very blessed the day I met my husband 22 years ago, but even more greatly blessed the day I married him. He is my heart and I'm pretty sure I am his.

So since a Facebook Group I belong to: 
SAL Stitchers Group
and the leaders decided to have a stitch-a-long this winter using this design, I decided that last night was THE night I was going to print it off and begin to create my little nod to my anniversary.

May I present:
"Love Never Fails"
by The Primitive Hare
stitched 2 over 2 on 28 count Autumn Fields cashel
using Classic Colorworks "Caterpillar" cotton overdyed

Primitive Hare_Love Never Fails Bowl Tuck

I stitched it up last night in just a few hours time...
and then finished it up this  morning.

Primitive Hare_soft Love Never Fails

I used a lovely vine covered fabric with a hint of brown pillow ticking peeking at the top and then embellished with some jute ribbon and a wee heart skeleton key hanging from the bow...
I had it envisioned as looking like this and was edified to see it turn out just like I saw it in my head.

Primitive Hare_Love Never Fails

Small details, executed from start to finish always makes for a wonderful finish!

Prmitive Hare_detail love is the key

Really no "new" news from the home front...
I have my yearly mammogram next week. Always a little nervous about that....
Keith will be away on work travel next week... :(
Katie is keeping busy tutoring two young students in Geometry and Chemistry and working at her job plus her school work...
The boys are in the middle of winter conditioning for the track season and school work...
Ellie is in Art School twice a week on Monday and Thursday evenings, every other week. She's learning so much and is just loving every minute, like we knew she would.
We are well. 
We are so richly blessed.

I have people ask me ...
if I would ever consider doing a video for finishing. I've been tossing the idea around in my head for weeks now. I decided today while I was getting ready to finish this pillow, I'd give it a whirl and see if I could do it. All I have to say: 
But I did it and it is currently published on my YouTube channel Vonna Pfeiffer. I'll be adding it to my Tutorial Blog, but I'll link you to it here as well: 

For a first try...
I don't think it's bad. The video takes you through from start to finish, step by step. If you have an iPad or Tablet, it would be perfect to just set beside you as you finish and you can start and stop as you go. I'll be right there beside you, helping you along the way
It was a big step out of my comfort zone.
Plus my voice....ugh.
I'm my own biggest critic.

I feel strongly about helping people learn to finish. Like I always say: 
there is NO magic
Everyone and anyone can finish.

Well that does it for me for today...
back to stitching some models
(that I should have been stitching on all last night and today)
but sometimes I just have to do what my heart leads me to do!

Until next time my dear friends...
I'll be...
Keeping my hands to work,
and my heart to God...
while treating my neighbor with love, kindness and respect

~ because you just never know what they are dealing with ~

and trying to be the best ME I can be.
It's hard, trying to do this...
every day.
And Lord knows, I fail, time and time again...
I may stumble and I fall...
but then I remember:
To thine own self be true...
I want to BE the change I want to SEE
in this old world.
I pick myself up and I march on!
Because there is joy in my journey...
and there is joy in yours...
We are blessed!

Love and Hugs in stitches,
Vonna xxxx


  1. That family of yours is certainly keeping very busy. I am heading over to view the video which I am sure is perfect. Stay warm and safe in the winter storm

  2. What a beautiful creation that I know Keith treasures.
    Good for Ellie! Our Madeleine is majoring in art this fall in college. She too loves it. And does it for fun.
    Off to check out your video.

  3. Vonna, I love your finish and I really it in the brown. Best wishes to you and Keith as you celebrate #20 in April. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  4. What a sweet little pillow. I love the way you finished it. 20 years is quite an accomplishment.

  5. Okay I am back...I really like your video. It is nice to hear a voice that I read all the time. I always do my own finishes and now will follow your great directions of how to. Thank you and I hope there will be more from you.

  6. The Love Never Fails is one of my favorite Valentine pieces--yours is beautiful. Thanks for the video, I may give finishing a try

  7. Long time follower first time comented. Thank you for your video, it is great. Wonderful to hear you and your special pillow is beautiful. I have used your finishing for several products now. A huge thank you for your time and expertise. Best wishes to you and your family and I see on the news where USA is under huge amounts of snow. Here in N.Z. it is very hot, can't do much work in it, but sure can stitch:-).

  8. Vonna hi,
    I've just watched your video. What a multi talented person you are. You seemed so natural in your video, it was great meeting you in person, by the way :-)
    I have always hated finishing but your video has really helped to iron out so many 'wrinkles' in my finishing technique. I've only ever used interfacing if my linen has been very open weave but now I will add interfacing, reinforce my corners and, iron out the seams. What a simple but effective idea. I will also attempt your stuffing technique with a chopstick. I love the accents of your fabrics and trims and my all time favourite the tiny cord for the key. I have quite a few ornaments stitched but unfinished so I have plenty to practice your techniques on.
    This is such a pretty design. Good wishes for your 20th anniversary. It's our 40th in July!! What a great start to the New Year. Best wishes.

  9. Aww,love the pillow!

  10. Such a sweet design and I love how you finished it. I'm going to watch your video later, looking forward to it.

  11. happy anniversary. a beautiful pillow.

