Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Day 9....

25 Days

Day 9...
I was in The Twisted Stitcher Finishing Cave the last two days and had such wonderful results I thought I'd share them with you this day. 

"North Pole Express"
available through Classic Colorworks as a FREE design by Little House Needleworks with purchase of the needed threads to stitch it. I've stitched this same design twice, but I think after finishing it like I did this one I'll be stitching it again. I really do adore it!

DTS_North Pole Express

   .....a little rusty snowflake....

....A rusty jingle bell....

It all came together for a really darling finish, I think :)

This same client....
also had 7 of the Sampler Tree Ornaments  by Little House Needleworks stitched and ready for finishing. These are all tiny, delicate little ornaments stitched on 40 ct. linen by R & R Reproductions.
DTS_LHN Sampler Tree Series

"The Sampler Tree Ornament Series" has been a popular finish in my Finishing Cave this fall. Here is another set that I've finished this fall. These are done on a larger count fabric ~ and shows..they are beautiful no matter the count you choose to stitch them on!

EB_LHN Collection

Inspired to get your needles out and flying? 
I am...

Vonna's Gizmos and Gadgets....
well we talked about Q-snaps, stretcher bars, Hardwicke Hoops (which I have heard from a handful of ladies that there are a number of shops out of them and reordering because there has been a frenzy of Hardwicke Hoop purchasing...I get a kick out of that! LOL!), needles, Thread Cutterz and now we are going to talk about Thread Heaven and Wax for use on our threads.

So the question is:
Thread Heaven, Bees Wax or Nothing?


If you google around researching this topic, let me tell you that as with most things on the internet you can find people that loudly applaud the use of all, some or none of these products.  
You can find people that say Bees Wax is better than Thread Heaven because it is "natural". 
You can find people that say, either of these products will attract dust, will ruin your project, etc. 
So take what I think or what I say with a grain of salt. All I can tell you is what my experience is. And here's what I know:
I use both Thread Heaven and Bees Wax. Here's how I use them and why:

Thread Heaven

   First thing I do is take the Thread Heaven out of its itsy bitsy blue box, I roll it in a ball and that's how I use it. Now the directions on the blue box/package say press your thread into it while still in the box. Please! That's awkward and annoying. Take it out if you are going to use it. At night when you are done stitching, either stick it back in the itsy bitsy blue box or do what I do: Buy a lip balm container at a crafting store (small round plastic case with screw top lid - you can get them at Hobby Lobby 4 for $2.99) *NOTE* Thread Heaven is usually clear and it has like glitter sparkles in (I don't know why)...but mine is old and I use it every day so mine is gross looking from all the little thread hairs in it. This does not matter! It is still good! 


Now take a SINGLE STRAND *at a time* push the end down in the Thread Heaven


Put your thumb over it and pull it through...the whole entire length. I redo the ends to make sure they are covered. 


  Now put your thread on  your pointer finger and pinch it down with the nail of your thumb. TIGHT! and pull it through. This gets off all the extra Thread Heaven. Now the thread will feel a little tacky but that's good! 

You will find that using Thread Heaven: 
  • Helps you to thread even the tiniest eyes of a needle
  • Will allow even your longest threads to remain in good condition (i.e. won't fuzz up)
  • Will not break prematurely
  • Threads will not tangle
  • Threads are resistant to knotting 
  • Threads are resistant to UV light after using Thread Heaven
  • It is NOT a petroleum product
  • You can read HERE all about Thread Heaven.

Bees Wax


I like to buy my bees wax in a cake and since it is prone to melting, I buy it in a waxer case like shown. You apply it the same by running your thread into the wax, then you run it through your forefinger and thumb nail to get the excess off. 

Of course Bees Wax is 100% natural product.

Now my experience:
I stitch and use in my stitching exclusively Thread Heaven. I swear by it. I have used it for at least 15 years. I use it when stitching smalls, I use it when stitching large projects, I use it on everything. WHY do I use it over Bees Wax? I personally feel Bees Wax tends to make the threads appear dull and lose their luster. I've tried it multiple times and I try to really pull it with my finger nail right on the thread hard to pull off any extra, but I have never been pleased with using it on my cross stitching projects. Now I know many people use bees wax with great success! I just haven't had the same success with bees wax on my stitching as I have had with Thread Heaven.

