Friday, December 04, 2015

Day 4....

~ Greetings and Warm Welcome to Day 4 ~

December 4th....
Forever a date etched in my heart, for that is the day that I was doubly blessed by the birth of our twin boys Ian Keith Pfeiffer (baby A) and Jacob Bernard Pfeiffer (baby B)!

I was 9 weeks pregnant when I "officially" found out I was having twins, but for about 4 weeks before that I kept saying to Keith, something isn't right. I'm really, really sick. I was also really, really pregnant looking from about 6 weeks into the pregnancy. Being a Clinical Laboratory Scientist, I could take my own hormone levels by drawing my own blood and running bHCG levels. I did that and they were high. Double what they should have been. The hormones would quadruple in 48 hours. They weren't supposed to do that. I told Keith the week before we went in to have the ultrasound (which they did because I was showing more than I should have been at that time) I'm having twins, I know I'm having twins. NO! He said.

Well: BINGO!

The Boys Ultrasound

It was a rough pregnancy, I worked full time on my feet all day until 28 weeks, when I went into labor. For the 5 weeks and 5 days following, I was on my back on magnesium sulfate in the hospital. Until December 4, 1999....
here they are in the operating room. Of course they were c-section and of course it was an emergency, because I can't do anything simple in life like go have a baby on time without any fuss. 
Boys Delivery Room
Because they were 6 weeks early (born 33 weeks and 6 days gestation) and because of his size (6 lbs 7 ounces) and because I had been on morphine for 14 hours before they were born to try and stall the labor - Ian didn't breathe well on his own at first. He had to have Narcan (counteract opiates in respiratory depresion) and a cPap. Thank God he never had to be intubated. But here's some snaps of me on the table and Keith immediately after their birth.
Boys Birth

4 days old....
Twins Birth 1999

1 month 4 days old...

 6 month picture
LOOK at how they grew! Wearing Mommy's Alma Mater!
(both breast fed from day one and they packed on the pounds!)
...and I felt like Bessie the milk cow...
Boys 6 months

1 Year Old - we had to barricade them from the Christmas tree...
Katie and the boys Christmas_2000

5th Birthday....

6 years old....
(Ian's face...he was not so crazy about a new sister...told the nurse to "send her back!")

7 years old...

8 Years...
fanatics about Star Wars, I made them Jedi Robes and send them from "the Jedi Federation". 
They were sold, they thought Obi Wan Kenobi made those things :)

 14 years old...
Vonna's Iphone Pictures September 2014 006

15 years...
Holiday Pfeiffer

2015 Eagle Scouts....
Ian and Jacob Eagle Scout Invitation

How much do I love them....
I can't even begin to describe. They are my world. My babies. My heart. Just looking back at these pictures makes my heart ache. I have spent every moment, giving up a promising full-time career to stay at home with all my babies and its all gone so fast. I wouldn't change anything for the world. I'd have a dozen more, if my body was just able. Never in my life have I done anything as great as my children. So blessed are we.

Ok, so I can't leave you without at least looking at some sort of stitching so....
I've been stitching Christmas ornaments since I got married in 1996. I've got a whole lotta ornaments. But the ones I cherish most are my children's ornaments. Here are a few shots of the boys ornies. I have done one for each year. These are just a few. (its hard to find ornaments for two boys on a large tree filled with over 200 stitched ornaments and over 200 other ornaments!) HA!
My poor tree is laden.

Ornaments 1

Ornaments 2

Ornaments 3

Ornaments 5

Ornaments 6

Ornaments 7

Ornaments 8

Ornaments 9

Ornaments 10

So there you have it folks...
DAY 4!


We've got to party...
so until tomorrow!
Love and hugs,
Vonna xxxx


  1. Happy Birthday to Ian and Jacob!!!!, you must be so proud of your two fine looking young men xxx
    Love seeing all the ornaments you have stitched for the, there are so many!!
    Hope you all have a wonderful birthday day
    Love to all xxxx

  2. Very heartwarming photos:) Congratulations!

  3. Wiishing your boys very happy 16th birthdays,such a lovely post.

  4. How lovely that you've got all those photos to remember their birth and early years. They are tuning into lovely young men.. You must be proud of them.

  5. Happy Birthday to those beautiful boys and a warm hug to mom!

  6. Happpyyy birthday boys :) hope you have a fab day and don't forget to share the cake .. love the fact you did your own bloods to find out hehehehh.... fantastic memories and gorgeous ornaments too :) love mouse xxxxx

  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Ian and Jacob. I enjoyed seeing all their pictures from babies to now.
    All the ornaments are gorgeous too.
    Have a great party........sweet 16 !!