  12. What a cute finish! And what fun to watch your video. I'll return to it later. Just saw the beginning. But I loved hearing your voice and seeing you in action! I wasn't expecting that sexy, throaty sound!

  13. Loved the video and hearing your voice. Found myself wanting to wave and say hi. You do your corners differently than I have done mine. Have to go stitch a small and try them your way. I can see a sharper corner in your sewing method. Congrats on 20 years - didn't they just fly?

  14. Wonderful tutorial video Vonna.
    What a great way to make sharp corners.
    Your anniversary pillow is lovely.

  15. First of all, congratulations on 20 years! The finish is lovely. Just watched the tutorial and found it to be oh-so-helpful. I'll admit, I'm intimidated by any finishing project that involves the sewing machine, but I loved how you took everything step-by-step. The video was wonderful. Thank you!

  16. Such a cute finish!

  17. That is a beautiful finish. We celebrate 30 years this year and I am tempted to make something similar having seen yours

  18. Gorgeous finish and I love the little key:)
    Great video Vonna,thanks.Lovely to see an animated you:)

  19. I did stitch during the storm! I was able to finish up Our Father. I love your piece and you finished it off so sweetly. Number 20 is a big anniversary!

  20. I love your pillow finish, it is very special for your 20th Anniversary in April.
    WOW......the video tutorial is amazing !! It was so nice to hear your voice and thanks for taking the time to make the video.

  21. Happy anniversary dear friend
    Such a sweet finish xx

  22. Friday is Pizza night at our house too! Your finish is beautiful!!

  23. What a great pillow and very fitting for you and DH. Always look forward to your postings. I have learned a lot from your tutorials, not real good at finishing yet, but keep trying.

  24. Vonna, I love this finish. It's made me take another look at this design.

  25. Lovely pillow! I am one of the peeps that uses your tutorials! Now you're going to be on YouTube... cool! Stay warm! Hugs!

  26. I've just watched your video. Thank you, it is so useful. It's made me realise how important it is to take your time to do a good finish.

  27. Thank you for the great video! I am excited to finish my own small pillow!

  28. Thank you for the video! I can't wait to finish my own small pillow!

  29. Great video tutorial. I'm not great a finishing, but I'm getting better thanks to your tutorials.

  30. That is so cute my friend. I managed to teach myself to finish things. Not nearly as well as you do though.

  31. Congratulations on 20 years of marriage and being an awesome and generous stitcher! I watched the first half of your video and learned so much already. I feel inspired to give finishing another go - and I have a pile of stitched pieces waiting to be made up into little pillows! Thank you. I thought the video was very professional and it was lovely to see and hear you!

  32. Lovely and sentimental finish. Your encouragement and the tutorials you provide are priceless. Thank you so much.

  33. I always enjoy your posts Vonna! What a wonderfully full life you have. I can empathize with your dislike of your own voice on your finishing video. My daughter is studying vocal performance at college and she can't bear to hear herself on tape.

  34. What a pretty piece for your anniversary. Thank you so much for doing the tutorials. I will be looking at the one on making the pin keeps.

  35. Thank you so much for the tutorial. I don't sew even though I bought myself a sewing machine a few months ago (it's still in the box lol). Your tutorial was wonderful and I understood all of it. Thank you. I have to give it a try and get that sewing machine out of that box and stop being afraid of it. Lol. Hope you do more tutorials I wii be looking forward to it.

  36. Happy Anniversary!

    Kudos on another great finish. :)

  37. I want to thank your for taking the time to make the video. You do everything with such perfection! I love your blog and have looked at many of your tutorials.

  38. What a sweet finish to celebrate/commemorate 20 years!

    I'm so excited that you made a finishing video! I'm off to check it out. Thank you so much!!!

  39. Had to come back to tell you that I LOVED the video tutorial and learned some great tips (like pressing seams open -makes perfect sense but I had never thought of it)! Thank you Vonna!!!

  40. That was an informative video. Thank you for taking the time to put it together.
    20 years is also an amazing milestone!

  41. Love your finish! You are so sweet to do tutorials for us!! Happy early anniversary too!

  42. Excellent Vonna! Thanks for taking the time what a benefit for all....blessings....

  43. Thanks for the tutorial video. It was so nice to see the process like this and you have some excellent tips. Congratulations on 20 years of marriage as well! :)

  44. Oh, what a perfect little pillow to celebrate your anniversary, Vonna :) And I loved watching your video, too. I know it will help so many and I hope they appreciate the time you put into making it for them--I certainly do!! (And your voice is just fine--very subtle southern accent in there which I love!!)

  45. Your pillow is adorable, Vonna. Really so very pretty. Your video was great. It made finishing look so easy and you sound like a natural. Great job putting all the parts together. I have no doubt this will help a lot of finishers - including me!

  46. Gorgeous finish! Stay well, Vonna :D

  47. I love your creation of "Love Never Fails" just gorgeous! Thank you for the link to get a copy of that pattern. I love your blog and your beautiful cross stitch pieces!! You really inspire me to do more stitching. Thank you for taking the time to blog and always such great informative posts. I know it must be time consuming.