I DO use bees wax on my thread that I hand sew with. It is SUPERIOR for that use. It coats the thread and makes it easier to slip through the material when couching trim on the edges,using the blind stitch for sewing up ornaments/pillows after stuffing. It helps it to NOT tangle. I prefer it over Thread Heaven for hand sewing. I use bees wax for all sorts of hand-sewing applications. 

Ok peeps...that does it for Day 9!

Until tomorrow...
I'll be keeping my hands to work..
my heart to God..
while treating my neighbor with kindness and respect, 
and trying to be the best me I can be.
It's hard, isn't it?
I may stumble and I may fall, but I pick myself up and I remember:
To thine own self be true...
I want to BE the change I want to SEE.
Join me!

Merry Christmas,
Vonna xxxx


  1. Really enjoying the "25 Days..." Posts. I agree with most of your product reviews, but it's seeing your finishings that I enjoy.

  2. Anonymous12:55 AM

    beautiful finishes ♥

  3. N.pole cross stitch is amazing. Nice finishing

  4. Thanks for sharing your lovely finishes Vonna - they are inspiring as always! I love the North Pole Express design.
    I never knew that Thread Heaven protected thread like that! I will start using mine now. I have tended to save it for metallics.
    You are really educating us all this month!

  5. Beautiful finishes !! Your little extra touches and fabric choices make such lovely treasures.
    Where have I been all these years of stitching that I never knew about Thread Heaven ?? !! I definitely need to get some :)
    Thanks for sharing these tips, I'm learning something new every day.

  6. Thanks for the tips with Thread Heaven. I don't use it exclusively, just with metallics so far and I've never tried beeswax. Those are beautiful finishes!

  7. Nice finishes! I use the Thread Heaven the stuff. I haven't tried the bees wax for hand sewing, but will have to give it a try. Thanks for the tips!

  8. I am enjoying your educating us the products you use in your stitching, I am certainly learning a lot, and plan on employing some of this in my stitching adventures in the near future. Love seeing all your stitching and also the finishing you do for others.

  9. Love the ornaments. You are so great with the finishing. Enjoy the tips on Thread Heaven.

  10. Beautiful finishing--as always!! I have not tried bees wax, but use Thread Heaven all the time. I did learn something from your post today, though--I am off to take my Thread Heaven out of its itsy bitsy blue box and roll it into a ball. : )

  11. Beautiful finishes Vonna. Thank you on the information and tutorial on Thread Haven. I have a little blue box of it that I have hardly ever used but I think I am going to take it out of its box and roll it in a ball and start using it. As I read your blog each day I wonder if you ever have time to sleep. lol

  12. Very interesting Vonna. I use nothing.

  13. North Pole Express looks fabulous, Vonna! The finishing you did for your clients is also fabulous. Thanks for the tips for Thread Heaven and Beeswax.

  14. Vonna, your finish on North Pole Express is darling! I have the chart, but have yet to stitch it. Now I know how I'll start my 2016 stitching year. 40 count is a bit challenging on my old eyes, even with my Ott Lite magnifier, but that count produces such great results. You are waking me up to a whole new needlework world - in all my almost 40 years of stitching, I never paid much attention to my needles or either of these waxing methods. Thanks so much for teaching this old dog some new tricks!

  15. Beautiful finishes. May I ask, where do you purchase the rusted snowflakes? I have found the jingle bells on Etsy. I love my Thread Heaven. I use it on every stitching project. Thanks for the reminder of using bee's wax for hand stitching. What a duh! moment, I knew that and forgot. LOL

  16. Such pretty finishes. Love that really delicate set.

    Thanks for the info. I've always used Beeswax on sewing thread since I learned to from a Home Ec teacher in Jr. High (we didn't call it middle school in those days!). I've never tried Thread Heaven since I usually see people saying they like it for metallics and I rarely use metallics. Never thought about it for DMC, but might be worth a try. Thanks!

    My little test wrap hoop is working out nicely too. You are just filled with good tidbits of info this year!

  17. Love your finishing as you already know! I am so enjoying my monthly girls and stoneware bowl! You made it happen so see your work in my home every day!

    Thanks for the info on waxing. I do use Thread Heaven but not all the time. Works well with silk too.

    Glad to see you and family are having so much fun this year. Loved the blanket idea...your ideas sure keep the economy going! Ha! Hugs!

  18. Love your finishes, Vonna. Gee, I'm reluctant to admit this, but I've been stitching for years (um, really decades!) and I've never heard of coating thread for stitching. So that puts me in the "nothing" category. Your post was very interesting - I learned something new!