  8. Happy Birthday to your sons. That's a lovely birthday post.

    Fun to see your ornaments over the years. Our tastes in stitching really change over time, don't they? I think I stitched that chubby Santa back in the day too. I still like him.

  9. Happy Birthday to the twins. Love seeing all the pictures. What a great family.
    The ornaments are great, lots of great memories that will be passed on.

  10. Happy birthday to the boys! They are so cute and funny! I am sure they both melt your heart and make life fun! Love the pics. You are such a blessed mom!

  11. Happy birthday to your boys! I love reading tales of your family -- so much fun!

  12. What a great post Vonna. Happy Birthday boys!

  13. Ciao Vonna! Bellissima storia quella dei tuoi gemelli e della tua famiglia... Hai ragione a dire che i figli sono i nostri "ornamenti" più belli ed importanti, ciò che rende la vita meravigliosa!
    Complimenti! Ed auguri ai tuoi ragazzi!
    Un saluto dall'Italia.

  14. Happy birthday to your boys! I always think children's birthdays should be a celebration of their mum too, bringing them into the world. So here's to you and your husband Vonna for bringing them into the world!

    I love the photo of them at one trying to get at the tree!

  15. Happy Sweet 16 to your birthday boys! Enjoy the party! The ornaments are precious.

  16. Happy birthday wishes to Ian and Jacob! Vonna, thank you for sharing their story, their pictures and of course, their ornaments. You are indeed blessed.

  17. What a joy-filled post! Happy birthday to the twins! Thanks for sharing the sweet photos of them.

  18. Anonymous10:17 AM

    Happy birthday, Ian and Jacob!!!! (They sure have some adorable ornaments) ---- but, you know NOW you have to show Katie and Ellie's ornaments too. :-)

    Wishing your boys a VERY happy day full of celebration and CAKE!!!!

  19. Wishing your boys a very Happy Birthday. Very nice post down your memory lane :)

  20. Enjoyed reading about your boys they are handsome. Happy Birthday to them!

  21. Enjoyed reading about your boys they are handsome. Happy Birthday to them!

  22. I enjoyed your memories, Happy Birthday to your sons! I also enjoyed the peek at your ornaments. Some day I'm going to have an ornament tree... I mean it! haha

  23. Ahh such a sweet, sweet story. Your children are awesome and have such a bright future ahead--gives me hope

  24. Happy Birthday, Ian and Jacob. They grow up too quickly! I loved all of the pictures, especially when they were babies….too cute and now so handsome.

    Ahhh, those patterns from so many years ago. :-)

  25. Happy birthday to your boys. Great ornaments !

  26. I know just how you feel each December 4th as this is also my middle son's birthday, Vonna :) He is turning 30 today--oh, do I feel old...

    Those ornaments you've made for the kids will be treasured--especially when they have trees of their own to decorate after they've moved from your home. Wishing Ian and Jacob a most happy birthday today!

  27. what a journey - almost made me cry ! happy 16th to two wonderful kids and the whole family who helped raise them. enjoy the weekend and the blowout ! Mel

  28. Happy Birthday Ian and Jacob! Love seeing all the ornaments.

  29. Love the the boys and have wonderful family.... Happy Birthday Jacob and Ian...

  30. Happy Birthday to your boys! What a beautiful, heart-touching post - I can just feel your joy and love.

  31. Happy Birthday Jacob and Ian! Great story and pictures.

  32. Happy Belated Birthday to Ian and Jacob. Thank you for sharing such fun photos.

  33. Thank you for sharing all of these photos and memories! You have every reason to be so proud of your boys. 16 years...goes by in a blink of the eye, doesn't it?! Happy Birthday Jacob & Ian!

  34. Happy Birthday to the boys! Loved the pictures. Your family is so blessed.

  35. What an unforgettable adventure having twins turned out to be Vonna!

  36. That's such an incredible story! I'm so glad your boys were born safely and that they've grown up to make you so proud. Beautiful ornaments, too!

  37. Wszystkiego najlepszego dla chłopców!

  38. So nice to read about the 16 years of your twin boys - and about the months before :) I also have twins but my pregnancy with them was much smoother than yours. Happy belated birthday wishes to your sons.

  39. You have such a wonderful way of sharing how much you love your children (all of them!)... I feel the same about my three--even now that they are grown! Hope they had a wonderful time celebrating their birthday! Thanks for the memories! Hugs!


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