  48. Vonna what an AWESOME video!! I love it and am so thankful to you for doing it! And isn't it funny how when we hear our own voices we don't care for them! LOL! I know mine sounds nothing like I think it should!!

  49. I love this little design! I stitched it up last year for an exchange, but I think it's time to stitch one for me! I checked out your video...thanks so much for doing that! I have made those little pillows before, but you gave me some really good hints that I will be sure to use next time. (and you sound just like I thought you would!)

  50. Vonna - you are truly an inspiration. Your finishing techniques are just superb and I loved your video. Please keep those coming. They are so appreciated. Finishing my pieces is my biggest challenge (Exhibit "A" would be all of my finished pieces that are not framed, mounted, or anything!). Thank you for your lovely blog!

  51. I must say I was VERY impressed with your first live tutorial! It was awesome and very informative. I have an inherited sewing machine I should get out and see if it would even work. Like many other commenters - finishing is my biggest challenge - I guess because I don't have anything set up like you do, I would have to clear a space, drag out the machine, cutting mat (actually don't even own one) don't have a rotary cutter either. I might enroll in one of the basic quilt classes that teaches you how to measure and use all the tools. YES - I think that is what I should do although I get what you are saying that you just jumped in and learned the sewing machine on your own. etc. It's all about confidence and initiative and I need more. Thanks for all your hard work - you rock and your little anniversary pillow is lovely. Hope you have a great week ! Mel

  52. I watched the video, and it was very informative and easy to follow what you were doing. Thank you.

  53. I watched your video and can't wait for more. I didn't know about the SAL but I have previously stitched this same design and now I know how to finish it. Thank you, your's is gorgeous.

  54. Wonderful finish, Vonna! And Congratulations to you and Keith on your 20th wedding anniversary!

  55. Beautiful finish! and I'm bookmarking your video.

  56. Such a lovely pillow for only a few hours time - talk about being productive!! Thanks

  57. I truly love this little design and particularly how your finished it. I'm a fan of all sorts of small pillows and most of my little finishes become small pillows.
    All your tutorials are awesome, so I will head over and have a loom at your first videoed one :) I'm sure it's just as helpful as your photographed ones.

  58. It is lovely. And the viseo is really good - you made me remind my mom and her sewing machine :-) Thanks for that too.

  59. Your pillow is awesome. Love the heart key. I guess that's one of my stumbling blocks is that I can't see the finish while I'm figuring it out. That would be helpful! I go to you site often when I'm finishing things and this video was wonderful. I started using interfacing because of you and it made all the difference. Now some of the other little tips will be even more helpful. Just ironing the seams! Love the little southern accent. Who knew for southern Indiana! 😉Keep doing them. I know they are very time consuming but so is taking photos of each step and we all need the help!!!

  60. Anonymous11:27 AM

    Now I am going to give that freebie a go. Might be sweet to do multiples and give it to the kids for their anniversaries... Especially since there is finishing video! That has always been my hardest part. Hugs! ~Lea

  61. Beautiful finish! I really enjoyed the video. You've helped me so much with your tutorials. I can't say how much I appreciate it!

  62. A lovely pillow Vonna. Happy 20th Anniversary.

    Loved the new tutorial. It's always great to see how someone else finishes things and maybe tweek how one does ones own. Thank you!

  63. Beautiful finish Vonna and I picked up a few more tips and tricks from your finishing video too!

  64. Dearest Vonna: Beautiful finish, you need to write a book on finishing.


  65. Oh wow, I just love that. Especially the key. For some weird reason, I love skeleton keys. Glad to read that everyone is doing well. Congrats on your new youtube video.

  66. I love, love, loved the video tutorial! It helped me so much. Thanks so much for taking the time to do it! Your pillow is adorable.

  67. Vonna!
    I so much enjoyed watching the video. Knowing and admiring a person on a blog for years is one thing, but SEEING and hearing the person is so much different. Your voice is amazing. It is deep and calming!
    And I enjoyed it so much seeing how you work - so quite professional.

    Well of course I love your finish too - it is a design that I wanted to stitch since Isabella published it and I love your finish!

    Two thumbs up for your video!


  68. I thank you for the finishing video. It's always nice to learn new things. I also watched your video on how you don't turn your needle when you stitch. I have to give that a try. I think a video on you make your twisted cord would be great. Happy stitching, Debby🐝

  69. Oh Vonna, thank you so much for your video! Great instructions, especially for this finishing challenged stitcher. I for one, would love more videos! Thank you, thank you!

  70. Gorgeous finish, congratulations

  71. Vonna, Love the pillow. I watched your youtube tutorial and it was so informative. So many hints to help make the finishes professional looking. I truly appreciate you taking the time to do that for us. I look forward to more of them. Love your work and your heart.

  72. Awesome post and the video is great! Praying your mammo went well.

  73. Vonna,
    I just watched your tutorial and am so proud of you! You did a great job and it is wonderful to see how you finish. I know you do an excellent job but it is so nice of you are o help others lea n to finish. The video was so helpful and I ant to give this one a try! Thank you, my friend. You are a star! Hugs....


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