Monday, December 14, 2015

Day 14....

25 Days 
Day 14....
GREETINGS! and thank you for all your kind comments on our cookies. They were a definite hit!
Lots of work, but they are worth it. And to be honest, I love to give them away just to see people's faces. It makes me happy!

Today my stitching share is:

"Merry Merry"
and its one of my favorites. 

  CCN Merry Merry
Stitched on the called for fabric and using the called for threads. 

We have a little thief in our house...
most of you know that we have two cats
a gray kitty, Chatterbox (a.k.a. Chatty a.k.a Fatterbox ~ that's what Keith calls him)
and yes, he's named that because he "talks" a lot. He was adopted at 2 years old and we've had him 7 he's 9.
and a red kitty, named Little Red but he's not so little anymore so we just call him Red (a.k.a. Bebe ~ as Katie calls him.) Red is a family cat, but he certainly has his preferences. We adopted him as a baby cat and he used to fit in the palm of my hand. He's 6 years old. Katie is Red's main squeeze, but I'm his other favorite. He is one of those cats that is always tapping you with his paws.
"Hey...what ya doing?" 
"Hey...remember me, I need a treat"

When I am cooking Red is constantly patting my rump (he's a big cat so very tall) and he gets on his hind legs and leans his paws on my rump and takes one paw and pats my hiney trying to get my attention. His treats...are above the stove....I'm no fool...I know what he wants ~ and it ain't my rump!

Red will literally eat anything.
Every morning this is the scenario.

Ellie thinks it is funny and is not very proactive in getting Red away from her breakfast. 
~that she enjoys in the living room at the coffee table~
ahem! she's the baby....

Vonna's Gadgets and Gizmos....
Today, I'm going to tell you about lighting. The older I get, the more important to me it becomes to have good lighting. In fact, I can't cross stitch unless it is bright and light. I have to use cheaters now, I'm 45 so....that goes with the territory. 
But I also have a magnifying glass on my OTT light. The only brand of lighting I use is OTT. I think the colors are more vivid, the light can be directed right to where you need it in the goose neck model that I use. The light bulbs last forever and they don't get hot. 
They can be a little pricey, but Michael's and Joann's usually have them at 40% off all the time. 
However, I have purchased both of mine on Amazon two different years ~ one in 2013 and one in 2014. Both are like the one shown below ~ Dove Gray, with the magnifying lens for around $80. Prices change all the time on put it in your wish list and check...the prices change daily. I just checked and on Amazon you can get the exact model I have in dove gray for $90.63
Now if you don't need the magnifying lens, then you can get one for around $60 in black or gray.
(I just checked on Amazon and that is the price that I saw on a black one)
and of course if you are PRIME member: free shipping!

The only negative I have to say about this: you can't have your light out in a heavy traffic area. The base isn't that heavy and it falls over easily if knocked - especially if the head is bent way over and way low. I have mine always wedged under the chair I stitch in and I don't have that problem. But I know it could be a problem, so you have to think about that.
On this husband has rigged a hand weight to it. I didn't show it but all he did was plastic zip tie it to the bottom. And that works well.

*Helpful Hint* if you get one with a magnifying lens, make sure to keep it away from direct sunlight or make a cover for it (like I did mine) I burned a hole in the back of my couch from the sun shining through the window and through the magnifying lens to the fabric of my couch. Yep, a hole about the size of a quarter, that had burnt edges. Yes, see ~ sometimes I am an idiot!


The next accoutrement that you need to get for your OTT light is this little doodad...
the OTT light task tray! I do not know how I lived without this. I have two identical OTT lights and bought one tray. I was so in love with it after the first day, I turned around and bought another. Simply put ~ FABULOUS!
They fit any of the OTT light pole shapes and sizes as it has an "adaptor" that will fit either the round pole or the oblong shaped pole. So no worries about it fitting your light as long as it is OTT brand, it will fit.
 I don't stick my needles in the arm of my chair to be left and forgotten anymore because bingo-bango there is that large needle cushion right on the task tray!
Now funnily enough they DO NOT have this on Amazon. But they DO have this at Hancock Fabrics . I've bought both of mine through them and
*they are currently running a 20% off total purchase(WMERRY is the coupon code) and it is good until Dec. 24, 2015. So I went over and acted like I was going to buy it to see what it would cost you:
It is currently on sale for $19.99
ORDER DISCOUNT using the coupon code:  $4.00
Tax: $1.31
total cost to you: $20.31

WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Get on over there!


When I have to wait for my kids in parking lots...
or go to an arcade and sit and wait...
or when I'm sitting and waiting anywhere really....
I use this transportable OTT light. 
Always on Sale at Michael's. It uses 3 AAA batteries.


No buttons, no fuss, just lift the lid and 
The LED lights come on! And they are BRIGHT!

This is very light weight and easily carried in my bag.

Hey and guess what...
While you are over at Hancock Fabrics getting your Task Tray. Go ahead and throw this light in too. They have it. On sale $29.99 (I paid $34 for mine...)
 It'll be 20% off too on top of the sale price.