  19. I really love your latest finish, Vonna! Like you, I often finish things twice for gifts and like the succeeding finishes much better than my first attempt. At times, I want to take apart my older ornaments and refurbish them, but then again, the improved finishing through the years just shows how far I've come over the past six years :)

    Have Thread Heaven but have never tried it--will make sure to do so soon! Thanks for passing on these very helpful tips to us!

  20. Your finishes are always so pretty - the corners are sharp, the seams straight, the special touches are perfect. Beautiful.
    I also use Thread Heaven and love it. I have some bees wax but have just never used it much but will try it for the uses you suggested.

  21. I have learned something new everyday. You have been so generous with your ideas and finishing techniques. Thanks!

  22. Dear friend, thank you for the tip about removing the Thread Heaven from the box! I get so aggravated trying to pull the floss through it! So happy you have all these tips and opinions to pass on....

  23. I still have to stitch North pole express. I bought it last year, so I have to stitch it before Christmas.
    Thanks for explaining about thread heaven and the bee wax !!!

  24. OH OH - I am stitching that No Pole Express now - I am in hopes I can send to you for 2016 finishing??? I'm sure you know there is now a companion piece. Yep - already on order. Loved seeing the Sampler tree series finished in two different ways. Lovely! and lucky stitchers with those treasures coming home for Christmas. Interesting discussion about Thread Heaven vs beeswax - I've never used either one. Enjoying the 25 days - Mel

  25. Anonymous5:39 PM

    You find the cutest and most unexpected embellishments for your ornaments.

    I love my Thread Heaven. I just bought a new one. Still have SPARKLES!!!

  26. The finishes are just beautiful. The ones stitched on 40 are so delicate looking and your finishing made them sparkle.

  27. Yes, yes! Thread Heaven for stitching, beeswax for quilting or sewing on quilt binding!

    Never thought of trying to remove excess Thread Heaven - maybe because I press so lightly? - but tend to use it only when I have a thread that wants to tangle (oddly, that seems to have more to do with the color than anything else).

    Enjoying reading about what you use and what you like - thank you!

    And your finished smalls are gorgeous!

  28. I am going to try Thread Heaven. I have used beeswax but my thread still tangles. I love your finishes, they are beautiful. I am having a hard time finding twisted cording. May I ask where you buy it?

  29. Love all the stitched and (wonderfully) finished ornaments. I have both Thread Heaven and Beeswax, yet rarely use either. And I just don't know why! You have really upped my stitching game!

  30. I love the freebie. I've added it to my wish list on my phone app so I can ask when I go to a new LNS I've never been to this weekend. If love to see both those 40 ct version next to the regular size ones. I love minis! I have thread heaven and have since the interns began and I heard about it, but I've NEVER used it! Can you believe it. Now I'm gonna have to give it a try!

  31. I never ever thought to take it out of the box! DUH! You are one smart cookie! I am going to try this tonight and see how it goes. What a great tip.

    Love your North Pole Express and have added it to my wish list. The finishing is just perfect!

  32. Gorgeous finish on the LHN freebie. Love the finishing on the ornaments too. I have thread heaven ... used it once and never bothered again ... will have to find it out and give it another try.

  33. Love all the tips and sharing of stitching. I wish it was 365 days of Christmas instead of 25. I look forward to your emails everyday. I love thread heaven and I use it all the time, but I never thought of taking it out of the blue box. Thanks for the tips.

  34. Never thought to use these products with my stitching - I use thread heaven for my hand sewing when I am quilting...guess I should put my spare in my stitching bag! Do you use them for silk threads too or just cottons?

  35. I just love to see these pictures with all the stitched and finished little ornaments, all of them together. That's why I always have a flat bowl on a little table in the living room where I assemble my monthlies or my seasonal projects. Great little pillow that you finished.

    So, now I know what it is all about Thread Heaven and bees wax. Thank you for your enlightening article about them. I even have one of these little Thread heaven boxes that once was sent to me by a stitching friends - but I have never used it so far because I didn't know how and why. Now I have to go stitching and try it out :)

  36. I have had Thread Heaven for years, but I think I only used it once! Now a friend is borrowing it! I know exactly what you mean about wanting to stitch a piece again, after doing one for a gift! I am in that dilemma right now... every time I choose something for my dear friend, I want it for myself too! Ha! Thanks again for sharing! Hugs!


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