I think I've done enough damage today on your pocket book!
I need some commissions from some of these companies for my selling work I've done the last few days!
Happy Day 13!


Until tomorrow....
I'll be keeping my hands to work..
my heart to God..
while treating my neighbor with kindness and respect, 
and trying to be the best me I can be.
It's hard, isn't it?
I may stumble and I may fall, but I pick myself up and I remember:
To thine own self be true...
I want to BE the change I want to SEE.
Join me!

Merry Christmas,
Vonna xxxx


  1. I've had the exact same floor OTT light as yours for 15 years and NEVER knew about the tray. I'm ordering one as soon as I finish this comment! And you are absolutely right about how easily it can tip over. Thank you once again, dear Vonna!

  2. Old a pain. Bright OTT light is the way to go! btw - love Mr/Mrs Claus on the coffee table. Great minds...I have the same duo. My long ago sil painted ours. Did you paint yours?

  3. Love both of my OTT lights -- the floor model (similar to yours) and the portable task one which goes with me to stitching at the stitch shop or Panera to assorted retreats to wherever I am going with my stitching.

  4. Thank you Vonna. I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog anytime you post to it. The 25 Days of Christmas are wonderful.

  5. I have a table top OTT light as well as the floor OTT, but I don't have a tray. I'll have to check that out. Thanks for sharing your tip about the tray.

  6. Very pretty ornament. I have this one to stitch.
    I enjoyed reading about your cats. Pets are family !!
    More great tips today. I wish the magnifiers were longer, they never reach as far as the lights.
    I love the added tray.......thanks for providing the ordering info too. You are Santa's elf :)

  7. I have the same portable LED OttLite, but found that the light dimmed after 8-10 hours of use. I went through several rounds of batteries (Energizer Max) during our vacation.

    After that, I purchased an Enercell 4.5V/700mA AC-to-DC Adapter, as well as RadioShack's Adaptaplug "H". The adapters are super cheap on Amazon right now, but you might have to go to RadioShack for the Adaptaplug.

    Now, I have the option of using the batteries or plugging the light into the wall, depending on where I am. Having the adapter has made me love the light even more.

  8. I'm behind in posting the last few days but am so enjoying your 24 days. I love my OTT light and also have the portable one that I take to my mom's or anywhere else I might have a hope of stitching. I also have one with a table clamp over my sewing machine. They are just fabulous!
    Merry is such a great ornament - I don't think LHN or CCN do any that I don't like.
    Enjoyed your cat stories. Our cats are now nine. No matter how tough or trying the day has been, they can always make you smile.

  9. Your post today made me smile, especially sweet little Ellie who can't say no the the cat. I think I just might have to buy an OTT light and that tray.

  10. Nice to read about your cat and how she wants Miss Ellie to share her breakfast with her, lol.
    I can't stitch without my magnifier any longer. Years ago when I realized that I couldn't see the holes in the fabric any longer my husband bought me a magnifier lamp that are used by people who repair tiny things like watches etc. And it worked perfectly. But I still need something transportable. I have to see if these OTT lights are available over here.

  11. Darn you Vonna-of course I had to buy the tray! Can't wait to get it now! Lovely story of your grandparents. Such wonderful memories you have with them.

  12. I wish those lamps were as cheap in the UK as they are in the US! I have a LED light from a certain blue and yellow Swedish shop but I'm sure I could do better.
    Your Merry Merry finish is adorable - yet another CCN ornament that I've stitched but not finished! (sigh)

  13. ha my cat is also a talker and paws us. We get up at 5:30am in the weekdays but don't really want to in the weekends but miss cleo (cat) will body barge the door open, yowl really loudly and wake up the whole house then when we are steadfastly ignoring her pretending to still sleep she reaches out and taps our noses with her claws, quite gentle but the threat is there lol.

  14. Wow! Thanks for all the information on Ott lights. I have a table top one but you have to plug it in. Might have to head over to Michael's tomorrow for the portable one - ok, who am I kidding - I will be so there when the sun comes up!

  15. Your ornament today is super cute! I've gone thru 3 floor lamps. Well I still have all 3! Since we remodeled last year, I have a floor lamp that looks like a normal lamp and not like a craft light. Couldn't stitch without it. Loving all your posts this year.

  16. I have the same Ott lite too and I love it. I was lucky enough to have mine given to me by someone cleaning out their house. It has the magnifier as well. Luckily, I don't need it yet. I don't have the tray. I was lucky enough to buy a high quality arm chair caddy at a Love of Cross Stitch show many years ago. I have a flip lamp too, but mine is a bit different, it needs electricity.

  17. thanx so much for the info on the accessory tray!! I went right over and ordered one.... there is one fact about Hancock Fabrics that you forgot to put in your post tho.... they have super fast service.... I ordered my tray on the 14th and it will be here tomorrow on the 17th..... unbelieveable!!! can't wait to see it!! thanx again and keep on posting...

  18. I have three portable Ott lights, but all with plugs...hmmmm... and the floor one I have is not an Ott but it has worked for me... hmmmm again... Funny cat stories...

  19. Oh you know me and orange cats! I'd be battling Ellie to pet the pussy cat!


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